File Title
1 Squid squirt could be a boost for the lady
2 Planting forests may help overheated reefs
3 Giant reptile named after Jim Morrison
4 Red alert for oilseed rape as color change curbs pests
5 Thought-guided helicopter takes off
6 Science spend 'vital for economy'
7 Pangbourne sprays to kill oak processionary caterpillar 'dangerous'
8 Bovine TB: Badger vaccinations 'no magic bullet'
9 Plan to revive UK wildflower meadows
10 Science Museum Group says cuts put museums at risk
11 Biological clocks 'beat quicker' in cities
12 Rediscovered Hula painted frog 'is a living fossil'
13 Los Angeles air pollution drops after tailpipe laws
14 Extinct lizard named after The Doors' singer Jim Morrison
15 Ewe-dini the escaped sheep finds new home
16 Fukushima schools re-build after disaster
17 Fukushima tuna 'pose little health risk'
18 Living in: Tuscany
19 Why we have to turn electronic devices off on planes
20 Syrian army retakes key town of Qusair from rebels
21 Susan Rice 'to be named US national security adviser'
22 Turkey protesters demand dismissal of police chiefs
23 Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif urges end to US drone strikes
24 10 things you might not know about India
25 The opinion pollsters who dodged mortar fire and militias
26 Michelle Obama's speech interrupted by gay protester
27 Pamela Anderson 'sexist and degrading' TV advert banned
28 Brazil drops 'happy prostitute' Aids campaign
29 Pianist Krystian Zimerman storms out over phone recording
30 Honda races to build speedy lawnmower for Top Gear team
31 Wisee uses wi-fi signals to recognise body gestures
32 Apple loses US trade panel ruling in Samsung dispute
33 Amazon launches first online shopping site in India
34 ET game excavation confirmed by studio
35 Are farmland investments heading for a barn bubble?
36 The myth of executive accountability
37 Texting goes corporate, but skip the 'LOL'
38 Chrysler refuses government request to recall Jeeps
39 Specifically sized gold nanoparticle spheres increase sensitivity of light-based chemical detector
40 Bringing cheaper, 'greener' lighting to market with inkjet-printed hybrid quantum dot LEDs
41 Scientists create novel silicon electrodes that improve lithium-ion batteries
42 Fine-tuning emissions from quantum dots
43 Printing innovations provide tenfold improvement in organic electronics
44 New method for mass-producing high-quality DNA molecules
45 Even with defects, graphene is strongest material in the world
46 Innovative new nanotechnology stops bed bugs in their tracks--literally
47 Building 3-D fractals on a nano scale
48 First-ever high-resolution images of a molecule as it breaks and reforms chemical bonds
49 An electrical switch for magnetism (w/ Video)
50 Nano-engineering boosts efficiency of materials that convert waste heat to electrical energy
51 Invention allows clear photos in dim light
52 Stretchable, transparent graphene-metal nanowire electrode
53 Hybrid carbon nanotube yarn muscle
54 Most experiments that claim to show the quantum Zeno paradox fall short, study says
55 Entanglement in a flash (w/ video)
56 New principle sets maximum limit on quantum information communication
57 Spintronics approach enables new quantum technologies
58 May the force be with us? Precise measurements test quantum electrodynamics, constrain possible fifth fundamental force
59 Theorists apply loop quantum gravity theory to black hole
60 More precision from less predictability: A new quantum trade-off
61 Physics team entangles photons that never coexisted in time
62 Researchers test quantum encryption hacking risk
63 Experiment investigates how classical physics may emerge from quantum physics
64 Laser-brightened cirrus clouds
65 Kepler stars and planets are bigger than previously thought
66 Climate proof sea defences with a green twist
67 Stellar winds may electrify exoplanets
68 The origin of the s-star cluster at the galactic center
69 Making the mega-band: Exploring how black holes become supermassive
70 Earthquake acoustics offer hint that a tsunami is imminent, researchers find
71 Amazon plant growth detectable at last
72 Scientists tell Australia to save Great Barrier Reef
73 Climate and land use: Europe's floods raise questions
74 Ready for launch: Heart of space mission, LISA Pathfinder, successfully tested
75 Cosmic CSI team: Whole Earth Telescope focuses on burned-out stars
76 Rocket launch from Va. spaceport rescheduled
77 Astronomers discover light echo from supernova
78 Hubble maps 3-D structure of ejected material around erupting star
79 To save corals, save the forests, study says
80 Little telescope discovers metal-poor cousin of famous planet
81 NASA's IceBridge mission contributes to new map of Antarctica
82 NASA's IRIS mission to launch in June
83 Solving a 3.5 billion-year-old mystery: Team determines life-producing phosphorus was carried to Earth by meteorite
84 Germany shelves 'fracking' draft law for now
85 Australian lake untouched by climate change
86 Galaxy in its death throes may hold clues to birth of dwarf systems
87 Google Glass test an eye-opening experience
88 Asus touts 'world's first' three-in-one tablet computer
89 Robotic tractor to deliver precision planting
90 New BlackBerry with keyboard to hit US stores
91 Intel introduces fourth generation processors
92 Robots could lend a helping hand
93 Farmers to harvest millions with QUT's Farm Robots
94 Charlotte robot tells the world where it's not going
95 Spotlight on wearable tech at Asia's biggest IT fair
96 Acer unveils tablet running on Windows 8
97 Taiwan makers showcase computers at Computex
98 WABIAN robot from Japan steps closer to human walk
99 Explosive growth predicted for automotive electronics
100 Perfect skin: More touchy-feely robots
101 Google coming out with two new Android phones
102 Review: BlackBerry Z10's slick design keeps company relevant
103 Startup glasses overlay Internet on real world
104 Google to sell HTC One with unmodified Android
105 AMD banks on new chips to drive comeback
106 UN expert urges moratorium on 'killer robots' (Update)
107 Samsung unveils new Galaxy S4 'Mini'
108 Use of quantum dots with LCD screens in consumer devices edging closer to reality
109 Apple chief sees computers on wrists, not in glasses
110 Linkbot learners can build robots on all levels
111 Mind-controlled games on show at Asia's biggest IT fair
112 Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home (w/ Video)
113 Google nixes face-recognition features in Glass eyewear
114 3-D printing goes from sci-fi fantasy to reality
115 Motorola on authentication: We're talking tattoos and pills
116 New nerve and muscle interfaces aid wounded warrior amputees
117 Toyota starts traffic data service for businesses
118 Kitchen drawers, nano-capsules scoop invention awards
119 Brainpainting via computer frees expression for the paralyzed
120 Neurotech industry puts its mind to video games
121 Conductive paint lands in pens and pots for creatives
122 Metal-free catalyst outperforms platinum in fuel cell
123 Ultra-sensitive polymer detects explosive devices
124 Formula-feeding linked to metabolic stress and increased risk of later disease
125 First dual-action compound kills cancer cells, stops them from spreading
126 Prefab houses that are glued, not nailed, together
127 Economical non-precious-metal catalyst capitalizes on carbon nanotubes
128 Roman seawater concrete holds the secret to cutting carbon emissions
129 Microbubbles point the way to a revolution in food processing
130 Blowfly protein key to terror poison antidote
131 Organic chemistry: Leading light waves astray
132 Early indicators of lung cancer probed in new study
133 Melanin from Jurassic-era mollusk could lead to new tool for cancer diagnosis
134 Enzyme from wood-eating gribble could help turn waste into biofuel
135 Rare tree provides key to greener chemistry
136 Biochemists develop new technology to transfer DNA into cells
137 New method of producing stereoisomers developed
138 New imaging tool directly measures liquid surfaces
139 Recycling farm plastics gains momentum
140 A new kind of chemical 'glue'
141 New single virus detection techniques for faster disease diagnosis
142 Microwaves make for faster, greener pharma manufacturing
143 Innovative solutions for urban mining
144 Flexible polymer opals
145 Re-creating the original colors of treasured ivory carvings from the ancient past
146 Advanced paper could be foundation for inexpensive biomedical and diagnostic devices
147 Extinct species revival raises hopes, fears
148 New screening technique paves the way for protein drugs from bacteria
149 Southern Europeans have North African genes
150 Study shows city life may cause permanent change in circadian clock for blackbirds
151 Discovering one reason why swarming evolved offers tantalizing clues on how intelligence developed
152 Molecular VELCRO for chromosome stability
153 Biology's drive toward engineering
154 Social networks could help prevent disease outbreaks in endangered chimpanzees
155 New orchid identified from Komodo
156 Classic microscopy reveals borrelia bacteria
157 Flood impact on mosquitoes unclear, according to entomologist
158 Microbial genomes help propose phylum name
159 Chinese wasps are taking on the emerald ash borer
160 Spike in whale deaths off Argentina's Patagonia
161 Wild turkey damage to crops and wildlife mostly exaggerated
162 'Lizard King' fossil shows giant reptiles coexisted with mammals during globally warm past
163 Personality is the result of nurture, not nature, suggests new study on birds
164 Sexual selection in the sea
165 New model finds common muscle control patterns governing the motion of swimming animals
166 Assay developed to rapidly detect disease that hurt oyster industry
167 Kansas farmer sues Monsanto over GM wheat (Update)
168 Establishing nutritional value in copra and palm products fed to pigs
169 GMO corn, soybeans dominate US market
170 Biomarker could help scientists choose the right cell line when conducting stem cell experiments
171 Anatomy determines how lizards attract partners and repel rivals
172 Oldest primate skeleton discovered
173 Archeologists unearth eight Bronze Age boats at British Quarry
174 New Parafaveoloolithid dino egg found from the Pingxiang Basin, Jiangxi Province of China
175 Entrepreneurs pray more, see God as personal, researchers find
176 Companies should take the lead in take tackling tax avoidance
177 Book by UC Santa Barbara music professor studies noise music in Japan
178 Anderson Forecast: US economy falls short of true recovery; California job growth steady
179 2011 Census: Muslims and Sikhs most likely to feel British
180 Phonics check is a valid but unnecessary test
181 Texas banker puts up $1M for tricky math solution
182 Maintaining positivity, motivation can help job search process, researcher finds
183 'Lending circles' help low-income communities join the financial mainstream
184 Why innovation thrives in cities
185 Fossils indicate common ancestor for two primate groups
186 Cheerful women are not associated with leadership qualities--but proud ones are
187 Corporate hoarding of cash has roots in CEO's past
188 'Tracking in Caves': On the trail of pre-historic man
189 New study points to increased incomes from music streaming
190 Twitter plays smaller role in political discourse among Iranian citizenry, study finds
191 Mouthful of clues: Barium in teeth advances study of weaning among Neanderthals, early humans
192 Diet likely changed game for some hominids 3.5 million years ago
193 A new species of marine fish from 408 million years ago discovered in Teruel
194 New biomolecular archaeological evidence points to the beginnings of viniculture in France
195 Beachcombing for early humans in Africa
196 Social and psychological experiments 'a waste of money'?
197 New study rebuts increase in willingness to cooperate from intuitive thinking
198 Over-produced autism gene alters synapses, affects learning and behavior in mice
199 Scientists discover how HIV kills immune cells
200 New disease-to-drug genetic matching puts snowboarder back on slopes
201 Drug prevents post-traumatic stress-like symptoms in mice
202 Research team maps wiring of biological clock
203 Multiple sclerosis breakthrough: Trial safely resets patients' immune systems and reduces attack on myelin protein
204 Researchers reveal malaria's deadly grip
205 Study expands concerns about anesthesia's impact on the brain
206 Researchers target an aspect of Down syndrome
207 Scientists uncover protective influence of Vitamin A against inflammatory bowel disease
208 Antibody engineering know-how
209 Bladder cancer recurrence and mortality could decline with better treatment compliance
210 Researchers unravel the developmental origins of immune disease
211 Genetic editing shows promise in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
212 Aspirin equals pricier blood thinner for preventing clots
213 Neuronal regeneration and the two-part design of nerves
214 Older adult clumsiness linked to brain changes
215 Zebrafish help identify mutant gene in rare muscle disease
216 Distinguishing REM sleep from other conscious states
217 Optogenetic rendering of a whisker space holodrome with single spike precision
218 Sunscreen slows skin aging, if used often enough
219 Common gene known to cause inherited autism now linked to specific behaviors
220 Cortical microcircuitry: Can we predict function from structure?
221 Facebook profiles raise users' self-esteem and affect behavior
222 Researchers are one step closer to artificial livers
223 Vinegar cancer test saves lives, India study finds
224 Research shows how ritalin affects brains of kids with ADHD
225 Scientists focus on brain protein and antibiotic to block cocaine craving
226 In dating game, narcissists get the girl