File Title
1 'Safe levels' of pesticides slash pond life
2 Sound of voice may not reward autistic kids
3 Herschel deep-space telescope shuts down
4 Shape of a room 'heard' by acoustic echoes
5 Met Office experts meet to analyse 'unusual' weather patterns
6 Europe's ExoMars missions 'on track'
7 'Quiet epidemic' of male cancer in UK
8 Shark spawning ground found on Mingulay Reef by Edinburgh scientists
9 Afghans take nationwide security lead from NATO
10 US to open direct Taliban talks
11 Angelina Jolie double in News Corp. 'phone hack' claim
12 Brazil protests spread in Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Rio
13 NSA leaks: Father urges Snowden not to commit 'treason'
14 US-EU trade deal: How it affects you
15 Tie-less G8: Where are the mandatory necktie areas?
16 Does a child die of hunger every 10 seconds?
17 Elizabethan child actors 'kidnapped and whipped'
18 'Standing man' inspires Turkish protesters in Istanbul
19 G8 leaders 'close' to agreement on Syria
20 Hungary charges Laszlo Csatary, over Nazi war crimes
21 Fox News sued over JoDon Romero on-air suicide
22 Man danced around after punch that led to Eugene Moloney's death
23 Huawei says Ascend P6 is world's 'slimmest' smartphone
24 G8 leaders agree tax evasion measures
25 Data visualisation aims to change view of global health
26 Swiss bill to ease bank secrecy rebuffed
27 Solving transport headaches in the cities of 2050
28 G8 backs urgent Syria peace talks in Geneva
29 What cubicle dwellers want even more than money
30 Say what? When the boss is a gossip
31 Gay employees accepted, but not protected, at work
32 Sharp brings giant-sized 90in. TV to Europe
33 Huge holograms offer medics more memorable classes
34 Minister claims progress in tackling child abuse images online
35 Google to tackle child sexual abuse images on web
36 App developed for cats to "take" self portraits
37 Diego Maradona wins compensation from two Chinese firms
38 Collaboration: Apps that work alone to come together
39 IVF: First baby born using 'safer' method
40 NHS 'needs to simplify urgent care'
41 Enniskillen hospital staff prepare for G8 summit
42 Medieval skeletons give clues to leprosy origins
43 New fluorescent protein from eel revolutionizes key clinical assay
44 Putting flesh on the bones of ancient fish
45 New report identifies 'regret-free' approaches for adapting agriculture to climate change
46 New study shows that limiting fishing and improving habitat would allow oyster population to rebound more quickly
47 'Tailing' spiny lobster larvae to protect them
48 Farmworkers feel the heat even when they leave the fields
49 U.S. forest management policy must evolve to meet bioenergy targets
50 Black locust showing promise for biomass potential
51 Dangerous strains of E. coli may linger longer in water than benign counterparts, study finds
52 Study of oceans' past raises worries about their future
53 Researchers unearth bioenergy potential in leaf-cutter ant communities
54 UCLA climate study predicts dramatic loss in local snowfall
55 Do parasites upset food web theory?
56 Global cooling as significant as global warming
57 Submarine springs reveal how coral reefs respond to ocean acidification
58 Study finds the sweet spot--and the screw-ups--that make or break environmental collective actions
59 Perching on the cliffs of New Zealand, endemic Lepidium flora faces extinction threats
60 Researchers Find Genetic Diversity Key to Survival of Honey Bee Colonies
61 Pesticides significantly reduce biodiversity in aquatic environments
62 New study shows predators affect the carbon cycle
63 Bullfrogs may help spread deadly amphibian fungus, but also die from it
64 Rice blast research reveals details on how a fungus invades plants
65 Herbal extract boosts fruit fly lifespan by nearly 25%, UCI study finds
66 Dam construction to reduce greenhouse gases causes ecosystem disruption
67 Fossil kangaroo teeth reveal mosaic of Pliocene ecosystems in Queensland
68 Unraveling the genetic mystery of medieval leprosy
69 Genome decoding of the medieval leprosy pathogen
70 Stone Age technological and cultural innovation accelerated by climate
71 Luminous Bacterial Proteins Detect Chemicals in Water
72 Chronic drinking + exposure to particulate matter dramatically decreases lung function
73 Satellite data will be essential to future of groundwater, flood and drought management
74 Warm ocean drives most Antarctic ice shelf loss, UC Irvine and others show
75 'Self-cleaning' pollution-control technology could do more harm than good, study suggests
76 Autonomous energy-scavenging micro devices will test water quality, monitor bridges, more
77 Jet stream changes cause climatically exceptional Greenland Ice Sheet melt
78 Study identifies travel choices for a smaller carbon footprint
79 Exposure to high pollution levels during pregnancy may increase risk of having child with autism
80 A robot that runs like a cat
81 Vitamin D supplementation may delay precocious puberty in girls
82 Artificial Sweetener a Potential Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
83 New way to improve antibiotic production
84 Directed in vitro technique may increase insulin resistance among offspring
85 'Chemical architects' build materials with potential applications in drug delivery and gas storage
86 New virus discovered in patients with central nervous system infections
87 Timing of calcium and vitamin D supplementation may affect how bone adapts to exercise
88 Similar genetic variation found in overweight newborns and adults
89 New virus isolated from patients with severe brain infections
90 Fat cells in breast may connect social stress to triple-negative breast cancer
91 Scientists find potential genetic drivers behind male heart disease risk
92 The secret of DNA methylation
93 Pioneering breakthrough of chemical nanoengineering to design drugs controlled by light
94 Feline behavior experts release guidelines to improve the welfare of cats
95 Iodine in bread not enough for pregnant women
96 An article in 'Cell' reveals a new resistance mechanism to chemotherapy in breast and ovarian cancer
97 Chemical probe confirms that body makes its own rotten egg gas, H2S, to benefit health
98 50% of rheumatoid arthritis patients discontinue medication within the first 2 years
99 Universal paid sick leave reduces spread of flu, according to Pitt simulation
100 First major study of suicide motivations to advance prevention
101 Novel biomarkers improve diagnosis in rheumatoid arthritis
102 Overweight and obese patients less likely to achieve remission in early RA
103 High prevalence of NSAID prescription in those at risk of heart attack/death in primary care
104 From Botswanan big cats to Surrey house cats
105 E-commerce's future is in creating "swift guanxi," or personal and social rapport
106 When retailers strike out twice
107 Making a Case for Transparent Corporate Accounting Information
108 Drivers happy to take long way round to avoid traffic stress [et al.]
109 Treating infection may have sting in the tail, parasite study shows
110 First risk assessment of shale gas fracking to biodiversity
111 UC Research Examines How Technology Can Break Down Barriers for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students
112 UT Arlington researchers provide first-ever academic study of journalists and private citizens' use of drones
113 Can new FDA graphic warning labels for tobacco pass a first amendment legal challenge?
114 Why is it easier to lose 2-4 pounds rather than 3 pounds?
115 Free perks and upgrades: Could they actually embarrass consumers?
116 The geometry of persuasion: How do seating layouts influence consumers?
117 Why do appetizers matter more when you're dining out with friends?
118 Gel or whitening? Consumer choice and product organization
119 Academics earn street cred with TED Talks but no points from peers, IU research shows
120 Mapping a room in a snap
121 New 'embryonic' subduction zone found
122 An innovative material for the green Earth
123 Polymer-coated catalyst protects "artificial leaf"
124 Researchers unmask Janus-faced nature of mechanical forces with the Julich supercomputer
125 Efficient and inexpensive: Researchers develop catalyst material for fuel cells
126 How useful is fracking anyway? Study explores return of investment
127 New medication treats drug-resistant prostate cancer in the laboratory
128 Preventing eggs' death from chemotherapy
129 Study identifies protein essential for normal heart function
130 A new target for cancer drug development
131 Working backward: Computer-aided design of zeolite templates
132 Fibromyalgia Is Not All In Your Head, New Research Confirms Researchers discover a rational biological source of pain in the skin of patients with fibromyalgia
133 Stop hyperventilating, say energy efficiency researchers
134 Seismic gap outside of Istanbul
135 Printing Tiny Batteries
136 Putting flesh on the bones of ancient fish
137 Biological Soil Crust Secrets Uncovered
138 Teaching complete evolutionary stories increases learning
139 Noble gases hitch a ride on hydrous minerals
140 Mapping translation sites in the human genome
141 Personality test finds some mouse lemurs shy, others bold
142 Training and advising pediatricians in antibiotic usage improves compliance with Rx guidelines
143 Posttraumatic stress disorder treatment: Genetic predictor of response to exposure therapy
144 Bacterium that causes gum disease packs a 1-2 punch to the jaw
145 Significant improvements in psoriatic arthritis with ustekinumab
146 New method successfully scores joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis
147 Long-term apremilast demonstrates continued efficacy in patients with psoriatic arthritis
148 Abatacept as effective as adalimumab in rheumatoid arthritis
149 CHERISH trial demonstrates efficacy of tocilizumab in juvenile idiopathic arthritis
150 'Fast track' approach to giant cell arteritis significantly reduces risk of blindness
151 Brodalumab demonstrates significant clinical response in psoriatic arthritis
152 Swiss ball improves muscle strength and walking performance in ankylosing spondylitis
153 Chalking up a marine blooming alga: Genome fills a gap in the tree of life
154 Hot flashes before menopause? It can happen
155 New study finds less than 25% of new doctors work in primary care
156 Self-defense training for Kenyan girls reduces rape, Stanford/Packard study finds
157 No Good Substitute for Race in College Admissions
158 Community-based Programs May Help Prevent Childhood Obesity
159 Storytelling program helps change medical students' perspectives on dementia
160 Male preference for younger female mates identified as likely cause of menopause
161 UW research: World population could be nearly 11 billion by 2100
162 NASA-led study explains decades of black hole observations
163 Smoking and neurosurgical outcomes
164 Atherosclerosis in abdominal aorta may signal future heart attack, stroke
165 Concussion patients show Alzheimer's-like brain abnormalities
166 Getting enough sleep could help prevent type 2 diabetes
167 The Facebook effect: Social media dramatically boosts organ donor registration
168 Hormonal therapy for transsexualism safe and effective
169 Study Shows How the Nanog Protein Promotes Growth of Head and Neck Cancer
170 It's the way you tell em': Study discovers how the brain controls accents and impersonations
171 Beliefs About Causes of Obesity May Impact Weight, Eating Behavior
172 Parenting and home environment influence children's exercise and eating habits
173 Sexual Minority Youth Need Specialized Treatment from Therapists, Says MU Researcher
174 Early-life air pollution linked with childhood asthma in minorities, in study
175 New drug could help AMD sufferers
176 Brandeis inventor patents anti-cholesterol formula
177 Hands-free talking and texting are unsafe
178 An ultrasensitive molybdenum-based image sensor
179 Austerity cuts to Spanish healthcare system are 'putting lives at risk'
180 Tobacco laws for youth may reduce adult smoking
181 2013 ESH/ESC Guidelines for the management of arterial hypertension
182 Study: Blacks, Hispanics say Zimmerman arrested earlier if victim White
183 Study examines Hispanic youth exposure to food, beverage TV ads
184 Whooping cough can be deadly for infants, but 61% of adults don't know their vaccine status
185 CAMH policy study outlines ways to reduce alcohol harms
186 Eating behaviors of preschoolers may be related to future risk of heart disease
187 Study finds racial and ethnic disparities in usage of specialty services for children with autism
188 Testosterone improves verbal learning and memory in postmenopausal women
189 Medical assessment in the blink of an eye
190 Missing enzyme linked to drug addiction
191 New language discovery reveals linguistic insights
192 Fiber-optic pen helps see inside brains of children with learning disabilities
193 Moon radiation findings may reduce health risks to astronauts
194 Landsat Satellite Looks Back at El Paso, Forward to a New Mission
195 New kind of variable star discovered
196 Stacking up a clearer picture of the Universe
197 Exoplanet formation surprise
198 Johns Hopkins Researcher, Colleagues, Solve Mystery of X-ray Light Coming From Black Holes
199 Scouring the genome of adenoid cystic carcinoma
200 Mobile health devices can improve health care access in developing countries, remote regions
201 Intelligent glasses designed for professors cuadrito
202 NYSCF and Columbia researchers demonstrate use of stem cells to analyze causes, treatment of diabetes
203 OHSU review: previous studies overstated evidence on spinal fusion product
204 Social media initiative may help increase organ donations
205 Which qubit my dear? New method to distinguish between neighbouring quantum bits
206 Stop hyperventilating, say energy efficiency researchers
207 Computer modeling technique goes viral