File Title
1 Dummies may help baby's heart
2 Helmets reduce head injury severity
3 Artificial muscles to ease lymphoedema
4 Arctic Ocean 'acidifying rapidly'
5 Working gun made with 3D printer
6 Nepal floods change river course and threaten tourism
7 Mini guide to food and drink in Normandy
8 Syria crisis: UN's Del Ponte says evidence rebels 'used sarin'
9 Neo-Nazi murders: Beate Zschaepe goes on trial in Germany
10 Clashes over Bangladesh protest leave '15 dead'
11 US soccer referee Ricardo Portillo dies after punch
12 Restaurant tantrum exposes Mexican class divide
13 Google Glass--will we love it or hate it?
14 Somalia's fight to harness the power of Mogadishu port
15 Tanzania church hit by deadly explosion
16 Scottish team develops 'nutritional' pizzas
17 Justin Bieber tackled by fan during Dubai stage show
18 Rio de Janeiro bus rape: Shock over latest Brazil attack
19 Police 'cool' Belfast trouble with ice-cream van music
20 Pilotless passenger planes prepare for take-off
21 Small firms which want to profit from doing good
22 Quarter of adults walk just an hour a week, survey finds
23 Some liver transplants 'avoidable'
24 Bipolar holiday
25 Burkina Faso: Beating river blindness by fly-catching
26 Sinkholes: The hole truth
27 High-tech threats: How to stay safe with your smartphone
28 Pfizer to sell Viagra online, in first for Big Pharma: AP
29 Urologists no longer recommend routine PSA testing for prostate cancer
30 Google Glass doesn't like cursing, U.K. public Wi-Fi porn block: This week in off-beat tech stories
31 Amputee uses app to program bionic arms
32 Solar plane embarks on a really, really slow cross-country flight
33 NASA rover set to study the next frontier...Greenland
34 Pentagon OKs Samsung Galaxy S4 for its networks, company says
35 Video: Robot hand can pick up 50-pound weight, use tweezers
36 Should Apple, Samsung make kill switches to prevent theft?
37 Utah soccer referee punched by teen dies, police say
38 Mark Harmon, a hero on-screen and off
39 New bride, four other women killed in limo fire
40 Vigil for Utah soccer ref who died after punch from teen
41 Ricardo Portillo Dead: Utah soccer referee dies after punch from teenager, police say
42 Official: We knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack "from the get-go"
43 Branded by tattoos: A lesser-known form of domestic violence
44 Three more officials to testify about Benghazi attacks
45 Agent: I was ordered to let U.S. guns into Mexico
46 NRA CEO--Wayne LaPierre: "Boston proves" gun control is dangerous
47 DeMint: "Unfair" immigration reform bill will cost "trillions"
48 Syria regime and opposition both condemn Israeli strikes
49 America's "Forgotten War," south of the border
50 Billie Jean King: Jason Collins represents "civil rights issue of the 21st century"
51 When coming out as gay is no longer big news
52 Study: Increased risk for young people and skin cancer
53 Study shows disturbing reality of texting while driving
54 National Institute of Mental Health no longer will use DSM diagnoses in studies
55 Freddie Mac settles with family sickened after moving into former "meth lab"
56 Frozen pizza recall: DiGiorno, California Pizza Kitchen products affected
57 CDC: 80% of American adults don't get recommended exercise
58 Seven new unknown coronavirus infections reported in Saudi Arabia, five dead
59 Scientist: White House brain project among most ambitious
60 Formerly obese dachshund Obie gets surgery to remove excess skin
61 Does antibacterial soap cause more harm than good? FDA to decide after four decades
62 Investigators return to Boston bombing suspect's apartment
63 Local Afghan police fight the Taliban themselves
64 Prom night brings out kindness at a Texas high school
65 Oklahoma offers pre-K model for nation
66 Apparel advocate: Bring clothing manufacturing back to U.S.
67 Mars Expedition Possible in 20 Years: Experts
68 NASA says Mars travel ultimate priority for United States
69 This Year's Cicadas: A 90s Retro Re-mix
70 Cicadas return to Northeast after 17 years--shrill mating calls and all
71 Auction house offers bidders Neil Armstrong's EKG heartbeat
72 Manmade Pollutants Cool Our Planet: Brighter Clouds Means Less Sunlight
73 Alaska's Cleveland Volcano Erupting Since Saturday, Aviation Warnings Raised To Orange
74 Say Bye-Bye to Gray Hair, Researchers Find Way to Reverse The Process
75 Alaska volcano erupts, may affect air travel
76 Hawaii Fishermen's Group Wants Humpback Whale Off The Endangered Species List
77 Witnessing The Birth Of Black Holes
78 Animal Brains A Favorite Among Early Humans: A Study
79 Study: Early humans loved to eat brains
80 Commentary: No-till being blamed for green slime
81 Truckee River flows peak, 3rd lowest in 4 decades
82 NEWS: URI students, faculty to take "krill cruise" to Antarctica
83 People Gather at Law Enforcement Division's Headquarters to Remember Geese
84 Western NC beekeeper, farmer help bees flourish
85 Study: Suck Your Child's Pacifier to Cut Allergy Risk
86 Sucking on your kid's pacifier: good idea or gross?
87 Study: Young Athletes Not Eager to Report Concussions
88 Concussion clinics spread as risks worry parents
89 A New Way to Care for Young Brains
90 Drug to Cut Cholesterol Is Approved by the F.D.A.
91 Merck's Cholesterol Pill Win Is Already Drawing Fire
92 Popular eye supplements need a tweak, study suggests
93 No Benefit for Aging Eyes with More Antioxidants
94 Scientists discover potential cure for gray hair
95 Exposure to fire retardants during pregnancy linked to hyperactivity, lower IQ in kids
96 When It Comes To Americans' Health, Who's The Boss?
97 Don't txt n drive: Teens not getting msg
98 Sex 'superbug' feared to be 'more infectious than AIDS' discovered in Hawaii
99 Worker at Nordstrom Cafe in San Francisco May Have Spread Typhoid Fever
100 Stonestown Nordstrom Worker May Have Spread Typhoid Fever
101 Philadelphia boy who suffers from Alopecia told by school his hair is too long
102 700 pounds of prescriptions collected by Michigan State Police
103 Health Department Issues Warning About Ticks
104 AbbVie's Investigational Hepatitis C Virus Regimen Gets Breakthrough-Therapy Designation
105 App Lets Amputees Self-program Bionic Hands
106 Connecticut lags in kids' mental health screening