File Title
1 Apple awarded patent for NFC-based cross-platform data transfer solution
2 Apple's 500M user accounts second only to Facebook, viewed as key driver of future growth
3 Mobile payments growing, no thanks to NFC or Google Wallet
4 Hospital sees return on Apple iPad investment in 9 days--report
5 Apple promotes 'Campus 2' job creation, economic benefits for Cupertino
6 Job listings reveal new Apple Stores in Virginia, Utah, New Jersey
7 New inbox comes to Google's official Gmail app for iPhone, iPad
8 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer personally visits Hollywood to sell studios on Xbox One
9 Apple releases OS X 10.8.4 with Wi-Fi & Exchange improvements
10 Apple's developer portal begins displaying square app icons days before iOS 7 unveiling
11 Apple widens lead over Samsung in U.S. smartphone market
12 ITC issues US import ban on older iPhones and iPads for infringement of Samsung patents
13 Briefly: Adobe offering $30 off Elements software for Father's Day
14 Apple installing WWDC banners: 'Where a whole new world is developing'
15 First look: Camera Noir for iOS is an elegant alternative for black and white photography lovers
16 Penguin Books CEO gives mixed testimony in Apple e-books suit
17 Intel makes 'Thunderbolt 2' official with 20Gbps speeds, late 2013 launch
18 Apple files for ownership of 'iWatch' trademark in Russia, report claims
19 ITC sales ban on old iPhones, iPads predicted to have minimum financial impact on Apple
20 Plex media server comes to non-jailbroken Apple TVs with new hack
21 Android's consumer strength hasn't translated to enterprise, where Apple still dominates
22 Apple looks to resolve THX speaker tech patent suit out of court
23 Apple releases iTunes 11.0.4, fixing sync bugs and iTunes Store login issue
24 Audio iAds will be sold for Apple's 'iRadio'--By Katie Marsal
25 US officials call on Apple, Google, others to help stop smartphone theft
26 Galaxy S4 tops sales at Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile stores; Apple's iPhone 5 leads at AT&T
27 Apple reportedly throttling iPhone and iPad cellular data speeds for top three US carriers
28 Apple argues diverse book publisher contracts prove non-collusion in DOJ suit
29 Amazon exec says Apple's agency model was designed to hinder Kindle
30 New Dropbox build touts screenshot auto saves and 'Move to Dropbox'
31 Briefly: British Airways, Subway UK apps add support for Apple's Passbook
32 Apple files patent for digital wallet service that pays users to view advertisements
33 Apple's in-store iPhone screen repair machine brings 'China to the Genius Room'
34 Apple's free ad-supported 'iRadio' on track for WWDC announcement--report
35 Apple bug report hints developers may receive near-final build of OS X 10.9 at WWDC
36 Apple retail stores to begin taking iPhone trade-ins--report
37 Ahead of iOS 7 reveal, Apple's iOS 6 is on 93% of iPhones
38 Gazelle sees 171% spike in MacBook trade-ins ahead of WWDC
39 Report of Apple throttling iPhone, iPad speeds on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint mistaken
40 Hulu Plus for iPad gets redesign with a focus on content discovery
41 Apple reportedly latest company to join US government's PRISM data mining program [ux2]
42 EA's Sim City for Mac release pushed to August as game quality issues continue
43 Apple's removal of built-in YouTube iOS app contributes to tripling of mobile ad sales
44 Google exec's inconsistent testimony weakens DOJ case against Apple in e-book price fixing suit
45 Once scorned in China, Apple now praised for environmental policies
46 Samsung shares slide amid Galaxy S4 sales concerns, mimicking Apple's own losses
47 Sony inks 'iRadio' deal, giving Apple all 3 major labels
48 Alleged 'iPhone 5S' parts show FaceTime camera, home button, vibration motor
49 BMW says Siri Eyes Free support will come to all of its 2014 models
50 GamePop console to run iOS apps without using any Apple code
51 Apple expands WWDC banners to wrap Metreon, adds '7' and 'X' signage
52 First images of 'Stanford 2' Apple Store renovation surface, hint at new design language
53 Apple's WWDC app gets updated with video enhancements, bug fixes
54 Ad guru Lee Clow talks Steve Jobs and Apple at PTTOW media summit
55 Editorial: Anticipating WWDC 2013 under a cloud of Apple doubt
56 Apple to sell audio ads on upcoming 'iRadio' streaming music service
57 Analyst: Yelp to benefit from iOS 7's significantly improved Apple Maps
58 Apple says differences in publisher deals disprove U.S. DOJ's e-book conspiracy allegation
59 Desperate Microsoft marks down Windows, dangles free Office in bid to move tablets
60 Fewer than 10% of Android users care that it's so-called 'open'
61 U.S. officials call on Apple, other mobile device makers to help stop smartphone theft
62 Developer claims three major U.S. carriers throttle iPhone and iPad data speeds [Updated]
63 U.S. v. Apple: If what Amazon did was lawful, why isn't Apple's behavior also lawful?
64 U.S. stocks tumble with darkened view of jobs report in mind
65 Apple to call OS X 10.9 'Sabretooth?'
66 Why U.S. ITC's ruling for Samsung over Apple is meaningless
67 What's new in Apple's iTunes 11.0.4
68 Analyst expects low-cost Apple iPhone to come in colors
69 Apple to unveil ad-supported 'iRadio' streaming music service at WWDC next week, sources say
70 Apple patent application reveals new advances in smart bike invention
71 Apple getting ahead of legal system to contain import ban damage
72 Apple to start iPhone trade-in program in Apple Retail Stores this month
73 Airbus unveils iPhone-enabled 'Bag2Go' smart suitcase with RFID tracking
74 U.S. v. Apple e-book case: The meeting in Amazon's Jeff Bezos' boathouse
75 Shocker: Apple accused of securing preferential terms for iPhone with mobile operators
76 Why Obama's patent actions will harm U.S. tech industry
77 WWDC 2013: Apple prepares to unveil the future of iOS, OS X, and more
78 Before WWDC 2013, iOS 6 dominates iPhone with 93% adoption
79 Report: Intelligence program gives U.S. government direct access to customer data on Apple servers; Apple denies
80 Facebook, Google, Yahoo join Apple in sort-of denying PRISM involvement
81 Obama administration defends PRISM data-collection as legal anti-terrorism tool
82 Samsung loses $12 billion market value on smartphone worries
83 BMW iDrive update adds access for Apple's iAP protocol, Siri personal assistant
84 Apple not throttling iPhone or iPad cellular speeds via IPCC carrier bundles
85 Apple signs Sony Music for iRadio, all three major labels now on board
86 Meet Dave Muffly, Apple's 'Mothership' campus arborist and tree whisperer
87 Judge Cote: Uh, maybe I prejudged this Apple e-book case too soon?
88 Topsy Turvey: Google exec cracks under Apple cross-examination during U.S. v. Apple e-book trial
89 Will Apple surprise at WWDC with new MacBook Pro featuring Thunderbolt 2?
90 What Apple needs to fix in OS X 10.9
91 Apple unveils minimalist iOS 7 banner at WWDC site Moscone West
92 What to expect--and hope for--from Apple's WWDC 2013 keynote
93 WWDC: Hey, Samsung: Apple's been studying on killing you
94 Apple's next 'wild card' may not be what you think
95 Why the U.S. Congress needs to act now to disallow ITC import bans over standard-essential patents
96 Tablet segmentation by usage: Explaining the popularity of smaller tablets
97 Seecrypt app lets iPhone, Android users keep voice calls, text messages away from carriers, government eyes and ears
98 Latest self-replicating Android Trojan looks and acts just like Windows malware
99 Google's Larry Page on government eavesdropping: 'We had not heard of a program called PRISM until yesterday'
100 Apple Inc. is spending billions of dollars, but on what?
101 Plausible deniability: The strange and unbelievable similarities in the Apple, Google, and Facebook PRISM denials
102 Analyst: Apple's iWatch 'increasingly likely' for second-half 2013 launch
103 PRISM: Do Apple, Google, Facebook have an ethical obligation not to spy on users?
104 Apple unveils minimalist OS X banner at WWDC site Moscone West
105 New Xbox One by longtime NSA partner Microsoft to watch users 24/7?
106 Hidden Wildfires Taking Big Toll on Amazon Rainforest
107 Temporal cloak erases data from history
108 This 'invisibility cloak' could conceal satellites--or hide your kids
109 Opportunity rover finds traces left by 'water you can drink' on ancient Mars
110 Martian Rock Another Clue to a Once Water-Rich Planet
111 World's Most Dangerous Oceans Identified
112 SEE: Visionary pair imagines how humans will look in 100,000 years
113 No, This Is Not How The Human Face Might Look In 100,000 Years
114 Stealthy, truck-sized asteroid zipped past Earth on Friday night
115 Allysia Finley: Lone Wolf Seeks Same--No Stalker Homo Sapiens, Please
116 Don't Forsake the Gray Wolf
117 Bieber in space: Neighbors cheer as singer reserves seat on spaceship
118 Atomic bomb tests confirm formation of new brain cells
119 What Open-Air Nuclear Tests Tell Us About the Brain
120 Nuclear bomb tests reveal brain regeneration in humans
121 Apes and Human Babies Use Similar Gestures
122 Researchers create honey bee sperm bank to combat colony crisis
123 Researchers Develop Bee Sperm Bank in Hopes of Creating a Super Bee
124 Honeybees and Monoculture: Nothing to Dance About
125 Emerald ash borer meets its nemesis
126 Andrew Beal Offers $1 Million To Solve His Math Problem, Beal Conjecture Remains Unsolved Since 1980s
127 The Cicada Invasion of New York City Has Been Canceled
128 New map shows Antarctica's hidden mountain ranges
129 Antarctic's Mountains Revealed By Sharpest Map Yet
130 Antarctica Without Ice: Photos Shows Continent's Rocky Surface
131 Africa's worst drought linked to West's pollution
132 Africa's Worst Drought Tied to West's Pollution
133 European Space Agency Launches "Albert Einstein" into Space
134 Stalagmites Give Scientists A 100,000 Year History Of Rain Patterns In The Tropical Pacific
135 New bald eagle nests confirmed in northeast Ohio
136 President Obama takes health pitch to California after rate row
137 D.C. Week: FDA Panel Talks Avandia Safety
138 Woman sues berry maker for giving her hepatitis A
139 Woman claims frozen berries gave her Hepatitis A
140 Philadelphia rulings on dying children spur debate on transplants
141 'Life is better after breast cancer'
142 Angelina Jolie's empowering act inspires cancer patients
143 Breast Cancer Gene Mutations More Common in Black Women
144 PTSD may be prevented, researchers find
145 Researchers Prevent Onset of PTSD in Mice
146 Gilead Hepatitis C Drug Candidate Gets FDA Priority Review
147 New Down's Syndrome blood test to go on trial
148 Blood Test Works for Detecting Down Syndrome
149 Student who drank soy sauce survives with no brain damage
150 Soy sauce overdose sends man into coma
151 What The Human Face Might Look Like 100,000 Years From Now
152 Houston Oncologist Allegedly Poisoned Boyfriend's Coffee With Antifreeze Chemicals
153 N/A
154 Reynolds Setting Early Groundwork for National 'E-Cig' Launch
155 Philippines dog Kabang returns home after face surgery
156 Vegans and vegetarians live longer
157 Horse Owners Encouraged to Vaccinate Against West Nile Virus
158 Even Mild Weight Loss May Lower Diabetes Risk in Obese Teens
159 Susan Nielsen: Smoking may stink, but it packs a nostalgic punch
160 The new rules for sunscreen labels
161 New sunscreen labels designed to shed light on products