File Title
1 Coral reef spread 'ruled' by volcanoes
2 Why penguins lost their wings
3 Solar Impulse plane's trans-America bid continues
4 Wildlife stocktake highlights UK's most threatened species
5 Apples and pears shaping up to enjoy strong harvest
6 Ministers approve plans for world's biggest wave farm in Western Isles
7 Iodine deficiency 'may lower UK children's IQ'
8 Blue Flag awards given to 55 beaches in England
9 Vitamin C kills drug-resistant TB in lab tests
10 Scottish wildcat could be extinct 'within two years'
11 Just how bad is an EF5 tornado?
12 The Crofters' War and the Napier Commission
13 Can China become a hi-tech economy?
14 Walking with Jesus in the Galilee
15 Oklahoma tornado: Search for survivors nears end
16 Florida FBI kill man 'linked to Boston suspect Tsarnaev'
17 Venezuela ends toilet paper shortage
18 Riots grip Stockholm suburbs after police shooting
19 Iraq crisis: Gunmen kill 12 in Baghdad brothel
20 Readers' music to banish the blues
21 Israeli court considers landmark property law cases
22 Unmasking Chile's hooded protest movement
23 SAP in autism recruitment drive
24 Franglais row: Is the English language conquering France?
25 Xbox One pre-owned games may require fee payment
26 Gif's inventor says ignore dictionaries and say 'Jif'
27 Paperless public libraries switch to digital
28 Why feeling more pain may be better for you
29 US immigration bill passes Senate panel
30 Lone pilot's Arctic mission to map dark side of carbon
31 Xbox One: Web reacts to Microsoft's multimedia console
32 Couple's 163,000 pounds mobile phone bill shock
33 Google boss Eric Schmidt hits back at Ed Miliband over tax
34 IMF: UK 'long way from recovery'
35 Why one criminal stopped offending
36 Why the war between drivers and cyclists?
37 Tunisian man dies of new coronavirus
38 The NHS clinics helping victims of genital mutilation
39 Man breaks arm again after waiting six years for recovery
40 Microsoft announces Xbox One
41 Power of Okla. tornado surpassed Hiroshima bomb
42 Emergency face transplant successfully performed in Poland
43 Victoria's Secret will not make mastectomy bras
44 Microsoft's new Xbox: What to expect, where to watch
45 The 7 weirdest things made by 3D printing
46 NY official: Airbnb stay illegal; host fined $2,400
47 Yahoo announces Flickr redesign, 1 terabyte free space
48 Boston bombing suspect's friend Ibragim Todashev killed in FBI shootout
49 No more bodies or survivors likely in the rubble, Oklahoma official says
50 Kaitlyn Hunt Update: Charges against girl, 18, in same-sex underage relationship won't be dropped, despite public outcry, Fla. state attorney says
51 Top IRS official to invoke 5th Amendment at congressional testimony
52 Poll: Most think IRS targeting was deliberate
53 IRS' Lerner: "I have not done anything wrong"
54 Anthony Weiner comeback try begins: He's running for NYC mayor
55 Obama: "Full focus" is on recovery from Oklahoma tornado
56 Officials on Benghazi: "We made mistakes, but without malice"
57 Major immigration overhaul passes first big test
58 Will tornado relief funding escape politics?
59 U.S. iDs several men possibly responsible for Benghazi attack
60 Mysterious respiratory disease infects 7 in southeast Alabama, 2 dead
61 Ronald Poppo, face-chewing victim, still recovering one year later: Hospital
62 Clouds singer known for viral hit dies from osteosarcoma
63 Survival under tornado debris dependent on injuries, exposure to elements
64 Peers of suicide victims more likely to think about killing themselves
65 Federal appeals court strikes down Arizona's 20-week abortion ban
66 New coronavirus spreads to Tunisia, 66-year-old man dead
67 Clouds in the Head: New Model of Brain's Thought Processes
68 Engineers Devise New Way to Produce Clean Hydrogen
69 Allosaurus Fed More Like a Falcon Than a Crocodile: Engineering, Anatomy Work Reveals Differences in Dinosaur Feeding Styles
70 Small but Speedy: Short Plants Live in the Evolutionary Fast Lane
71 Origins of Human Culture Linked to Rapid Climate Change
72 Fourteen Closely Related Crocodiles Existed Around 5 Million Years Ago
73 Molecular Trigger for Alzheimer's Disease Identified
74 Non-Wetting Fabric That Drains Sweat Invented
75 The Mammoth's Lament: How Cosmic Impact Sparked Devastating Climate Change
76 Do Salamanders' Immune Systems Hold the Key to Regeneration?
77 Polymer Breakthrough Inspired by Trees and Ancient Celtic Knots
78 Bee and Wild Flower Biodiversity Loss Slows
79 Drought Makes Borneo's Trees Flower at the Same Time
80 Phthalates--Chemicals Widely Found in Plastics and Processed Food--Linked to Elevated Blood Pressure in Children and Teens
81 Lost in Translocation? How Bird Song Could Help Save Species
82 Study Reveals How Fishing Gear Can Cause Slow Death of Whales
83 Bird's Playlist Could Signal Mental Strengths and Weaknesses
84 Better Understanding of Water's Freezing Behavior at Nanoscale
85 Vitamin C Can Kill Drug-Resistant TB, Researchers Find
86 Drawing Closer to Alzheimer's Magic Bullet? Drugs Found to Both Prevent and Treat Alzheimer's Disease in Mice
87 Aggressive Behavior Linked Specifically to Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Childhood
88 Low Population Immunity to New Bird Flu Virus H7N9 in Humans
89 Inexpensive, Accurate Way to Detect Prostate Cancer: At-Home Urine Tests
90 Addiction as a Disorder of Decision-Making
91 Cold Plasma Successful Against Brain Cancer Cells, Study Suggests
92 Neuroscientists Explain How the Sensation of Brain Freeze Works
93 Genetic Marker Associated With Risk for Pulmonary Fibrosis
94 Whirlpools On the Nanoscale Could Multiply Magnetic Memory
95 Unique Method Creates Correct Mirror Image of Molecule
96 Big Data, for Better or Worse: 90% of World's Data Generated Over Last Two Years
97 Bacterial Spare Parts Filter Antibiotic Residue from Groundwater
98 Observations of Stellar Visibility by Citizen Scientists Accurately Measure the Brightness of the Night Sky
99 Life Scientists Present New Insights On Climate Change and Species Interactions
100 Two Miniature Spider Species Discovered in Giant Panda Sanctuaries of China
101 New Archaeological 'High Definition' Sourcing Sharpens Understanding of the Past
102 Mechanism Discovered Which Aids Legionella to Camouflage Itself in the Organism
103 The Pirate Ant: A New Species from the Philippines With a Bizarre Pigmentation Pattern
104 Oral Vaccine Against Diarrhea Promising
105 Important Genetic Factors That Could Influence Survival in Sepsis Patients
106 Common Brain Processes of Anesthetic-Induced Unconsciousness Identified
107 Dietary Advice On Added Sugar Is Damaging Our Health, Warns Heart Expert
108 Life Expectancy Gap Widens Between Those With Mental Illness and General Population
109 New Source of Kidneys for Transplant Suggested
110 Protein Study Suggests Drug Side Effects Are Inevitable
111 Novel Approach to Regulating Blood Sugar Levels in the Body
112 Potential New Risk for Sleep Apnea Identified: Asthma
113 Sleep Apnea Linked to Alzheimer's
114 Why the Super Bowl's Location Matters: Local Ties Still Bind Corporations
115 Visual Search Function: Where Scene Context Happens in Our Brain
116 Child Maltreatment Increases Risk of Adult Obesity
117 Elusive Search for Biomarkers in Huntington's Disease
118 Premature Birth Interrupts Vital Brain Development Processes Leading to Reduced Cognitive Abilities in Infants
119 How to Best Manage Workaholics: New Study Offers Insight
120 Mediterranean Diet Seems to Boost Aging Brain Power
121 Early-Life Traffic-Related Air Pollution Exposure Linked to Hyperactivity
122 Less Sleep Associated With Increased Risk of Crashes for Young Drivers
123 Gym Class Reduces Probability of Obesity, Study Finds for First Time
124 Resistance to Last-Line Antibiotic Makes Bacteria Resistant to Immune System
125 Intestinal Bacteria Protect Against E. Coli O157: H7
126 Ginger Compounds May Be Effective in Treating Asthma Symptoms, Study Suggests
127 Compound in Mediterranean Diet Makes Cancer Cells 'Mortal'
128 Fastest Measurements Ever Made of Ion Channel Proteins
129 Geochemist Aids Development of Geologic Time Scale for Study of Earth's History
130 New NOAA Report Examines National Oil Pollution Threat from Shipwrecks
131 Parasitic Wasps Use Calcium Pump to Block Fruit Fly Immunity
132 Amazon River Exhales Virtually All Carbon Taken Up by Rainforest
133 Not Just Blowing in the Wind: Compressing Air for Renewable Energy Storage
134 'Whodunnit' of Irish Potato Famine Solved
135 Origins of Life: In Early Earth, Iron Helped RNA Catalyze Electron Transfer
136 Fossil Brain Teaser: New Study Reveals Patterns of Dinosaur Brain Development
137 Archaeological Genetics: It's Not All as Old as It at First Seems
138 Reading Rock to Understand How Climate Change Unfolds
139 NASA's BARREL Mission Launches 20 Balloons
140 NASA's IRIS Mission Readies for a New Challenge
141 NASA Mars Rover Curiosity Drills Second Rock Target
142 Mars Rover Opportunity Examines Clay Clues in Rock
143 Nine-Year-Old Mars Rover Passes 40-Year-Old Record
144 Top-Class Biofuel from the Depths of the Forest
145 Magnetic Fingerprints of Superfluid Helium-3
146 How Gold Nanoparticles Can Help Fight Ovarian Cancer
147 Coming Into Existence: Lab Sets a New Record for Creating Heralded Photons
148 Ant Study Could Help Future Robot Teams Work Underground
149 A Tiny Programmable Fly's Eye
150 Soft Matter Offers New Ways to Study How Materials Arrange
151 Opening Doors to Foldable Electronics With Inkjet-Printed Graphene
152 Computational Tool Translates Complex Data Into Simplified Two-Dimensional Images
153 Iron-Platinum Alloys Could Be New-Generation Hard Drives