File Title
1 Citizen science measures up
2 Transsexuals face surgery 'double standard'
3 Cockroaches join sugar-free craze
4 Cockroaches lose their 'sweet tooth' to evade traps
5 White tiger's coat down to one change in a gene
6 Richard III buried in 'hastily dug untidy grave'
7 Volcano project scours Iceland for early warning signals
8 NASA to lease Cape Canaveral shuttle launch pad
9 Bloodhound diary: Rolls of advice
10 Straw bale homes for LILAC co-housing residents
11 The best of the West in Jackson Hole
12 Woolwich murder: Government defends security services
13 Lesbian drama tipped for Cannes' Palmes d'Or prize
14 A new direction for Indian cinema?
15 UN rapporteur Emmerson hails 'historic' Obama drone vow
16 US road bridge collapses into Skagit River, Washington
17 The uneven charm of Rome's cobblestones
18 Dog years: The calculator
19 Stockholm riots throw spotlight on Swedish inequality
20 Obama shows a strong commitment to the drone programme
21 Barack Obama defends 'just war' using drones
22 Intelligence linked to ability to ignore distractions
23 Explosion and gunfire shake Kabul
24 'Comfort women' snub Japan Osaka Mayor Hashimoto
25 Wife thought Woolwich soldier would 'be safe in UK'
26 Faltering Facebook phone's Europe launch delayed
27 Toronto Mayor Ford fires aide Towhey after drug claims
28 Wireless bio-absorbable circuits could kill bacteria
29 Amazon to allow e-book fan fiction sales in US
30 Online appeal unearths historic web page
31 Do we need watches to tell us more than the time?
32 TV and tech, learning to live together
33 The technology that's transforming gardening
34 Error blacklists Russia's top social network VKontakte
35 High Court: Sally Bercow's Lord McAlpine tweet was libel
36 BBC abandons 100m pounds digital project
37 BBC shows off 'perceptive radio' that can alter scripts
38 Some statins 'raise diabetes risk'
39 Cancer cell enzymes shown to act as 'good cops'
40 Itching study 'finds chemical that makes us scratch'
41 Researchers extend galvanic replacement reactions to metal oxide nanocrystals
42 Research team finds that the ratio of component atoms vital to performance
43 Sensor on a chip: New technology holds potential for monitoring ecosystem, human health
44 Nano-needles can force medicine into cells, even when they resist taking it
45 Observation of skyrmions in a ferromagnet with centrosymmetry
46 Scientists develop cheaper, more efficient fuel cells
47 Gold nanocrystal vibration captured on billion-frames-per-second film (w/ video)
48 Weird science: Crystals melt when they're cooled
49 Researchers manipulate cubic zirconia to improve conductivity in fuel cells
50 Novel natural nanomaterial spins off from spider-mite genome sequencing
51 Transparent electrode innovation could bring flexible solar cells, transistors, displays
52 New technique may open up an era of atomic-scale semiconductor devices
53 Whirlpools on the nanoscale could multiply magnetic memory
54 Researchers stitch defects into the world's thinnest semiconductor
55 Researchers develop some of the world's smallest metallic nanorods
56 Scientists uncover how grapefruits provide a secret weapon in medical drug delivery
57 Tailoring optical processors: Arranging nanoparticles in geometric patterns allows for control of light with light
58 Single-cell transfection tool enables added control for biological studies
59 How gold nanoparticles can help fight ovarian cancer
60 Radioactive nanoparticles target cancer cells
61 Faster, stronger, lighter: New technique advances carbon-fiber composites
62 Researchers develop method to inkjet print highly conductive, bendable layers of graphene
63 Engineers' nanoantennas improve infrared sensing
64 Advance in nanotech gene sequencing technique
65 Researchers perform fastest measurements ever made of ion channel proteins
66 A quantum simulator for magnetic materials
67 Researchers forward quest for quantum computing
68 Hydrogen atoms under the magnifying glass
69 Making quantum encryption practical
70 Lab sets a new record for creating heralded photons
71 Competition in the quantum world
72 Superfluids: Observation of 'second sound' in a quantum gas
73 New principle may help explain why nature is quantum
74 Researchers extend electron spin in diamond for incredibly tiny magnetic detectors
75 The changing phase of quantum materials: Theoretical model could aid search for ideal material for quantum computers
76 New temporal filtering technique improves solid-state single photon sources
77 Study finds semiclassical gravity counterintuitive, but on the horizon of testability
78 In first head-to-head speed test with conventional computing, quantum computer wins
79 Quantum optics with microwaves
80 Cold atoms for quantum technology
81 Engineers using quantum nature of light to boost Internet security
82 Los Alamos reveals it's been running quantum network for two and a half years
83 Creating time crystals with a rotating ion ring
84 16 atomic ions simulate a quantum antiferromagnet
85 Intriguing state of matter previously predicted in graphene-like materials might not exist after all
86 Use of laser light yields versatile manipulation of a quantum bit
87 Towards quantum Internet with combined optical and electrical technique
88 Success in initializing and reading nuclear spins brings quantum computer a step closer
89 Gravity's lingua franca: Unifying general relativity and quantum theory through spectra; geometry
90 Detection of the cosmic gamma ray horizon: Measures all the light in the universe since the Big Bang
91 Scientists work out way to use pulsars to provide self navigation to spacecraft in solar system
92 Source of life running out: water scientists
93 Astonishing hi-resolution satellite views of the destruction from the Moore, Oklahoma tornado
94 NASA ships sensors for seafaring satellite to France
95 Strong earthquake at exceptional depth
96 Trip into space with DiCaprio costs $1.55m
97 Research team explains 'Lazarus' comets
98 Scientists design laser calibration system for next-gen gamma-ray telescope
99 Adopting new mining technology: Finding a balance between leading and bleeding
100 Marine forecasting on the horizon for Indian Ocean Rim
101 A hidden population of exotic neutron stars
102 Accurate distance measurement resolves major astronomical mystery
103 Professor argues Earth's mantle affects long-term sea-level rise estimates
104 Hubble reveals the ring nebula's true shape
105 US space chief updates on asteroid lasso mission (Update)
106 Reforestation study shows trade-offs between water, carbon and timber
107 Ecuador satellite hits Soviet-era space junk (Update)
108 US Atlantic braces for active hurricane season (Update)
109 Slovenian flyer lands in France on return trip from Arctic
110 Century-old science helps confirm global warming
111 New atmospheric modeling paradigm breaks previously accepted notions
112 Russia evacuates drifting Arctic research station
113 Atlantic research expedition uncovers vast methane-based ecosystem
114 Amazon expands Kindle tablet sale to 170 countries (Update)
115 First Look: New Xbox elegant, but much unknown
116 Microsoft touts Xbox One as all-in-one entertainment (Update 4)
117 The new consoles from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony
118 NFL, Xbox enhancing interactive television viewing
119 NEC phone is liquid-cooled and gender-specific
120 Finnish start-up launches smartphone to rival giants
121 Robots learn to take a proper handoff by following digitized human examples
122 Congress gets mixed advice on regulating drones
123 Review: HTC One's interface sullies a great-looking phone
124 Makr Shakr uses three arms for drink-recipe collabs
125 T-Mobile increases price of iPhone 5 by $50
126 Inventor creates Card Beams with 3D printer
127 Researchers build curved insect-sized artificial compound eye (w/ video)
128 Game system castAR debuts at Maker Faire
129 With high-tech guns, users could disable remotely
130 China police billions spell profit opportunity
131 Meta glasses to place virtual reality worlds at fingertips (w/ Video)
132 Technology for editing 3-D photos developed
133 Software makers get face time with Google glasses
134 Smarty pants: Wearable electronics will recharge your life
135 Research aims to fix long-held, inaccurate insect model
136 Scientists determine activation barrier in ammonia-sulfuric acid clusters that could lead to cloud formation
137 Scientists develop advanced biological computer
138 Biofilms move electrons long distances across two distinct layers, even under starving conditions
139 Molecular modelling to help create better, safer drugs
140 Explainer: What are chemical weapons?
141 Researchers working to develop insecticide to target malaria-carrying mosquitoes
142 New filtration material could make petroleum refining cheaper, more efficient
143 Cradle turns smartphone into handheld biosensor
144 Scientists make breast cancer advance that turns previous thinking on its head
145 New screening approach uncovers potential alternative drug therapies for neuroblastoma
146 Scientists develop powerful new method for finding therapeutic antibodies
147 Chemists find new compounds to curb staph infection
148 Unspooling DNA from nucleosomal disks
149 Researchers create test to identify super bacteria MRSA in record time
150 Ammonium salts could provide viable way of removing carbon dioxide from atmosphere via carbon mineralization
151 Polymer breakthrough inspired by trees and ancient Celtic Knots
152 Detecting mirror molecules: New technique reliably tells left-handed from right-handed variant of a compound
153 DNA damage: The dark side of respiration
154 Chemists devise inexpensive, accurate way to detect prostate cancer
155 Producing protein from circular RNA in E. Coli
156 Overcoming resistance to anti-cancer drugs by targeting cell 'powerhouses'
157 Unique method creates correct mirror image of molecule
158 Breakthrough technology quickly separates large proteins and viruses from their surroundings
159 New method for producing clean hydrogen
160 Understanding the past and predicting the future by looking across space and time
161 EU bans three pesticides harmful to bees
162 Study confirms US amphibian populations declining at rapid rate (Update)
163 Despite reduced dog poisonings from slug baits, researchers are warning of a new hazard
164 Studying the Noble King Mackerel
165 New typology of seed development in late winter-flowering temperate woodland plants
166 Expert offers tips to reduce nontarget injury when spraying noxious weeds
167 Scientists take a new look at an ancient crop
168 Cellphone technology helps horses recover from surgery
169 Researcher admits mistakes in stem cell study
170 Scientists offer first definitive proof of bacteria-feeding behavior in green algae
171 University of Illinois biophysicists measure mechanism that determines fate of living cells
172 Bittersweet: Bait-averse cockroaches shudder at sugar
173 Scientists discover how rapamycin slows cell growth
174 White tiger mystery solved
175 Unlocking secrets of cell reproduction
176 Research sheds new light on pollution and sex-change whelks
177 The world's favorite fruit only better-tasting and longer-lasting
178 Researchers identify new target to boost plant resistance to insects and pathogens
179 Wildlife losses now stabilising
180 Serengeti road divides biologists: Will a road across the northern tier of Serengeti National Park ruin it?
181 GPS, camera traps and dung expose the secret life of endangered elephants (w/ Video)
182 Scientists announce Top 10 New Species from 2012
183 CU-Boulder helps tap crowds to digitize museum records of bugs and plants
184 Cat owners need better information about when to neuter their cat
185 The ascent of man: Why our early ancestors took to two feet
186 Weekends are the best time to buy airline tickets, researchers find
187 Challenging the public's view of gender and science
188 Study finds Muslim women wearing headscarfs face job discrimination
189 King Richard III found in 'untidy lozenge-shaped grave'
190 Understanding job committment may lead to better correctional employees
191 Submerged structure stumps Israeli archaeologists
192 The strangely familiar browsing habits of 14th-century readers
193 Researchers uncover breastfeeding timeline in Neanderthal tooth
194 Study points to CMO, marketer of the future, as customer experiences remain top priority
195 The tea party and the politics of paranoia
196 Mais non! French universities may teach in English
197 Science sinks teeth into Neanderthal weaning habits
198 Small, speedy plant-eater extends knowledge of dinosaur ecosystems
199 New study offers insight into how to best manage workaholics
200 Why the Super Bowl's location matters: Local ties still bind corporations
201 Social media puts HR ethics under the spotlight
202 The new retirement: No retirement?
203 New archaeological 'high definition' sourcing sharpens understanding of the past
204 Striking a balance on taxes
205 Study challenges notion that umpires call more strikes for pitchers of same race
206 Citing severe skilled worker shortages, business leaders push for rigorous academic standards and innovative high school
207 Allosaurus fed more like a falcon than a crocodile, new study finds
208 14 closely related crocodiles existed around five million years ago
209 Villagers discover ancient ball game statue in Mexico
210 Hormone levels may provide key to understanding psychological disorders in women
211 Going live: Immune cell activation in multiple sclerosis
212 Engineered cytomegalovirus protects monkeys from HIV equivalent
213 Depression raises diabetics' risk of severe low blood sugar episodes
214 Controlling mood through the motions of mitochondria
215 Multiple research teams unable to confirm high-profile Alzheimer's study
216 Scientists discover molecule triggers sensation of itch
217 Researchers find common childhood asthma unconnected to allergens or inflammation
218 Brain uses internal 'average voice' prototype to identify who is talking
219 Diabetes' genetic underpinnings can vary based on ethnic background, studies say
220 Scientists discover cinnamon compounds' potential ability to prevent Alzheimer's
221 Study reveals new mechanism for estrogen suppression of liver lipid synthesis
222 Ferrets, pigs susceptible to H7N9 avian influenza virus
223 When oxygen is short, EGFR prevents maturation of cancer-fighting miRNAs
224 Drug reverses Alzheimer's disease deficits in mice, research confirms
225 Antibiotics: A new understanding of sulfonamide nervous system side effects
226 Economic incentives increase blood donation without negative consequences
227 Motion quotient: IQ predicted by ability to filter motion (w/ video)
228 New immune system discovered
229 Brain can be trained in compassion, study shows
230 Do salamanders hold the solution to regeneration?
231 The compound in the Mediterranean diet that makes cancer cells 'mortal'
232 Slowing the aging process--only with antibiotics
233 Study says empathy plays a key role in moral judgments
234 If you can remember it, you can remember it wrong
235 The secret lives, and deaths, of neurons
236 Protein preps cells to survive stress of cancer growth and chemotherapy
237 Cold plasma successful against brain cancer cells
238 Pay attention: How we focus and concentrate
239 Defective cellular waste removal explains why Gaucher patients often develop Parkinson's disease