File Title
1 Ancient armoured fish had abs
2 Men's desire for younger women drives menopause
3 Gene patent finding could impact Australia
4 Oxygen mystery: How marine mammals hold their breath
5 A350 marks new phase in aero-engines
6 Solar Impulse sets off for Washington DC via Cincinnati
7 Airbus A350 successfully completes maiden test flight
8 A350: The aircraft that Airbus did not want to build
9 Call to 'let UK government scientists off the leash'
10 Medieval skeletons give clues to leprosy origins
11 Banned pesticides may be having wider environmental impacts
12 US Supreme Court says human DNA cannot be patented
13 Lochalsh and Skye cuckoos fitted with satellite tags
14 Men 'to blame for the menopause'
15 The quest to build a brain in the lab
16 Inside Facebook's green and clean arctic data centre
17 Indonesia's business boom
18 US says it will give military aid to Syria rebels
19 Iranians vote in key presidential elections
20 Edward Snowden 'banned from flying to UK'
21 Turkey government freezes Gezi Park project until ruling
22 Radio host sacked over Australia PM Gillard interview
23 To tip or not to tip...or should it be banned?
24 Profile: Wendi Deng Murdoch
25 Man calls Solihull police to complain about prostitute's looks
26 Scrabble app changes anger players on Facebook
27 3D printing powered by thought
28 What would big data think of Einstein?
29 Which side of the property wars are you on?
30 Two people killed by raging Colorado Springs wildfire
31 Spending Review: Home Office agrees cuts with Osborne
32 Man in court over defaced Queen painting
33 Orde asks May to review PCC power to sack chief constables
34 Hand grenades 'rare--but they're out there'
35 Eight radical solutions to the problem of dog mess
36 Nightmare visions: 1984 to V for Vendetta
37 Syria regime denounces US chemical weapons claim
38 Yahoo files patent for social influence-based advertising
39 E3: Will console-makers alienate hardcore gamers?
40 US Navy ends dependence on capitalised communications
41 Breast cancer risk has risen for South Asian women
42 Enniskillen hospital staff prepare for G8 summit
43 Savita Halappanavar: Health Service Executive review identifies failings in her care
44 What is a stump?
45 Giant crocheted doily appears under Bristol bridge
46 An unexpected lesson in Antarctic ice melt
47 Antarctic ice melting from below, finds study
48 Researchers solve mystery of how marine mammals hold their breath
49 Study shows how diving mammals evolved underwater endurance
50 Distantly Orbiting Alien World May Challenge Planet-Formation Theories
51 Cheetahs' Secret Weapon: A Tight Turning Radius
52 Cheetah tracking study reveals incredible acceleration
53 To kill, cheetahs use agility and acceleration, not top speed
54 First Fluorescent Protein Discovered In Vertebrates, Japanese Eel Could Hold Key For Revolutionary Liver Test
55 First Fluorescent Protein Identified in a Vertebrate Animal
56 Major Milestone: 50 Years of Women in Space
57 Fifty years ago, Tereshkova became first woman in space
58 Birdsong phone apps 'harmful' to birds, say Dorset experts
59 Warning against using bird apps on nature reserves
60 Why our rarest birds are all aflutter over digital twitchers
61 Great White Shark Sighted Off Atlantic City Coast By New Jersey Fishermen [VIDEO]
62 Great White Shark Spotted Off NJ Coast
63 Great White Shark Seen Off New Jersey Coast (VIDEO)
64 NASA Proves Mars Has More Water in Its Atmosphere Than Earth
65 Dry Ice On Mars May Have Caused Planet's Strange Sand Dune Tracks, NASA Scientists Say (VIDEO)
66 Wildlife Center Searches for Painters of Box Turtle in Virginia
67 Mars or bust, Buzz Aldrin says
68 Kickstarter campaign launched for remote-controlled cockroaches
69 Science! Democracy! RoboRoaches!
70 Greedy Diatoms Refuse to Share, Put Planet at Risk
71 International Linear Collider design is 'good to go'
72 Ancient amoured fish found with abs
73 Lung Transplant Recovery to Be 'Hard and Long' for 10-Year-Old Girl
74 Ban on patenting DNA cheers researchers
75 The Supreme Court rules out some--but not all--gene patents
76 Supreme Court Ruling Hands Partial Victory To Breast Cancer Test Maker Myriad Genetics
77 NY judge: Fed plan for morning-after pill sales OK
78 Study Suggests Skin Cancer Could be Detected through Odor
79 Human Skin Cells Odor Can Be Used To Identify Melanoma
80 Melanoma Detected In Skin Odor
81 FDA approves Xgeva for giant cell bone tumors
82 FDA approves Xgeva to treat giant cell tumor of the bone
83 UN: India to be world's most populous country by 2028
84 World population projected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050--UN
85 UN predicts that Africa--and Nigeria in particular--will be at forefront of huge global population rise over next century
86 Tamoxifen: Gene Test May Predict Benefit
87 Menopause may have been caused by male's preference for younger women
88 Men's Desire for Younger Women Led to Menopause, Study Says
89 Did menopause arise because men prefer younger women?
90 NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's soda ban bolstered by study on obese
91 Soda ban targets obese, not poor, study says
92 Soda size cap cuts calories most in kids, the overweight, study says
93 Large Number of Medical Devices Subject to being Hacked
94 Vast array of medical devices vulnerable to serious hacks, feds warn
95 UPDATE 1--U.S. FDA urges protection of medical devices from cyber threats
96 Gross photo with Wendy's Frosty is latest to go viral
97 Photo of Wendy's employee eating ice cream directly from dispenser goes viral
98 Eyeball Licking Trend in Japan is Causing Spike in Pink Eye
99 Miami woman, 28, dies after getting $2,300 butt implants
100 Miami-Dade Police Investigating Death of Woman Who Received Buttocks Injections
101 91-year-old Ariz. man breaks weightlifting record
102 Hepatitis A Outbreak: How A Frozen Berry And Pomegranate Mix Could Sicken 97
103 Hepatitis A outbreak: Townsend Farms passes health inspections
104 Scientists Reconstruct Genome of Medieval Strains of Leprosy to Surprising End
105 Facebook Is Officially OK With (Some) Mastectomy Photos
106 Facebook Allows Mastectomy Photos, Not Nudity
107 Stem Cell Discovery Could Help Regrow Fingers
108 How nails regenerate lost fingertips
109 Dog devours man's toes
110 EU regulator advises caution on painkiller diclofenac
111 Speed test for wild cheetahs
112 Water's role in mantle movement thrown into doubt
113 Brain scan predicts best therapy for depression
114 UK libel reform fight 'isn't over yet'
115 First fluorescent protein identified in a vertebrate
116 US Supreme Court rules patents on 'natural' human genes invalid
117 Oceans melt Antarctica's ice from below
118 Making the most of muscle oxygen
119 Europe picks a neutrino machine
120 Campaigners vow to take clinical trial openness into their own hands
121 Drones in science: Fly, and bring me data