File Title
1 Environment rubs off on stingless bees
2 Ice Age words stand the test of time
3 Dog-sized dino shows prehistoric diversity
4 Cold War bunkers offer bats refuge from killer disease
5 Ancient bone-headed dinosaur found
6 Greater wax moth 'can sense' highest recorded frequency
7 Sun's blood pressure benefits 'may outdo cancer risks'
8 The surprising uses for birdsong
9 Can you succeed in sport on a specialist diet?
10 Ohio women were held with ropes and chains, police say
11 Italy deaths as Genoa ship hits control tower
12 Prof. Stephen Hawking 'boycotts' major Israel conference
13 Will legalised marijuana lead to an economic boom?
14 Lack of sleep blights pupils' education
15 Queen's Speech: Immigrants face tougher rules
16 Cleveland officials hail bravery of missing women
17 Cleveland rescue: The mystery of 2207 Seymour Avenue
18 Cleveland police set to interview women's 'kidnappers'
19 Profile: Amanda Berry, Georgina DeJesus and Michele Knight
20 When people disappear, investigators scramble for clues
21 China poisoning case sparks White House petitions flurry
22 Windows 8 update public preview to be released in June
23 Windows 8 update: Microsoft crisis or business as usual?
24 Syria 'working to repair internet' after blackout
25 Electronic Arts profits hurt but brighter 2014 forecast
26 Market for feature phone apps is low-tech goldmine
27 'Fresh proposals' planned over cyber-monitoring
28 App taps phone and personal clues to your happiness
29 Witnessing a South African healer at work
30 Q&A: H7N9 bird flu
31 78,000 apply for private Mars colony project in two weeks
32 Syria's Internet goes offline
33 3D-printed "bionic" ear hears better than the real thing
34 Quantum Internet tested in government lab for two years
35 Philippines volcano spews rock, kills five climbers
36 Benghazi "whistleblowers" head to House committee
37 Police facing questions in 3 women's Ohio rescue
38 Ariel Castro, Cleveland kidnapping suspect, helped look for missing girl
39 Three long-missing women found alive in Cleveland
40 Frantic 911 call ends ordeal for 3 long-missing women
41 Amanda Berry's 911 call for help from Cleveland police: "I'm free now"
42 Unruly passengers prompt diversion of Southwest flight
43 Ex-S.C. Gov. Sanford wins House seat
44 Delaware becomes 11th state to allow same-sex marriage
45 2nd test of prostate cancer aggressiveness hits market
46 Coke CEO launches "calorie count transparency" campaign to fight obesity
47 Federal judge rips government for opposing Plan B One-Step for all ages
48 Grocery shopping while hungry may lead to more high-calorie choices
49 Half of Hepatitis C patients face major health risks because of incomplete testing
50 More deaths reported in Saudi Arabia from new coronavirus
51 Chris Christie's weight loss surgery: What is a Lap-band?
52 Promising Alzheimer's drug Gammagard fails key study
53 U.S. has highest first-day infant mortality out of industrialized world, group reports
54 Milky Way Black Hole Snacks On Hot Gas
55 Genes Show One Big European Family
56 Oldest? New 'Bone-Head' Dinosaur Hints at Higher Diversity of Small Dinosaurs
57 Ice Age Ancestors Might Have Used Words in Common With Us
58 Plants 'Talk' to Plants to Help Them Grow
59 Climate Change, Not Human Activity, Led to Megafauna Extinction
60 New Device Can Extract Human DNA With Full Genetic Data in Minutes
61 Bats Use Blood to Reshape Tongue for Feeding
62 Wind, Not Water, Formed Mound On Mars, New Analysis Suggests
63 More Than a Good Eye: Robot Uses Arms, Location and More to Discover Objects
64 Rats Take High-Speed Multisensory Snapshots: Smell and Touch, Sniffing and 'Whisking,' Are Locked in Sync
65 U.S. Urban Trees Store Carbon, Provide Billions in Economic Value, Finds State-By-State Analysis
66 Sunshine Could Benefit Health and Prolong Life, Study Suggests
67 20-Million-Year-Old Amber Shatters Theories of Glass as a Liquid
68 Decline in Snow Cover Spells Trouble for Many Plants, Animals
69 Nerve Stimulation for Severe Depression Changes Brain Function
70 Do Bats Know Voices of Friends They Hang out With? Bats May Recognize Voices of Other Bats
71 Parents Who Suck On Their Infants' Pacifiers May Protect Their Children Against Developing Allergy
72 Personalized Bone Substitutes Created from Skin Cells
73 Boosting 'Cellular Garbage Disposal' Can Delay the Aging Process
74 NASA's Spitzer Puts Planets in a Petri Dish
75 Engineers Manipulate a Buckyball by Inserting a Single Water Molecule
76 Pathogen Turns Protein Into a Virulence Factor in One Easy Step
77 Theta Brainwaves Reflect Ability to Beat Built-In Bias
78 Link Between Intimate Partner Violence and Depression
79 Turning Alzheimer's Fuzzy Signals Into High Definition
80 Diet Linked to Daytime Sleepiness and Alertness in Healthy Adults
81 Value in Concentrating Solar Power to Add to Electric Grid Calculated
82 New Mechanism Converts Natural Gas to Energy Faster, Captures Carbon Dioxide
83 Cleaner, Low Temperature Nuclear Fuels?
84 Magnetic Vortex Antennas for Wireless Data Transmission
85 Chaos Proves Superior to Order
86 Combining Strategies Speeds the Work of Enzymes
87 New Robotic Instruments to Provide Real-Time Data On Gulf of Maine Red Tide
88 New Insights Into Ebola Infection Pave the Way for Much-Needed Therapies
89 And the Beat Goes On...: The Reliable Heartbeat of Hibernators
90 The More Feathers a Male Sparrow Carries to the Nest, the More Eggs the Female Will Lay
91 Potential Therapeutic Target for Cushing's Disease
92 Genetic Variations Associated With Susceptibility to Bacteria Linked to Stomach Disorders
93 How Breast Cancer Cells Acquire Drug Resistance
94 First Corneal Transplant With Pre-Loaded Donor Tissue
95 Women With Unintended Pregnancy Are More Likely to Suffer from Postpartum Depression
96 Amplification of a Stat5 Gene Produces Excess Oncogenic Protein That Drives Prostate Cancer Spread
97 Exercise-Related Changes in Estrogen Metabolism May Lower Breast Cancer Risk
98 No Link Found Between Viral Infection and Rapidly Developing Type 1 Diabetes in Young Children
99 Some Prostate Cancer Patients More Likely to Die After Weekend ER Visits
100 Hospital Surgical Volume Should Be Considered When Judging Value of Procedures
101 Millions Pass Up Free Health Subsidy
102 Heroin Vaccine Blocks Relapse, Preclinical Study Suggests
103 The Nocebo Effect: Media Reports May Trigger Symptoms of a Disease
104 Commands from the Matrix: Cellular Environment Controls Formation and Activity of Neuronal Connections
105 So-Called Cougars, Sugar Daddies More Myth Than Reality
106 High Home Ownership Can Seriously Damage Labor Market, New Study Suggests
107 Live and Learn: Most GenXers Continue Their Education
108 Internet Content Is Looking for You
109 Traumatized Moms Avoid Tough Talks With Kids
110 Consumers Almost Always Buy in the Same Shops, International Study Finds
111 Activity of Cancer Inducing Genes Can Be Controlled by the Cell's Skeleton
112 Assembly of a Protein Degradation Machine Could Lead to Treatments in Cancer, Neurological Diseases
113 Critical Link in Mammalian Odor Detection Identified
114 Zeal to Ensure Clean Leafy Greens Takes Bite out of Riverside Habitat in California
115 Endogenous Antibiotic Discovered in the Brain
116 The Black Sea Is a Goldmine of Ancient Genetic Data
117 Midwestern Frogs Decline, Mammal Populations Altered by Invasive Plant, Studies Reveal
118 NASA Opens New Era in Measuring Western U.S. Snowpack
119 Children Living Near Toxic Waste Sites in Developing Countries May Experience Higher Blood Lead Levels Resulting in Lower IQ
120 Scientists Alarmed by Rapid Spread of Brown Streak Disease in Cassava
121 King Richard III Archaeological Unit Discovers Roman Cemetery Under Car Park
122 Killer Entrance Suspected in Mystery of Unusually Large Group of Carnivores in Ancient Cave
123 New Dinosaur Fossil Discovered in China: Meat-Eating Dinosaur from Late Jurassic Period Was Less Than a Year Old
124 Is the Humble Fig More Than Just a Fruit?
125 3-D Simulation Shows How Form of Complex Organs Evolves by Natural Selection
126 Gene test may help guide prostate cancer treatment
127 Encroaching sea already a threat in Caribbean
128 Elon Musks' SpaceX signs lease at NM spaceport
129 NY group buys Tesla property, plans science center
130 East about to be overrun by billions of cicadas
131 New satellite appears to be working flawlessly
132 Protections for wolverines draw states' opposition
133 S. Korea president proposes peace park with N. Korea
134 Germany weighs belated justice for Auschwitz guards
135 Germany marks 80 years since Nazi book burnings
136 Kuwait making tentative steps to connect with youth
137 Space junk needs to be removed from Earth's orbit: ESA
138 Why does anything exist? Scientists find a bit of the answer
139 Gene data show China bird flu mutated "under the radar"
140 Space telescope spots distant planets well placed for life
141 Scientists find Antarctic ice is melting faster
142 Ahead of the curve: but bendable screens still seek breakthrough
143 Japanese fish survive 5,000-mile trip across Pacific in tsunami boat
144 Teens help each other pay for cancer treatment
145 Friends mourn 5 Calif. nurses killed in limo fire
146 Christie's surgery highlights weight-loss options
147 Asia, Europe weakness hit McDonald's sales
148 U.S. makes data available on wide disparity in hospital charges
149 Merck: FDA reviewing its ragweed allergy therapy
150 NC Senate bill requires abortion education
151 Advocates rally for Kansas disabled services
152 Drug used to treat Lyme disease is in short supply
153 Ohio food banks to get almost 767K donated eggs
154 Ariz. climber found dead, covered with bee stings
155 WHO experts to visit Saudi hospital where coronavirus spread
156 EU lawmakers to vote on reform of 'polluter pays'
157 Vietnam, S. Africa target illegal rhino hunters
158 Japan, China, S. Korea to cooperate on air pollution
159 Waste guzzling fly factory wins African innovation prize
160 UW wins federal grant to study greenhouse gases
161 High lead levels found at old Terre Haute dump
162 ND counties putting burning restrictions in place
163 Landing is key puzzle in Mars trip
164 Ice Age language may share words with modern tongues
165 Mexico volcano covers towns in ash
166 Murkowski say environmentalists stifle development
167 Joplin unveils eco-friendly construction systems
168 Peru tries to close legal loophole for pollution fines
169 Belgian catches piranha in local lake
170 Fish piracy costs $10 billion to $23 billion a year--report
171 Electrolysis method described for making 'green' iron
172 Dutchman appears for 'biggest ever' cyberattack
173 Rights group presses Twitter on 'hate speech'
174 India's startups lacking guardian 'angels'
175 China calls U.S. the "real hacking empire" after Pentagon
176 Security firms say Internet out in Syria
177 Senators propose law to combat cyber theft
178 Microsoft extends search guarantee in Yahoo deal
179 Yoigo first to bring superfast mobile Internet to Spain
180 Dotcom's lawyers say case threatens Internet freedom
181 Fusion-io founders quit to start new venture, shares slump
182 Fusion-io says CEO, Chief Marketing Officer resign
183 San Francisco surrenders in fight over cell phone warnings
184 Simulator shows dangers of texting while driving
185 Chafee urges House to pass Internet sales tax bill