File Title
1 Fossil teeth reveal roo survival strategy
2 Hot young stars put theory into a spin
3 Speed and braking make cheetahs a champion
4 Shenzhou-10: Chinese capsule docks with space laboratory
5 Honey bee losses double in a year due to poor winter
6 Cheetah tracking study reveals incredible acceleration
7 Secret life of the cat: The science of tracking our pets
8 How do people survive solitary confinement?
9 Scientists saving 'the giant panda' of the tree world
10 Enjoy the best of Dublin without spending a dime
11 Syria death toll at least 93,000, says UN
12 Erdogan in 'final' protest warning
13 Snowden leaks: NSA's Keith Alexander to brief Senate
14 Netanyahu opens Holocaust display at Auschwitz
15 ERT closure: Greek unions stage 24-hour protest strike
16 Secret life of the cat: What do our feline companions get up to?
17 A gay island community created by Italy's Fascists
18 Libya: Gaddafi-linked assets worth $1bn 'in South Africa'
19 Queen's portrait defaced in Abbey
20 Chloe McCardel ends Cuba-US swim after jellyfish sting
21 Google detects Iran phishing attacks ahead of election
22 Small beer: US brewers with big passion to succeed
23 The rising and sinking threats to our cities
24 Kim Cattrall praised for playing faded Hollywood star on stage
25 NSA chief says data disrupted 'dozens' of plots
26 TEDGlobal: Visions of the future of flying
27 A curious person's guide to Britten
28 TEDGlobal: Future vaccines could be delivered via patch
29 Bike makes riders high-flyers, if only for five minutes
30 What is skeuomorphism?
31 Who, what, why: Are tech goods cheaper in the US than the UK?
32 Facebook follows Twitter by adding clickable hashtags
33 Nick Clegg: Agencies' access to data is legal and proportionate
34 Japan tests 4K television streams over the internet
35 3D sport channel on ESPN to close after three years
36 Sarah Murnaghan gets lung transplant
37 MPs urge more action on female genital mutilation
38 Environmental Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy enables more realistic catalyst reaction studies
39 Spot-welding graphene nanoribbons atom by atom
40 Silicon-based nanoparticles could make LEDs cheaper, greener to produce
41 Nanoparticles for controlled drug release
42 Nano-thermometer enables first atomic-scale heat transfer measurements
43 An ultrasensitive molybdenum-based image sensor
44 New quantum dot technique combines best of optical and electron microscopy
45 Filmmaking magic with polymers: Researchers make breakthroughs in manufacturing copolymer block thin film
46 Controlling magnetic clouds in graphene
47 Nanomechanical resonator self-assembled from nanoparticles
48 Exposure to air transforms gold alloys into catalytic nanostructures
49 Polymer structures serve as 'nanoreactors' for nanocrystals with uniform sizes, shapes
50 'Popcorn' particle pathways promise better lithium-ion batteries
51 Nanofiber sensor detects diabetes or lung cancer faster and easier
52 Graphene and semiconductor technology together: Smaller, cheaper, better
53 2-D electronics take a step forward: Team makes semiconducting films for atom-thick circuits
54 Rod-shaped nanoparticles, rather than spherical, appear more effective at adhering to cells
55 The dance of the atoms
56 World's first large(wafer)-scale production of III-V semiconductor nanowire
57 Catching individual molecules in a million with optical antennas inside nano-boxes
58 Carbon nanotubes for molecular magnetic resonances
59 Neutrons reveal potential dangers of gold nanoparticles--pharma's drug delivery agent of the future
60 Researchers use Raman spectroscopy and STM to allow chemical mapping of molecules to 1nm resolution
61 Hair sensor uncovers hidden signals
62 New microfluidic method expands toolbox for nanoparticle manipulation
63 Data highway for quantum information
64 Closing the last Bell-test loophole for photons
65 Physicists show self-correcting quantum computers are theoretically possible
66 Spooky action put to order: Physicists classify different types of 'entanglement'
67 Quantum teleportation between atomic systems over long distances
68 Most experiments that claim to show the quantum Zeno paradox fall short, study says
69 First observation of spin Hall effect in a quantum gas is step toward 'atomtronics'
70 Entanglement in a flash (w/ video)
71 May the force be with us? Precise measurements test quantum electrodynamics, constrain possible fifth fundamental force
72 New principle sets maximum limit on quantum information communication
73 Spintronics approach enables new quantum technologies
74 Cosmic giants shed new light on dark matter
75 Chandra turns up black hole bonanza in galaxy next door
76 China astronauts enter space module (Update)
77 Researchers hope to shed light on dark lightning radiation
78 NSF makes public plan to guide development of its largest Antarctic research station
79 Researcher studies indoor air particles and their movement
80 SMOS maps record soil water before flood
81 Bringing water to the Sinai?
82 Swept away: Beach erosion continues to be huge problem for Texas
83 A video map of motions in the nearby universe
84 Cuba girds for climate change by reclaiming coasts
85 Mars water-ice clouds are key to odd thermal rhythm
86 Moving iron in Antarctica: New study on carbon dioxide absorption in Antarctic seas
87 Genetic maps of ocean algae show bacteria-like flexibility
88 Researchers claim reexamination of rock samples confirms meteoritic origin of Tunguska cosmic body
89 Rapid adaptation is purple sea urchins' weapon against ocean acidification
90 Livermore develops the world's deepest ERT imaging system for CO2 sequestration
91 Papaya-clay combo could cut cost of water purification in developing countries
92 Water is no lubricant: Reassessment of the role of water in plate tectonics
93 Astronomers discover new kind of variable star
94 Study helps managers identify regions with multiple threat potential, including wildfires
95 Call to cut 'super greenhouse gases'
96 Cosmic quiver: Saturn's vibrations create spirals in rings
97 Sunny super-Earth?
98 GALAXY S4 zoom: First smartphone to offer 10x optical zoom
99 Facebook starts first servers outside the US (Update)
100 AMD unveils first-ever 5 GHz processor
101 Sony eyes long game despite console launch triumph
102 Sony wins opening skirmish in new-gen console war
103 New Xbox to hit shelves in November in 21 countries
104 Sony unveils boxy next-gen PlayStation 4 console
105 Microsoft hypes next-gen Xbox One games at E3 (Update)
106 Tianhe-2 supercomputer at 31 petaflops is title contender
107 BlackBerry Q10 smartphone boasts rare physical keyboard
108 Microsoft says used games will work on Xbox One
109 Google chief says Glass privacy fears will fade
110 Taiwan electronics fair tees up 'smart watch' for golfers
111 Review: Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt lets you in without a key
112 Asus touts 'world's first' three-in-one tablet computer
113 Firefighting robot paints 3-D thermal imaging picture for rescuers (w/ video)
114 Peaceful role for drones explored at TED conference (Update)
115 Shark Wheel on a roll to reinvent skateboarder experience
116 RoboBees get smart in pollen pursuit
117 Google has ideas for funny-face device authentication
118 Dutch duo peddle old bikes as fashion, furniture
119 New 311mph maglev train in Japan passes initial tests
120 Mind-controlled games on show at Asia's biggest IT fair
121 Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home (w/ Video)
122 DNA brings materials to life
123 'Self-cleaning' pollution-control technology could do more harm than good, study suggests
124 New imaging technique captures ever-changing world of metabolites
125 Detecting homemade explosives, not toothpaste
126 Researchers design a catalyst that neutralizes gases responsible for climate change
127 Breakthrough allows fast, reliable pathogen identification
128 Saliva proteins may protect older people from influenza
129 Lab experiments question effectiveness of green coffee bean weight-loss supplements
130 Splitting the sea: Turning ocean water into hydrogen fuel
131 Molecular 'sieves' harness ultraviolet irradiation for greener power generation
132 Silver lining advances understanding of next-generation nuclear fuel
133 New additive offers near-perfect results as nucleating agent for organic semiconductors
134 Complex 3-D polymer brush nanostructures from photopolymerization
135 Luminous bacterial proteins detect chemicals in water
136 Head in a cage: Fatty acid composition of diacylglycerols determines local signaling patterns
137 Chlamydia protein has an odd structure, scientists find
138 Mismatched materials can be tough enough: Scientists analyze molecular detail of cement-polymer bonds
139 Polymers could help enzymes treat diseases
140 Chemists demonstrate sensor technology that could detect, monitor diabetes through breath analysis alone
141 Testing artificial photosynthesis
142 How Archaea might find their food
143 Research describes new techniques to study protein-DNA interactions
144 Substances from African medicinal plants could help stop tumor growth
145 The secret life of knots
146 Study provides a new framework for understanding the energetics of ionic liquids
147 Study shows fairy-wrens learn to drive off cuckoos from their neighbors
148 Cool muscles: Storing elastic energy for flight
149 First South American plant for purifying soils contaminated with zinc and cadmium
150 Saving, diversifying honey bees: Researchers preparing bee semen bank
151 'Tailing' spiny lobster larvae to protect them
152 Lighter meals for fish in the northern Baltic Sea
153 30-year woodland trial underway at Monarto
154 Fungal genome offers clues on how leaf-cutter ants farm
155 Researchers developing techniques for tuna aquaculture
156 Deep biosphere harbors active, growing communities of microorganisms
157 Cheetah's acceleration, not speed, power key to their success
158 Research shows male guppies reproduce even after death
159 Turtles watch for, snack on gelatinous prey while swimming
160 Spanish researchers sequence the genome of global deep ocean
161 Study proves turtle embryos move themselves within shells to exploit best temperature conditions
162 Fraternal singing in zebra finches
163 Genetic switches play big role in human evolution
164 Novel enzyme from tiny gribble could prove a boon for biofuels research
165 Single cells: Same same but different
166 Polish snail farms inch towards huge potential
167 Harbor porpoises can thank their worst enemy, the killer whale for their success
168 A critically endangered beauty: The passion flower Passiflora kwangtungensis
169 Developing test for disease-carrying 'Trojan cows'
170 Researchers look into the future to weed out problem plants
171 Tropical vagrants bigger, stronger survivors
172 World population could be nearly 11 billion by 2100, research shows
173 No good substitute for race in college admissions
174 What is the best way to measure a researcher's scientific impact?
175 Study shows microblades connected with mobile adaptations in North-Central China
176 Study shows traditional marriage rates unaffected in states allowing same-sex marriage
177 Rail privatisation is 'great train robbery,' finds UK
178 'Spiritual' young people more likely to commit crimes than 'religious' ones, study finds
179 Does altitude affect the way language is spoken?
180 Fossil kangaroo teeth reveal mosaic of Pliocene ecosystems in Queensland
181 Cultural products have evolutionary roots
182 High diversity of flying reptiles in England 110 million years ago
183 Professor discusses research on challenges facing women entrepreneurs, as well as possible solutions
184 Safety first: Reporting food scares
185 Experts offer tips to prevent children's learning loss during summer
186 More accurate information available about urban and rural areas
187 Reflections on justice delayed
188 2013 HILDA report sounds the alarm on child poverty
189 New study refutes claims of early humans in India prior to Mount Toba eruption
190 Caregiving dads treated disrespectfully at work, new study finds
191 X-rays reveal new picture of 'dinobird' plumage patterns
192 You're so vain: Study links social media and narcissism
193 Retailers should referee customer conflict
194 Do you benefit from slave labor?
195 Student lends knowledge to national education policy
196 Pendulum swings back on 350-year-old mathematical mystery
197 Researchers succeed in programming blood forming stem cells
198 Protein protects against breast cancer recurrence in animal model
199 Culprit implicated in neurodegenerative diseases also critical for normal cells
200 US court says human genes cannot be patented (Update 2)
201 Researchers develop a protein to protect and restore nerve cell communications
202 Study points to role of nervous system in arthritis
203 Gene offers an athlete's heart without the exercise
204 Newly identified markers may predict who will respond to breast cancer prevention therapy
205 Researchers gain new molecular-level understanding of the brain's recovery after stroke
206 Research suggests short and frequent exercise key to feeling full
207 Sleep mechanism identified that plays role in emotional memory
208 Researchers exploit cancer's faulty defense mechanism
209 Spike frequency adaption maintains efficiency in networks of neurons
210 Easy, effective therapy to restore sight: Engineered virus will improve gene therapy for blinding eye diseases
211 Biomarkers may be key to discovery of successful initial treatment of depression
212 Fingernails reveal clues to limb regeneration
213 New imaging technique holds promise for speeding MS research
214 Jammed molecular motors may play a role in the development of ALS
215 Alzheimer's brain change measured in humans
216 Researchers identify a new mechanism of TB drug resistance
217 People anticipate others' genuine smiles, but not polite smiles
218 Research points to brain's 'dark side' as key to cocaine addiction
219 Only 5% of us wash hands correctly, research says
220 Beauty and the brain: Electrical stimulation of the brain makes you perceive faces as more attractive
221 Similar connectivity profiles in humans and monkeys used to generate a Theory of Mind
222 Perfect pitch may not be absolute after all
223 People are overly confident in their own knowledge, despite errors
224 Dad's life stress exposure can affect offspring brain development, study finds
225 TEDDY study yielding new approach to finding high-risk genes for type 1 diabetes
226 NYC-style cap on soda size would target the overweight, not the poor, study finds