File Title
1 Human frontal lobes cut down to size
2 Alligator's smile holds clues to new teeth
3 Comet century may be telescope's last
4 Rainforest plays critical role in hydropower generation
5 Monster radiation burst from Sun
6 US shale oil supply shock shifts global power balance
7 Mayan pyramid bulldozed by Belize construction crew
8 Chris Hadfield and fellow astronauts return from ISS
9 'Weight loss gut bacterium' found
10 European invader threat to US amphibians
11 Resistance to EU green farming plan
12 Gas finds in east Mediterranean may change strategic balance
13 Skylab: Why don't we live in space yet?
14 Sardinia, land and sea
15 The weird and wonderful world of 3D printing
16 Outrage at Syrian rebel shown 'eating soldier's heart'
17 CIA agent 'intercepted in Moscow by FSB'
18 Angelina Jolie has double mastectomy due to cancer gene
19 Rohingya boats sink off west Burma--many missing
20 From Dante to Dan Brown: 10 things about Hell
21 Arctic Council: John Kerry steps into Arctic diplomacy
22 Driving through Canada's Acadian history
23 Are mobile phones dangerous in hospitals?
24 Bangladesh collapse: Thousands hold prayers for victims
25 Nokia Lumia 925 slims down its flagship Windows Phone
26 Facebook blocks 'social suicide' app
27 Blackberry unveils Q5 handset targeted at emerging markets
28 Can computer games change the world?
29 Learning online at the feet of India's gurus
30 Censoring Facebook: Social network's violent video dilemma
31 RTLS: The technology tracking cows to make them happy
32 Robot bartender serves up crowd-sourced cocktails
33 Pictures from Raspberry Pi's new camera add-on
34 Pilotless flight trialled in UK shared airspace
35 France mulls smartphone and tablet tax to fund culture
36 Hospital probes E German 'human guinea pig' drug tests
37 Kidney problems linked to traffic fumes
38 Viewpoint: Do famous role models help or hinder?
39 Dementia series
40 Outrage grows at IRS 'targeting' of conservative groups
41 Play Atari "Breakout" in Google image search
42 Cmdr. Chris Hadfield and space crew land on Earth
43 World's first wind-current power system to be installed off Japanese coast
44 Russia spy agency claims CIA agent arrested for trying to recruit Russian agent in Moscow
45 How I Met Your Mother gives glimpse of the "mother"
46 Bulldozers destroy Mayan pyramid in Belize
47 18th-century French chateau mistakenly bulldozed
48 Police name suspect in New Orleans' parade shooting
49 Angelina Jolie: I had preventive double mastectomy
50 Recharged tea party demands justice in IRS targeting scandal
51 Benghazi, IRS hearings: Political grandstanding, or has "do-nothing Congress" found its legs?
52 Rove group slams Clinton on Benghazi in first 2016 attack ad
53 Cheney: Obama administration "lied" about Benghazi
54 Benghazi timeline: How the probe unfolded
55 U.S. "hopeful" after China bank cuts ties with N. Korea
56 Japan mayor says "comfort women"--WWII forced prostitutes--were necessary to "maintain discipline"
57 Mystery substance sent to U.S. Consulate in China
58 IRS chief: We should have done "better"
59 Vermont about to become 4th state with aid-in-dying law
60 Gun control advocates will "settle" for certain restrictions, Reid says
61 Contagious Marketing: Why Things Catch On
62 'Mompreneurs' Reveal Tricks for Work-Life Balance
63 Motherhood By the Numbers
64 How to Pull Off a $45 Million Global ATM Heist
65 'Junk' DNA Mystery Solved: It's Not Needed
66 On the Brink: Climate Change Endangers Common Species
67 Teens Who Text and Drive Also Don't Wear Seatbelts
68 Stunning Byzantine Mosaic Uncovered in Israel
69 Nature Aids Science to Take on Bed Bugs
70 LED Lights May Damage Eyes, Researcher Says
71 Stars Aligned at Ancient Tomb in Spain
72 Earth's Rotating Inner Core Shifts Its Speed
73 TV Linked with Falling Birth Rates
74 Sex Supplements May Contain Hidden, Harmful Drugs
75 Grab Your Camera: US Public Lands Photo Contest Begins
76 Reference: Lake Superior: Facts About the Greatest Great Lake
77 Elephant Tramples Poacher in Zimbabwe
78 'Predator'-Proof: An Invisibility Cloak for Heat
79 Sun Unleashes Strongest Solar Flares of 2013
80 Falcon Comeback in Indiana: No Longer Endangered?
81 Brain's 'Clock' Disrupted in Depressed People
82 Spontaneous Gene Mutations Linked to Kids' Heart Defects
83 Bird Bones Reveal Human Effects on Ocean Food Chain
84 Beautiful Plankton Blooms Seen from Space
85 Budget Cuts May Hinder Discovery of 1st Alien Earth
86 Can 'Superwheat' Rescue British Farmers?
87 Reference: Facts About Selenium
88 Poison Injuries Spike in Summer--Keep Kids Safe: Op-Ed
89 Was Darwin Wrong About Coral Atolls?
90 Salt Levels In Processed Foods Still Too High
91 Reference: What is Homeopathy?
92 Scientists Use Radar to Locate Clandestine Graves
93 Reference: Googol, Googolplex--& Google
94 Canadian ISS astronaut returns to Earth a star
95 Sifting Through the Atmosphere's of Far-Off Worlds
96 NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Finds Dead Stars Polluted with Planet Debris
97 The Great Exoplanet Debate
98 Two New Exoplanets Detected with Kepler, SOPHIE and HARPS-N
99 Astronomer studies far-off worlds through 'characterization by proxy'
100 Star-and Planet-Forming Regions May Hold Key to Life's Chirality
101 Kepler Discovers Its Smallest Habitable Zone Planets
102 Kepler Finds Two Water Worlds 1200 Lights Years Away
103 Five-Planet System With Most Earth-Like Exoplanet Yet Found
104 Water on moon, Earth have a common source
105 NASA: Solar flare was first of most intense class observed this year
106 Satellite instrument package to assess space weather ready for delivery by CU-Boulder
107 Cluster hears the heartbeat of magnetic reconnection
108 Orbital Selected By NASA To Build Icon Space Weather Satellite
109 NASA Mission to Study What Disrupts Radio Waves
110 Dust in the clouds
111 Cleaner air brings more visibility of Mount Fuji from Tokyo
112 Spaceman says goodbye to ISS with David Bowie classic
113 NRL Shatters Endurance Record for Small Electric UAV
114 Iran unveils new attack drone
115 Northrop Grumman, U.S. Navy Conduct First Arrested Landing of X-47B Unmanned Demonstrator
116 Outside View: Drones: Say it with figures
117 Israel builds up its war robot industry
118 Israel downs Lebanon drone off northern coast
119 US drone destroys Taliban base in Pakistan, five killed
120 Saudis 'turn to South Africa for UAVs'
121 Red Cross chief criticises drone use outside battlefields
122 Pentagon calls off new medal for drone, cyber warriors
123 Germany looking to buy weaponised drones from Israel
124 US drones kill four in NW Pakistan: officials
125 Northrop Grumman Receives Contract Modification for Global Hawk Unmanned Aircraft
126 India uses drones to fight rhino poaching
127 New Telescope Set for Launch May 11 from New Mexico
128 NASA Testing the Webb Telescope's MIRI Thermal Shield
129 VLA Gives Deep, Detailed Image of Distant Universe
130 Where on Earth did the moon's water come from
131 Northrop Grumman Completes Lunar Lander Study for Golden Spike Company
132 Scientists Use Laser to Find Soviet Moon Rover
133 Characterizing The Lunar Radiation Environment
134 Russia rekindles Moon exploration program, intends setting up first human outposts there
135 Pre-existing mineralogy may survive lunar impacts
136 Lunar cycle determines hunting behaviour of nocturnal gulls
137 The Elephant's Tomb in Carmona may have been a temple to the god Mithras
138 New NIST time code to boost reception for radio-controlled clocks
139 Journey to the Limits of Spacetime
140 A rock is a clock: Physicist uses matter to tell time
141 Spacetime: A Smoother Brew Than We Knew
142 BaBar Experiment Confirms Time Asymmetry
143 CERN collider to become the world's fastest stopwatch?
144 Swiss watches tick to Chinese heartbeat
145 A Clock that Will Last Forever
146 Ground-Breaking Science And Spectacular Cosmic Images from PAPER
147 Astronomers discover surprising clutch of hydrogen clouds lurking among our galactic neighbors
148 A Better View into the Heart of a Globular Cluster
149 Giant Gas Cloud in System NGC 6240
150 Looking for Life by the Light of Dying Stars
151 Bold Move Forward in Molecular Analyses
152 Grains of Sand from Ancient Supernova Found in Meteorites
153 Supernova Remnant
154 Massive Star Factory Churned in Universe's Youth
155 Astronomers observe 'blazar' emitting highest-energy light ever seen
156 Supernova may have left biological 'signature' in ancient Earth
157 The mathematical method for simulating the evolution of the solar system has been improved
158 Discovery of a Blue Supergiant Star Born in the Wild
159 A Ghostly Green Bubble
160 Suzaku 'Post-mortem' Yields Insight into Kepler's Supernova
161 Observationally Confirmed Supernova Explosion of a Yellow Supergiant Star
162 Stars in NGC 602a
163 Hubble breaks record for furthest supernova
164 Supernova remnant 1987A continues to reveal its secrets
165 Swirling Secrets
166 NOAO: Star Birth in Cepheus
167 Astronomers discover new kind of supernova
168 LOFAR discovers new giant galaxy in all-sky survey
169 Famous Supernova Reveals Clues About Crucial Cosmic Distance Markers
170 Herschel Discovers Some of the Youngest Stars Ever Seen
171 Vietnam to launch second remote sensing satellite into orbit by 2017
172 e2v image sensors launched into space on board Vietnam's first optical Earth observation satellite
173 ESA's next Earth Explorer satellite Will Map The Tropics
174 China Successfully Sends First Gaofen Satellite Into Space
175 China launches high-definition earth observation satellite
176 Space tourism won't hurt environment: Branson
177 Boeing X-51A WaveRider Sets Record with Successful Fourth Flight
178 Air Force's experimental scramjet aircraft hits Mach 5.1-3,880 mph
179 SNC's Hybrid Rocket Engines Power SpaceShipTwo on its First Powered Flight Test
180 Opportunity Making Smallest Turn Yet, As Dust Storm Affects Rover
181 Boeing to Build Four More Intelsat EpicNG 702MP Satellites
182 Lockheed Martin Demonstrates ADAM Ground-Based Laser System in Increasingly Complex Tests Against Free-Flying Rockets
183 US Navy readies 'laser attack' weapon in 2014
184 Anti-aircraft laser weapon demonstrated
185 Boeing High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator Advances to High-power Testing
186 Water on moon, Earth came from same primitive meteorites
187 First Tunguska Meteorite Fragments Discovered
188 Scientists say stones are linked to 1908 cosmic blast over Siberia