File Title
1 Hybrid grass 'could reduce flooding impact'
2 Hepatitis C: Closing in on its viral origins
3 Antarctic nematodes and climate change
4 Mini guide to Budapest's spas
5 Dhaka building collapse: Factory owners arrested
6 North Korea to issue verdict on US citizen
7 Boeing 787 Dreamliner returns to service in Ethiopia flight
8 'Part of 9/11 plane landing gear' found in New York
9 India anger over Sarabjit Singh attack in Pakistan jail
10 Tweets of the week: Bush Library, Amanda Palmer and Tylenol
11 Boston bombings: Was Dagestan the starting point?
12 Doubts over China government claims on Xinjiang attack
13 Bottles from wreck that inspired Whisky Galore auctioned
14 Armed drones operated from RAF base in UK, says MoD
15 China tea set and brooch among royals' gifts to Obamas
16 Zadar: One Square Mile of Croatia
17 Rio Maracana stadium in Brazil to re-open after renovation
18 Max Clifford: PR guru vows to clear name after charges
19 Chinese authorities find 22 fake Apple stores
20 Latin America 'threatened by rising cancer cases'
21 Rapid diagnostic test promises end to leprosy torment
22 Escaping the heat in Far North Queensland
23 Mississippi man arrested in US ricin letters inquiry
24 Rumor: Apple returned batch of 8 million defective iPhones to Foxconn
25 Apple preps new retail store in Adelaide, Australia
26 LG Display's profits grow, but reports cite 'weakened' demand for Apple's iPhone & iPad
27 Supposed Apple 'iPad 5' rear casing again shows mini-like design
28 New Yahoo iOS app launches, integrates Summly's technology
29 Apple donates $8M to Chinese earthquake recovery efforts
30 Earnings preview: Apple expected to report record iPad sales, first shrinking profit in a decade
31 Apple adds download later option to iTunes 11, iOS 6
32 Fresh photos of Apple's Austin campus show nearly completed first building, new parking garage
33 The bizarre campaign against Apple's Tim Cook
34 ITC throws out Motorola patent suit against Apple
35 Twitterrific updated with notification badges, Favstar integration
36 Apple reportedly restricting use of special characters in app descriptions
37 Apple's virtual input tool patent could bring next-level UI interactivity to OS X
38 Apple invention creates a secure device-to-device network with just a picture
39 Apple's iCloud services again hit by global outage
40 Apple's $15 settlement checks for iPhone 4 'antennagate' begin arriving
41 Logitech's iPad FabricSkin Folios feature slim, Surface-like cloth keyboards
42 Fiscal 2013 predicted to become 'a year to forget' for Apple, higher hopes seen for 2014
43 NPD: Apple's iTunes accounts for 67% of TV downloads, 65% of movies
44 Apple invention would allow for peripheral-based authentication, password recovery
45 Apple beats on revenue but sees profits fall for first time in a decade
46 Apple increases dividend by 15%, boosts capital return spending to $100B through 2015
47 Notes of interest from Apple's Q2 2013 conference call
48 Cook: Apple has surprises in the works for fall, all of 2014
49 Apple's iPad, iPhone sales skyrocket as Mac and iPod falter
50 Apple CEO hints bigger iPhone screen may come when 'trade-offs' can be avoided
51 Cook on Apple's Chinese Q2: Our best China quarter ever
52 Tim Cook admits he wishes Apple had held launch of new iMac until 2013
53 Apple's iTunes Store ahead of 10th anniversary, store hits record $4B in revenues for Q2
54 Early reviews laud BlackBerry Q10's QWERTY keyboard and battery life
55 Reviewers find Samsung's Galaxy S4 to be a solid performer, but not revolutionary
56 Tweetbot's new 'media timeline' only displays tweets with photos and video
57 Apple to kick off Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10 in San Francisco
58 Apple promises to show off new versions of both iOS and OS X at WWDC 2013
59 Apple to post all WWDC 2013 session videos online for registered developers
60 Apple celebrates 'A Decade of iTunes' with year-by-year milestones
61 Sprint sold 1.5M iPhones in March quarter, but lost 560,000 customers
62 Wall Street disappointed by indications that Apple won't launch new products until fall
63 AT&T activates 4.8M iPhones in March quarter, trails Verizon in customers added
64 Apple CEO Tim Cook offering coffee date for charity auction
65 Apple's R&D expenses surge 33%, on pace to top $4 billion this year
66 Apple giving away 150 WWDC tickets to up-and-coming student coders
67 Microsoft to unveil Xbox successor on May 21 as Amazon mulls set-top box
68 Apple's MacBook Pro named 'Best Performing Windows Laptop' by IT company
69 iCloud push notifications may soon be restored in Germany after stay in Motorola trial
70 Apple's updated Campus 2 plans add pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths
71 Apple's map printing invention points to enhanced 'Maps' service
72 Apple wants to use iPhone Bluetooth to locate, interact with cars
73 Supply shortages delay Samsung Galaxy S4 launch at Sprint, T-Mobile
74 Chinese court fines Apple $118K over e-book copyright violations
75 Best Buy begins opening dedicated in-store Samsung Experience Shops
76 Nokia teases unveiling of new Lumia Windows Phone at May 14 event
77 Apple immediately sells out of WWDC 2013 tickets
78 Apple's first retail store in Berlin gets May 3 grand opening
79 Windows 8 tablets grab 7% of shipments, Apple's iPad still controls nearly half
80 Leap Motion controller sales pushed back to July due to software issues
81 XCOM lands on Mac App Store, Lego Batman comes to iOS
82 Instapaper sells majority share to Betaworks, app service to continue
83 Apple reportedly offering WWDC tickets to select developers after quick sell-out
84 IDC: Apple's iPhone sheds marketshare as smartphones out-ship feature phones for first time
85 Samsung Electronics profits grow 42% on strength of smartphone sales
86 Tim Cook's coffee date crushes records with $560,000 bid for charity
87 Apple changes plans on VPN On Demand behavior, 'Always' option to stay unchanged for some devices
88 Loyalty to Apple driving iPhone market share gains vs. Android--survey
89 Google buys Wavii for an estimated $30 million, reportedly outbidding Apple
90 Glitch in Apple's iMessage deletes words 'Obama,' 'surprise'
91 Apple schools iOS users on in-app purchases with new App Store
92 Apple may challenge $368M VirnetX patent suit ruling, SEC filing reveals
93 Mailbox email client working on iPad and Mac apps, possible non-Gmail account support
94 Apple announces resurrection of 'Tech Talks' coming this fall
95 AI readers now get lowest prices on Apple's iMacs & MacBooks with new coupons
96 Apple sends informational mailer to neighbors of forthcoming Campus 2
97 Tim Cook on 5-inch iPhone: Apple won't make compromised phones like Android makers
98 Best performing Windows PC on the market? Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro, of course
99 Apple's revolutionary iTunes turns 10, faces new challenges
100 Cash cow: Apple's new pitch to investors
101 Analysts cut Apple targets, estimates
102 Samsung delays plastic 'Galaxy S4' phone claiming inventory challenges
103 Apple's earnings report: 4 big red flags
104 Apple's smartphone strategy: It's the ecosystem, stupid
105 Bid now on coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Apple HQ in Cupertino to benefit charity
106 Apple patent application reveals advanced automotive access and control system
107 Apple to tap a hungry debt market; strong demand likely from investors eager to get cash off sidelines
108 Which analysts cut their Apple price target after Tuesday's report
109 Cody Willard: How Apple can get to $900
110 Apple's next big thing is not a smartwatch or TV; it's the iPad
111 Apple ditches the attitude, shows it's human after all or something
112 Tim Cook is showing evidence of leadership changes; what to expect from Apple's newly humbled CEO
113 MacPad? Apple CEO defends Mac line as analysts foresee Mac+iPad hybrids
114 Why didn't Apple's margins improve last quarter?
115 Qualcomm's cheap phone warning is ominous for Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia
116 Apple offering 150 free WWDC tickets to student developers
117 Tickets for Apple's WWDC 2013 sell out in 2 minutes
118 Apple submits revised 'Mothership' Campus 2 plans, delays 'Tantau' development to cut costs
119 UBS models $40 billion debt raise for Apple
120 Analyst: iPhone 5S and new low-cost iPhone expected to debut in early September
121 Apple in perspective
122 Apple hints at 'exciting new product categories'
123 Put emotions aside and buy Apple, here's why
124 Apple just dropped a clue on Jony Ive's iOS overhaul
125 Apple stock fell victim to index funds
126 Should Apple abandon California and land their new 'Mothership' campus in Texas instead?
127 Yankee Group: Apple continues to eat Samsung's lunch; customer loyalty will drive iPhone ownership past Android's peak
128 IDC: Smartphones out-ship features phones for first time
129 Can carriers handle a low-cost iPhone?
130 Apple debuts 60-second iPhone 5 TV ad 'Photos Every Day' (with video)
131 Strategy Analytics: Apple's iPad maintains 48% tablet market share worldwide; Windows tablets capture 7.5% share
132 Apple CEO Tim Cook resets 3 popular, and wrong, Apple rumors
133 Autodesk: 80% of college students in CAD-based majors prefer Apple Macintosh
134 Decoding Apple's cryptic WWDC 2013 invitation
135 Apple's massive $100 billion capital return program is a perfect tax arbitrage
136 China Telecom's profit gains as Apple iPhone helps boost data usage
137 Charity auction bids for coffee with Tim Cook pass $500,000
138 Judge rules Apple did not infringe on Golden Bridge patent
139 Debt-free Apple to take on debt to avoid huge U.S. repatriation tax hit
140 The Church of Market Share revisited
141 Apple's bounce doesn't impress technical analysts
142 Why Apple stock is grossly undervalued
143 Yankee Group: iPhone ownership in the U.S. will top Android by 2015
144 Fascinating Liquidmetal patent from Apple surfaces in Europe
145 Swype VP confirms talks with Apple on revolutionary keyboard technology
146 Apple to ramp up production of Haswell-based MacBooks in May, sources say