File Title
1 'Safe levels' of pesticides slash pond life
2 Voice may not reward autistic kids
3 Herschel deep-space telescope shuts down
4 Sound of clapping is infectious
5 Speedy winds on Venus getting faster
6 Quantum memory gets a reality check
7 NASA's Cassini probe to acquire distant Earth portrait
8 Viewpoint: A day to celebrate the pale blue dot
9 Clapping reveals applause is a 'social contagion'
10 'Hoff' yeti crab hitched ride on ocean super-highway
11 Fukushima nuclear plant: Toxic isotope found in groundwater
12 Scientists say UK wet summers down to Atlantic warming
13 Europe's ExoMars missions 'on track'
14 Burying beetles: Older males 'make better dads'
15 What's going on with the weather?
16 Afghan President Karzai to boycott talks with Taliban
17 Obama in Berlin calls for US-Russia nuclear weapons cuts
18 Brazil sends national force to control protest trouble
19 Guantanamo detainee describes 'ordeal' of force feeding
20 William and Kate 'don't know' royal baby's gender
21 Glimmers of hope in Detroit
22 Latifa Nabizada--Afghanistan's first woman of the skies
23 Return to Auschwitz: How Israel keeps Holocaust memories alive
24 Models for possible Syria intervention
25 Jail reckless bankers, standards commission urges
26 Somalia UN office attack by al-Shabab 'kills 15'
27 North Korea condemns Hitler Mein Kampf
28 Dolce and Gabbana sentenced to jail for tax evasion
29 Mexico arrests US man on FBI's 10 Most Wanted list
30 PlayStation 3 update causing console fault, Sony confirms
31 Slim Whitman, US country singer, dies at 90
32 The psychology of workout music
33 'High poverty' among Canada native children--report
34 The enduring dilemma of the working mother
35 How Egyptian god Bes gave the Christian Devil his looks
36 Yoko Ono's stylish aura 'transcends mere clothes'
37 One in nine US bridges 'structurally deficient'
38 Geak Ring and Sensoria socks add to range of wearable tech
39 Paris Air Show: Rival planemakers have Boeing and Airbus in their sights
40 Naked mole-rat gives cancer clues
41 Lancet call for independent Guantanamo medical care
42 Food labelling: Consistent system to be rolled out
43 Breast cancer scientists say less invasive surgery possible
44 US House Republicans pass abortion-limits bill
45 Michael Stratton, cancer gene scientist, knighted
46 Mueller: FBI uses drones for surveillance over US soil
47 Apple TV gets HBO GO, WatchESPN
48 Women in space: NASA's history-making new astronaut class
49 WHO emphasizes corporate responsibility when marketing unhealthy food for kids
50 Limit food stamps for sodas, 18 mayors ask government
51 Privacy officials from 6 countries request details on Google Glass
52 Consumer Reports reveals rankings for mobile devices
53 Google asks FISA court to lift gag order on NSA surveillance program
54 Last telegram ever to be sent July 14
55 NYC to offer free phone-charging stations in parks
56 NASA's Grand Challenge: Stop asteroids from destroying Earth
57 Facebook CEO meets South Korean president
58 Airborne laser reveals hidden city in Cambodia
59 Yahoo says it received up to 13,000 data requests
60 Chinese supercomputer named world's fastest
61 Tweet, "crowdsourcing," "mouseover" added to Oxford English Dictionary
62 Digg Reader to launch before Google Reader shuts down
63 Russian tycoon seeks human immortality, artificial brains by 2045
64 TWA Flight 800 gets another look 17 years later
65 American Medical Association classifying obesity as a disease may open up treatment options
66 Melissa Etheridge: Angelina Jolie's mastectomy decision was "fearful," not "brave"
67 Reporter Michael Hastings dies at 33
68 Jimmy Hoffa search finds no sign of ex-Teamsters leader in Detroit suburb
69 Colo. senator who pushed for gun control may lose job
70 Ex- NFL player with ALS responds after radio hosts fired for mocking him
71 Why geniuses don't have jobs
72 House Republicans pass 20-week limit on abortions
73 FBI: Surveillance info helped reveal subway, stock exchange bombings
74 Obama on NSA programs: Americans "not getting the complete story"
75 Barbra Streisand slams treatment of women in Israel
76 Obesity now declared "disease," but risk for chronic illnesses was no secret
77 Natura Pet Products recalls all lots of dry food due to salmonella fears
78 Deep vein thrombosis: Don't ignore symptoms of silent killer
79 Blood test for oral cancers caused by HPV may be on horizon
80 Jimmy Hoffa tipster opens up about why he's assisting FBI search
81 Selma Blair abruptly exits Charlie Sheen's "Anger Management"
82 Innovative Ariz. class turns students' dreams into reality
83 Taliban: We killed 4 U.S. troops at Afghan air base
84 Griffin shipwreck: Scientists say timber in Lake Michigan centuries old
85 Google asks FISA court to lift gag order on NSA surveillance program
86 Fla. girl who lost feet in lawnmower accident takes first steps on prosthetic legs
87 Couple's steamy romance e-books save their home
88 Iran's new president-elect seen as bridge-builder
89 Obama and Berlin: Faded echoes meet new realities
90 Senators: U.S. must take "more decisive" military action in Syria
91 Smooth, on-time Obamacare rollout no sure thing: GAO
92 Obama renews push for a nuclear disarmament legacy
93 Immigration reform would cut deficit, analysis shows
94 GOP Sen. Murkowski backs same-sex marriage
95 Obama's second-term G-8 dance card: Judo with Putin, trade, and Syria
96 Afghan gov't suspends talks with U.S. on future security pact over "contradiction" in U.S. handling of Taliban talks
97 Eating red meat may boost Type 2 diabetes risk
98 Hand transplant program for kids launched at Boston hospital
99 Minority children with autism less likely to get care for complications, says study
100 Jury finds urologist not responsible for patient's 8-month erection post-surgery
101 Study: Allowing organ donation status on Facebook increased number of donors
102 U.S. smoking rate falls for adults, says CDC study
103 Heroism: The Bright Side of Psychopathy?
104 Incredible Technology: How to Peer Into a Volcano (Safely)
105 Sibling Bullying Is Under-Recognized, Study Finds
106 Ancient Chinese Murals Saved From Tomb Robbers
107 Black Forest Fire: Most Destructive in Colorado History
108 4 Government Conspiracies That Make PRISM Look Pedestrian
109 3,000-Mile Move of Major Electromagnet Delayed
110 Smarter Than C-3PO: Future Robots Will Work in Teams, Scientist Says
111 Don't Try This at Home: Walking on Lava
112 Protected Against Whooping Cough? Most Adults Don't Know
113 NYC Mayor to Introduce Food Composting Program
114 Black Hole's Guts Modeled in Supercomputer Simulation
115 Mystery of Death Valley's 'Sailing Stones' Solved
116 Don't Hurt That Robot! How Morality Muddles Perception of a Mind
117 Ocean 'Snapshot' Taken With Sound Waves
118 Your Cellphone Could Be a Sonar Device
119 No, You Can't Outrun a Tsunami
120 High-Fat Diet May Increase Alzheimer's Risk
121 Diet High in Red Meat Linked to Higher Diabetes Risk
122 The Singularity Is Near: Mind Uploading by 2045?
123 Grammar May Be Hidden in Toddler Babble
124 Fish Diseases Threaten Food Supply In Warm Climates
125 Reference: Facts About Xenon
126 The Top Jobs Young Women Just Don't Want
127 A Simple Thing That Stops the Spread of Flu at Work
128 New 'Mixed' Language Discovered in Northern Australia
129 The Future of Bionic Humans: What's Next in Bio-Hacking?
130 Facebook Helped Boost Organ Donor Registration
131 Europe's 2016 Mars Mission Enters Final Construction Phase
132 Autism Linked with Air-Pollution Exposure During Pregnancy
133 Flashpoint Found for Istanbul's Next Earthquake
134 Seeing the Light: Retinal Prosthesis Restores Rat Vision
135 Lost Letters by Catherine the Great, Tchaikovsky Returned to Russia
136 America's Busiest Airports at Risk from Sea Level Rise
137 Jacques Cousteau's Grandson to Lead 31-Day Underwater Mission
138 Surprising Trove of Gas Seeps Found Off East Coast
139 'Lost' Medieval City Discovered Beneath Cambodian Jungle
140 New Canal To Be Built Across Nicaragua
141 Science of Summer: Why Big-Budget Action Blockbusters Rule the Season
142 Future Buildings Could be Made of Artificial Bone
143 Smart Glasses Help Shy Students Speak Up
144 Earth Calling E.T.: New Project Begins Beaming Your Messages Into Deep Space
145 Ice-Melt Below, Not Calving Icebergs, Shrinking Antarctica (Op-Ed)
146 Ancient Toilet Reveals Parasites in Crusader Poop
147 Reference: What is Continental Drift?
148 Baked Alaska: Crazy Weather Swings from Ice to Fire
149 Reference: Copan: Mayan Ruins in Honduras
150 Huge 'Dead Zone' Predicted in Gulf of Mexico
151 Reference: Who Invented the Car?
152 Tough Love: Male Spiders Die for Sex
153 Clapping Contagion: Applause Spreads Like a Disease
154 How the Hairy-Chested 'Hoff' Crab Evolved
155 Statistics and Magnetic Socks Shape Modern Taekwondo