File Title
1 Astronauts begin emergency spacewalk to repair leak
2 Carbon dioxide passes symbolic mark
3 Scientists call for action to tackle CO2 levels
4 Thermal invisibility cloak in first demonstration
5 Climate change shifts migrating birds' wintering ground
6 Blasts kill dozens in Turkish border town of Reyhanli
7 Landmark Pakistan election marred by Karachi unrest
8 Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani to stand for Iran presidency
9 Egypt 'al-Qaeda linked plot on Western embassy' foiled
10 North Korea's silent football matches
11 Is it ever right for a therapist to cry?
12 Guatemala's Rios Montt found guilty of genocide
13 Star Wars: Episode VII to be filmed in UK
14 Bentley's Le Mans buffet
15 Is Wagner's Nazi stigma fair?
16 Perfectly doped quantum dots yield colors to dye for
17 New magnetic graphene may revolutionise electronics
18 Scientists enhance light emission in 2D semiconductors by a factor of 100
19 Bacteria adapt and evade nanosilver's sting
20 Researchers use graphene quantum dots to detect humidity and pressure
21 Researchers fine-tune the sensitivity of nano-chemical sensor
22 Researchers makes advance in nanotech gene sequencing technique
23 Gold nanoparticles: A new delivery for cancer drugs
24 Improved material for 'laser welding' of tissue in intestinal surgery
25 Nano-scientists develop new kind of portable water purification system
26 New technique can help nanoparticles deliver drug treatments
27 A giant leap to commercialization of polymer solar cell (PSC)
28 Imaging nanoscale polarization in ferroelectrics with coherent X-rays
29 Furnace accelerator startup develops anti-fogging technology
30 Composite organic/inorganic thermoelectric is more than sum of its parts
31 Microwave oven cooks up solar cell material
32 Researchers develop unique method for creating uniform nanoparticles
33 Scientists detect residue that has hindered efficiency of promising type of solar cell
34 Engineers manipulate a buckyball by inserting a single water molecule
35 Ubiquitous engineered nanomaterials cause lung inflammation, study finds
36 National study of nanomaterial toxicity sets stage for policies to address health risks
37 Team develops in vivo flexible large scale integrated circuits (w/ Video)
38 PEDOT:PSS: Improving thermoelectric materials that convert heat to electricity and vice-versa
39 Portable nanodevice provides rapid, accurate diagnosis of tuberculosis, other bacterial infections
40 'Going negative' pays for nanotubes: Team finds possible keys to better nanofibers, films
41 Researchers extend electron spin in diamond for incredibly tiny magnetic detectors
42 The changing phase of quantum materials: Theoretical model could aid search for ideal material for quantum computers
43 New temporal filtering technique improves solid-state single photon sources
44 Study finds semiclassical gravity counterintuitive, but on the horizon of testability
45 In first head-to-head speed test with conventional computing, quantum computer wins
46 Cold atoms for quantum technology
47 Quantum optics with microwaves
48 Engineers using quantum nature of light to boost Internet security
49 Los Alamos reveals it's been running quantum network for two and a half years
50 Creating time crystals with a rotating ion ring
51 16 atomic ions simulate a quantum antiferromagnet
52 Intriguing state of matter previously predicted in graphene-like materials might not exist after all
53 Use of laser light yields versatile manipulation of a quantum bit
54 Towards quantum Internet with combined optical and electrical technique
55 N/A
56 Success in initializing and reading nuclear spins brings quantum computer a step closer
57 Gravity's lingua franca: Unifying general relativity and quantum theory through spectra; geometry
58 Physicists propose measure of macroscopicity; Schrodinger's cat scores a 57
59 Movement of pyrrole molecules defy 'classical' physics
60 Quantum cellmates with noisy networks
61 'Quantum Internet': Towards realization of solid-state quantum network
62 Scientists provide 'new spin' on emerging quantum technologies
63 Ultrafast technique unlocks design principles of quantum biology
64 A silicon platform for quantum computers
65 A new twist for quantum systems
66 Physicists set new record for quantum teleportation with matter qubits
67 Spacewalkers to tackle leak at space station
68 Icy Arctic rising as economic, security hot spot
69 Greenhouse gas level highest in two million years, NOAA reports (Update 2)
70 ISS crew ready for spacewalk after 'serious' ammonia leak (Update)
71 Astronauts aim to fix ammonia leak at space station
72 Nations agree to phase out toxic chemical HBCD
73 Reports from "Humans 2 Mars Summit" suggest dust may prevent human settlement of Mars
74 Adding veggies to your diet helps cut global warming
75 'Very serious' ammonia leak outside ISS, Russian officials report (Update 2)
76 At the junction of humid and sticky: Relative humidity determines viscosity of carbon-based atmospheric particles
77 Dust involved in sulfate production in clouds
78 Secret streets of Britain's Atlantis are revealed
79 Australian sky-gazers witness 'ring of fire' eclipse
80 Water on Moon and Earth came from same primitive meteorites, analysis shows
81 Curiosity rover team selects second drilling target on Mars
82 Ice-free Arctic may be in our future, says research
83 Thousands around the world applying for one-way ticket to Mars
84 Climate change: Can nature help us?
85 No-win situation for agricultural expansion in the Amazon, research says
86 Sifting through the atmospheres of far-off worlds
87 Geologists study mystery of 'eternal flames'
88 Cirrus clouds form around mineral dust and metallic particles, study finds
89 Hubble finds dead stars 'polluted' with planetary debris
90 The RHex takes a leap at robotics conference (w/ Video)
91 Review: Samsung's Galaxy S4 less innovative than it seems
92 Printed inchworm robot makes self-assembly moves (w/ Video)
93 Google Glass a hit with early adopters
94 Huawei to launch first Windows 8 phone in US
95 Amazon working on 3D screen for smartphone, report says
96 Nokia debuts $99 smartphone in emerging market struggle
97 Wearable robots getting lighter, more portable
98 HPC means business in Cray XC30-A supercomputer debut
99 UF launches HiPerGator, the state's most powerful supercomputer
100 Controlling robots with your thoughts
101 Intel revamps chipsets in new mobile push
102 More than a good eye: Robot uses arms, location and more to discover objects
103 Physical by smartphone becoming real possibility
104 Google Glass can take photo with a wink
105 Bielefeld robots take part in a space simulation
106 DARPA robotic hand prototype shows advanced moves (w/ video)
107 UN report wants moratorium on killer robots (Update)
108 Researchers use gait primitives from real animals to simulate movement in robots (w/ video)
109 Robots designed to clean up our streets
110 Pioneering flight of 'Robo Raven' is major breakthrough for micro air vehicles
111 Robots able to reach through clutter with whole-arm tactile sensing (w/ video)
112 Write timing: ZoomBoard works for smartwatch text entry (w/ video)
113 Greater touch control for interactive pen display heightens intuitive on-screen functionality
114 Google Glass hacked and rooted--Google claims it was the plan all along
115 The mobile telephones of the future
116 Professor weighs benefit vs. risk of facial recognition technology
117 Waste guzzling fly factory wins African innovation prize
118 SideWays eye-tracking system shown at Paris conference (w/ video)
119 People may welcome talking tissue boxes and other smart objects
120 Morphees: Shape-shifting mobile devices (w/ Video)
121 MorePhone: Revolutionary shape-changing phone curls upon a call (w/ Video)
122 Microsoft job ads for engineers show body-double plans
123 MYO armband to muscle into computer control (w/ video)
124 LG Electronics HMD patent sets sights on video viewing
125 With wave of the hand, researchers create touch-based interfaces
126 Pinch, prod, pull on stretchy display by MIT creatives (w/ video)
127 Kriyate Design Solutions testing first Braille smartphone
128 Israeli official says drones could replace planes
129 Audi plans next-level tech for smarter driving
130 Sat-nav warns London lorry drivers of cyclists
131 Computer scientists design new keyboard layout on touch screen devices (w/ video)
132 Leverkusen unveil high-tech stadium plans
133 Fujitsu unveils device that lets printed paper become interactive (w/ video)
134 Startup links families with their independent seniors
135 Inventions, practical and oddball, showcased at Geneva fair
136 Futuristic projection technology could be used anywhere
137 Mind-controlled devices reveal future possibilities
138 Google Glass advocate to developers: Seize the moment (w/ video)
139 Tiny technology could spark revolution in house buying
140 Building protocells from inorganic nanoparticles
141 Capturing light in an efficient dye trap
142 New advance in biofuel production: Researchers develop enzyme-free ionic liquid pre-treatment
143 Biomaterial shows promise for Type 1 diabetes treatment
144 New technique allows scientists to directly compare catalysts' efficiency in different situations
145 Universal method for the catalytic methylation of amines with carbon dioxide
146 Electrolysis method described for making 'green' iron
147 Using 'bacteria-eaters' to prevent infections on medical implant materials
148 A trick to fold proteins more quickly
149 Fluorescent indicator could help scientists identify useful drugs that modulate process of cell death
150 Biosensor that detects antibiotic resistance brings us one step closer to fighting superbugs
151 Study on coumarin in cinnamon and cinnamon-based products
152 New mechanism converts natural gas to energy faster, captures CO2
153 Fossil amber shatters theories of glass as a liquid
154 Another 'trophy' for the chemistry cabinet
155 Silk and cellulose biologically effective for use in stem cell cartilage repair
156 New automated fluorescence lifetime imaging plate reader used to study aggregation of HIV-1 Gag proteins
157 Nanocoating helps fight furniture fires without toxic flame retardants
158 Separation of dicarboxylic acids through molecular recognition and mechanochemistry
159 Researchers find active transporters are universally leaky
160 A liquid crystal force to reckon with
161 Brilliant dye to probe the brain
162 New imaging technique to visualize bio-metals and molecules
163 Scientists improve biomass-to-fuel process
164 Seahorse's armor gives engineers insight into robotics designs (w/ video)
165 Slippery eel slides towards disaster
166 S. Korea to release dolphin back into wild
167 Sacred lotus genome sequence enlightens scientists
168 Large-scale edible insect farming needed to ensure global food security
169 Plants use underground networks to warn of enemy attack
170 Study suggests link between tumor suppressors and starvation survival
171 Study assesses impact of pending landmark US Supreme Court case on gene patents
172 Revealing hidden fungal species using DNA: The importance of recognizing cryptic diversity
173 Subset of short genes hidden inside plant genomes may be important in setting plant growth patterns
174 London Zoo seeks female mate for near-extinct fish
175 At least 26 elephants massacred by C. African poachers
176 Olive oil assays may help assure authenticity
177 A new way forward for Europe's regional seas
178 Bacterial infection in mosquitoes renders them immune to malaria parasites
179 Dad's genome more ready at fertilization than mom's is--but hers catches up
180 Researchers find correlation between face shape and procreation rates and rank in male soldiers
181 Salk researchers chart epigenomics of stem cells that mimic early human development
182 Studies generate comprehensive list of genes required by innate system to defend sex cells
183 Team finds key to gene-silencing activity, opens door to new class of therapies
184 Genes define the interaction of social amoeba and bacteria
185 With many parrots endangered, team sequences macaw genome
186 Loss of eastern hemlock will affect forest water use
187 Researchers identifies gene associated with eczema in dogs
188 Coral reefs suffering, but collapse not inevitable, researchers say
189 In birds, personalities can be a question of weather
190 Researchers present causal evidence on how markets affect moral values
191 US returns more Mongolian dinosaur bones
192 The Elephant's Tomb in Carmona may have been a temple to the god Mithras
193 Hearing the unheard in Beethoven
194 Researcher finds earliest evidence of human ancestors hunting and scavenging
195 What the birth rate says about changing family dynamics
196 Gender gap in STEM majors linked to high school job plans
197 Clickable history
198 Tandem-horned rhino from the Late Miocene of northwestern China reveals origin of the unicorn Elasmothere
199 Jason Collins and the role of identity
200 The secret lives of bubbles: Mathematicians describe evolution, dissolution of clusters of bubbles (w/ video)
201 Why we love it or hate it: The 3 E's
202 No holes in Swiss online networking theory
203 Did being a shareholder transform Shakespeare's writing?
204 The nearness of you: Research examines influence of proximity on communication
205 A seller's conspicuous consumption may undermine bond with consumers
206 Communities advance when computers speak their language
207 The Mexican children of immigrants program: Interpreting the numbers
208 Proposed exam reforms 'unlikely to drive up standards'
209 Microcredits no shortcut to happiness
210 Just how stressed are we when it comes to housing affordability?
211 Meeting aliens will be nothing like Star Trek--fact
212 WW2 soldiers radicalised by their diaries, finds study
213 Four dinosaur species identified
214 In ancient China, sago palms were major plant food prior to rice cultivation
215 Research reveals possible reason for cholesterol-drug side effects
216 Study identifies influenza viruses circulating in pigs and birds that could pose a risk to humans
217 Stem cell researchers move toward treatment for rare genetic nerve disease
218 Cocaine vaccine passes key testing hurdle
219 Debunking the IQ myth
220 Studies show women find men more attractive if they hold a guitar
221 If you can't beat them, join them: Grandmother cells revisited
222 Scientists reveal drinking champagne could improve memory
223 Telomere shortening affects muscular dystrophy gene
224 Immune cells that suppress genital herpes infections identified
225 Red hair pigment might raise melanoma risk, study says
226 Theta brainwaves reflect ability to beat built-in bias
227 Want tots without allergies? Try sucking on their pacifiers
228 Breast milk ingredient could prevent necrotizing enterocolitis--deadly intestinal problem in preemies
229 Discovery pinpoints cause of two types of leukemia, providing insights into new treatment approach
230 Sense of touch reproduced through prosthetic hand
231 Blocking protein expression delays onset of multiple sclerosis in mice, study says
232 A cautionary tale on genome-sequencing diagnostics for rare diseases
233 Scientists confirm Justinianic Plague caused by bacterium Yersinia pestis
234 Cancer drug prevents build-up of toxic brain protein
235 Hit a 95 mph baseball? Scientists pinpoint how we see it coming
236 Neuroscientists put heads together at national brainstorming session
237 Could adaptable bacteria cause repeat urinary tract infections?
238 Researchers discover dynamic behavior of progenitor cells in brain
239 Women altering menstruation cycles in large numbers, study shows
240 Unleashing the watchdog protein
241 How individuality develops? Experience leads to the growth of new brain cells
242 Mapping the embryonic epigenome
243 Scientists create new tool for identifying powerful HIV antibodies
244 Researchers identify protein that reverses some effects of aging in mouse hearts