File Title
1 Journal impact factor 'distorts science'
2 Glacier melt causes third of sea-level rise
3 Viper's velvet black spots key to camouflage
4 Invasive ladybirds wage 'biological war' on natives
5 UK's rare spring butterflies make a late show
6 Uncovering the secrets of North America's Ice Age giants
7 Chris Hadfield: 'Space was too good not to share it'
8 Barefoot running injury concern
9 China joins Arctic Council but a decision on the EU is deferred
10 Mini guide to culture in Seville
11 Syria crisis: Russia 'sends sophisticated weapons'
12 IRS screening of conservative groups 'not partisan'
13 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford faces drug video allegations
14 Cannes film festival suffers $1m jewellery theft
15 Argentina ex-military leader Jorge Rafael Videla dies
16 Murder in Mayfield
17 Managing the Benghazi crisis is a tricky business
18 Why is violent crime so rare in Iceland?
19 George Michael injured in M1 crash
20 Call centre menu options catalogued by frustrated man
21 The Quiverfull: The evangelical Christians opposed to contraception
22 Cities: How crowded life is changing us
23 EU LGBT Survey: Poll on homophobia sparks concern
24 Bringing Lebanon's fashion industry online
25 EA stops making games for Nintendo Wii U
26 Glasgow scientists create single-pixel camera for 3D images
27 EU may probe China over illegal telecoms firm subsides
28 Players force EA to drop online pass for used games
29 IVF 'may be boosted by time-lapse embryo imaging'
30 Brain stimulation promises 'long-lasting' maths boost
31 The molecular basis of strawberry aroma
32 Bird flu in live poultry markets are the source of viruses causing human infections
33 Microbes capture, store, and release nitrogen to feed reef-building coral
34 Flower power fights orchard pests
35 Do potatoes grow on vines? A review of the wild relatives of some favorite food plants
36 Crop rotation with nematode-resistant wheat can protect tomatoes
37 Widespread but neglected disease a health threat in Africa, Virginia Tech researchers say
38 Mining the botulinum genome
39 UCLA study shows warming in central China greater than most climate models indicated
40 Frog once imported for pregnancy testing brought deadly amphibian disease to US, study suggests
41 H1N1 discovered in marine mammals
42 'Fish thermometer' reveals long-standing, global impact of climate change
43 Don't judge the nutrient content of white vegetables by color alone
44 European winter weather harder to forecast in certain years
45 Cells must use their brakes moderately for effective speed control
46 Cotton offers a new ecologically friendly way to clean up oil spills
47 Keeping fruit, vegetables and cut flowers fresh longer
48 Scientists develop 'green' pretreatment of Miscanthus for biofuels
49 Scientific insurgents say 'Journal Impact Factors' distort science
50 Asian lady beetles use biological weapons against their European relatives
51 Research into carbon storage in Arctic tundra reveals unexpected insight into ecosystem resiliency
52 New discovery of ancient diet shatters conventional ideas of how agriculture emerged
53 Secret streets of Britain's Atlantis are revealed
54 The Elephant's Tomb in Carmona may have been a temple to the god Mithras
55 Baylor University Researcher Finds Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Human Ancestors Hunting and Scavenging
56 Scientists find impact of open-ocean industrial fishing within centuries of bird bones
57 Texas A&M study: Prehistoric ear bones could lead to evolutionary answers
58 Binghamton researcher studies oldest fossil hominin ear bones ever recovered
59 Fossil saved from mule track revolutionizes understanding of ancient dolphin-like marine reptile
60 Seekers of past Honduran, Mexican civilizations to speak Wednesday at Meeting of Americas
61 Study provides insight into nesting behavior of dinosaurs
62 Light cast on lifestyle and diet of first New Zealanders
63 Sulfate aerosols cool climate less than assumed
64 Study reveals scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change
65 European Research Infrastructures help to solve air quality issues
66 Groundwater unaffected by shale gas production in Arkansas
67 Tropical air circulation drives fall warming on Antarctic Peninsula
68 UC Santa Barbara scientist studies methane levels in cross-continent drive
69 Innovation in spectroscopy could improve greenhouse gas detection
70 Canada must addess real climate-change challenge
71 Clam fossils divulge secrets of ecologic stability
72 World's melting glaciers making large contribution to sea rise
73 Sea level: One-third of its rise comes from melting mountain glaciers
74 Weather on the Outer Planets Only Goes So Deep
75 World's biggest ice sheets likely more stable than previously believed
76 Most Scientists Agree: Humans are Causing Global Climate Change
77 How should geophysics contribute to disaster planning?
78 LLNL scientist finds topography of Eastern Seaboard muddles ancient sea level changes
79 Climate change may have little impact on tropical lizards
80 Fishing for memories
81 Natural 'keystone molecules' punch over their weight in ecosystems
82 Returning genetic incidental findings without patient consent violates basic rights
83 Breakthrough for IVF?
84 The eloquence of the otoliths
85 Natural Killer cells activate hematopoiesis
86 European Society of Human Genetics urges caution over use of new genetic sequencing techniques
87 Nature: X-ray Tomography on a Living Frog Embryo
88 Students' diet and physical activity improve with parent communications
89 Genetic risk for schizophrenia is connected to reduced IQ
90 High-Testosterone Competitors More Likely to Choose Red
91 Invasive crazy ants are displacing fire ants in areas throughout southeastern US
92 Innovative screening method uses RNA interference technology to identify 'lethal' and 'rescuer' genes
93 Sanford-Burnham researchers identify target to prevent hardening of arteries
94 DNA-Guided Assembly Yields Novel Ribbon-Like Nanostructures
95 Endothelium, heal thyself
96 New X-ray method shows how frog embryos could help thwart disease
97 The genome sequence of Tibetan antelope sheds new light on high-altitude adaptation
98 Cancer diagnosis puts people at greater risk for bankruptcy
99 Study finds disagreement on the role of primary care nurse practitioners
100 World's most extraordinary species mapped for the first time
101 Political motivations may have evolutionary links to physical strength
102 Homeowners do not increase consumption despite their property rising in value
103 Safer, more environmentally friendly flame retardant with first-of-its-kind dual effects
104 Community Catalyst Responds To ADA Oral Health Campaign
105 Long-term outcomes in patients with advanced coronary artery disease are better than expected
106 Global health policy fails to address burden of disease on men
107 Researchers shocked by new statistics on head injuries among people who are homeless or in danger of losing their home
108 Bach to the blues, our emotions match music to colors
109 Healthy companies and healthy regions: Connecting the dots
110 Add boron for better batteries
111 UT Arlington physicist's tool has potential for brain mapping
112 Corruption influences migration of skilled workers
113 Vicious cycle
114 Carbon in a twirl: The science behind a self-assembled nano-carbon helix
115 Moth-Inspired Nanostructures Take the Color Out of Thin Films
116 New insights into how materials transfer heat could lead to improved electronics
117 Scientists capture first direct proof of Hofstadter butterfly effect
118 Nanotechnology could help fight diabetes
119 Beautiful "flowers" self-assemble in a beaker
120 Artificial Forest for Solar Water-Splitting
121 70's-Era Physics Prediction Finally Confirmed
122 New method proposed for detecting gravitational waves from ends of universe
123 Stacking 2-D materials produces surprising results
124 World's smallest droplets
125 Promising doped zirconia
126 NIST demonstrates significant improvement in the performance of solar-powered hydrogen generation
127 Who's your daddy?--Infidelity and paternity in reed warblers
128 Actor Johnny Depp immortalized in ancient fossil find
129 NASA Satellite Data Helps Pinpoint Glaciers' Role in Sea Level Rise
130 GPS solution provides three-minute tsunami alerts
131 Early formula use helps some mothers breastfeed longer
132 Inter-university telecollaboration to improve academic results
133 CWRU researcher searches for global views of nurses' end-of-life care for patients
134 Multilingual survey research: Do poor translations cause bias?
135 Western Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami hazard potential greater than previously thought
136 New principle may help explain why nature is quantum
137 New Software Spots, Isolates Cyber-Attacks to Protect Networked Control Systems
138 NJIT computer scientist publishes new algorithm cluster to data mine health records
139 Untangling the tree of life
140 Fast and painless way to better mental arithmetic? Yes, there might actually be a way
141 Can math models of gaming strategies be used to detect terrorism networks?
142 Massachusetts' health care reform didn't raise hospital use, costs
143 Depression linked to almost doubled stroke risk in middle-aged women
144 Promising treatment for progeria within reach
145 Stem-cell-based strategy boosts immune system in mice
146 Control of heart disease risk factors varies among outpatient practices
147 Diagnosing heart attacks: There's an app for that
148 New study recommends using active videogaming ('exergaming') to improve children's health
149 Study suggests new role for ECMO in treating patients with cardiac arrest and profound shock
150 Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers Analyze How Spanish Smoking Relapse Booklets Are Distributed
151 Physical & emotional impairments common, often untreated in people with cancer
152 New malaria test kit gives a boost to elimination efforts worldwide
153 New study pinpoints biochemical mechanism underlying fibrosis following glaucoma surgery
154 Stroke patients respond similarly to after-stroke care, despite age difference
155 Patient Openness to Research Can Depend on Race and Sex of Study Personnel
156 Peer-Referral Programs Can Increase HIV-Testing in Emergency Departments
157 Salt levels in food still dangerously high
158 Searching for Clandestine Graves with Geophysical Tools
159 Most Michigan parents, grandparents prefer research hospitals for pediatric care
160 IT industry ignores silver surfers at its peril
161 Relationship troubles? Some sad music might help you feel better
162 Learning to recycle: Does political ideology matter?
163 Brazil crack user study finds critical need for intervention
164 Collecting DNA for human rights: How to help while safeguarding privacy
165 How teenagers cope with inner-city risks
166 Emotional response to climate change influences whether we seek or avoid further information
167 Penn Medicine study finds broad support for rationing of some types of cancer care
168 UIC information specialists ease switch to new healthcare codes
169 Ethicists provide framework supporting new recommendations on reporting incidental findings in gene sequencing
170 Predicting risky sexual behavior
171 Study: Brain makes call on which ear is used for cell phone
172 Change in cycle track policy needed to boost ridership, public health
173 Reading the Unreadable
174 Cancer survivors battle with the blues
175 Women with chronic physical disabilities are no less likely to bear children
176 Solar panels as inexpensive as paint? It's possible due to research at UB, elsewhere
177 New Method of Finding Planets Scores its First Discovery
178 Three X-class Flares in 24 Hours
179 Orion's hidden fiery ribbon
180 4C+29.30: Black Hole Powered Jets Plow Into Galaxy
181 HiRISE Mars camera reveals hundreds of impacts each year
182 NASA Completes First Part of Webb Telescope's 'Eye Surgery' Operation
183 South Africa's new radio telescope reveals giant outbursts from binary star system
184 3-D modeling technology offers groundbreaking solution for engineers
185 Security risks found in sensors for heart devices, consumer electronics