File Title
1 North Sea cod stocks 'on road to sustainability'
2 School codebreaking contest hunts cybersecurity talent
3 Afghan 'insider attack' kills Isaf soldiers in Paktika
4 Nelson Mandela admitted to hospital in 'serious condition'
5 Chinese leader Xi Jinping joins Obama for summit
6 Hungary floods: Villagers evacuated as precaution
7 China bus fire probed as 'criminal case'
8 10 things we didn't know last week
9 Robert Capa's vintage prints on show
10 Lina Sinjab: Emotional farewell to Damascus
11 Five dead in Santa Monica shooting rampage
12 Swedish Princess Madeleine marries US-British financier
13 Rio de Janeiro Olympic venue to remain closed for 18 months
14 Texas actress 'posted ricin letter to Obama'
15 Tintoretto painting uncovered at London V&A museum
16 A Veyron in very good hands
17 How Facebook Is Making People Happier
18 Incredible Technology: How to Explore Antarctica
19 Sex Matters: Men, Women Differ on Data Security
20 No End in Sight: Debating the Existence of Infinity
21 LA Pollution Is Losing Its Sting, Study Shows
22 Google Dreams of Passwords That You Wear and Swallow
23 Navy Seeks Secrets of Cicada Song
24 AIDS Exhibit Explores Early Years of Epidemic
25 Ocean Expedition Sets Sail to Probe Glacier Changes
26 Normal or Not? When One's Gender Identity Causes Distress
27 Never-Before-Seen Alien Planet Imaged Directly in New Photo
28 Killer Bee Attack: Science Explains Man's Death
29 Why Hands-Free Phones May Be Unsafe for Drivers
30 Woman Rowing Solo Across Pacific Ocean
31 Poison from Marijuana Farms May Threaten Endangered Owls
32 Early Human Ancestors Transformed Diet Around Lucy's Time
33 Southern Europeans More African Than Thought
34 Earliest Evidence of French Winemaking Discovered
35 Online Dating: The Secret to a Happy Marriage?
36 Sheepdogs Save Australia's Endangered Penguins
37 Testosterone Prescriptions Nearly Triple in Last Decade
38 Teen Who Built Nuclear Reactor DQ'd from Science Fair
39 Want to Live Longer? Eat a Plant-Based Diet
40 'Mars Rat' Taking Internet by Storm
41 Storm-Chaser Deaths a 'Wake-Up Call,' Researcher Says
42 Strange Asteroid's Long Tail Revealed
43 Sunscreen Can Slow Skin Aging, Study Suggests
44 Milky Way's Local Arm Larger Than Previously Thought
45 Galaxy in Throes of Death Spied for 1st Time
46 Ice Probes to Measure Melting Polar Ice, Rising Seas
47 Solar Plane Dodges Stormy Weather En Route to St. Louis
48 Reference: What Is Gravity?
49 Brain Says Guilty! Neural Imaging May Nab Criminals
50 Did Oral Sex Really Cause Michael Douglas' Cancer?
51 Women Willing to Delay Antibiotics for UTIs
52 Brain Surgery Is an Option for Patients with Severe OCD, Study Suggests
53 Reference: Facts About Fluoridation
54 As Cancer Deaths Fall, Malignant-Melanoma Rates Climb (Op-Ed)
55 The Key Salary Negotiation Tactic That Works
56 Are Humans Getting Smarter or Dumber?
57 Science of Summer: How Chlorine Kills Pool Germs
58 Dwarf Star Blasts out Stunningly Powerful Flares
59 New Telescope Strategy Could Resolve Dark-Matter Mystery, Scientists Say
60 400-Million-Year-Old 'Spiny Shark' Fossil Found
61 A Brief History of Pregnancy Tests
62 Size of Smallest Possible Star Pinned Down
63 Multiverse or Universe? Physicists Debate
64 Did Humans Really Eat Neanderthals?
65 Single-Cell Smackdown: The Battle for Earth's Early Oceans
66 Michael Douglas' Rep Denies Oral Sex Link to Cancer
67 Does Emotional Intelligence Improve with Age?
68 Why Your DNA May Not Be Your Destiny
69 Why Oklahoma's Deadly Twister Was Widest Ever
70 Hundreds Forced to Flee After Mississippi River Levee Breach
71 Lies Take The Lead In 'Graceland'
72 Black Hole Cores May Not Be Infinitely Dense
73 Monitor Lizards Threatened by Pet Trade, Fashion Industry
74 Fabled 19th-Century Shipwreck May Hold Gold Treasure
75 Breast Milk Flavored Lollipops Make Debut
76 Buzz on Energy Drinks: No Better Than Caffeine
77 Reference: Causes of Global Warming
78 Women Have Lower Infection Risk in Hospitals, Study Finds
79 Titanic Expert Talks New Book, Working with James Cameron
80 Some Evolution May Not Depend on Genes
81 Seminal Study: Hungry Female Squid Snack on Sperm
82 Male Guppies Father Offspring After Death
83 Real-Life 'Lizard King' Named for Doors' Jim Morrison
84 Tiny Helicopter Piloted By Human Thoughts
85 Reference: What is Friction?
86 Do Good Looking People Make More Money?
87 10 Celebrities Who Are Hiring Now
88 The Drama of Quantum Physics Takes to the Stage
89 Why Kids With Autism May Avoid Eye Contact
90 Why Women May Be Better at Remembering Faces
91 Planets Found by Kepler Spacecraft Likely Larger Than Thought
92 Saturn-Like Alien Planet Found by Little Telescope
93 Donated Spy Satellite Telescope Would Suit NASA Dark Energy Mission, Report Finds
94 Is Genetically Modified Wheat Safe?
95 Hubble Telescope Spies Huge Explosion on Faraway Star
96 Which US City's Parks Are the Best?
97 Is This the World's Largest Mako Shark?
98 Richard III Craze Inspires Comic Art
99 How the Brain Resets Its Biological Clock
100 Ancient Primate Skeleton Hints at Monkey and Human Origins
101 New Invisibility Cloak Creates Holes in Time
102 Wow! New Technique Peers Inside Individual Molecules
103 WiSee Detects Your Gestures Using WiFi
104 New MS Treatment 'Tricks' Immune System
105 2 New Species of Octocoral Discovered
106 New North America Viking Voyage Discovered
107 Rare Baby African Monkey Makes Photo Debut
108 El Reno Tornado Had Rare Anticyclonic Companion
109 Unsteady Heartbeat Could Spell Early Dementia
110 At 310 MPH, New Bullet Train Is World's Fastest
111 Baby Names Reveal Parents' Political Ideology
112 'Cat's Paw Nebula' Bursting with New Star Growth
113 The Sun May Have Grown in Fits and Starts
114 Too Much Deer Pee Changing Northern Forests
115 Oldest Human Tumor Found in Neanderthal Bone
116 Early Puberty May Be Caused by Gene Mutation
117 Don't See Cicadas? Don't Be Surprised
118 Arctic Connections: Broadband Coming to Top of the World
119 Citizen Scientists Key to Halting Sudden Oak Death (Op-Ed)
120 The Ocean: An Unlikely Clean-Energy Source (Op-Ed)
121 Reference: What is an Atom?
122 Soccer's 'Electric' Potential
123 Irish Cold Spells Linked to Volcanic Eruptions, Via Old Writings
124 New System Detects Touch, Gesture on any Surface
125 Can 12 Minutes of Exercise Weekly Make a Difference?
126 US Births Remain Steady in 2012
127 10 Online Business Ideas
128 6 Ways Your Technology Manners Need Improving
129 7 Summertime Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid
130 Normal or Not? When Worry Takes Over
131 Atoms' Quantum Spin Controlled in Odd Chilled Gas
132 Curiosity Rover Leaving 'Mars Rat' Behind
133 Huge 'Man Cave' Discovered in EPA Warehouse
134 Artist Puts a Human Face on DNA
135 'Extinct' Frog Reappears in Israel
136 Soy Sauce Overdose Sends Man into Coma
137 Weird: Nuclear Bomb Tests Reveal Adults Grow New Brain Cells
138 How Birds Lost Their Penises
139 Treasure in Great Pyramid Awaits Discovery, Egypt's 'Indiana Jones' Says
140 Groovy Birds Dance the 'Grapevine' to Score Chicks
141 Could Humans and Dolphins Ever Talk to Each Other?
142 Tropical Caves Fill Gap in Climate Record
143 Earthquake Ruptures Faster Than Thought
144 Spring-Powered Leg Brace Puts Stroke Victims Back on Their Feet
145 What Ancient Roman Concrete Could Teach Modern Builders
146 Milky Way's 'Flyover Country' Mapped
147 How Ancient Ivory Received a New Life
148 Cicadas Surface on Instagram
149 Fat, Fiber in Diet Linked with Asthma
150 Weird Quantum Entanglement Achieves New Record
151 Suicidal Comets Make Good Solar Probes, Scientists Say
152 Reference: DNA: Definition, Structure & Discovery
153 Pick Me Up! Apes and Human Babies Use Similar Gestures
154 Firefighting Robot Paints 3D Image for Rescuers
155 Lung Donor System: How Kids May Slip Through Cracks
156 Trash Litters Deep Seafloor, Mostly Recyclables
157 It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...Robo Raven!
158 Reference: Science Experiment for Kids: Seeing Your DNA
159 Most Americans See Legalization of Gay Marriage as 'Inevitable'
160 Scaling Up Solar Power May Demand Updated Electric Grid
161 New Test Could Better Detect Down Syndrome During Pregnancy
162 Where Most American Entrepreneurs Are From
163 How Wearable Tech Is Enhancing Our Lives (And Careers)
164 Strange Object Near Star May Create 'Comet Factory,' Study Suggests
165 Black Holes May Have Been Common in Early Universe
166 Hurricane Risks Rise as Coastal Populations Grow
167 5 Ways to Take Control of Your Job Search (Op-Ed)
168 Why 'Hot Jupiter' Exoplanets Aren't Eaten by Their Stars
169 Recycled Coal Plant Waste Cleans Up Oil Spills
170 Did Comet Impacts Spur Life on Earth?
171 Earthquake Creep is Shallower Than Thought
172 Toddler's Exorcism Death Part of Dark History
173 Easter Island's 'Walking' Stone Heads Stir Debate
174 Light Pollution Deters Nesting Sea Turtles
175 Witchcraft Accusations Lead to Torture, Murders
176 Africa's Worst Drought Tied to West's Pollution
177 Psychiatric Treatments May Change Personality
178 Why Manta Rays Generate More Money Alive Than Dead
179 How Remora Fish Get Their Bizarre Suckers
180 Reference: What is Gondwana?
181 Calif. Nuclear Power Plant Set for Retirement
182 Deadly Heat Waves Intensify as Summers Sizzle (Op-Ed)
183 Superblocks: Why China Must Embrace Mass Transit (Op-Ed)