File Title
1 Fairy-wrens learn fast how to mob cuckoos
2 GM feed found to affect pig's health
3 Clearer picture of universe stacks up
4 'Ice hovercraft' tracks seen on Mars
5 Black hole caught napping after meal
6 Britain's wheat crop 'down by third after extreme weather'
7 Is the US-China deal on curbing HFCs good for the climate?
8 Canada's summer adventure hotspot
9 Why we need young minds to design our future
10 US whistleblower Edward Snowden 'will fight extradition'
11 US General Dunford: 'Fight for Afghan rights not over'
12 Pope Francis 'confirms Vatican gay lobby and corruption'
13 Turkey protests: Uneasy calm in Istanbul's Taksim Square
14 Nelson Mandela 'responding better to treatment'--Zuma
15 How true are films about state snooping?
16 Damascus: Behind the battle lines
17 Oldest man in history Jiroemon Kimura dies at 116
18 Short walks 'could cut diabetes risk in older people'
19 Readers' favourite India curiosities
20 Footballer Lionel Messi investigated for tax fraud in Spain
21 Australia row over PM Gillard 'small breasts' menu
22 Canadian 'Black Widow' jailed for poisoning husband
23 E-cigarettes face new restrictions
24 Does coffee really sober you up when drunk?
25 Google, Facebook and Microsoft seek data request transparency
26 TEDGlobal: Are drones tools of war or a social good?
27 Google seals Waze app sat-nav takeover
28 E3: New video games controllers offer new ways to play
29 E3: Nintendo brings back Mario, Donkey Kong and Pokemon
30 US jails Chinese man guilty of $100m software scam
31 Game of Thrones finale most pirated ever on BitTorrents
32 Confessions of an epileptic shopaholic
33 Viewpoint: Losing a son to suicide
34 James 'Whitey' Bulger trial opens in Boston
35 Biotech crops vs. pests: Successes and failures from the first billion acres
36 Substances from African medicinal plants could help stop tumor growth
37 To germinate, or not to germinate, that is the question...
38 Research shows river dredging reduced fish numbers, diversity
39 Whitebark Pine Trees: Is Their Future at Risk?
40 Flowering at the right age
41 Do parasites upset food web theory?
42 Rice research investment delivers sixfold return
43 Wood not so green a biofuel
44 Fetal Neuromaturation Associated with Mother's Exposure to DDT and Other Environmental Contaminants
45 Tillage and reduced-input rotations affect runoff from agricultural fields
46 Scientists identify thousands of plant genes activated by ethylene gas
47 Landsat Satellite Looks Back at El Paso, Forward to a New Mission
48 NYC-style cap on soda size would target the overweight, not the poor
49 Chalking up a marine blooming alga: Genome fills a gap in the tree of life
50 Genetic maps of ocean algae show bacteria-like flexibility
51 Harbor porpoises can thank their worst enemy, the killer whale for their success
52 Spanish researchers sequence the genome of global deep ocean
53 Cocoa may help fight obesity-related inflammation
54 A critically endangered beauty: The passion flower Passiflora kwangtungensis
55 World Oceans Month Brings Mixed News for Oysters
56 Research shows male guppies reproduce even after death
57 Study helps managers identify regions with multiple threat potential, including wildfires
58 Questions rise about seeding for ocean CO2 sequestration
59 Over 120,000-year-old bone tumor in Neandertal specimen found
60 Mysterious Monument Found Beneath the Sea of Galilee
61 Potentially 'catastrophic' changes underway in Canada's northern Mackenzie River Basin: report
62 To cut China's CO2 emissions, account for outsourcing
63 China is outsourcing carbon within its own borders, UCI and others find
64 UMD scientists publish key findings on regional, global impact of trade on the environment
65 British butterfly desperate for warm weather this summer
66 Study reveals leakage of carbon from land to rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal regions
67 Biofuels will play integral role in California's energy future, says new EBI study
68 Nanofiber sensor detects diabetes or lung cancer faster and easier
69 Oldest record of human-caused lead pollution detected
70 Luminous Bacterial Proteins Detect Chemicals in Water
71 Water is no lubricant
72 Papaya-clay combo could cut cost of water purification in developing countries
73 Moving Iron in Antarctica
74 'Fast track' approach to giant cell arteritis significantly reduces risk of blindness
75 Brodalumab demonstrates significant clinical response in psoriatic arthritis
76 High diversity of flying reptiles in England 110 million years ago
77 Patients use OTC NSAIDs even when they have a high risk of serious side effects
78 RA patients define ideal online tool for physical activity
79 Researchers unravel reasons of global success in the calcified alga Emiliania huxleyi
80 Deep biosphere harbors active, growing communities of microorganisms
81 Vitamin C may be beneficial against exercise-induced bronchoconstriction
82 Fraternal singing in zebra finches
83 Dad's life stress exposure can affect offspring brain development, Penn Study finds
84 Survey of physicians suggests tablets more useful than smartphones
85 Saliva proteins may protect older people from influenza
86 University of Toronto breakthrough allows fast, reliable pathogen identification
87 Life underground
88 Scripps Research Institute Team Points to Brain's 'Dark Side' as Key to Cocaine Addiction
89 Transcendental Meditation positively impacts student graduation rates, new research shows
90 When Will My Computer Understand Me?
91 Screening at-risk adolescents for celiac disease proves cost-effective
92 Training and advising pediatricians in antibiotic usage improves compliance with Rx guidelines
93 Retailers should referee customer conflict
94 Posttraumatic stress disorder treatment: Genetic predictor of response to exposure therapy
95 Why is my baby hospitalized? Many moms in under-developed countries don't know the answer
96 New research urges caution on use of peer support in chronic disease
97 Caregiving dads treated disrespectfully at work, new study finds.
98 Bacterium that causes gum disease packs a 1-2 punch to the jaw
99 Study finds cancer guidelines do not fully meet IOM standards
100 Significant improvements in psoriatic arthritis with ustekinumab
101 New method successfully scores joint damage in rheumatoid arthritis
102 Long-term apremilast demonstrates continued efficacy in patients with psoriatic arthritis
103 Abatacept as effective as adalimumab in rheumatoid arthritis
104 CHERISH trial demonstrates efficacy of tocilizumab in juvenile idiopathic arthritis
105 Swiss ball improves muscle strength and walking performance in ankylosing spondylitis
106 Cultural products have evolutionary roots
107 New study finds less than 25% of new doctors work in primary care
108 Nano-thermometer enables first atomic-scale heat transfer measurements
109 New kind of variable star discovered
110 Controlling magnetic clouds in graphene
111 Nanotechnology helps track and improve drug action in pancreatic cancer
112 New Additive Offers Near-Perfect Results as Nucleating Agent for Organic Semiconductors
113 Data Highways for Quantum Information
114 Filmmaking magic with polymers
115 Lab experiments question effectiveness of green coffee bean weight-loss supplements
116 Researchers develop easy and effective therapy to restore sight
117 Livermore develops the world's deepest ERT imaging system for CO2 sequestration
118 Painting by numbers
119 X-rays reveal new picture of 'dinobird' plumage patterns
120 Preparing for the next megathrust earthquake
121 Peer Pressure Starts in Childhood, Not with Teens
122 Use caution with computerized concussion test, UT Arlington researcher says
123 Strength in numbers when resisting forbidden fruit
124 Teacher collaboration, professional communities improve many elementary school students' math scores
125 Brain imaging study eliminates differences in visual function as a cause of dyslexia
126 Mount Sinai discovers new liver cell for cellular therapy to aid in liver regeneration
127 N/A
128 Do antidepressants impair the ability to extinguish fear?
129 Reduced brain volume in kids with low birth-weight tied to academic struggles
130 Hot flashes before menopause? It can happen
131 NJIT professor uses Petri nets to solve automation problems in manufacturing in IEEE journal
132 Discovering 1 reason why swarming evolved offers tantalizing clues on how intelligence developed
133 Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home
134 Pendulum Swings Back on 350-Year-Old Mathematical Mystery
135 Hairpin turn: Micro-RNA plays role in wood formation
136 Moderate-intensity walking timed just right might help protect against Type 2 diabetes
137 Hands-free talking and texting are unsafe
138 Heroin availability increasing across Washington state
139 Low birth weight could be a risk factor for age-related vision loss: UAlberta medical research
140 Study assesses impact of rheumatoid arthritis on joint replacement surgery outcomes
141 Alzheimer's brain change measured in humans
142 Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Method Uses Network of Cameras to Track People in Complex Indoor Settings
143 Differences in outcomes of cervical spine surgery at teaching versus non-teaching hospitals
144 Commonly-prescribed drugs may influence the onset and progression of Alzheimer's disease
145 Companies that claim a high level of social responsibility should lead the way in committing to greater transparency over their tax arrangements and abandoning the use of tax havens, according to new research led by the University of East Anglia
146 To catch a cyber-thief
147 Higher State Health Spending Positively Correlates to Higher Obesity Rates, MU Study Finds
148 New Report Identifies Research Priorities for Most Pressing Gun Violence Problems in U.S.
149 Parents with heavy TV viewing more likely to feed children junk food
150 Conflict-of-interest restrictions needed to ensure strong FDA review
151 Living on the margins drives HIV epidemic in Europe and central Asia, new report says
152 UGA study shows current laws don't prevent Sub-Saharan 'land grabbing'
153 Access to Health Care Among Thailand's Poor Reduces Infant Mortality
154 Health of entire families at risk through under-use of genetic testing
155 How do you feed 9 billion people?
156 Nearly a fifth of designated drivers are impaired
157 Treatment of Mental Illness Lowers Arrest Rates, Saves Money
158 New study proposes solution to long-running debate as to how stable the Earth system is
159 Asian cinema reignites smoking in movies debate
160 An ultrasensitive molybdenum-based image sensor
161 Public health's role in health care reform--Lessons from Massachusetts
162 Walking or cycling to work linked to healthier weight in India
163 Low- and middle-income countries need to prioritize noncommunicable disease prevention
164 Do Women Know that a Healthy Diet and Exercise Can Help Prevent Cancer--and Do They Follow the Recommendations?
165 Perfect pitch may not be absolute after all
166 New tasks become as simple as waving a hand with brain-computer interfaces
167 Flu vaccines aimed at younger populations could reduce transmission
168 Mount Sinai Researchers Provide the First Comprehensive and Prospective Characterization of a Genetic Subtype of Autism
169 IU studies find workplace and financial stress lead to poor health choices
170 Geographic Information Systems aid health research in developed and developing countries
171 People Anticipate Others' Genuine Smiles, But Not Polite Smiles
172 Resilience in trying times--a result of positive actions
173 'Spiritual' young people more likely to commit crimes than 'religious' ones, Baylor study finds
174 Synthesis of prebiotic hydrocarbons in impacts of simple icy mixtures on early Earth.
175 ALMA discovers comet factory
176 'Dust trap' around distant star may solve planet formation mystery
177 2011 Draconid meteor shower deposited a ton of meteoritic material on Earth
178 Astronomers gear up to discover Earth-like planets
179 Climate Conditions Determine Amazon Fire Risk
180 Amazon Forest Fire Risk to Increase in 2013
181 Unfrozen mystery: H2O reveals a new secret
182 UCI scientists size up universe's most lightweight dwarf galaxy
183 Simple theory may explain mysterious dark matter
184 Moon radiation findings may reduce health risks to astronauts
185 Cloud computing user privacy in serious need of reform, scholars say
186 Video gamers really do see more
187 Molecular 'sieves' harness ultraviolet irradiation for greener power generation
188 Fingernails reveal clues to limb regeneration