File Title
1 Gas clouds solve a mystery of universe
2 Color a constant throughout aging
3 Moon mission paves way to 'green' steel
4 Facebook phone price drops to 99 cents
5 Will the Cleveland kidnapping victims and their families be able to overcome their traumatic experiences?
6 Hospital costs can vary more than $200,000 for same procedure, government report reveals
7 Florida scientists discover new bass species
8 Stephen Hawking backs boycott of Israeli academics
9 Future iPhone could sport invisible buttons
10 Giant African land snail spotted in Texas
11 Beer drone? Festival goers may see booze fall from the sky
12 Google going to revamp its Maps interface at I/O?
13 Milky Way galaxy's giant black hole is 'cooking' gas meal
14 Michelle Knight told cops Ariel Castro threatened to kill her if Amanda Berry's baby died
15 Jodi Arias Verdict: Guilty of first-degree murder in death of Travis Alexander
16 Jodi Arias says she prefers death penalty
17 Benghazi "whistleblowers" head to House committee
18 Ariel Castro, Cleveland kidnapping suspect, helped look for missing girl
19 Man charged with kidnapping, raping Cleveland girls
20 Obama nominates new ambassador to Libya
21 Boston bombing suspect's widow hires criminal attorney
22 Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus Update: Daughter of kidnapping suspect Ariel Castro apparently tried to kill her baby
23 Tim Lambesis, lead singer of band "As I Lay Dying," suspected of murder-for-hire plot to kill wife
24 Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus Update: Castro's son says 'the house was always locked'
25 Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight Update: 'I knew my daughter was out there alive,' says DeJesus' father
26 Fast food's nutritional value still needs to shape up
27 Sunshine may lower blood pressure and boost heart health, study suggests
28 New coronavirus from Middle East infects French citizen
29 PLOS ONE study: Droplet Digital PCR works for GMO quantification
30 Is the humble fig more than just a fruit?
31 Study uncovers mechanism for how grapes reduce heart failure associated with hypertension
32 NASA Study Projects Warming-Driven Changes in Global Rainfall
33 Preordering lunch increases healthy entree selection in elementary schools
34 Researchers calculate the global highways of invasive marine species
35 Scientists alarmed by rapid spread of Brown Streak Disease in cassava
36 Zeal to ensure clean leafy greens takes bite out of riverside habitat in California
37 Plants 'talk' to plants to help them grow
38 Skipping meals and shopping sabotages diets
39 Entomologist names new wasp species after UC Riverside
40 Decline in snow cover spells trouble for many plants, animals
41 New Robotic Instruments to Provide Real-Time Data on Gulf of Maine Red Tide
42 Combining Strategies Speeds the Work of Enzymes
43 In ancient China, sago palms were major plant food prior to rice cultivation
44 Human impacts on natural world underestimated
45 An electronic nose can tell pears and apples apart
46 Whole walnuts and their extracted oil improve cardiovascular disease risk
47 Researchers find hints of supernova iron in bacteria microfossils
48 Setting the standard for sustainable bioenergy crops
49 Neiker-Tecnalia develops a new method for the early detection of vineyard mildew, powdery mildew and botrytis
50 The Black Sea is a goldmine of ancient genetic data
51 Wits researcher names new dino
52 Scientists Reveal New Species of Bone-Headed Dinosaur
53 Satellite instrument package to assess space weather ready for delivery by CU-Boulder
54 Toxic waste sites cause healthy years of life lost
55 More hurricanes for Hawaii?
56 Organic vapors affect clouds leading to previously unidentified climate cooling
57 Landsat Thermal Sensor Lights Up from Volcano's Heat
58 NREL Quantifies Significant Value in Concentrating Solar Power
59 The effect of climate change on iceberg production by Greenland glaciers
60 Researchers use graphene quantum dots to detect humidity and pressure
61 One order of steel; hold the greenhouse gases
62 PCBs are everywhere
63 Lucky bacteria strike it rich during formation of treatment-resistant colonies
64 New Red List developed for threatened ecosystems
65 Carnitine supplement may improve survival rates of children with heart defects
66 Brain anatomy of dyslexia is not the same in men and women, boys and girls
67 Soy and tomato combo may be effective in preventing prostate cancer
68 Early infant growth rate linked to composition of gut microbiota
69 Patients should have right to control genomic health information
70 Coral reefs suffering, but collapse not inevitable, researchers say
71 Genes define the interaction of social amoeba and bacteria
72 Turning old hearts
73 Advance in tuberous sclerosis brain science
74 Could eating peppers prevent Parkinson's?
75 Dad's genome more ready at fertilization than mom's is--but hers catches up
76 Gene identified, responsible for a spectrum of disorders affecting the bones and connective tissue
77 Exit discovered in cellular garbage truck
78 Operating without interrupting warfarin reduces risk of bleeding after cardiac device surgery
79 Studies generate comprehensive list of genes required by innate system to defend sex cells
80 Scripps Research Institute scientists find key to gene-silencing activity
81 Study finds brain system for emotional self-control
82 Research reveals cancer-suppressing protein 'multitasks'
83 Variations in antibiotic prescribing of acute rhinosinusitis in united states ambulatory settings
84 Mapping the embryonic epigenome
85 Loss of Eastern Hemlock Will Affect Forest Water Use
86 Saving money on medical costs
87 Curbing Medicare costs could drive some seniors out of program, study finds
88 New Canadian guidelines for treating fibromyalgia
89 Schools may help close gap to mental health services for adolescents with mental disorders
90 Occupational data in medical billing records could prevent workplace injuries
91 Study shows so-called cougars, sugar daddies more myth than reality
92 Live and learn
93 High home ownership can seriously damage your labour market
94 When women sell themselves short on team projects
95 First Corneal Transplant with Pre-loaded Donor Tissue Performed at Massachusetts Eye and Ear
96 Discovery of gene mutation causing Sturge-Weber syndrome, port-wine stain birthmarks offers new hope
97 Engineered spider toxin could be the future of anti-venom vaccines
98 The impact of consumption goals on flat-rate choice
99 Elsevier's Maturitas publishes clinical guide on endometrial assessment in postmenopausal women
100 Look! Something Shiny! How Some Textbook Visuals can Hurt Learning
101 Early Math and Reading Ability Linked to Job and Income in Adulthood
102 Advance directives manage end of life care issues and reduce end of life medical costs
103 Spintronics discovery
104 No holes in Swiss online networking theory
105 Toddlers from socially-deprived homes most at risk of scalds, study finds
106 Positive Social Support at Work Shown to Reduce Risk of Diabetes
107 Why we love it or hate it: The 3 E's
108 Astronomers discover surprising clutch of hydrogen clouds lurking among our galactic neighbors
109 Quantum optics with microwaves
110 Elucidating energy shifts in optical tweezers
111 Researcher Construct Invisibility Cloak for Thermal Flow
112 Using 'bacteria-eaters' to prevent infections on medical implant materials
113 Improved material for 'laser welding' of tissue in intestinal surgery
114 Study on coumarin in cinnamon and cinnamon-based products
115 Study finds nearly 5 million asthmatics worldwide could benefit from antifungal therapy
116 Exotic atoms hold clues to unsolved physics puzzle at the dawn of the universe
117 Geologists study mystery of 'eternal flames'
118 Scientists demonstrate pear shaped atomic nuclei
119 Scientists develop device for portable, ultra-precise clocks and quantum sensors
120 Power plants: UGA researchers explore how to harvest electricity directly from plants
121 Hubble finds dead stars "polluted" with planetary debris
122 Popular diabetes drug does not improve survival rates after cancer: Study
123 New Advance in Biofuel Production
124 Study finds that bacteria organize according to 'rich-get-richer' principle
125 Genes show 1 big European family
126 And the beat goes on...: The reliable heartbeat of hibernators
127 New Mechanism Converts Natural Gas to Energy Faster, Captures CO2
128 Another 'trophy' for the chemistry cabinet
129 AFOSR-funded research key to revolutionary 'green' spacecraft propellant
130 Biosensor that detects antibiotic resistance brings us one step closer to fighting superbugs
131 U Alberta researcher identifies 4 dinosaur species
132 Researchers discover world's most extreme hearing animal
133 Dietary flexibility may have helped some large predators survive after last ice age
134 'Going negative' pays for nanotubes
135 A new cost-effective genome assembly process
136 Research finds identifies social needs of young people with cancer
137 Mathematicians help to unlock brain function
138 Monkey math
139 HIV advance
140 Study shows that people organize daily travel efficiently
141 Research finds opportunity in health care system to reach out to youth contemplating suicide
142 Social Connections Drive the 'Upward Spiral' of Positive Emotions and Health
143 Parental addictions linked to adult children's depression
144 Obese students' childbearing risk varies with high school obesity rates
145 Your immune system: On surveillance in the war against cancer
146 Methylphenidate 'normalizes' activation in key brain areas in kids with ADHD
147 Doctor's Choice of Words May Influence Family's Decision to Permit CPR if Critically Ill Patient's Heart Stops
148 Researchers estimate a cost for universal access to energy
149 Unethical advertising at launch of antidepressants
150 Cyberthreats must require governments and businesses to be 'cyberrisk intelligent'
151 Link between intimate partner violence and depression
152 In Cleveland Clinic study, less than half of deaths after angioplasty result of procedure
153 5,000 steps a day to avoid paying higher health insurance costs? When money talks, people walk
154 Many plastic surgeons view social media as important tool for promoting their practice
155 Laughter perception networks in brain different for mocking, joyful or ticklish laughter
156 Brain, not eye mechanisms keep color vision constant across lifespan
157 Discovery shows fat triggers rheumatoid arthritis
158 New prostate cancer test improves risk assessment
159 An anarchic region of star formation
160 Telling time on Saturn
161 NASA's Fermi, Swift See 'Shockingly Bright' Burst
162 Hubble Sees the Remains of a Star Gone Supernova
163 Sun Emits Mid-Level Flare
164 Birth of a Black Hole
165 New analysis suggests wind, not water, formed mound on Mars
166 Discovery of new hormone opens doors to new type 2 diabetes treatments
167 Magnetic Vortex Antennas for Wireless Data Transmission
168 New technique can help nanoparticles deliver drug treatments
169 Bacteria adapt and evade nanosilver's sting
170 Hit a 90 mph baseball? Scientists pinpoint how we see it coming
171 Engineers fine-tune the sensitivity of nano-chemical sensor