File Title
1 20 ancient tombs unearthed near China's 3 Gorges reservoir
2 Why did our ancestors start walking upright? Ancient terrain may hold clue.
3 Nearly 5,000 Pre-Hispanic Cave Paintings Found in Tamaulipas, Mexico
4 A discovery that changed the antiquity of humankind who lived in Indian subcontinent
5 Chinese tourist scribbles name on ancient Luxor Temple
6 What prehistoric dog burials tell us about owners
7 Real, or Desert Mirage?
8 Ga. Civil War camp turns up hundreds of artifacts
9 How the internet is fast unravelling mysteries of the Mayan script
10 Were the African coins found in Australia from a wrecked Arab dhow?
11 Archaeologists find underground Medieval refuge
12 Ancient Indigenous Camps Dating Back Thousands of Years Found in Mexico
13 Thousands of Greek antiquities repatriated from Germany
14 1,000-year-old First Nations clam gardens unearthed near Sidney
15 Stone artifacts unearthed from the early Paleolithic site of Danjiangkou reservoir area, China
16 Captain Cook's Maori paddles: an artifact of encounter
17 Archaeologists unearth more clues from ancient Cahokia civilization
18 The Kings of Kent
19 How consorts shaped Europe
20 Barrow Island surveyed on human life 8,000 years-ago
21 Pottery and household items found at Oshawa archeological dig
22 2nd-century wooden mask unearthed in Nara, oldest yet found
23 The Lost Temples of Angkor
24 The Hanging Gardens of...Nineveh?
25 Shaman 'Rainmaking' Center Discovered in South Africa
26 Genes key to health gone awry
27 Japan on hunt for medicinal treasures
28 Mars trip gives lifetime of radiation
29 Fossil fuels speculation on turtle shell evolution
30 Old friends, new tricks
31 Apes sulk like humans when they lose a bet, US research shows
32 Man lives for years with pencil in head
33 Extinct koala named after Dick Smith
34 Babies born after mum's obesity surgery do better
35 In from the cold: scientists 'resurrect' frozen moss
36 Angelina Jolie's aunt dies of breast cancer
37 Moon dust made from asteroid impact
38 Ice melt forces emergency evacuation in the Arctic
39 Cockroaches ditch sweet tooth
40 Google maps Galapagos Islands to share its beauty on internet
41 Arctic research station evacuated after ice floe breaks up
42 Cockroaches can sense danger in sugar
43 US doctors save boy by 3-D printing splint
44 Swiss closer to solving mystery of aging
45 Sorting the frogs from the toads
46 Third US state opts for euthanisia
47 New hope for the sleepless with introduction of Merck's Suvorexant sleeping pill
48 Tornado's combination of elements dwarfed power of Hiroshima
49 Taronga Western Plains Zoo white rhinoceros birth offers hope for species
50 Hunt for HIV vaccine hits major setback
51 Fatal bat virus turns up for first time in a horse
52 No runny noses for elephant seals with swine flu
53 Demented dogs do their bit for science
54 'Overwhelming' consensus on man-made global warming, says review
55 Water 1.5bn years old may hold prehistoric microscopic organisms
56 Sun unleashes largest solar flares of the year
57 Progress on cure for chronic fatigue
58 Paris, LA keep a pulse on emissions
59 6 Things I Wish All Parents Knew About Sleep
60 Is there a doctor on the plane?
61 Soda addiction causes same kind of tooth damage as meth: study
62 The Best Frozen Desserts for Less Than 125 Calories
63 College women exceed their alcohol limits more than men, study finds
64 Texting before bed linked to higher stress
65 Technology Use Before Bed Linked with Increased Stress
66 Italy confirms 1st case of new respiratory virus
67 Conn. police seize synthetic marijuana worth $610K
68 Russia smoking ban takes effect
69 In Somalia, some parents say no to polio vaccine
70 Assisted suicide measure narrowly defeated; supporters concede defeat
71 A rampant prescription, a hidden peril
72 Finding alternatives to potent sedatives
73 New principle may help explain why nature is quantum
74 Friendliness to minorities often a performance--a fragile one, research suggests
75 Cotton may offer "eco-friendly" way to clean up oil
76 It's true: cooking may have given us our big brains, study says
77 NASA planet-hunting telescope breaks down
78 Did some Neanderthals learn advanced skills from "moderns"?
79 Does your physical strength influence your politics?
80 For signs of life, some strange planetary systems may be most promising
81 Stacking 2-D materials leads to surprises
82 Chimps found to play fairness game like people
83 Mammoths may have died after impact from space
84 Your brain cells may be capable of outliving you--by a lot
85 Hurricanes part of forecast--for Saturn moon
86 Infants may be drawn to those who mistreat the "different"
87 Allosaurus ate more like a falcon, T. rex more like a croc, study finds
88 Yes, gentlemen, size matters--but less than another factor, study finds
89 Overeating learned in infancy, study suggests
90 Killed twice in 1600s, hoax "dragon" slain again--in creationism dispute
91 Even farm animal diversity is waning, experts say
92 Rats have "double view" of world
93 Some may beat "guilt-detection" tests by suppressing memories
94 Astronomers hope to find alien civilizations through heat
95 Men want status from romantic relationships, research finds
96 Already-approved drug tied to longer, healthy life in mice
97 Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Memory
98 Pictures of the World's Strangest Fossils
99 Eels, Alps and Trees
100 Tiger Conservation is an Issue
101 Tiger, tiger, burning less bright
102 Pyros, the ursine romeo of the Pyrenees
103 An otter's tale
104 Primates are in peril--Our relatives are almost extinct
105 Heat is on for salamanders
106 Great Apes threatened again, this time by habitat loss
107 Most valuable or virtually extinct?
108 Asian Species in Crisis
109 Coral cover's deadly decline
110 Coral rarely crosses Eastern Pacific Barrier, as Darwin predicted, says study