File Title
1 Galactic crash solves cosmic mystery
2 Neanderthal tooth reveals breastfeeding history
3 Breeding programs may send disease into wild
4 Volcano project scours Iceland for early warning signals
5 Solar Impulse plane sets new distance record on Dallas flight
6 Feet home to more than 100 fungi
7 Ecuador Pegasus satellite fears over space debris crash
8 Cave paintings in Mexico: Carvings uncovered in Burgos
9 Climate change 'spurred modern human behaviour'
10 Rutland Water osprey chicks first to hatch this year
11 Is it possible to kick start science?
12 Under-explored day trips from top European cities
13 Woolwich attack: Suspects known to security services
14 Barack Obama to set out US drone policy
15 French court questions IMF chief Christine Lagarde
16 Iran election: Rafsanjani criticises leaders' 'ignorance'
17 Coffee addiction: Do people consume too much caffeine?
18 Two years after a tornado, Joplin struggles to rebuild
19 Japanese 80-year-old claims Everest record
20 Stockholm restaurant torched as riots spread
21 Man shot during Boston probe was 'on verge of confession'
22 US 'faith healers' charged over second baby's death
23 10 of popular culture's best Machiavellian characters
24 Woolwich murder: The suspected attackers
25 Google acquires kite-power generator
26 Plugging tomorrow's cities into greener power sources
27 Picking winners: Why so many new firms love awards
28 Jennifer Lopez to create Latino mobile store chain
29 Defeat for EA over faces of sports stars
30 Flying cars: Radical concept design unveiled
31 Global stocks markets hit after Chinese data and Fed comments
32 Russia to evacuate Arctic station over melting ice
33 BBC poll: Germany most popular country in the world
34 Universal flu jab 'edges closer'
35 More US Adults Getting Some Exercise
36 Extreme Solar Storm Could Cause Widespread Disruptions on Earth
37 Moore, Okla. Tornado--FAQ
38 Why Do Humans Have Palm Lines?
39 Oklahoma Tornado: How to Ease Children's Anxiety
40 Ancient Human Innovations Linked to Climate Shifts
41 Normal or Not? When Grief and Depression Mingle
42 Why Was the Moore, Okla., Tornado So Severe?
43 Storm Surveyors Hunt for Details of Deadly Moore Tornado
44 High Genes: Tibetan Antelope's Genome Sequenced
45 Reference: 3D Printing: What a 3D Printer Is and How It Works
46 3-D Printing Could Revolutionize U.S. Navy
47 Why Penguins Quit Flying
48 On the Job: How Rescue Dogs Hunt for Tornado Survivors
49 How Moore Tornado Compares to Famous 1999 Twister
50 T. Rex's Smaller Cousin Ate Like a Falcon, Study Finds
51 Did an Abandoned 'Ghost Ship' Disappear?
52 Weird Pirate Ant Comes With an 'Eye Patch'
53 Sounds Of The Sea: Stones Clanging
54 All-Natural 3D Printers: Salt and Wood Can Be Used
55 Surprising Pollution Problem: Too Many Trees (Op-Ed)
56 Antidepressants May Help With Heart Disease
57 Reference: Facts About Yttrium
58 Could a Drug Prevent Brain Aging?
59 Why Do Flowers Close Up at Night?
60 Reference: Lake Ontario Facts
61 Reference: Who Invented Velcro?
62 Study: Stress Isn't Hot
63 Like Father Like Son: Mice Follow Dad's Example
64 Can Any Buildings Survive Tornados?
65 Malls Attract Shoppers Looking for an 'Experience'
66 How Evolution May Help Build Better Robots
67 Normal or Not? When Collecting Becomes Hoarding
68 Portland Voters Reject Fluoridation
69 High-Tech Shopping: Meet the Future of Retail
70 Weather Improves for Recovery Efforts in Moore, Okla.
71 Could Science Hatch the Perfect Fake Egg?
72 Augmented-Reality Glasses: Startup's Vision Could Change Gaming
73 Malaria Medicine Could Be Toxic
74 Big Meteor Explosion on Moon Shows Lunar Exploration Risks
75 World's Largest Wave Farm Gets a Green Light
76 Baby Neanderthal Breast-Fed for 7 Months
77 Fungus Among Us! Body's Microbes Mapped
78 Rare View of Ancient Galaxy Crash Revealed
79 Elusive Pandas Caught on Camera in China Habitat
80 Isn't it Good? Scientists Sequence Norwegian Wood
81 Mars Meteorite May Fetch $160,000 At Auction
82 Heat-Related Deaths in NYC May Increase with Climate Change
83 Sunken Ships May Pose US Oil Pollution Risk
84 GPS Could Issue Tsunami Alert in Minutes
85 Mystery of Irish Potato Famine Solved
86 Google Maps Gets a 'Face-Lift'
87 Hepatitis C: A 21st Century Success Story (Op-Ed)
88 Why Do Soldiers Break Stride On A Bridge?
89 Reference: Facts About Zirconium
90 New Cave-Dwelling Scorpion Species Discovered
91 Dogs Bring Swarm of Bacteria Into Your Home
92 Baby's Life Saved with 3D Printing
93 Can We Protect Against the Next Moore Tornado?
94 Drowning In Devices? Your Next Gadget May Dissolve When You're Done
95 Costa Rica's Turrialba Volcano Erupts
96 Tornado Recovery: What Moore Can Learn from Joplin
97 7-Minute Workout: Fact vs. Fiction
98 Speedy New Dinosaur Found in Canada
99 Reference: Cool Science Experiments for Hot Summer Days
100 3D Printers Demonstrate Rapid Robot Evolution
101 Gulf Killifish Show Defects from Crude Oil Exposure
102 Waiting for Shenzhou 10
103 Ecuador warns satellite could hit rocket remains
104 Astronaut Finds 'Bullet Hole' in ISS Solar Panel
105 The Day NASA's Fermi Dodged a 1.5-ton Bullet
106 Space debris problem now urgent--scientists
107 Removing orbital debris with less risk
108 Earth will drown in garbage
109 Russian satellite hit by remnants of destroyed Chinese spacecraft
110 Asteroid Sample Return Mission Moves into Development
111 Asteroid 1998 QE2 To Sail Past Earth Nine Times Larger Than Cruise Ship
112 Dawn On Route From Vesta to Ceres
113 Russia designs reusable spacecraft good for as many as five missions
114 Desert Tests Pave Way for Human Exploration of Small Bodies
115 British astronaut 'Major Tim' to fly to ISS
116 Researchers use graphene quantum dots to detect humidity and pressure
117 RNA capable of catalyzing electron transfer on early earth with iron's help
118 Billion-year-old water could hold clues to life on Earth and Mars
119 How the Density of Exoplanets' Atmospheres Weighs on the Odds for Alien Life
120 Flexible partnership allows lichens to occur in different habitats
121 Coelacanth genome surfaces
122 Study: Lack of magnetic field could render many exoplanets lifeless
123 Power behind primordial soup discovered
124 University of Tennessee professor discovers how microbes survive at bare minimum
125 Where Life Could Thrive: Interview With John Grotzinger
126 Highly effective communities of bacteria in the world's deepest oceanic trench
127 Antarctic and Arctic Insects Use Different Genetic Mechanisms to Cope With Lack of Water
128 Ground and Space-based Observations Unveil Future of Sun
129 A Roadmap for the Future of Astrobiology
130 IRIS Mission Readies For a New Challenge
131 GPS solution provides three-minute tsunami alerts
132 NASA Builds Unusual Testbed for Analyzing X-ray Navigation Technologies
133 Pakistan adopts Chinese rival GPS satellite system
134 First new Galileo satellite arrives at ESA for space testing
135 O3b Networks Launcher and payload integration are underway at Kourou
136 Arianespace underscores strong partnership with Japan during Tokyo meetings
137 Moon being pushed away from Earth faster than ever
138 NASA says meteor impact on the moon glowed like a star
139 Never-before-seen energy pattern observed at National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
140 Scientists capture first direct proof of Hofstadter butterfly effect
141 New principle may help explain why nature is quantum
142 Quantum Physics: Look But Don't Touch
143 Scientists demonstrate pear shaped atomic nuclei
144 Chaos proves superior to order
145 Does antimatter fall up or down
146 Device like Star Trek 'tricorder' can quickly scan body vital signs
147 Tumbling PC sales drag down HP profit
148 Reading the Unreadable
149 Tumblr deal sparks talk on next big tech target
150 Three new suicides at Foxconn China factory:
151 3-D modeling technology offers groundbreaking solution for engineers
152 Do-it-yourself invisibility with 3D printing
153 New camera system creates high-resolution 3-D images from up to a kilometer away
154 Michigan Tech researcher slashes optics laboratory costs
155 Cutting-edge 3D film revives a Warsaw lost to war
156 Scientists claim new glasses-free 3D for cellphone
157 Bacteria use hydrogen, carbon dioxide to produce electricity
158 U.S. said well-positioned to grow pond scum as fuel source
159 Scientists develop 'green' pretreatment of Miscanthus for biofuels
160 New Advance in Biofuel Production
161 WELTEC BIOPOWER constructs 1.8 MW plant in Finland
162 Setting the standard for sustainable bioenergy crops
163 Recipe for Low-Cost, Biomass-Derived Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
164 China conducts its first successful bio-fueled airline flight
165 New input system for biogas systems
166 Bugs produce diesel on demand
167 A key to mass extinctions could boost food, biofuel production
168 Sweden proposes extending tax breaks for biofuels, green cars
169 Surprising findings on hydrogen production in green algae
170 Cost-saving measure to upgrade ethanol to butanol--a better alternative to gasoline
171 Engineering algae to make the 'wonder material' nanocellulose for biofuels and more
172 Breakthrough in hydrogen fuel production could revolutionize alternative energy market
173 Researchers Engineer Plant Cell Walls to Boost Sugar Yields for Biofuels
174 RUB physicists let magnetic dipoles interact on the nanoscale for the first time
175 The science behind a self-assembled nano-carbon helix
176 UC Riverside scientists discovering new uses for tiny carbon nanotubes
177 First precise MEMS output measurement technique unveiled
178 Researchers develop unique method for creating uniform nanoparticles
179 Going negative pays for nanotubes
180 Scientists reach the ultimate goal--controlling chirality in carbon nanotubes
181 Dark field imaging of rattle-type silica nanorattles coated gold nanoparticles in vitro and in vivo
182 Scientists image nanoparticles in action
183 UNL team's discovery yields supertough, strong nanofibers
184 Nanowires grown on graphene have surprising structure
185 Scientists see nanoparticles form larger structures in real time
186 Nanocoating At ESA
187 New device could cut costs on household products, pharmaceuticals
188 Nanotechnology imaging breakthrough
189 Surface diffusion plays a key role in defining the shapes of catalytic nanoparticles
190 Imaging methodology reveals nano details not seen before
191 Quantum computers counting on carbon nanotubes
192 Researchers create nanoscale spinning magnetic droplets
193 Smallest Vibration Sensor in the Quantum World
194 New technique could improve optical devices
195 Scientists delve deeper into carbon nanotubes
196 Forging a new periodic table using nanostructures
197 Team Creates MRI for the Nanoscale
198 Squishy hydrogels may be the ticket for studying biological effects of nanoparticles
199 Not just blowing in the wind: Compressing air for renewable energy storage
200 Goldman Sachs to invest in Japan green energy
201 Morocco to harness the wind in energy hunt
202 Using fluctuating wind power
203 China revs up wind power amid challenges
204 Shifts in global water systems markers of The Anthropocene epoch
205 Asia-Pacific leaders warn of water conflict threat
206 New Stanford Nanoscavengers Could Usher In Next Generation Water Purification
207 Rome river judged too dirty for tourist cruises
208 Desalinization for China's water woes?
209 EPA to grant $569 million for New York, New Jersey water
210 New technique measures evaporation globally
211 Osmosis is not driven by water dilution
212 Dead fish cause for concern in China river
213 Desert nomads marvel at water purifying device
214 Slovenia seeks better water management
215 Short of water, Peru's engineers 'make our own'
216 Lockheed Martin Moves Closer to Affordable Water Desalination