File Title
1 Jumping dew drops keep cicada wings clean
2 Dinosaur ancestors out of ancient Africa
3 Blood markers predict Alzheimer's risk
4 CERN re-creating first web page to revere early ideals
5 Saturn hurricane snapped by Cassini craft
6 Spanish doctor Fuentes convicted over cyclist doping
7 Toba super-volcano catastrophe idea 'dismissed'
8 Gene therapy: 'Heart-healing virus' trial starts
9 Herschel space telescope finishes mission
10 Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic spaceship ignites engine in flight
11 Lancashire kangaroo or wallaby sighting investigated
12 Scientific opinions differ on bee pesticide ban
13 BBC News Hangout: Your Space Questions
14 Football's top teams tap into burgeoning data bonanza
15 Viewpoint: Is there a glass ceiling in space?
16 Fear of fitting rooms: Tech to find your inner shopaholic
17 Five family-friendly adventures
18 Willem-Alexander sworn in as king of the Netherlands
19 Central Damascus 'hit by bomb explosion'
20 Kinky Boots and Matilda musicals lead Tony Awards field
21 Twitter warns news organisations over hacking amid Syrian attacks
22 Libya gunmen surround justice ministry in Tripoli
23 Dame Margot Fonteyn and the Panama sanitary towel coup
24 How the Dutch fell in love with their new queen
25 Fingerspelling--the alphabet on your hands
26 Dutch Queen Beatrix abdicates in favour of son
27 Parallel parking Belfast woman is internet hit
28 Tokyo governor in apology over Olympics comments
29 NBA's Jason Collins hopes gay athletes will follow suit
30 Skype now available for for users in the UK
31 Alibaba buys stake in China's Twitter-type Weibo service
32 Google Now suggested search results come to Apple iOS
33 Snake robot teams up with search-and-rescue dog in US
34 Barack Obama says Guantanamo Bay prison must close
35 Bomb blast in south Afghanistan kills NATO troops
36 April Jones murder: 'Bone found' at Mark Bridger's home
37 Irish cabinet expected to decide on abortion bill
38 Medicus: Five guilty in Kosovo human organ trade case
39 Shingles vaccine to be routine for people in their 70s
40 Sweatier babies 'are less aggressive toddlers,' Cardiff research suggests
41 Food addiction: could overeating be compulsive?
42 Mars Rover Opportunity slips into standby mode, NASA says
43 NASA spots a monster hurricane on Saturn
44 Consumer Reports: Dangerous bacteria on 90% of ground turkey tested
45 FDA probing caffeinated products, from gum to chips
46 Apple's iOS 7 said to be visually different, flat
47 Path hits 10 million user mark
48 Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo makes history with1st rocket-powered flight
49 Google Now launches on iPhones, iPads
50 NOAA: Water temps reach a 150-year high in northeast
51 Comet of the century might cause a meteor shower
52 Samsung reveals 7-inch Galaxy Tab 3
53 Boston bombing probe: What female DNA may mean in investigation
54 Sources: Female DNA found on Boston bomb fragment
55 Obama defends fed handling of Boston bombers
56 Alabama mom shot dead holding her newborn in her arms
57 FBI releases video of 2 Boston bombing suspects
58 Crowds line up to meet Doolittle's Raiders for last time
59 NBA center Jason Collins: I'm gay
60 Obamas praise Jason Collins: "We've got your back!"
61 Poll: Americans against U.S. intervention in Syria, N. Korea
62 Tim Tebow era over in New York after Jets cut QB
63 American mother living in U.K. forced her 14-year-old daughter to get pregnant, judge says
64 Being born in United States raises allergy risk, study suggests
65 NFL--Hall of Famer: Parkinson's symptoms go beyond motion problems
66 Woman who underwent 2011 womb transplant 6 weeks pregnant
67 Woman with "shy bladder" claims she was discriminated against during drug test
68 FDA rejects two HIV drugs as stand-alone treatments
69 Hospitals turn to cleaning "robots" to fight superbugs
70 New York State proposes raising smoking age to 21
71 Pediatricians urge doctors to support mother's wishes for home birth
72 Upper arm lifts up 4,000% thanks to women who want arms like Michelle Obama
73 Four-year-old child of bird-flu infected man also develops H7N9 virus
74 Brawl on Everest? 3 climbers claim Sherpas attacked them
75 Boston investigators attempt to pin down Tsarnaev brothers' influences
76 Syrian rebels to get 1st direct U.S. support as $8M in medical supplies, rations set for delivery
77 Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell's murder trial sparks political firestorm
78 Boston bombing victim: I'm one of the lucky ones
79 Brawl on Everest? 3 climbers claim Sherpas attacked them
80 NBA owner Mark Cuban: "No question" other athletes will come out after Collins
81 Estrogen-Blocking Drugs May Lower Breast Cancer Risk
82 Pretty City Images Reveal How People Move
83 Reference: Facts About Vanadium
84 HIV Testing Recommended for All Teens and Adults
85 Monkeys at Risk as Harvard Terminates Center: Op-Ed
86 Missing Rune Stone Returned to Rhode Island Authorities
87 What Is the World's Biggest Diamond?
88 Javelin-Hurling Scientists Measure Antarctic Glacier Melt
89 Cicada Wings Are Self-Cleaning
90 What Is the World's Largest Tree?
91 Allergies Less Common Among Kids Born Outside the US
92 Six Months Since Sandy: A Long Road Ahead
93 Brain-Wasting Disease Lurks in UK Blood Supply
94 Obama Praises Mars Rovers, US Science in Speech
95 Best Rx for Bees? Their Own Honey
96 Plant Parts Release Sperm When Squeezed
97 Supervolcano Not to Blame for Humanity's Near-Extinction
98 The Secret to Curbing Population Growth
99 Weird Dino Ancestors Boomed After Mass Extinction
100 Will Tutoring Boost Math Scores? Brain Scans Can Tell
101 Eww! Early Earth Smelled Like Rotten Eggs
102 Scientists Bounce Laser Beams Off Old Soviet Moon Rover
103 Crocodile Hunter's Dad Out to Save Great Barrier Reef
104 Obama Champions Science Research in Address
105 EU to Ban Certain Pesticides to Help Bees
106 Family Crypt of Medieval Knight Possibly Discovered
107 Woman Who Received Uterus Transplant Now Pregnant
108 Japan Tsunami Debris Confirmed in California
109 Baseball-Playing Robot in a League of its Own
110 Fish Use 'Sign Language' to Help Out Hunting Buddies
111 Record-Warmth in the Desert Southwest into Early This Week
112 Is Your Hometown a Top Tornado City?
113 Plastic Surgery Trend: Upper Arm Lifts on the Rise
114 Getting to the Bottom of Why Guppies Jump
115 Animal Sex: How Newts Do It