File Title
1 Vitamin C kills tuberculosis in accidental discovery
2 Errors acknowledged in "rushed" stem cell paper
3 Moon may harbour alien minerals
4 Federal budget a "missed opportunity" for Australian science
5 Moss frozen for 400 years grows again
6 'English Pompeii' a fragment of past frozen in time
7 Little Green Men? New type of star breaks all the pulsar rules
8 Cheetahs' speed is only half the story, study finds
9 Why three Chinese are spending 12 days in space lab
10 Does altitude determine the way we speak?
11 'Bonanza' of black holes has party, doesn't invite us
12 Antarctic ice melting from below, finds study
13 Mystery solved: how diving mammals survive underwater
14 Unusual new planet casts doubt on how planets form
15 First woman in space: Miserable cosmonaut or triumphant space flyer?
16 Do parasites upset food web theory?
17 Moving iron in Antarctica
18 Does altitude affect the way language is spoken?
19 Sleep mechanism identified that plays role in emotional memory
20 Fingernails reveal clues to limb regeneration
21 Dangerous strains of E. coli may linger longer in water than benign counterparts, study finds
22 Monell-led research identifies scent of melanoma
23 'Tailing' spiny lobster larvae to protect them
24 Tobacco laws for youth may reduce adult smoking
25 Study shows how diving mammals evolved underwater endurance
26 Predicting collective online behavior
27 Helping pet owners make tough choices
28 Berkeley Lab team uncovers secrets of biological soil crusts
29 Discovery of how a gene that regulates factors involved in bacteria pathogenicity acts
30 New array measures vibrations across skin may help engineers design tactile displays
31 E-commerce's future is in creating 'swift guanxi,' or personal and social rapport
32 Researchers explode the myth about running injuries
33 Warm ocean drives most Antarctic ice shelf loss, UC Irvine and others show
34 Researchers unearth bioenergy potential in leaf-cutter ant communities
35 Automated 'coach' could help with social interactions
36 Study of oceans' past raises worries about their future
37 Researchers conclude that what causes menopause is--wait for it--men
38 Whisky a Go Go: Can Scotland's Distillery Waste Boost Biofuels?
39 New Shades for a Dinobird's Feathers
40 In Her Words: Sylvia Earle on Women in Science
41 7 Takeaways From Supreme Court's Gene Patent Decision
42 When Head Meets Soccer Ball, How Does Your Brain Fare?
43 Mysteries of the Lost (and Found) Nazi Diaries
44 Tiny Transmitters for Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs: Freshwater Species of the Week
45 How Diving Mammals Stay Underwater for So Long
46 Does Geography Influence How a Language Sounds?
47 Asteroid mining company wants to put your face in space
48 Online college classes, once aimed at advanced students, target the masses
49 Trip to Mars would likely exceed radiation limits for astronauts
50 China's latest 'sacred' manned space mission blasts off
51 Nobel contender sees multiple cosmic mysteries
52 Genomics and particle physics top the scientific charts
53 Cuba girds for climate change by reclaiming coasts
54 US court says human genes cannot be patented
55 US researchers explore deep Caribbean reefs
56 Google to beam Internet from balloons
57 Tereshkova marks 50 years of her historic flight
58 Ideas for keeping you data safe from spying
59 UN climate talks marred by decision-making spat
60 US: Modified wheat appears to be isolated
61 US warns of cyber attacks on medical devices
62 UPDATE 1--U.S. FDA urges protection of medical devices from cyber threats
63 For solar pilot, human endurance is the sky's limit
64 Romania, EU launch works on world's most powerful laser
65 U.S. farmer lawsuit filed against Monsanto over GMO wheat
66 Russian Arctic-mapping satellite malfunctions: Ifax
67 Weather satellite revived after suspected micrometeoroid hit
68 Japan mulls hosting global collider project--Nikkei
69 Japan deflation persists, industrial output falls
70 Aging Yahoo! faces new Tumblr generation
71 Push for US Internet 'wiretap' law faces tough road
72 Bill Gates backs social network for researchers
73 UK court rules against evicted Chagos islanders
74 Philippines vows to defend territory, sovereignty
75 US, Dutch scientists to explore deep Bonaire reef
76 U.S. hopes NSA surveillance won't derail data trade goals
77 US surveillance revelations deepen European fears
78 UN rights expert critical of government wiretaps
79 Timeline of revelations about US domestic spying
80 Many thriving species at risk from climate change-study
81 Officials: Russia rejects chemical arms evidence
82 US-China climate deal called "breakthrough" but no long-term cuts yet
83 UPDATE 2--U.S. finds unapproved genetically modified wheat in Oregon
84 Japan suspends imports after modified wheat found
85 Monsanto says tests so far show commercial wheat seed free of GMO
86 EU's greenhouse gas emissions sink to lowest since 1990
87 News Summary: EU's post-Fukushima nuclear rules
88 Restrictive drug laws censor science, researchers say
89 Exclusive: Antitrust probe of Lockheed-Boeing rocket venture
90 How Do Immune Cells Detect Infections?
91 Mice Give New Clues to Origins of OCD
92 The Body Electric: Researchers Move Closer to Low-Cost, Implantable Electronics
93 Natural Products Drug Discovery Group explores plant potential
94 Epigenetic Factor Likely Plays a Key Role in Fueling Most Common Childhood Cancer
95 Simple Theory May Explain Mysterious Dark Matter
96 Lifespan-Extending Drug Given Late in Life Reverses Age-Related Heart Disease in Mice
97 How Does Inbreeding Avoidance Evolve in Plants?
98 Shape of Nanoparticles Points the Way Toward More Targeted Drugs
99 Hairpin Turn: Micro-RNA Plays Role in Wood Formation
100 From Hot Springs to HIV, Same Protein Complexes Are Hijacked to Promote Viruses
101 Bridge Species Drive Tropical Engine of Biodiversity
102 Popcorn Particle Pathways Promise Better Lithium-Ion Batteries
103 Voiding Disorder Therapy Improved Sexual Dysfunction
104 Stony Brook Southampton Marine Science Lab Finds Brown Tide has Emerged in Moriches, Quantuck and Shinnecock Bay--Not in Great South Bay
105 Tillage and Reduced-Input Rotations Affect Runoff From Agricultural Fields
106 Scientists Uncover New Details of Natural Anticancer Mechanism
107 Polymer Nanoreactors Create Uniform Nanocrystals
108 New Tasks Become as Simple as Waving a Hand with Brain-Computer Interfaces
109 Scientists Identify Thousands of Plant Genes Activated by Ethylene Gas
110 Wayne State Researchers Seek to Determine Impacts of Differential Speed Limits on State Freeways
111 Beach Erosion Remains A Huge Texas Problem
112 Exposure to Air Transforms Gold Alloys Into Catalytic Nanostructures
113 $3.5 Million Gift to Support Theoretical Physics Center
114 Titan Completes Acceptance Testing
115 UChicago, Marine Biological Lab Agree to Affiliate
116 Stressed Dads Can Affect Offspring Brain Development
117 Moving Iron in Antarctica
118 Researchers Identify a New Mechanism of TB Drug Resistance
119 URI, Greenfins Developing Techniques for Tuna Aquaculture
120 Fingernails Reveal Clues to Limb Regeneration
121 Life Underground: Microbes Active Far Beneath Seafloor
122 Team Points to Brain's 'Dark Side' as Key to Cocaine Addiction
123 Silicon-Based Nanoparticles Could Make LEDs Cheaper, Greener to Produce
124 Researchers Succeed in Programming Blood Forming Stem Cells
125 Science, Engineering, and Technology Milestones From the National Radio Astronomy Observatory
126 Hubble Uncovers Evidence for Extrasolar Planet Under Construction
127 Dangerous E. coli Strains May Linger Longer in Water
128 Gustatory Tug-of-War Key to Whether Salty Foods Taste Good
129 Research Identifies Scent of Melanoma
130 AMP Celebrates SCOTUS Decision on AMP v. Myriad
131 The Rensselaer IDEA: Harnessing the Power of Data to Change the World
132 Jammed Molecular Motors May Play Role in Development of ALS
133 Researchers Conclude That What Causes Menopause Is--Wait for It--Men
134 Secure Food and Water Supply Depend on Phosphorus
135 Detecting Homemade Explosives, Not Toothpaste
136 Study of Oceans' Past Raises Worries About Their Future
137 Researchers Unearth Bioenergy Potential in Leaf-Cutter Ant Communities
138 Researchers Solve Mystery of X-Ray Light From Black Holes
139 Does Including Parasites Upset Food Web Theory? Yes and No, Says New Paper