File Title
1 Co-operating and cheating go hand in hand
2 Trials show no stopping 'talking' cars
3 Budget uni cuts a 'dopey' strategy
4 China joins Arctic Council but a decision on the EU is deferred
5 Four colossal Sun flares in 48 hours
6 DNA reveals origin of Greece's ancient Minoan culture
7 Biological clue to why women live longer than men
8 UK-based firm stops selling phenobarbital drug to Arkansas
9 UK claims breakthrough in fish dumping talks
10 Sugar beet 'mystery' condition halts 50% of some crops
11 'Best estimate' for impact of melting ice on sea level rise
12 Two new centres to drive UK space activity
13 Pint of Science festival brings beer and brains together
14 Mayan pyramid bulldozed by Belize construction crew
15 The Dambusters raid: How effective was it?
16 Sea levels are rising--but how quickly?
17 Brain scan study to understand workings of teenage mind
18 Arctic Council: John Kerry steps into Arctic diplomacy
19 Resistance to EU green farming plan
20 Chris Hadfield: Around Planet Earth in 1,500 tweets
21 Cleveland kidnap accused Castro to plead innocent--lawyers
22 Syria rebels 'in assault on Aleppo prison'
23 US man dies dribbling football to Brazil World Cup
24 Moscow holds talks with US ambassador over spy scandal
25 Jennie Runk: My life as a 'plus-size' model
26 Spy scandal in Moscow evokes an earlier era
27 How real is The Great Gatsby's playboy island?
28 German dialect in Texas is one of a kind, and dying out
29 The 10 most scandalous euphemisms
30 Simpler solutions for unlocking secrets of aging minds
31 French economy returns to recession
32 Is the Cannes Film Festival still number one?
33 Gatsby and the Kardashians: The missing linkGatsby and the Kardashians: The missing link
34 Nvidia's Shield console gets price and release date
35 Blackberry expands BBM chat app to Android and iOS
36 Germany tells Google to tidy up auto-complete
37 Seven million Brits have 'never used the internet'
38 How Estonia became E-stonia
39 Screen use is bad for brain development, scientist claims
40 Embryonic stem cells: Advance in medical human cloning
41 WHO data shows narrowing health gap
42 Rotavirus: India unveils cheap Rotavac diarrhoea vaccine
43 Children shun fictional 'fat Alfie'
44 Asian egg donor shortage in UK 'forcing couples abroad'
45 'Jolie effect' on breast cancer?
46 Ignorance of tick-borne Lyme disease 'costing lives'
47 Physicists discover a new kind of friction in the nanoworld
48 Squishy hydrogels may be the ticket for studying biological effects of nanoparticles
49 Scientists discovering new uses for tiny carbon nanotubes
50 Chemists demonstrate nanoscale alloys so bright they could have potential medical applications
51 Researchers develop synthetic HDL cholesterol nanoparticles
52 Bovine blood keeps gold nanoparticles stable
53 Microgravity experiment gets funding, may go to International Space Station
54 Solar panels as inexpensive as paint? It's possible due to new research
55 Team observes real-time charging of a lithium-air battery
56 How to overcome the oxide barrier
57 New insight into early growth of solid thin films
58 Graphene joins the race to redefine the ampere
59 Nano-breakthrough: Solving the case of the herringbone crystal
60 New magnetic graphene may revolutionise electronics
61 Perfectly doped quantum dots yield colors to dye for
62 Scientists enhance light emission in 2D semiconductors by a factor of 100
63 Bacteria adapt and evade nanosilver's sting
64 Researchers use graphene quantum dots to detect humidity and pressure
65 Researchers fine-tune the sensitivity of nano-chemical sensor
66 Researchers makes advance in nanotech gene sequencing technique
67 Gold nanoparticles: A new delivery for cancer drugs
68 Improved material for 'laser welding' of tissue in intestinal surgery
69 Nano-scientists develop new kind of portable water purification system
70 A giant leap to commercialization of polymer solar cell (PSC)
71 New principle may help explain why nature is quantum
72 The changing phase of quantum materials: Theoretical model could aid search for ideal material for quantum computers
73 Researchers extend electron spin in diamond for incredibly tiny magnetic detectors
74 New temporal filtering technique improves solid-state single photon sources
75 Study finds semiclassical gravity counterintuitive, but on the horizon of testability
76 In first head-to-head speed test with conventional computing, quantum computer wins
77 Quantum optics with microwaves
78 Cold atoms for quantum technology
79 Engineers using quantum nature of light to boost Internet security
80 Groundwater unaffected by shale gas production in Arkansas
81 Students in Ghana aim to launch mini-satellite
82 European winter weather harder to forecast in certain years
83 Looking for past Honduran, Mexican civilizations
84 Orion's hidden fiery ribbon
85 Study finds mixed views on use of aerosols to limit climate change
86 Fracking brings economic boost, but risks raise concerns
87 How to plant a garden on Mars--with a robot
88 Entrepreneur giving shuttle truss new uses
89 A space-time magnifying glass
90 Seagrass on the decline
91 In the new carbon economy, researchers examine biodiversity vs. bio-'perversity'
92 Calculate your nitrogen footprint
93 UN says natural disasters cost $2.5tn since 2000
94 Environmentalist outrage as Rio Tinto gets mine go-ahead
95 Mexico volcano spews ash on towns
96 Indonesia extends logging ban to protect rainforest
97 Research helps paint finer picture of massive 1700 earthquake
98 Study shows warming in central China greater than most climate models indicated
99 NASA develops key to cosmic carbon's molecular evolution
100 Mexican volcano rumbles, but residents shrug it off
101 Historic carbon peak soon to become global average, WMO says
102 Where, when will thunderstorms strike Colorado's Front Range, adjacent Great Plains?
103 NOAO: A Kepler's Dozen: Thirteen Stories about Distant Worlds that Really Exist
104 NRL's MIGHTI slated for launch on ICON mission
105 T-Mobile increases price of iPhone 5 by $50
106 BlackBerry offers BBM to rival devices
107 RIM unveils cheaper BlackBerry (Update 2)
108 Nokia unveils metallic smartphone, stock tumbles (Update)
109 BlackBerry CEO may announce lower-priced phone (Update)
110 Hospital visits take on new meaning with therapeutic robots
111 The RHex takes a leap at robotics conference (w/ Video)
112 Printed inchworm robot makes self-assembly moves (w/ Video)
113 Smarty pants: Wearable electronics will recharge your life
114 Badminton-playing robot tests software designs of the future
115 Phone camera app with audio cues clicks with blind
116 The mobile telephones of the future
117 Professor weighs benefit vs. risk of facial recognition technology
118 Waste guzzling fly factory wins African innovation prize
119 Safer, more environmentally friendly flame retardant with first-of-its-kind dual effects
120 Keeping fruit, vegetables and cut flowers fresh longer
121 Cotton offers a new ecologically friendly way to clean up oil spills
122 Secret of efficient photosynthesis: Purple bacteria's light-harvesting prowess lies in highly symmetrical molecules
123 Researchers find significant improvement in the performance of solar-powered hydrogen generation
124 Engineers monitor heart with paper-thin flexible 'skin'
125 Paper a cost-efficient and simple means of generating electrically conducting structures
126 Bottom-up process for making dodecane-in-water nanoemulsions
127 Microfluidic devices move from application to fundamental science
128 Method developed for adding omega-3 fatty acids to foods
129 Naturally occurring mineral for thermoelectric power generation
130 Researchers use synthetic silicate to stimulate stem cells into bone cells
131 Making gold green: New non-toxic method for mining gold
132 Why don't beetles freeze in the winter?
133 Bacterium counteracts 'coffee ring effect'
134 Catalyst keeps fruit fresh longer
135 A new dimension for 3-D protein structures
136 The molecular basis of strawberry aroma
137 A silky spin on protective armor
138 Scanning electrochemical microscopy decisively optimised: Researchers measure oxygen consumption of individual cells
139 Research on cilia heats up: Implications for hearing, vision loss and kidney disease
140 Chemistry breakthrough sheds new light on illness and health
141 Building protocells from inorganic nanoparticles
142 Capturing light in an efficient dye trap
143 Evolution shapes new rules for ant behavior
144 'Fish thermometer' reveals long-standing, global impact of climate change
145 Researchers successfully convert human skin cells into embryonic stem cells
146 Proteome atlas for the tuberculosis pathogen
147 Study shows dogs may have been domesticated far earlier than thought
148 Untangling the tree of life
149 Tiny water creepy crawlies from South Korea and the Russian Far East
150 New hypothesis proposed on why some seeds are hard
151 Seeing the forest for the trees: Seed dispersal, environmental conditions matter in African forests
152 Potato may help feed Ethiopia in era of climate change
153 Trout invasion behind Yellowstone elk decline, study reports
154 Study of alligator dental regeneration process may lead to tooth regeneration in humans
155 Failure of EU fisheries talks would be 'disaster,' Ireland says
156 The cicadas are rising: US invasion in 5, 4, 3...
157 Scientists announce development of wheat strain that produces 30% greater yields
158 Engineered biomaterial could improve success of medical implants
159 From ocean to land: The fishy origins of our hips
160 Mining the botulinum genome
161 Cutting-edge bacteria research leads to more effective treatment of complex infections
162 Crop rotation with nematode-resistant wheat can protect tomatoes
163 When green means danger: A stunning new species of palm-pitviper from Honduras
164 Water governs cell movement
165 Less oxygen triggers grasshopper molting, farmers could benefit
166 New non-GM technology platform for genetic improvement of sunflower oilseed crop
167 Flower power fights orchard pests
168 Oldest evidence of split between Old World monkeys and apes discovered
169 Mathematician proves there are infinitely many pairs of prime numbers less than 70 million units apart
170 mtDNA study shows Minoans came from Europe not Africa
171 Homeowners do not increase consumption despite their property rising in value, research shows
172 Low-income taxpayers choose saving over spending when offered an incentive
173 How teenagers cope with inner-city risks
174 Mum and dad Theropod dinosaurs shared the work, research shows
175 Refusing a 'diminished self': Informed by prison experience, activist-scholar imagines a more open Ethiopia
176 Creativity that counts
177 Belizean government condemns pyramid destruction
178 Fossil saved from mule track revolutionizes understanding of ancient dolphin-like marine reptile
179 Advertising product results? Put images closer together
180 Simulations show early farming might have caught on due to development of property rights
181 Multilingual survey research: Do poor translations cause bias?
182 Relationship troubles? Some sad music might help you feel better
183 Companies in states with weaker economies provide investing opportunity, study finds
184 Illusion of control: Why sports fans prefer 'lucky' products
185 Learning to recycle: Does political ideology matter?
186 For tastier food, try a dash of workplace injustice
187 Prehistoric ear bones could lead to evolutionary answers
188 Builders bulldoze big Mayan pyramid in Belize (Update 2)
189 Systematic position of Archaeopteryx challenged?
190 New hominin site found in Daoxian County, Hunan Province of China
191 CEOs who are good matches for firms have higher initial compensation, study finds
192 Self-assured entrepreneurs are more likely to act against their own pro-environmental values
193 No idle chatter: Study finds malaria parasites 'talk' to each other
194 Transplant experts challenge assumption, describe pathway that leads to organ rejection
195 Body fat hardens arteries after middle age
196 Evidence that brains re-wire themselves following damage or injury
197 Father absence in early childhood linked to depression in adolescent girls
198 Political motivations may have evolutionary links to physical strength
199 Gut microbe battles obesity
200 New osteoporosis drug combination outperforms current alternatives
201 Wireless signals could transform brain trauma diagnostics
202 Study evaluates long-term effectiveness of surgery for pelvic organ prolapse
203 Same musicians: Brand new tune
204 Research reveals possible reason for cholesterol-drug side effects
205 Body clocks of depressed people altered at cell level, researchers show
206 Human brain frontal lobes not relatively large, not sole center of intelligence
207 White matter imaging provides insight into human and chimpanzee aging
208 To suppress or to explore? Emotional strategy may influence anxiety
209 A new 'on' signal for inflammation
210 Human disease leptospirosis identified in new species, the banded mongoose, in Africa
211 Study iDs key protein for cell death, offers way to kill cancer cells by forcing them into programmed-death pathway
212 Flu in pregnancy may quadruple child's risk for bipolar disorder
213 India announces low-cost rotavirus vaccine (Update)
214 Newly described type of immune cell and T cells share similar path to maturity, according to new study
215 Alzheimer's markers predict start of mental decline
216 Study questions if bed rest prevents prematurity
217 The search for an early biomarker to fight atherosclerosis
218 Scientists develop drug that slows Alzheimer's in mice
219 Grammar errors? The brain detects them even when you are unaware
220 Study finds four new genetic risk factors for testicular cancer
221 Tumor-activated protein promotes cancer spread
222 Breakthrough in how pancreatic cancer cells ingest nutrients points to new drug target