File Title
1 Scavenger cells help limbs to regrow
2 ABC comets rise from the dead
3 Ant studies to aid design of search and rescue robots
4 Vaccine for Schmallenberg virus 'available this summer'
5 EU bathing water continues to improve, says
6 NASA's Curiosity Mars rover drills second rock sample
7 Irish potato famine pathogen identified
8 Puzzle of why penguin cannot fly 'solved'
9 Tornado Alley: Patterns without predictability
10 Bahrain digs unveil one of oldest civilisations
11 Business trip: Denver
12 Oklahoma tornado: Search for survivors continues
13 Guantanamo wi-fi shut down after Anonymous threat
14 Syria and Israel in exchange of fire
15 Apple 'among largest tax avoiders in US'--Senate committee
16 Food swapping: The movement taking off in the UK
17 Clock ticks on Swiss banking secrecy
18 How religions change their mind
19 Scottish referendum: Alex Salmond says Scotland can afford independence
20 Saudi Arabia executes five Yemenis in Jizan
21 Living buildings for tomorrow's cities
22 Yahoo says Tumblr will boost revenue by 2014
23 Yahoo offers Flickr revamp with 1TB of 'free storage'
24 Ex-Nokia team makes rival smartphone Jolla
25 Tumblr and Yahoo: Why sex, jokes and gifs are worth $1.1bn
26 Sewage tech lets companies sort profit from Dubai poo
27 Xbox revealed: Experts on Microsoft's next games console
28 Is Apple's tax avoidance rational?
29 UK net firms block pirate movie websites
30 Apple's Tim Cook set to defend tax strategy in Senate
31 Bed-sharing 'raises cot death risk fivefold'
32 NHS patients on drips left dehydrated, says Nice
33 Tamiflu drug bill 'shocking waste of taxpayers' money'
34 Scans show premature-baby brain arrested development
35 Charles Bonnet Syndrome sufferer talks of hallucinations
36 Guatemala annuls Rios Montt's genocide conviction
37 Mars Rover Opportunity Breaks US Record for Off-Planet Driving
38 Curiosity Rover Drills Into Second Mars Rock, NASA Says (VIDEO)
39 Python, more than 18 feet long, sets new record in Florida
40 Largest Python Ever Caught In Florida Captured By Jason Leon, Miami Man (PHOTO)
41 Navy-Trained Dolphins Find Rare Torpedo Off San Diego Coast
42 Navy Dolphin Finds Rare 130-Year-Old Torpedo
43 Mice and lizards return from a month in space aboard an orbiting Russian capsule
44 Mice, gerbils perish in Russia space flight
45 Honeybees trained in Croatia to find land mines
46 Bees Trained to Detect Land Mines May Save Lives in Croatia
47 'Whodunnit' of Irish potato famine solved
48 Pathogen genome tracks Irish potato famine back to its roots
49 Non-wetting fabric drains sweat
50 Thailand urged to explore edible insect market to meet food demands
51 Can We End Hunger by Eating Bugs?
52 National Tribute Honors Memory of Sally Ride, 1st American Woman in Space
53 Sally Ride National Tribute At Kennedy Center Tonight
54 Months after death, Sally Ride wins honors from White House and NASA
55 Alaska Volcano's Ash Prompts Flight Cancellations
56 Alaska volcano shoots ash 15,000 feet into the air
57 High-quality inkjet-printed graphene circuits: One step closer to foldable computers
58 Graphene Ink Could Lead To Bendable Electronics
59 NASA and The White House Pay Tribute to Sally Ride
60 Solving a Riddle of Primes
61 Unknown Mathematician Proves Elusive Property of Prime Numbers
62 Study Sheds Light on How Brain and Inner Ear Developed in Dinosaurs
63 The wheels come off Kepler
64 Invasive Crazy Ants Are Displacing Fire Ants, Researchers Find
65 Alien 'crazy ants' invading southern U.S.
66 Climate Change Raises Manhattan's Death Toll by 20 Percent in Summer
67 Heatwave deaths in New York city could rise by up to 22%, study shows
68 I'm terrified of the cicada onslaught
69 NASA's Planet-Hunting Kepler Telescope Will Have Long Legacy, Despite Big Glitch
70 Kepler or not, we'll find life in space
71 Q&A: The Future of the Kepler Spacecraft
72 A Texas Welcome to the Endangered Species Act?
73 Breakthrough in Understanding Alzheimer's Disease Onset: Catalytic Trigger Discovered
74 New Waterproof Fabric Developed that Sucks Sweat, Remains Dry and Breathable
75 German Scientists Develop "Omega-3 Sausage"
76 Tunisia announces 3 cases of coronavirus including 1 death
77 WHO warns Saudi coronavirus may be spreading; calls for urgent search for source
78 Navajo Confront an Increase in New H.I.V. Infections
79 30 Years of HIV: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
80 Tooth and Nail: Fluoride Fight Cracks Portland's Left
81 Fluoride question divides Portland
82 Fluoridated water? Not all Portlanders will drink to that
83 Pfizer picks up the pieces after its armed antibody crashes in PhIII
84 UC hospitals say patients safe despite strike
85 Judge allows thousands of UC medical workers to strike
86 Coffee Cuts Biliary Duct Risk
87 Keep Liver Disease Away by Regular Coffee Intake
88 Babies who share bed with parents 5 times more likely to die of SIDS
89 Any Bed-Sharing Puts Baby at Risk for SIDS
90 FDA staff says Merck's sleep drug effective, questions dosage
91 FDA Queries Need for Higher Doses of Insomnia Drug
92 FDA: Merck's sleep drug suvorexant effective, but safety issues draw heavy flak
93 Health Care Implementation Will Be Bumpy But Fruitful, Says Panel
94 Potential Donors to Enroll America Grow Skittish
95 Boys with ADHD twice as likely to be obese adults: study
96 Childhood ADHD linked to obesity in adulthood according to new study
97 ADHD May Prime Boys for Obesity
98 Zach Sobiech, whose goodbye song 'Clouds' touched millions, has died
99 Mediterranean Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet in Fighting Off Dementia
100 Add Olive Oil or Nuts to Guard Brain
101 Nutty finding: Olive oil, nuts can protect your brain
102 Cannibalistic Attack Victim Thanks Community, Doctors
103 Do sunscreen SPF ratings really mean anything?
104 Normal or Not? New Psychiatric Manual Stirs Controversy
105 Therapy at Work? Bosses Say Yes
106 Kava Plant May Treat Anxiety
107 Is Google's Quantum Computer Worth the Hype?
108 Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Strikes Off Chilean Coast
109 Could Drones Revolutionize Agriculture?
110 Tennis and Mono: A Love Match?
111 Not My Kid: Most Parents Unaware Teen Is Using Study Drugs
112 Costa Rica Has a Sea Turtle Egg-Poaching Problem
113 Navy Dolphin Finds Rare 130-Year-Old Torpedo
114 Famous Prime Number Conjecture One Step Closer to Proof
115 Portland Fluoridation Vote Reignites Debate
116 Is Glass a Liquid at Room Temperature?
117 Deadly Middle-East Coronavirus Has a New Name: MERS
118 Missing Parts? Salamander Regeneration Secret Revealed
119 Reference: Facts About Rubidium
120 Reference: 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Names
121 Army of Underwater Vehicles to Unravel Ocean Mysteries
122 Reference: Facts About Strontium
123 Sleep-Deprived Teen Drivers More Likely to Crash
124 Nearly 19 Feet! Longest Burmese Python Captured in Florida
125 What Explains the Recent Outbreak of Tornadoes?
126 Reference: What is a Prime Number?
127 Extinct 'Scissorhands' Critter Named for Johnny Depp
128 The 7 Weirdest Things Made By 3D Printing
129 Location Data Reveals Our Changing Planet
130 Co-Sleeping with Baby Raises SIDS Risk
131 Anesthetic Drug May Treat Depression