File Title
1 Thick-skulled fossil cuts dino theory down to size
2 Warming to hit half of plants, a third of animals
3 Embryonic stem cells made from skin
4 Colossal hydrogen bridge between galaxies could be fuel line for new stars
5 Why hasn't everything been annihilated yet? Pear-shaped atomic nuclei could hold answer.
6 Ancient Arctic was warm, wet, and green. What that says about the future.
7 78,000 to live on Mars: Have you signed up?
8 Fish seeks mate: London Zoo seeking open-minded female cichlid
9 Google Earth Engine unveils how Earth has altered
10 NASA astronauts fix leak on International Space Station (+video)
11 Can your iPhone's digital footprints reveal your physical location?
12 How Einstein's theory of special relativity helped find a new planet (+video)
13 New salt study: We're still drowning in salt
14 Angelina Jolie's op-ed prompts strong reactions
15 Kepler, a prolific hunter for other Earths, is suddenly in trouble (+video)
16 Charles Darwin wrong about coral reef formation?
17 Blue crabs in Maine? Something fishy about global warming.
18 Why do planets farthest from sun have highest winds? Team closes in on answer
19 Crazy ants vs. Fire ants: Who's winning? (+video)
20 Moon hit by boulder-size meteoroid, causing 'explosion' visible from earth (+video)
21 DNA-guided assembly yields novel ribbon-like nanostructures
22 Add boron for better batteries
23 How should geophysics contribute to disaster planning?
24 Stacking 2-D materials produces surprising results
25 Artificial forest for solar water-splitting
26 Weather on the outer planets only goes so deep
27 OHSU research team successfully converts human skin cells into embryonic stem cells
28 Research into carbon storage in Arctic tundra reveals unexpected insight into ecosystem resiliency
29 New method proposed for detecting gravitational waves from ends of universe
30 H1N1 discovered in marine mammals
31 Can math models of gaming strategies be used to detect terrorism networks?
32 Scientific insurgents say 'Journal Impact Factors' distort science
33 Bach to the blues, our emotions match music to colors
34 Body mass index of low income African-Americans linked to proximity of fast food restaurants
35 Promising doped zirconia
36 The genome sequence of Tibetan antelope sheds new light on high-altitude adaptation
37 Beautiful 'flowers' self-assemble in a beaker
38 Invasive crazy ants are displacing fire ants in areas throughout southeastern US
39 GPS solution provides 3-minute tsunami alerts
40 Climate change may have little impact on tropical lizards
41 World's smallest droplets
42 Attacking MRSA with metals from antibacterial clays
43 Honeybees trained in Croatia to find land mines
44 How design colors the mind
45 China police billions spell profit opportunity
46 German energy shift faces headwinds
47 Crumbs! Burglar jailed for seven-and-a-half years after being caught by Jaffa Cakes he ate during break-in
48 Russia retrieves mice, newts from space
49 6 Women Scientists Who Were Snubbed Due to Sexism
50 Wild Hogs Roiling Louisiana Park
51 Playing Russian Roulette With a Volcano
52 Passenger Ship Spots Illegal Fishing Activity
53 Billion-Year-Old Water Preserved in Canadian Mine
54 Louisiana's Bayou Is Sinking: Can $50 Billion Save It?
55 Bats Can Recognize Each Other's Voices
56 Europe inches towards fisheries reform with ministers' compromise
57 Reservoir deep under Ontario holds billion-year-old water
58 Fossils indicate common ancestor for two primate groups
59 Drug saves fertility in mice receiving chemotherapy
60 Laser images hint at archaeological discoveries
61 Mechanical trouble imperils Kepler
62 Google and NASA snap up quantum computer
63 Islamic nations are 'failing on R&D links and funding'
64 Shocks to the brain improve mathematical abilities
65 Invasive ladybird has biological weapon
66 Scientists join journal editors to fight impact-factor abuse
67 US Senate approves Moniz for energy post and advances EPA nominee
68 Italy may rein in rogue stem-cell therapy
69 Co-discoverer of ozone hole dies
70 Scientists look to Saudi Arabia for coronavirus clues
71 Pregnancy test helped to bring frog-killing fungus to the US
72 South Africa's research spending slows down
73 Driving students into science is a fool's errand
74 Science in schools
75 Together we stand
76 Privacy in the digital age
77 Scientists create hybrid flu that can go airborne
78 First proof that infinitely many prime numbers come in pairs
79 Seafood diet killing Arctic foxes on Russian island
80 Human stem cells created by cloning
81 Animal-rights activists wreak havoc in Milan laboratory
82 Disputed results a fresh blow for social psychology
83 Amazon plant discovery could yield green cash crop
84 Lasers, microwave deployed in high-speed trading arms race
85 Big drugmakers think small with nanomedicine deals
86 San Francisco surrenders in fight over cell phone warnings
87 Critics slam new cloning research
88 NASA telescope's planet-hunting days may be over
89 Snake's ultra-black spots may aid high-tech quest
90 Meteoroid impact triggers bright flash on the moon
91 Researcher Finds Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Human Ancestors Hunting and Scavenging
92 Perfectly Doped Quantum Dots Yield Colors to Dye for
93 Texas Tech University Leads the Nation in Wind Research
94 Kestrels, Other Urban Birds Are Stressed by Human Activity
95 Poultry Drug Increases Levels of Toxic Arsenic in Chicken Meat
96 Carnivorous Plant Throws Out 'Junk' DNA
97 Research On Cilia Heats Up: Implications For Hearing, Vision Loss And Kidney Disease
98 Less O2 Triggers Grasshopper Molting, Farmers Could Benefit
99 Breakthrough In The Understanding Of How Pancreatic Cancer Cells Ingest Nutrients Points To New Drug Target
100 Solar Panels as Inexpensive as Paint?
101 Physicists Light "Magnetic Fire" to Reveal Energy's Path
102 Methodist Microgravity Experiment Gets Funding, May Go to International Space Station
103 Using Earthquake Sensors to Track Endangered Whales
104 Binghamton Researcher Studies Oldest Fossil Hominin Ear Bones Ever Recovered
105 Tiny Bones May Be Big Clues To Human Development
106 The Role of Science Engagement in Reducing WMD
107 Scientists Use Crowd-Sourcing to Help Map Global CO2 Emissions
108 Crop Rotation with Nematode-Resistant Wheat Can Protect Tomatoes
109 Researcher's Technique Helps Robotic Vehicles Find Their Way, Help Humans
110 How to Apply Sunscreen for Effective Protection Against Sunburn, Skin Cancer and Premature Aging
111 Engineered Biomaterial Could Improve Success of Medical Implants
112 Same Musicians: Brand New Tune
113 Non-Communicable Diseases Account for Half of Adult Female Deaths in Rural Bangladesh
114 'Good Vibrations'! Brain Ultrasound Improves Mood
115 Untangling the Tree of Life
116 Virginia Tech Announces 2013 Football Helmet Ratings; One More Added to the 5 Star Mark
117 Iowa State Engineers Design, Test Taller, High-Strength Concrete Towers for Wind Turbines
118 University of Chicago Launches Cloud to Analyze Cancer Data
119 Workshop Showcases How Antibacterial Products Are Judged Effective
120 Engineering Undergrads Create Game-Changing Asthma Management Device
121 Four Genes Identified That Influence Levels of 'Bad' Cholesterol
122 Fall Warming on Antarctic Peninsula Driven by Tropically Forced Circulation
123 Undergrads Adapt Video Game Unit to Help Save Kids Trapped in Overheated Cars
124 Black Hole Powered Jets Plow Into Galaxy
125 Never-Before-Seen Energy Pattern Observed at National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
126 Scientists Shape First Global Topographic Map of Saturn's Moon Titan
127 The Developmental Genetics of Space and Time
128 Food Scientists Strive for Sodium Reduction
129 Clam Fossils Divulge Secrets of Ecologic Stability
130 Jekyll Into Hyde: Breathing Auto Emissions Turns HDL Cholesterol From 'Good' to 'Bad"
131 Graphene Study Confirms 40-Year-Old Physics Prediction
132 DNA-Guided Assembly Yields Novel Ribbon-Like Nanostructures
133 Low-Grade Cotton Offers More Ecologically-Friendly Way to Clean Oil Spills
134 Coral Reef Fishes Prove Invaluable in the Study of Evolutionary Ecology
135 UC San Diego Creates Center for Brain Activity Mapping
136 How Should Geophysics Contribute to Disaster Planning?
137 World's Smallest Droplets
138 Research Improves Dry Lubricant Used in Machinery and Biomedical Devices
139 Modern Lab Reaches Across the Ages to Resolve Plague DNA Debate
140 Invasive Species: "Away-Field Advantage" Weaker Than Ecologists Thought
141 Cracking the Ice Code