File Title
1 Housing development threatens Oregon Trail guard camp in Wyoming
2 Unique workshop of Palaeolithic hunters discovered in Silesia
3 Log-boat found in Boyne could be 5,000 years old
4 Researchers find trickery in ancient Chinese divination
5 Reconstruction of the face of an ancient Maltese woman
6 Mysterious Minoans Were European, DNA Finds
7 Brain Structure, Not the Frontal Lobe, Responsible for Advanced Human Intelligence, Say Evolutionist Researchers
8 Prehistoric ear bones could lead to evolutionary answers
9 Ancient Mayan pyramid destroyed for road fill
10 Mysterious Mounds: Uncovering Matagalpa Archaeology in Central Nicaragua
11 Neanderthal culture: Old masters
12 Archaeologists begin salvage operation at historic fort site in Wyoming
13 Scandalous Construction in Bulgarian Black Sea Archaeology Site Halted
14 Viking-era coins unearthed by Danish teenager
15 Underwater archeologists helping tell story of Louisbourg siege
16 The Ancient Burmese City of Bagan Struggles for International Recognition
17 Light cast on lifestyle and diet of first New Zealanders
18 Boys Killed Pets to Become Warriors in Early Russia
19 Have archaeologists discovered the mysterious lost city of gold, Ciudad Blanca?
20 An emotional Bill Gates pays homage to Steve Jobs while recounting final meeting
21 Samsung testing 5G wireless technology that can download entire movies in seconds
22 Amazon launches, gives away millions in Amazon Coins to spur app downloads on Kindle Fire
23 Apple's iPads, iPhones could be subject to new French 'culture tax'
24 Photo retrospective shows off Apple's iPhone camera quality evolution
25 T-Mobile's iPhone 5 pricing now $149, carrier update 'hack' reportedly boosts data speeds
26 New York authorities ask Apple, Google to help stop smartphone thefts
27 Password management app 1Password gets robust browser enhancements, sharing, more
28 Apple job listings point to new iWork for iOS and OS X with HiDPI graphics
29 AT&T to reportedly drop HTC's 'Facebook Phone' following sluggish sales
30 Philips Hue bulbs get smarter with geofencing, 'If This Then That' customization
31 Apple wins utility patent for MacBook's trackpad design
32 Apple patent lets users control a device with taps, thumps and scratches
33 Rumor: Apple to feature sapphire crystal touch home button on 'iPhone 5S'
34 Apple supplier Sharp strikes strategic deal with Samsung
35 Apple fell to 18% share of smartphone sales in Q1, Gartner says
36 Apple adds Samsung's Galaxy S4 to patent infringement suit
37 BlackBerry BBM coming to Apple's iOS, Google Android this summer
38 Square shows off new hardware stand that turns iPad into a register
39 Netflix accounts for 1/3 of nightly home Internet traffic, Apple's iTunes takes 2%
40 Nokia reveals slim new Lumia handset with aluminum build
41 ABC updates iOS app with live streams of all programming in select markets
42 Auction winner pays $610K for cuppa with Apple CEO Tim Cook
43 Server-side update makes Siri a stickler for succinctness
44 Allegedly faulty iPhone 4 power button target of new class action lawsuit against Apple
45 Mobile malware exploding, but only for Android
46 Study finds Apple's iPhone retains more value than top Galaxy models
47 Google to reportedly debut paid streaming music service at Google I/O
48 DOJ says Apple responsible for setting up, executing e-book price fixing
49 Apple iPhone suspected of interfering with airline equipment in 2011 incident
50 EA reveals 'Frostbite Go' game engine for Apple's iOS, Google Android
51 iPhone's popularity among Facebook staff may have aided in Home's lackluster launch
52 Google announces 900 million Android activations, 48 billion app installs
53 Google Play game services offers cross-platform support on iOS, Android and Web
54 Google's All Access music streaming service to take on Spotify, Pandora
55 Revamped, cross-platform Google Hangouts app competes with Apple's iMessages, FaceTime
56 Reworked Google Maps for iOS, Android gains better search, tablet compatibility
57 Verizon confirms $100 iPhone 5 for featurephone customers
58 Apple logs 50 billionth App Store download
59 Tim Cook to reportedly testify on offshore tax practices in Senate investigation
60 Google tells Microsoft to take down unofficial YouTube app from Windows Phone store due to lack of ads
61 AT&T supposedly offering iPhone 5 for free with iPhone 4S trade-in, 2-year contract
62 DOJ: Email from Steve Jobs implies Apple wanted to create falsely inflated e-book pricing
63 Apple's 'social camera flash' connects multiple iPhones, iPads to light a scene
64 IDC: Apple's iOS fell to 17% of smartphones shipped in Q1, Windows Phone passed BlackBerry
65 50 billionth iOS app was 'Say the Same Thing,' Apple awards $10K gift card to Ohio man
66 New mophie juice pack plus boosts iPhone 5 power by 120%
67 Apple plans to move flagship San Francisco store to Union Square
68 Apple's iPhone e-wallet concept suggests payment options based on context
69 Multi-colored SIM trays allegedly for 'iPhone 5S' may signal more color options
70 Building permits detail $16M in new work at Apple's Reno iCloud data center
71 Apple releases iTunes 11.0.3 with new MiniPlayer, improved Songs
72 Apple to distribute another $2.867 billion to shareholders via dividend
73 New Pebble developer tools allow smart watch apps to talk to iPhone apps
74 Report: Apple supplier Foxconn still exceeding work hour laws
75 Apple CEO talks taxes ahead of hearing: 'We pay every dollar that we owe'
76 Intel chips could have powered first iPhone, CEO Otellini says
77 Cook: US-built Mac will be refreshed version of existing product
78 Apple TV to get CW content in new streaming deal
79 Briefly: Virgin Mobile offers 15% discount on prepaid iPhone 4/4S
80 Rumor: LG, Sharp & AUO gearing up to build displays for Apple's next iPad mini
81 US Air Force expects to save $50M with use of 18K Apple iPads
82 Pentagon officially grants security clearance to Apple's iPhone and iPad
83 MacBook Air inventory begins dwindling ahead of Apple's WWDC
84 Music service's structure, plus Apple's culture, holding up 'iRadio' service
85 Gameloft's Gangstar Rio, N.O.V.A. 3 go free on iOS for a limited time
86 Revenue from iOS, Android gaming apps now three times greater than portable consoles
87 Apple yanks 'Bang with Friends' app from iOS App Store
88 Song skipping feature in Apple's 'iRadio' reportedly holding up Sony deal
89 10M Samsung flagship phones in 28 days a 'record,' 5M iPhone 5 in 3 days 'disappointing'
90 Review: AL13 raises the bar for iPhone bumper design
91 Apple hits 50 billion app downloads milestone
92 Apple took 57% of $12.5 billion in worldwide smartphone profits in Q113 vs. Android 43%
93 Apple: Deals with publishers improved e-books competition
94 Apple CEO Tim Cook at Senate Permanent Subcommittee over Apple's offshore tax practices
95 Apple patent application reveals 'social camera flash,' uses multiple iPhones, iPads to light scene
96 Why Larry Page's kumbaya moment rang hollow
97 Apple's App Store marks historic 50 billionth download; Ohio man wins $10,000 App Store Gift Card
98 Hollywood horror film 'Haunting Melissa' gets wide release on Apple iOS devices
99 Steve Jobs finally defeats the PC--from beyond the grave
100 The complete guide to iCloud on Your Mac
101 Apple's 'iPhone 5S' to get major internal overhaul
102 Why we sorely need Apple: Beauty and simplicity takes the pain and confusion out of computing
103 iOS and OS X: Apple running out of ideas?
104 The hot mess that is Apple's e-book legal fight with U.S. DOJ
105 UK lawmakers challenge Google's 'smoke and mirrors' on tax
106 David Trainer's $240 Apple price target analysis just doesn't add up
107 Apple invents all-new touch sensor panel for larger Multi-Touch displays
108 Apple stock's super storm is brewing
109 Samsung shamelessly photoshops Galaxy S4 into iPhone model's hand
110 Apple: 205 days since a big reveal and counting
111 Apple is the hedge fund king once again
112 Apple iPads invade the bathroom
113 Apple plans modern new flagship retail store for San Francisco
114 Analyst: Samsung, BlackBerry marketing tends to mentally enslave the Indian consumer
115 Apple CEO Tim Cook goes on offense in Washington D.C. over $100 billion offshore cache
116 Beleaguered Dell's earnings fall 79% as Windows PC sales fall
117 The CW expands streaming to Apple TV; First network to offer access without a cable subscription
118 Samsung muscles in on Apple suppliers; could disrupt Apple product launches
119 Apple releases iTunes 11.0.3 for Mac and Windows
120 25 Top Ranked Socially Responsible Dividend Stocks: Apple #22
121 Foxconn to miss Apple overtime deadline
122 Tim Cook: 'Made in the U.S.A.' Mac will utilize 'many' US-made components
123 U.S. Congress asks Larry Page if Google Glass infringes 'on the privacy of the average American'
124 Microsoft is missing apps the same way they missed the early Internet
125 Google makes Android, but Samsung takes all of the money
126 Steve Jobs' widow sets philanthropy goals
127 Apple CEO Tim Cook to propose U.S. tax reform for offshore cash
128 Corning launches Lotus XT Glass; prime candidate for future Apple iOS devices
129 Apple gearing up for next-gen iPad mini release in late third-quarter 2013, sources say
130 U.S. Air Force to save $50 million by deploying up to 18,000 Apple iPads
131 MacBook Air inventory drying up ahead of Apple's WWDC 2013
132 Apple iPhone, iPad cleared for use on U.S. military networks
133 Apple's iRadio is still mired in licensing talks and may not be ready for WWDC, sources say
134 Whoops! Intel's Otellini passed on Apple's iPhone
135 Samsung Galaxy S4: 10 million in 4 weeks; Apple iPhone 5: 5 million in 3 days
136 Beleaguered Dell is an utter disaster
137 Apple iTV concept with iPad mini remote and Siri integration (with video)
138 Apple pulls 'Bang With Friends' from App Store
139 Why Johnathan Ive won't be removing skeuomorphism from iOS 7
140 Friendliness to minorities often a performance--a fragile one, research suggests
141 DNA similarities increasingly seen in different cancers
142 Stem cells found to cure epilepsy in mice
143 It's true: cooking may have given us our big brains, study says
144 Blocking single gene makes cancer cells nicer, study finds
145 Did some Neanderthals learn advanced skills from "moderns"?
146 Scientists boost cellular "trash collection" to gives flies extra life
147 For signs of life, some strange planetary systems may be most promising
148 Anti-cocaine vaccine may be almost ready for prime time
149 Chimps found to play fairness game like people
150 Moon, Earth water traced to same source: ancient meteorites
151 Your brain cells may be capable of outliving you--by a lot
152 Study may overturn thinking on human intellect
153 Infants may be drawn to those who mistreat the "different"
154 New principle may help explain why nature is quantum
155 Yes, gentlemen, size matters--but less than another factor, study finds
156 Cotton may offer "eco-friendly" way to clean up oil
157 Killed twice in 1600s, hoax "dragon" slain again--in creationism dispute
158 Men want status from romantic relationships, research finds
159 NASA planet-hunting telescope breaks down
160 Stacking 2-D materials leads to surprises
161 Mild electric shocks to brain may help students solve maths problems
162 New US manual for diagnosing mental disorders published
163 Obama's Arctic strategy sets off a climate time bomb
164 Angelina Jolie's mastectomy account raises awareness of gene testing
165 Diplomatic cables reveal aggressive GM lobbying by US officials
166 Human embryonic stem cells created from adult tissue for first time
167 Climate research nearly unanimous on human causes, survey finds
168 Kepler space telescope 'isn't down-and-out just yet'--NASA
169 IVF could be revolutionised by new technique, says clinic
170 Youngsters use dementia drugs to boost brain power, survey finds
171 Global warming has not stalled, insists world's best-known climate scientist
172 UK science is falling behind in the global race
173 Challenge, don't worship, the chiefs and high priestesses of science