File Title
1 Rocks reveal red planet's oxygen past
2 Snail's trail reveal ancient human migration
3 Stellar explosion redefines cosmic measure
4 GM even safer than conventional food, says environment secretary
5 Europe's IXV 'space wedge' performs drop test
6 Snail genes reveal human migration to Ireland
7 Birds 'show value of conservation investments'
8 Early Mars atmosphere 'oxygen-rich' before Earth's
9 Shenzhou-10: Chinese astronaut gives lecture from space
10 Europe's Ariane rocket sizes up for competition
11 Drone technology used for pilotless fighter aircraft
12 Living in: Cities of the future
13 James Gandolfini, Sopranos star, dies in Italy aged 51
14 Afghans protest over Taliban flag at Doha talks office
15 NSA leaks: Wikileaks' Assange asylum bid for Snowden
16 Josef Fritzl's cellar cemented in
17 Messi summons over Spain tax fraud
18 Reporter Michael Hastings wrote fearlessly about generals
19 10 curious things about the royal birth
20 What would Superman do?
21 Singapore smog from Indonesia fire 'could last weeks'
22 The Greeks who worship the ancient gods
23 Government U-turn fails to quell Brazil protests
24 Silver 'boost to antibiotic success'
25 New Zealand burglar finds hanging body in Hamilton
26 Violence against women worldwide is 'epidemic'
27 US human trafficking report: Russia and China angered
28 Global stock markets in steep falls after Fed comments
29 The UK's summer wildlife spectaculars
30 In pictures: Giving nature a home
31 How to describe animals
32 Syria conflict: UNESCO adds ancient sites to danger list
33 Microsoft U-turn in Xbox One games row
34 Online news is becoming easier to sell, suggests study
35 Kim Dotcom angry after Megaupload files deleted
36 Do dark networks aid cyberthieves and abusers?
37 The darker side of data science
38 Stratasys buys 3D printing firm MakerBot for $403m
39 Nigerian army bans satellite phones in Borno
40 Webcams taken over by hackers, charity warns
41 Xcom: Enemy Unknown iOS app is priced at premium
42 Egypt girl's death puts spotlight on genital mutilation
43 New Palestinian PM Rami Hamdallah 'offers resignation'
44 Transistor Made from Just One Molecular Monolayer Made to Work On Computer Chip
45 Dusty Surprise Around Giant Black Hole
46 Scientists Identify Emotions Based On Brain Activity
47 A Battery Made of Wood?
48 Metamorphosis of Moon's Water Ice Explained
49 Chemical That Makes Naked Mole Rats Cancer-Proof Discovered
50 Milestone for Quantum Networks: First Entanglement Between Light and an Optical Atomic Coherence
51 Mars Had Oxygen-Rich Atmosphere 4,000 Million Years Ago
52 Unusual Supernova Is Doubly Unusual for Being Perfectly Normal
53 Outlook Is Grim for Mammals and Birds as Human Population Grows
54 Was Prehistoric Rock Art Strategically Placed to Reveal a Cosmological Puzzle?
55 Drug Shows Surprising Efficacy as Treatment for Chronic Leukemia, Mantle Cell Lymphoma
56 Current Global Food Production Trajectory Won't Meet 2050 Needs
57 Carbon Nanotube Harpoon Catches Individual Brain-Cell Signals
58 New Technology Reduces, Controls CT Radiation Exposure in Children: CT Scan Radiation Reduced by 37 Percent
59 Origins of 'The Hoff' Crab Revealed
60 A Shot in the Arm for Old Antibiotics
61 How Neural Stem Cells Create New and Varied Neurons
62 Biological Fitness Trumps Other Traits in Mating Game
63 Fate of the Heart: Researchers Track Cellular Events Leading to Cardiac Regeneration
64 Dietary Fructose Causes Liver Damage in Animal Model
65 Simple and Inexpensive Process to Make a Material for CO2 Adsorption
66 Nearly 7 in 10 Americans Are On Prescription Drugs
67 Mindfulness Can Increase Wellbeing and Reduce Stress in School Children
68 Some Parents Want Their Child to Redeem Their Broken Dreams
69 Stroke Symptoms Associated With Developing Memory and Thinking Problems, Even Without Stroke
70 'Ugly' Finding: Unattractive Workers Suffer More
71 New Microfluidic Chip Can Help Identify Unwanted Particles in Water and Food
72 Practical New Approach to Holographic Video Could Also Enable 2-D Displays With Higher Resolution and Lower Power Consumption
73 Three Centaurs Follow Uranus Through the Solar System
74 Sound Waves Precisely Position Nanowires
75 Small Satellites Soar in High-Altitude Demonstration
76 Expressly Unfit for the Laboratory: Little Correlation Between Microbial Gene Expression and Environmental Conditions in the Lab
77 Urban Trees Remove Fine Particulate Air Pollution, Save Lives
78 Powerful New Technique to Reveal Protein Function
79 Less Is More: Novel Cellulose Structure Requires Fewer Enzymes to Process Biomass to Fuel
80 New Language Discovery in Remote Indigenous Community in Australia Reveals Linguistic Insights
81 Estrogen Is a New Weapon Against Urinary Tract Infection in Postmenopausal Women
82 HIV-Derived Antibacterial Shows Promise Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria
83 Moderate Drinking During Pregnancy Does Not Seem to Harm Baby's Neurodevelopment, Study Suggests
84 New Details About H7N9 Influenza Infections That Suddenly Appeared in China
85 Brain Can Plan Actions Toward Things the Eye Doesn't See
86 Evolution of an Outbreak: Complications from Contaminated Steroid Injections
87 Aspirin May Fight Cancer by Slowing DNA Damage
88 Whooping Cough Has Lifelong Health Impact, Study Finds
89 Potential Genetic Drivers Behind Male Heart Disease Risk
90 Rotavirus Vaccine Given to Newborns in Africa Is Effective
91 Storytelling Program Helps Change Medical Students' Perspectives On Dementia
92 It's the Way You Tell Em': Study Discovers How the Brain Controls Accents and Impersonations
93 Voices May Not Trigger Brain's Reward Centers in Children With Autism
94 Missing Enzyme Linked to Drug Addiction
95 New Drug Reverses Loss of Brain Connections in Alzheimer's
96 Parenting and Home Environment Influence Children's Exercise and Eating Habits
97 Iodine in Bread Not Enough for Pregnant Women
98 Exposure to High Pollution Levels During Pregnancy May Increase Risk of Having Child With Autism
99 IQ Link to Baby's Weight Gain in First Month
100 Quality of Waking Hours Determines Ease of Falling Sleep
101 New Virus Isolated from Patients With Severe Brain Infections
102 Treating Infection May Have Sting in the Tail, Parasite Study Shows
103 Diet May Affect Alzheimer's Disease Risk
104 New Way to Improve Antibiotic Production
105 Doctors in Veterinary, Human Medicine Team to Give Burned Horse a Second Chance
106 Predators Affect the Carbon Cycle, Study Shows
107 Study Finds the Sweet Spot--And the Screw-Ups--That Make or Break Environmental Collective Actions
108 Underwater Springs Reveal How Coral Reefs Respond to Ocean Acidification
109 Pesticides Significantly Reduce Biodiversity in Aquatic Environments
110 Planes, Trains, or Automobiles: Travel Choices for a Smaller Carbon Footprint
111 When It Comes to Mammals, How Big Is Too Big?
112 'Cold Snap' 116 Million Years Ago Triggered Marine Ecosystem Crisis
113 Study of Oceans' Past Raises Worries About Their Future
114 Menopause May Be an Unintended Outcome of Men's Preference for Younger Mates
115 How Diving Mammals Evolved Underwater Endurance
116 The Turbulent, High-Energy Sky Is Keeping NuSTAR Busy
117 Mystery of X-Ray Light from Black Holes Solved
118 Flare Star WX UMa Becomes 15 Times Brighter in Less Than 3 Minutes
119 First Evidence of a New Phase in Neutron Stars
120 Evidence for Extrasolar Planet Under Construction
121 A Microphone That Listens With Light: Microphones Have Hyper-Acute Hearing and a Sense of Direction
122 Chemical Nanoengineering: Designing Drugs Controlled by Light
123 'Chemical Architects' Build Materials With Potential Applications in Drug Delivery and Gas Storage
124 How Useful Is Fracking Anyway? Study Explores Return of Investment
125 Efficient and Inexpensive: Researchers Develop Catalyst Material for Fuel Cells
126 Academics Earn Street Cred With TED Talks but No Points from Peers
127 Which Qubit My Dear? New Method to Distinguish Between Neighboring Quantum Bits
128 Four Microphones and a Computer Algorithm Are Enough to Produce a 3-D Model of a Simple, Convex Room
129 Intelligent Glasses Designed for Professors
130 Researchers Unmask Janus-Faced Nature of Mechanical Forces With Supercomputer