File Title
1 Cloud mystery in Saturn's rings solved
2 Feather patterns reveal stem cell secrets
3 Einstein's theory passes deep space test
4 Earth's core far hotter than thought
5 'Smart skin' hope for touch sensor
6 UK shale gas bonanza 'not assured'
7 Carneddau ponies a 'unique' breed, say Aberystwyth University researchers
8 Guy Stewart Callendar: Global warming discovery marked
9 DNA: the 'smartest' molecule in existence?
10 The man who sent Dylan Thomas into space
11 Stink bugs: the scientific battle against an insect invasion
12 Tracking Britain's high-speed rail plans
13 Boston Marathon bombing suspect moved to prison
14 Dhaka building collapse: Fears for hundreds still missing
15 George Jones, American country singer, dies aged 81
16 US economy grows 2.5% on buoyant consumer spending
17 Israel 'to stop using white phosphorus shells'
18 Covert help for Syria's rebels in Jordan
19 The fashion world's silver stylistas
20 Overprotected children 'more likely to be bullied'
21 South Korea 'to withdraw staff' from Kaesong zone in North
22 How little money can a person live on?
23 Reece Elliot admits making US death threats on Facebook
24 'Growing evidence' of chemical weapons use in Syria--UK
25 Woman on hen party dies as 19 injured in crash on M62
26 The booming cult of multiplayer games
27 North Korea embraces 3G service
28 Dutchman arrested over huge web attack
29 Samsung Electronics profits boosted by smartphone sales
30 Warning over bug in Android Viber chat app
31 LED streetlamp aims to improve public's view of stars
32 Clear your desk and go anywhere (almost) paperless
33 Who is the Syrian Electronic Army?
34 Dhaka building collapse: 'Large group' found alive
35 Store pulls monkey nuts from shelves over 'peanuts warning'
36 Home truths for online falsehoods
37 Latin America 'threatened by rising cancer cases'
38 Nigeria polio: Immunising the vaccine fears
39 Movement of pyrrole molecules defy 'classical' physics
40 New excavations indicate use of fertilizers 5,000 years ago
41 Computer scientists suggest new spin on origins of evolvability
42 Fish win fights on strength of personality
43 To win an election, a strongly connected voter network is key, physicists conclude
44 The enemy of my friend: Altruistic punishment in humans called into question
45 Research sheds light on how patterns form in bird feathers
46 N/A
47 Researchers at IceCube detect record energy neutrinos
48 Wolfram Alpha data reveals social/personal patterns of Facebook users
49 Einstein's gravity theory passes toughest test yet: Bizarre binary star system pushes study of relativity to new limits
50 Astronomer studies far-off worlds through 'characterization by proxy'
51 Competing pathways affect early differentiation of higher brain structures
52 The Earth's center is 1,000 degrees hotter than previously thought
53 New atomic magnetometer doesn't need to be shielded from Earth's magnetic field
54 Cargo spaceship docks with ISS despite antenna mishap (Update)
55 Toyota, Microsoft beef up Net service
56 Graphene layers dramatically reduce wear and friction on sliding steel surfaces
57 Wind power--even without the wind
58 Controlling proton source speeds catalyst in turning electricity to fuel
59 New study gives insight into why some people diversify resources and others conserve
60 New study offers insight on pandemic flu
61 LG Electronics HMD patent sets sights on video viewing
62 New view of how embryos develop: Imaging technique allows researchers to see how cells form early spinal cord structures
63 New research challenges two prevailing theories on how Maya civilization began
64 Great balls of iron: Researchers uncover clue to bird navigation
65 Piezoelectric 'taxel' arrays convert motion to electronic signals for tactile imaging
66 Light switches brain signaling: Longer days bring 'winter blues' for rats
67 Humpback whales able to learn from others, study finds
68 Researchers find without microtubule guidance, cellulose causes changes in organ patterns during growth
69 Scientists discover new way protein degradation is regulated
70 To win an election, a strongly connected voter network is key, physicists conclude
71 The enemy of my friend: Altruistic punishment in humans called into question
72 New phase of water could dominate the interiors of Uranus and Neptune
73 Inkjet-printed graphene electrodes may lead to low-cost, large-area, possibly foldable devices
74 Wind turbines operate under great turbulence, with consequences for grid stability
75 Immune protein C4BP potentially suitable as transporter for drugs
76 Sea surface temperatures reach highest level in 150 years
77 Book explores the link between evolution and criminal behavior
78 Racing car with electric drive
79 The nanostructure of edible fats
80 Probing Question: Are we running out of helium?
81 Threats loom for Australia's outback biodiversity
82 This spot on Mercury (almost) never goes dark
83 US banking sector too vulnerable to hackers, report says
84 Keeping beverages cool in summer: It's not just the heat, it's the humidity
85 Ukraine marks Chernobyl disaster amid efforts to secure reactor (Update)
86 Yahoo chairman joins recent boardroom exodus
87 Fair-weather clouds hold dirty secret
88 Clever use of high-resolution mass spectrometry allows rapid cataloging of sulfur-containing compounds in plant extracts
89 Australian statistics bureau systems hacked
90 Videogame titan Electronic Arts to lay off more staff
91 Military grooms new officers for war in cyberspace
92 Facebook buys mobile app builder Parse
93 Learning platform uses quiz concept
94 Breath study brings roadside drug testing closer
95 Samsung profit at record high on smartphone boost
96 Tracking gunfire with a smartphone
97 Better data needed in determining sea turtle population trends
98 Researchers solve mystery of Lincoln's funeral train
99 Cassini observes meteors colliding with Saturn's rings
100 Study shows how Parkinson's disease protein acts like a virus
101 New imaging technology could reveal cellular secrets
102 Scientists create novel approach to find RNAs involved in long-term memory storage
103 Vaterite: Crystal within a crystal helps resolve an old puzzle
104 Missing link in Parkinson's disease found
105 Researchers develop new metrics for X-ray and neutron analysis of flexible macromolecules
106 Monkeys found to conform to social norms
107 Climate change disrupts songbird's timing without impacting population size (yet)
108 Researchers identify key cellular organelle involved in gene silencing
109 New phase of water could dominate the interiors of Uranus and Neptune
110 Contests to name moons and exoplanets irk International Astronomical Union
111 ITER blanket technology approved
112 US army seeks new technology to replace GPS
113 Optical magnetic microscope for high-resolution, wide-field cell imaging
114 Entire galaxies feel the heat from newborn stars: Bursts of star birth can curtail future galaxy growth
115 New imaging technology could reveal cellular secrets
116 Piezoelectric 'taxel' arrays convert motion to electronic signals for tactile imaging
117 Scientists image nanoparticles in action
118 2D organic materials: World's first synthesis of thiophene nanosheets with 3.5nm thickness
119 Discovery yields supertough, strong nanofibers
120 Battery and memory device in one: Future nanoelectronic information storage devices are also tiny batteries
121 Greener methods for making popular nanoparticle
122 Nanowires grown on graphene have surprising structure
123 The crystal's corners: New nanowire structure has potential to increase semiconductor applications
124 Investigating the environmental impact of nanosilver
125 Two-photon microscopy: New research may help drastically reduce cost of powerful microscope technique
126 Team uses solar-powered proteins to filter harmful antibiotics from water
127 Freedom of assembly: Scientists see nanoparticles form larger structures in real time
128 Graphene and graphExeter combine to create a new flexible, transparent, photosensitive device
129 Nano compartments may aid drug delivery, fuel cell design
130 Pure gold nanoparticles can inhibit fat storage
131 Chemists discover simpler method of making 'wonder material'
132 IU surgeon's nanoparticle research takes inspiration from Greek mythology
133 Hybrid energy harvester generates electricity from vibrations and sunlight
134 Super-nanotubes: 'Remarkable' spray-on coating combines carbon nanotubes with ceramic
135 New nanotechnique to deliver life-saving drugs to the brain
136 Patterns on extremely small fibres: Study pushes regenerative medicine another step forward
137 Small in size, big on power: New microbatteries the most powerful yet
138 Manganese dioxide nanorod technology could lead to a better capacitor
139 Layered '2-D nanocrystals' promising new semiconductor
140 Team demonstrates quantum dots that assemble themselves
141 Nanoscopic cages for big applications
142 Engineers craft new material for high-performing 'supercapacitors'
143 Nanodiamonds could improve effectiveness of breast cancer treatment
144 Biomimetic nanosponges absorb toxins released by bacterial infections and venom
145 'Cornell Dots': Scientists develop world's smallest drug deliverer
146 Nanowire position and orientation precisely controlled using fluid flow
147 Nanosilver in textiles--friend or foe?
148 Researchers develop tiny gradient chip: System makes it easier to measure chemical reactivity
149 Good cats wear black: Black nanoparticles could play key role in clean energy photocatalysis
150 Color printing at highest resolution possible enabled by use of arrays of metal-coated nanostructures
151 New excavations indicate use of fertilizers 5,000 years ago
152 The problem with predictions: Speaker says peering into future remains an imperfect science
153 Evil gene would make punishment a tricky business
154 Facebook users who post more personal, less political seen as more humorous
155 Letters of 'Hark the Herald' composer published
156 Ohio hopes to save Richter scale developer legacy
157 Robot discovers chambers under ancient Mexico temple
158 US teens doing better on science tests than public realizes, survey says
159 Those 'experts' heralded for beating the odds--they were just lucky
160 Impossible jobs are possible, but thankless researchers say
161 Professor works to shrink error margins in US census data
162 People care about source of money, attach less value to 'tainted' wealth
163 Original Australians numbered 1,000-3,000, study finds
164 Archeologists unearth oldest Zapotec temple in Mexican valley
165 'How' often is more important than 'why' when describing breakups
166 Study finds troubling patterns of teacher assignments within schools
167 Whether human or hyena, there's safety in numbers
168 Instagram--more than self-portraits and pictures of food
169 Common component strategy could improve profits, research shows
170 Study shows teenagers can have a ball without excess
171 Pride, prejudice and strategic thinking: Jane Austen wrote the book on game theory
172 Research brings novel perspective to measuring marketing performance
173 Does international child sponsorship work? New research says yes