File Title
1 Time cloak could secure telecommunications
2 Long-tailed monkey oldest primate yet found
3 Kepler's worlds bigger than first thought
4 Neanderthal clues to cancer origins
5 Study reveals how birds lost their penises
6 Ancient Irish texts show volcanic link to cold weather
7 NASA's Curiosity Mars rover reaching turning point
8 Local communities offered more say over wind farms
9 Invisibility 'time cloak' developed
10 Europe launches record cargo for International Space Station
11 Fukushima nuclear plant: Radioactive water leak found
12 Scientists to scan Perth mummy 3,000 years after death
13 Tiny Chinese Archicebus fossil is oldest primate yet found
14 Alice Kober: Unsung heroine who helped decode Linear B
15 The perfect trip: Borneo
16 US confirms Verizon phone records collection
17 Syria conflict: Army 'retakes Golan Heights crossing'
18 Afghans angry at 'lenient' Robert Bales massacre sentence
19 Eric Holder: US 'will not prosecute reporters'
20 American tourist gang-rape: India police arrest three men
21 Syrians accuse Greece of 'pushing back' migrant boats
22 Guantanamo's asymmetric war as hunger strike continues
23 Mau Mau torture victims to receive compensation--Hague
24 Esther Williams, actress and swimming star, dies at 91
25 Google facial password patent aims to boost Android security
26 Istanbul Gezi Park plan to proceed--Turkish PM Erdogan
27 Could ecstasy help treat soldiers with PTSD?
28 Russia's Vladimir Putin says his marriage is over
29 Is Ecuador home to the world's best chocolate?
30 The drive-in at 80: What next for an American icon?
31 Will David Beckham go forward with fashion?
32 Outsider art challenges conventions
33 How to make sure you never lose a photo again
34 FBI and Microsoft take down $500m-theft botnet Citadel
35 Is small print in online contracts enforceable?
36 Saudi Arabia blocks Viber messaging service
37 UK ministers defend Chinese deals after security risk warning
38 Raspberry Pi gets easier to use with Noobs software
39 Art research effort aided by face recognition
40 Nutrition 'must be a global priority,' say researchers
41 Judge moves Sarah Murnaghan onto adult lung list
42 Immune training MS trial 'safe'
43 Babies practise crying in the womb, Durham researchers claim
44 Egypt medics perform surgery by 'mobile-phone light'
45 The rise of the protein drinks for ordinary people
46 Stephen Fry: Suicide risk in bipolar disorder
47 Viewpoints: Supreme Court and DNA samples
48 Intelligence tests offer insight into aging brain
49 Prince Philip admitted to hospital
50 Quantum Teleportation Between Atomic Systems Over Long Distances
51 MRI Study: Breastfeeding Boosts Babies' Brain Growth
52 'Dust Trap' Around Young Star Solves Long-Standing Planet Formation Mystery
53 Surgeons Implant Bioengineered Vein: Kidney Dialysis Patient First in U.S. to Receive Lab-Grown Blood Vessel
54 Stars Don't Obliterate Their Planets (Very Often)
55 Living Fossils? Actually, Sturgeon Fish Are Evolutionary Speedsters
56 Scientists Map the Wiring of the Biological Clock
57 Black Holes Abundant Among the Earliest Stars
58 'Temporal Cloaking' Could Bring More Secure Optical Communications
59 Life On Earth Shockingly Comes from out of This World
60 Predicting the Future of Coral Reefs in a Changing World
61 Promising Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries
62 Rewinding Development: A Step Forward for Stem Cell Research
63 Scientists Coax Brain to Regenerate Cells Lost in Huntington's Disease in Mouse Model
64 Cassini Sees Precursors to Aerosol Haze On Saturn's Largest Moon, Titan
65 Irish Chronicles Reveal Links Between Cold Weather and Volcanic Eruptions
66 Concerns About Anesthesia's Impact On the Brain
67 Drug Prevents Post-Traumatic Stress-Like Symptoms in Mice
68 First Observation of Spin Hall Effect in a Quantum Gas Is Step Toward 'Atomtronics'
69 Over 120,000-Year-Old Bone Tumor in Neandertal Specimen Found
70 Scientists Unexpectedly Discover Stress-Resistant Stem Cells in Fat Tissue Removed During Liposuction
71 A 20-Minute Bout of Yoga Stimulates Brain Function Immediately After
72 Tumors Disable Immune Cells by Using Up Sugar
73 Insights Into a Debilitating Brain Disease
74 New Liver Cell for Cellular Therapy to Aid in Liver Regeneration
75 Excessive Facebook Use Can Damage Relationships, Study Suggests
76 Mapping the Brain: Researchers Use Signals from Natural Movements to Identify Brain Regions
77 Second Life for Possible Spintronic Materials: Manganese, Gallium Nitride Merged in Uniform Layer
78 Specifically Sized Gold Nanoparticle Spheres Increase the Sensitivity of a Light-Based Chemical Detector
79 Teacher Collaboration, Professional Communities Improve Many Elementary School Students' Math Scores
80 Increased NMR/MRI Sensitivity Through Hyperpolarization of Nuclei in Diamond
81 Tiny Bubbles in Your Metallic Glass May Not Be a Cause for Celebration
82 Molecular Velcro for Chromosome Stability
83 NASA Builds Sophisticated Earth-Observing Microwave Radiometer
84 NASA Spacecraft Sees Tornado's Destructive Swath
85 Alpine Lakes Reflect Climate Change
86 Drought, River Fragmentation Forcing Endangered Fish out of Water, Biologist Finds
87 Evolutionary History of a Cancer-Related Gene
88 Most Youth Football Player Concussions Occur During Games, Not Practice
89 Listening to Music While Driving Has Very Little Effect On Driving Performance, Study Suggests
90 Reversal Cells May Tip the Balance Between Bone Formation and Resorption in Health and Disease
91 New DNA Test On Roo Poo Identifies Species
92 Strength in Numbers When Resisting Forbidden Fruit
93 Electronic Stimulation Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Is Safe, Effective, New Study Suggests
94 Cheese May Prevent Cavities
95 Metastatic Breast Cancer Study Shows Success in Finding New Treatment
96 Obese Mums May Pass Health Risks On to Grandchildren
97 New Report Identifies Research Priorities for Most Pressing Gun Violence Problems in US
98 Nearly One-Third of Children With Autism Also Have ADHD
99 Neuronal Regeneration and the Two-Part Design of Nerves
100 Alzheimer's Disease Drugs Linked to Reduced Risk of Heart Attacks
101 Retinal Vessels Leak During High Altitude Exposure
102 Brand Leadership Is Unlikely to Be Regained Once Lost
103 Aligning Values With Employer Can Lead to Promotion, Suggests New Study
104 Pollution Controls Increase Beach Attendance, Study Shows
105 Most Popular Baby Names from Last Decade Decoded
106 Older Adult Clumsiness Linked to Brain Changes
107 New Gene That Is Essential for Nuclear Reprogramming
108 Social Networks Could Help Prevent Disease Outbreaks in Endangered Chimpanzees
109 New Screening Technique Paves the Way for Protein Drugs from Bacteria
110 Sexual Selection in the Sea: The Case of the Peculiar Southern Bottletail Squid
111 Personality Is the Result of Nurture, Not Nature, Suggests Study On Birds
112 NASA to Study How Pollution, Storms and Climate Mix
113 Bees and Other Pollinating Insects Are Just One Factor in Food Production
114 Laser-Brightened Cirrus Clouds
115 Human Deforestation Outweighs Climate Change for Coral Reefs
116 Catalyst Could Jump-Start E-Cars, Green Energy
117 Ancient Trapped Water Explains Earth's First Ice Age
118 'Lizard King' Fossil Shows Giant Reptiles Coexisted With Mammals During Globally Warm Past
119 Life-Producing Phosphorus Carried to Earth by Meteorites
120 Roman Seawater Concrete Holds the Secret to Cutting Carbon Emissions
121 New Biomolecular Archaeological Evidence Points to the Beginnings of Viniculture in France
122 NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Nears Turning Point
123 Saturn's Metal-Poor 'Cousin' Discovered With Little Telescope
124 Cosmic CSI Team Focuses On Burned-Out Stars
125 Hubble Maps 3-D Structure of Ejected Material Around Erupting Star
126 Best Ultraviolet Maps of the Nearest Galaxies
127 NASA's Orion Spacecraft Proves Sound Under Pressure
128 Sensitive Flow Sensor: Hair Sensor Uncovers Hidden Signals
129 Metal-Free Catalyst Outperforms Platinum in Fuel Cell
130 Disincentives to Energy Efficiency Can Be Fixed
131 Tiny Airplanes and Subs Could Be Next Hurricane Hunters
132 To Catch a Cyber-Thief
133 Giant Planets Offer Help in Faster Research On Material Surfaces
134 Helicopter Takes to the Skies With the Power of Human Thought
135 'Lending Circles' Help Low-Income Communities Join the Financial Mainstream, Study Suggests
136 Strategy to Clean Up Cheating in Online Courses