File Title
1 Air pollution may harden arteries
2 Ancient Australia 'deliberately' settled
3 ISON could blast Earth with meteor shower
4 LHCb results show new antimatter clue but puzzle abides
5 Making of Europe unlocked by DNA
6 UK CO2 emissions rising, government advisers warn
7 IBM's robot sidekick aims to aid field engineers
8 East Germany athletes were 'chemical field tests'
9 How are humans going to become extinct?
10 Bringing people back from the dead
11 Glasgow medics 'fly' through head and neck
12 Nice on a budget
13 Boston Marathon bombing: US officials in Dagestan
14 Bangladesh Dhaka building collapse leaves 80 dead
15 Walk-to-burn-calorie menu 'diet aid'
16 Trial of Russian activist Alexei Navalny resumes
17 US drops case against ricin letter suspect Paul Curtis
18 Boston bombings: How to interrogate a suspected terrorist
19 Canada train plot: Iran's al-Qaeda problem
20 The changing face of the average Aussie
21 Hundreds of Europeans fighting in Syria, says EU expert
22 MASH actor Allan Arbus dies at 95
23 China's Xinjiang hit by deadly clashes
24 Mobiles answer the call of nature
25 Enrico Letta set to become Italy's new prime minister
26 Whatsapp dedicated button built into Nokia Asha phone
27 BitTorrent Sync challenges cloud-based file management
28 Samsung works on mind-control tablet
29 Apple profits fall for first time in a decade
30 Nintendo profits revived by weak yen
31 Twitter: The @rvp who is not Robin van Persie
32 Syria clashes destroy ancient Aleppo minaret
33 Taiwan reports first bird flu case outside China
34 'Cosmetic crisis' waiting to happen
35 HIV spread in England 'could be halted within generation'
36 From Belgian school to Syrian battleground
37 Biological activity alters the ability of sea spray to seed clouds
38 Cocktail of multiple pressures combine to threaten the world's pollinating insects
39 3 new studies reveal added fiber's impact on various health indices
40 Rise in sodium intake in US over last decade despite health officials' call for reduction
41 Positive effect of white button mushrooms when substituted for meat on body weight and composition changes during weight loss and weight maintenance
42 New findings on tree nuts and health presented at the Experimental Biology Meeting in Boston, Mass.
43 Study Shows Reproductive Effects of Pesticide Exposure Span Generations
44 Less rainfall expected for the Hawaiian Islands
45 Baby sea turtles and flipper-driven robot reveal principles of moving on sand
46 Sea turtles inspire beach-walking robot
47 New data show that white potatoes increase intake of potassium
48 New research points to benefits of eggs, even for those at cardiovascular risk
49 Study Led by NUS Scientists Reveals Escalating Cost of Forest Conservation
50 Contact killing of Salmonella Typhimurium by human faecal bacteria
51 Israeli scientists discover why soft corals have unique pulsating motion
52 Study finds that residential lawns efflux more carbon dioxide than corn fields
53 Insights into deadly coral bleaching could help preserve reefs
54 Study: source of organic matter affects Bay water quality
55 Wildfires can burn hot without ruining soil, new study finds
56 Calculating phosphorus and calcium concentrations in meat and bone meal for pig diets
57 Earth Day: Big Ecosystem Changes Viewed Through the Lens of Tiny Carnivorous Plants
58 X-ray analysis could boost legumes, thus reducing fertilizer pollution
59 Research at EB 2013 reports potential health benefits associated with mushroom consumption
60 Deep, Permeable Soils Buffer Impacts of Agricultural Fertilization on Streams and Rivers in Southern Amazon, MBL Study Finds
61 Improving survival of pig sperm
62 Team reports on abuse of students doing anthropological fieldwork
63 A formula that can calculate a person's speed by just looking at their footprints
64 Ocean acidification as a hearing aid for fish?
65 Nitrogen has key role in estimating CO2 emissions from land use change
66 Massive amounts of charcoal enter the worlds' oceans
67 Earth's current warmth not seen in the last 1,400 years or more, says study
68 Bugs produce diesel on demand
69 Geochemical method finds links between terrestrial climate and atmospheric carbon dioxide
70 Ecology, economy and management of an agro-industrial Amazon frontier
71 Health impact assessments prove critical public health tool
72 GEOSPHERE Features Top Geoscience Technology, Including LiDAR, EarthScope, CHIRP, ALSM, and IODP Instrumentation
73 New material approach should increase solar cell efficiency
74 The Asian Monsoon is Getting Predictable
75 Air pollution diminishing air quality at Devils Postpile National Monument
76 Analysis of 2,000 Years of Climate Records Finds Global Cooling Trend Ended in the 19th Century
77 Microscopic dust particles found in underground railways may pose health risk
78 New LED streetlight design curbs light pollution
79 Sunlit Snow Triggers Atmospheric Cleaning, Ozone Depletion in the Arctic
80 Looking for Life by the Light of Dying Stars
81 Humans passing drug resistance to animals in protected Africa, Virginia Tech study says
82 Battling with bugs to prevent antibiotic resistance
83 Ancient DNA reveals Europe's dynamic genetic history
84 Flexible partnership allows lichens to occur in different habitats
85 A potential biomarker for pregnancy-associated heart disease?
86 No rebirth for insulin secreting pancreatic beta cells
87 Odd experiments by 'America's first physiologist' shed light on digestion
88 Tinkerbella nana--a new representative from the world of fairyflies
89 Media Alert--NASH Diagnosis Set to Improve With Non-Invasive Tool
90 Direct-acting antivirals now ready for prime time with promising alternatives on the way
91 Huddersfield scientist helps to reveal a link in the evolutionary chain
92 Video reveals cancer cells' Achilles' heel
93 Important fertility mechanism discovered
94 Mild blast injury causes molecular changes in brain akin to Alzheimer, Pitt team says
95 International study finds new genetic links to juvenile arthritis
96 Guelph Scientists Develop First Vaccine to Help Control Autism Symptoms
97 Fighting bacteria with a new genre of antibodies
98 Is food truly addictive?
99 Forensic sciences are 'fraught with error'
100 Is pet ownership sustainable?
101 Does International Child Sponsorship Work? New Research Says Yes.
102 Lung cancer mortality rates linked to primary care provider density
103 Emotional intelligence trumps IQ in dentist-patient relationship, CWRU study finds
104 Double cropping helps Brazil's development
105 Technology transforms health care
106 1 million hours of psychiatrist time wasted yearly on phone approval for hospitalization
107 Study finds troubling patterns of teacher assignments within schools
108 New study shows children routinely injured or killed by guns
109 People care about the source of cash, attach less value to 'tainted' wealth
110 Moms more likely than other employees to leave male-dominated jobs with long hours
111 Scripts help novice instructors teach pediatric CPR
112 ERs Have Become De Facto Psych Wards
113 Researchers discover new explanation for diabetes and poor growth
114 Drug therapy offers high cure rate for 2 hepatitis C subtypes
115 Cause of LED Efficiency Droop Finally Revealed
116 Jupiter's atmosphere still contains water supplied by the Shoemaker-Levy 9 impact
117 New Research Findings Open Door to Zinc-Oxide-based UV Lasers, LED Devices
118 Scientists provide 'new spin' on emerging quantum technologies
119 Researchers Identify New Pathway, Enhancing Tamoxifen to Tame Aggressive Breast Cancer
120 Secret of the Crystal's Corners: New Nanowire Structure Has Potential to Increase Semiconductor Applications
121 Nanowires grown on graphene have surprising structure
122 Rare galaxy found furiously burning fuel for stars
123 Battery and Memory Device in One
124 Recipe for Low-Cost, Biomass-Derived Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
125 UNL team's discovery yields supertough, strong nanofibers
126 Ice tubes in polar seas--'brinicles' or 'sea stalactites'--provide clues to origin of life
127 Can the friend of my friend be my enemy?
128 Rivers act as 'horizontal cooling towers,' study finds
129 Fish was on the menu for early flying dinosaur
130 Virtual, squishy creatures evolve to run using evolutionary algorithms
131 Anti-sickling therapies should be focus for sickle cell science
132 How deployment affects families
133 Social media, social kids
134 Early learning from educational media
135 No 'silver bullet' for science standards
136 Learning disabilities affect up to 10% of children
137 Previously unpublished paper by Francis Crick and Jeffries Wyman, 'A Footnote on Allostery'
138 Child's counting comprehension may depend on objects counted, study shows
139 Stress Is Good Thing for Parents, Babies in Squirrel World
140 Something's Fishy in the Tree of Life
141 Think Elephants International Research Reveals How Elephants "See" the World; Designed with NY middle school students, study helps inform better practices for protecting these endangered animals
142 New study examines leadership programs in academic medical centers
143 Latest research shows 2 items are key to decrease symptoms and prolong survival for LMC patients
144 Tumors with ALK rearrangements can harbor more mutations
145 Strong urban cores promote socializing in the city
146 A shortcut to timely, cost-effective interventions for HIV
147 New computational model can predict breast cancer survival
148 New keyboard for touchscreens
149 New Algorithm Helps Evaluate, Rank Scientific Literature
150 Mathematical models out-perform doctors in predicting cancer patients' responses to treatment
151 Research finds targeted screening for hepatitis C is cost-effective
152 Firefly protein lights up degenerating muscles, aiding muscular-dystrophy research
153 Costs to treat heart failure expected to more than double by 2030
154 Majority of children readmitted to hospital following stem cell transplant
155 Chernobyl follow-up study finds high survival rate among young thyroid cancer patients
156 After brain injury, new astrocytes play unexpected role in healing
157 New research findings on the brain's guardian cells
158 Binge eating curbed by deep brain stimulation in animal model, Penn study shows
159 Link between inherited endocrine tumor syndrome and much-studied cell pathway
160 Recent Antarctic climate, glacier changes at the 'upper bound' of normal
161 College admission questions rarely identify criminal behavior
162 NREL and Stanford Team up on Peel-and-Stick Solar Cells
163 Memory, the adolescent brain and lying: The limits of neuroscientific evidence in the law
164 Effects of Arizona's immigration law on Latino youth and families
165 Study reveals austerity's harmful impact on health in Greece
166 European Commission must innovate to get value from 70 billion euros science funding program
167 Study says more efforts needed to regulate dietary supplements
168 Food Safety and Bioterrorism Defense May Benefit from Improved Detection Test Developed at MU
169 Scientists find ethnicity linked to antibodies
170 New ASTRO white paper recommends best practices to improve safety and effectiveness of image guided radiation therapy (IGRT)
171 Mammogram rate did not decline after controversial USPSTF recommendations
172 After age 18, asthma care deteriorates
173 Alcohol industry attempts to influence alcohol policy
174 Study reveals alcohol industry tactics to influence alcohol policy reform in Scotland
175 National study: Teen misuse and abuse of prescription drugs up 33% since 2008
176 Rescue me: New study finds animals do recover from neglect
177 Quit smoking? Vitamin E may give extra boost to heart health
178 Use of psychedelic drugs remains prevalent in the United States
179 Infants' Sweat Response Predicts Aggressive Behavior as Toddlers
180 Brain biology tied to social reorientation during entry to adolescence
181 Anti-smoking ads with strong arguments, not flashy editing, trigger part of brain involving behavior change
182 Binge drinking in college can lead to heart disease later in life
183 Strange new bursts of gamma rays point to a new way to destroy a star
184 NASA's Wind Mission Encounters 'SLAMS' Waves
185 ALMA pinpoints early galaxies at record speed
186 Massive star factory churned in universe's youth
187 Astronomers Discover Massive Star Factory in Early Universe
188 SN 1006: X-Ray View of A Thousand-Year-Old Cosmic Tapestry
189 Notre Dame astrophysicist discovers 5-planet system like Earth
190 Distant blazar is a high-energy astrophysics puzzle
191 New Earth-like planets found
192 A fresh take on the Horsehead Nebula
193 NASA's Hubble Sees a Horsehead of a Different Color
194 Grains of sand from ancient supernova found in meteorites
195 Using Black Holes to Measure the Universe's Rate of Expansion
196 Three CMEs in 2 Days
197 NASA's HyspIRI: Seeing the Forest and the Trees and More!
198 New NASA Satellite Takes the Salton Sea's Temperature
199 Hubble brings faraway comet into view
200 UCLA space scientists find way to monitor elusive collisions in space
201 High-energy astrophysics puzzle
202 University of Illinois researchers measure near-field behavior of semiconductor plasmonic microparticles
203 Humans feel empathy for robots
204 Instagram--more than self-portraits and pictures of food
205 ADD CAFE could change your world
206 What Drives Activity on Pinterest?
207 Johns Hopkins Team Deploys Hundreds of Tiny Untethered Surgical Tools in First Animal Biopsies
208 T2 Bio publishes data supporting diagnostic test T2Candida in Science Translational Medicine
209 New Battery Design Could Help Solar and Wind Energy Power the Grid