File Title
1 Red flags point to diabetes after pregnancy
2 Wolbachia hijacks mosquito gene
3 Giant gas world is a real lightweight
4 Solar Impulse lands in St. Louis in trans-America bid
5 Human ancestors' diet changed 3.5 million years ago
6 Energy policy: MPs set to rebel over 2030 carbon target
7 Syria chemical arms: UN says evidence of use
8 Cornish badgers 'may be vaccinated against TB'
9 MPs urge UK to eat less meat to help global food supplies
10 Europe's Mars Express spacecraft celebrates 10 years
11 Dominican Republic rejects mining project
12 French wine 'has Italian origins'
13 Caernarfon dig finds Roman construction site and medieval cemetery
14 How Timbuktu's manuscripts were smuggled to safety
15 Peterborough Bronze Age boats conservation begins
16 Turkey Deputy PM apologises to Gezi Park protesters
17 Queen marks Coronation anniversary at Westminster Abbey
18 Apple devices vulnerable to attack via bogus charger
19 American tourist 'gang-raped in India'
20 Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes
21 DSM-5: What's in a name? Codifying mental illness
22 Floods threaten Dresden as Prague river levels fall
23 Turkey protests: Union to start two-day strike
24 Germany drops longest word after EU law change
25 Bollywood actress Jiah Khan found dead in Mumbai
26 Michael Douglas throat cancer 'not caused by oral sex'
27 Napster's Sean Parker in $2.5m wedding venue settlement
28 Can city farms feed a hungry world?
29 Oscar Pistorius case postponed over Steenkamp death
30 Intel Haswell processors offer 'longer battery life'
31 ET game excavation confirmed by studio
32 Crowdinvesting: Businesses tempt customers to be investors
33 Zynga announces more job cuts and expects wider losses
34 Apple e-book deal 'cost hundreds of millions'
35 WHO warns of Syria disease threat
36 El Salvador abortion woman has C-section
37 Adverts warn of passive smoking risk
38 Organ donation: Public to be consulted on proposed law change
39 How did stevia get mainstream?
40 'Plus-size' readers and the body image dilemmas
41 Ford to recall 465,000 vehicles to fix possible fuel leak
42 Sean Parker agrees to $2.5M settlement over wedding venue
43 Newborn seal pup rescued on Long Island
44 Daily sunscreen slows skin aging, even in middle age: Study
45 Bloomberg: Medical marijuana one of "great hoaxes of all time"
46 Surprising coral diversity rivals Great Barrier Reef
47 Graphene is the world's strongest material, even with defects
48 Giant pink slugs only found in remote area of Australia
49 Africanized bees attack and kill a central Texas man
50 Apple getting closer to Internet radio deal, reports say
51 Game of Thrones shocks with the Red Wedding
52 Oral sex and throat cancer: Michael Douglas HPV report spotlights "epidemic"
53 Charice Pempengco, former "Glee" actress, comes out
54 Jury finds for Catholic school teacher fired after artificial insemination pregnancy
55 Townsend Farms frozen berries tied to five-state hepatitis A outbreak
56 MERS spreads to Italy, three cases reported
57 FDA review: Avandia may not be as risky for heart as once thought
58 Health and Human Services calls for lung transplant policy review after petition from girl's family
59 More kids poisoned as medication prescribing rates increase
60 Genome hints at markers for higher-producing, better-tasting chocolate
61 Harvard development expert: Agricultural innovation offers only path to feed Africa and the world
62 A grassy trend in human ancestors' diets
63 New biomolecular archaeological evidence points to the beginnings of viniculture in France
64 Turning point for early human diets occurred 3.5 million years ago
65 Enzyme from wood-eating gribble could help turn waste into biofuel
66 Female moths use olfactory signals to choose the best egg-laying sites
67 Hidden effects of climate change may threaten eelgrass meadows
68 Threatened frogs palmed off as forests disappear
69 Climate change raises stakes on US ethanol policy
70 The jewels of the ocean: 2 new species and a new genus of octocorals from the Pacific
71 No early birds getting the worms: York U study finds songbirds risk missing peak food supply
72 12 Million Bednets and Innovative Thinking Make Ghana Malaria Partnership a Success
73 Researchers discover a new way fish camouflage themselves in the ocean
74 A new species of marine fish from 408 million years ago discovered in Teruel
75 Mosquitoes reared in cooler temperatures more susceptible to viruses that can affect human health
76 'Watering the forest for the trees' emerging as priority for forest management
77 Stopping the worm from turning
78 An 'extinct' frog makes a comeback in Israel
79 Australian lake untouched by climate change
80 The Science of Yellow Snow: White-tailed Deer may be Ruining their own Winter Havens
81 Human activity echoes through Brazilian rainforest
82 Scientists discover that turtles began living in shells much earlier than once thought
83 Ancient Egyptians accessorized with meteorites
84 Diet likely changed game for some hominids 3.5 million years ago, says CU-Boulder study
85 Is enough being done to make drinking water safe?
86 Smithsonian scientists discover that rainforests take the heat
87 Global warming caused by CFCs, not carbon dioxide, study says
88 Climate change threatens extinction for 82% of California native fish
89 Elevated carbon dioxide making arid regions greener
90 Catastrophic climatic events leave corals facing a decade-long fight for recovery
91 Researchers document acceleration of ocean denitrification during deglaciation
92 Galactic Knee and Extragalactic Ankle
93 Weather conditions do not affect fibromyalgia pain or fatigue
94 Stanford scientists create novel silicon electrodes that improve lithium-ion batteries
95 Risk of kidney disease doubled with use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics
96 For some men, it's 'T' time--test or no test
97 Alzheimer's leaves clues in blood
98 Berkeley Lab Researchers Discover How and Where Breast Tumor Cells Become Dormant and What Causes Them to Become Metastatic
99 Chimpanzees have 5 universal personality dimensions
100 Tiger moths: Mother Nature's fortune tellers
101 Common gene known to cause inherited autism now linked to specific behaviors
102 CSIRO develops test to improve stem cell safety
103 Anatomy determines how lizards attract partners and repel rivals
104 A new species of yellow slug moth from China
105 Microbubbles point the way to a revolution in food processing
106 When DNA is out of place
107 Why innovation thrives in cities
108 IUPUI Neuroscience Research Project Examines Neural Synchronization Patterns During Addiction
109 Labor union decline, not computerization, main cause of rising corporate profits
110 Sharks worth more in the ocean than on the menu
111 Biologists take snapshot of fleeting protein process
112 Worldwide lecture tour touts point-of-care health care
113 Healthy lifestyle choices mean fewer memory complaints, poll by UCLA and Gallup finds
114 Where entrepreneurship is at home
115 A bad biology grade sticks around
116 Food insecurity linked to HIV-treated drug users' deaths
117 New research shows that asking for a precise number during negotiations can give you the upper hand
118 Addition of bevacizumab to initial treatment for brain tumors does not extend patients' lives
119 Expanding Medicaid is best financial option for states, study finds
120 Early-life risk factors account for racial and ethnic disparities in childhood obesity
121 USC report: Law dramatically reduced hospital prices for the uninsured
122 Modern dragons endangered--The relentless Exploitation of Asian Giant Lizards revealed
123 Despite regulations, financial analysts say private calls with executives are essential
124 Time limits on welfare can lead to higher mortality rates
125 Cheerful women are not associated with leadership qualities--but proud ones are
126 Preventing an immune overreaction
127 New strategy for defeating neuroblastoma
128 Lightest exoplanet imaged so far?
129 Molecular switch for cheaper biofuel
130 IU researchers focus on a brain protein and an antibiotic to block cocaine craving
131 A path to compact, robust sources for ultrashort laser pulses
132 Manipulating Memory in the Hippocampus
133 Rash decision? New UK coins increase nickel skin allergy risk 4 fold
134 NTRK1: a new oncogene and target in lung cancer
135 Dense hydrogen in a new light
136 NASA's Swift Produces Best Ultraviolet Maps of the Nearest Galaxies
137 Organic chemistry--leading light waves astray
138 Detecting disease with a smartphone accessory
139 Bringing cheaper, 'greener' lighting to market with inkjet-printed hybrid quantum dot LEDs
140 Behold the 9-day fresh strawberry: New approach to slowing rot doubles berry shelf life
141 New Explanation for Slow Earthquakes on San Andreas
142 Women reject sexually promiscuous peers when making female friends
143 Study helps explain growing education gap in mortality among US white women
144 A survey of GPs reveals that many identify nicotine as a harmful cigarette-smoke component
145 Oncologists are stressed and have difficulty discussing death with patients--Ben-Gurion U. study
146 Why animals compare the present with the past
147 Surges in latent infections: Mathematical analysis of viral blips
148 Mathematical models to better combat HIV
149 Evidence mounts that 4 lifestyle changes will protect heart, reduce your risk of death
150 Salt gets under your skin
151 More TV time equals higher consumption of sweetened beverages among children
152 Multiple sclerosis: Back to basics?
153 Are Smartphones Disrupting Your Sleep? Mayo Clinic Study Examines the Question
154 Lose Weight Between Babies, SLU Study Suggests
155 Despite living closer to better hospitals, black patients still go to lower-quality hospitals for surgery
156 Improving voice outcomes after thyroid surgery
157 MET protein levels show promise as biomarker for aggressive colon cancer
158 Secondhand smoke causes longer hospitalization in infants with respiratory infections
159 Altered neural circuitry may lead to anorexia and bulimia
160 National review: Non-adherence among teenage heart transplant recipients is widespread, often fatal
161 Seeing our errors keeps us on our toes
162 Anxious? Activate Your Anterior Cingulate Cortex With a Little Meditation
163 New study explains cognitive ability differences among the elderly
164 Rates of emergency bowel surgery vary wildly from state to state
165 Exposure to rocket attacks in Israel increases adolescent violence--Ben-Gurion U. study
166 Multi-national study identifies links between genetic variants and educational attainment
167 93% of homicides of US law enforcement officers result from firearms
168 Soccer training improves heart health of men with type 2 diabetes
169 Cancer drug shortages hit 83% of US oncologists
170 Clinicians often wait for 'red flags' before discussing elderly driving
171 Doctor's advice for cancer patients: Personal values influence treatment recommendations
172 Songbirds May Give Insight to Nature vs. Nuture
173 Dogs help improve moods among teens in treatment
174 Blood Vessels in the Eye Linked With IQ, Cognitive Function
175 American, Nepalese children disagree on social obligations with age
176 Fear: A Justified Response or Faulty Wiring?
177 Dogs, humans affected by OCD have similar brain abnormalities
178 Never forget a face? Researchers find women have better memory recall than men
179 PROSPER prevention programs dramatically cut substance abuse among teens
180 Cruise to Mars illuminates radiation risk to future astronauts
181 SwRI-led team calculates the radiation exposure associated with a trip Mars
182 Ancient streambed found on surface of Mars
183 Team solves one of the moon's mysteries
184 New mathematical model links space-time theories
185 Rounded stones on Mars evidence of flowing water
186 Gemini Observatory Captures Comet ISON Hurtling Toward Uncertain Destiny with the Sun
187 Mars curiosity rover provides strong evidence for flowing water
188 Water-rock reaction may provide enough hydrogen 'food' to sustain life in ocean's crust or on Mars
189 Earth's Milky Way neighborhood gets more respect
190 Rare Stellar Alignment Offers Opportunity To Hunt For Planets
191 Meeting online leads to happier, more enduring marriages
192 Roman seawater concrete holds the secret to cutting carbon emissions
193 Los Alamos catalyst could jumpstart e-cars, green energy
194 Penn Research Shows Way to Improve Stem Cells' Cartilage Formation
195 Zebrafish help identify mutant gene in rare muscle disease