File Title
1 Scientists map global routes of ship-borne invasive species
2 Solar Impulse plane lands in Phoenix
3 Bad weather postpones Europe's Vega rocket launch
4 Malawi's mane event heralds a fresh dawn
5 Israeli strikes on Syria 'co-ordinated with terrorists'
6 Polls close in Malaysia in closely contested elections
7 Women die in stretch limo blaze on San Francisco bridge
8 Riot police battle Islamists in Dhaka Bangladesh
9 Deadly blast hits government convoy in Mogadishu
10 How many birds are killed by windows?
11 Choco pies: The smuggled treats of North Korea
12 NRA convention: Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz wow gun fans
13 How Bollywood mirrors Indian realities
14 Damascus military facilities 'hit by Israel rockets'
15 Protest in China at chemical plant plans for Kunming
16 Jobbik rally against World Jewish Congress in Budapest
17 Keira Knightley weds Klaxons star James Righton
18 Second of Glasgow's iconic Red Road tower blocks demolished
19 Israeli air strikes: A warning to Syria's Assad
20 Paul McCartney sings unperformed Beatles tracks on tour
21 Sudan tribal leader killed in Abyei region
22 Brazilian football club drops 'Taliban warrior' campaign
23 Space experiment sheds light on immune struggles
24 Gene clues point to Cambodia for resistant malaria
25 Living in U.S. raises risk of allergies
26 Physicists zoom in on antimatter behaviour
27 Lemurs' long-buried secrets revealed
28 Monkeys imitate local food norms, study finds
29 Earth permanently deformed by really big earthquakes
30 Earth permanently deformed by big quakes? Measurements in Chile challenge established theory.
31 Plant gases help curb global warming, finds study
32 Mars One will look for--and hide from--life on Mars
33 $70 million per seat: Russia raises price for NASA astronauts on Russian rockets
34 What's a monster hurricane doing on top of Saturn? (+video)
35 Antimatter might fall up, say physicists
36 Was Africa the motherland of dinosaur predecessors?
37 Zombie worms eat whale bones--with acid
38 How NASA dodged a derelict Soviet spy satellite
39 Scientists unravel mystery of cannibal shark embryos
40 'Bug's eye' camera inspired by nature
41 How astronomy solved a Civil War mystery
42 Sun erupts with superheated plasma
43 Flight of the RoboBee: Tiny hovering robot creates buzz
44 Jamestown settlers resorted to cannibalism, skeleton reveals
45 Spring break over, Curiosity rover goes back to work
46 Fungus in Capri Sun? Yes, but so what?
47 Are 3-D printers worth it?
48 Cleveland Volcano explosions put air travel on alert: Who could be affected?
49 Republicans pursue probe of Benghazi attacks, name witnesses for hearing
50 40 iPhone tips and tricks everyone should know
51 Fertilizer plant blast: How lax security hints at regulatory gaps in Texas
52 Kentucky Derby 2013: 'Run for the Roses' a wide-open affair (+video)
53 Dual-color lasers could lead to cheap and efficient LED lighting
54 Finding Nematostella: An ancient sea creature
55 Cell biologists say immigration reform critical to scientific education and competitiveness
56 Bug's eye inspires hemispherical digital camera
57 Primate hibernation more common than previously thought
58 Mathematicians help to unlock brain function
59 Researchers estimate a cost for universal access to energy
60 Scientists uncover relationship between lavas erupting on sea floor and deep-carbon cycle
61 Ebola's secret weapon revealed
62 'Dark oxidants' form away from sunlight in lake and ocean depths, underground soils
63 Robotic insects make first controlled flight
64 Injectable nano-network controls blood sugar in diabetics for days at a time
65 NASA's Fermi, Swift see 'shockingly bright' burst
66 Telling time on Saturn
67 Gray hair and vitiligo reversed at the root
68 Monkey math
69 Hubble sees the remains of a star gone supernova
70 The risks of H7N9 infection mapped
71 George Washington University biologist discovers new dinosaur in China
72 Birth of a black hole
73 Toxic waste sites cause healthy years of life lost
74 Researchers calculate the global highways of invasive marine species
75 U.S. not siding with Europe in blaming pesticides for honeybee losses
76 Department of Defense looking to allow Apple, Samsung devices
77 Invasive Asian carp caught in Canada near Lake Erie
78 Fossil from northwestern China is new species of meat-eating dinosaur
79 Google adopts use of 'Palestine'
80 Baboons in U.S. study show human-like abilities with numbers
81 Figures show U.S. has more wireless subscriber accounts than people
82 Air Force's experimental scramjet aircraft hits Mach 5.1--3,880 mph
83 Hubble captures dramatic image of gas left over from supernova
84 Study: Global warming could shift global rainfall patterns
85 Vietnam, with French help, set to launch remote sensing satellite
86 U.S. agrees to propose protected habitats for endangered sea turtles
87 Solar-powered plane lands in Phoenix
88 U.S. Cellular joins the iPhone crowd
89 Indonesian police intercept turtle egg shipment
90 Recent events highlight risks from orbiting space junk
91 Windows 8 market share not measuring up to Windows 7 history
92 'Killer' cave may have enticed, then trapped ancient carnivores
93 CDC: In last 30 years, U.S. middle-aged suicide rose 28%
94 1-in-5 adults meet physical activity guidelines
95 Not a burger in sight, NYC school goes all vegetarian
96 Study: Heavy metals found in lipstick and lip glosses
97 ADHD drug abuse spikes during final exams, trends on Twitter
98 Fluoride fights tooth decay by making bacteria less sticky
99 Researchers say they may have treatment for gray hair
100 CDC: U.S. seasonal flu season is largely over
101 Recall: Select California Pizza Kitchen and DiGiorno pizzas
102 Preordering a school lunch raises the odds of a healthier option
103 Walking essential for those with arthritis, but few do
104 Urology group cautions on prostate cancer screenings
105 France investigates non-certified hip replacements
106 Former NFL coach tells men not to fear skin cancer screening
107 First-generation Mexican-Americans more apt to have physical problems
108 Valid picture ID card a barrier for Plan B contraception
109 New Drug Stimulates Immune System to Kill Infected Cells in in an Animal Model of Hepatitis B Infection
110 Research Results Raise Important Questions About Usefulness of Bone Morphogenic Protein in Spinal Fusion Surgery
111 Researchers Design Nanometer-Scale Material That Can Speed Up, Squeeze Light
112 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and Notre Dame to Supply Computer Infrastructure for Global Malaria Eradication Project
113 Fertilizers Provide Mixed Benefits to Soil in 50-Year Kansas Study
114 Researchers Develop New Metric to Measure Destructive Potential of Hurricanes
115 Researchers Join Forces to Stop Invasive Plants
116 How Would You Like Your Assistant--Human or Robotic?
117 New Research Roadmap for Connecting Genes to Ecology
118 Grocery Delivery Service Is Greener Than Driving to the Store
119 U.S. A Surprisingly Large Reservoir of Crop Plant Diversity
120 K-State Researcher Gill on International Team that Builds Wheat Genome Physical Map
121 Microchip Proves Tightness Provokes Precocious Sperm Release
122 Researcher Reveals New Way to Safeguard Forensic DNA Samples Against Contamination
123 Subjects of Phase I Study of Transcranial MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound Thalamotomy See Reduced Tremor, Improved Quality of Life
124 Sushi for Peccaries?
125 Use of Deep Brain Stimulation in Alcoholic Rats Reduces Alcohol Intake, Offers Promise For Surgical Treatment of End-Stage Addiction
126 For Some Patients, the Benefits of Intra-operative Neuromonitoring Might Not Outweigh the Costs
127 Microglia Can Be Derived From Patient-Specific Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and May Help Modulate the Course of Central Nervous System Diseases
128 Smoke Signals: How Burning Plants Tell Seeds to Rise From the Ashes
129 Scientists Discover How a Protein Finds Its Way
130 New Research Examines Connection Between Inflammatory Stimulus and Parkinson's Disease
131 NDSU Develops "Smart" Paper and Antennaless RFID Tags
132 Tiny Worm Sheds Light on Giant Mystery About Neurons
133 Turning Green: Glycerine Use in Manufacturing Can Lead to Cleaner Industrial Processes, Less Pollution
134 VLA Gives Deep, Detailed Image of Distant Universe
135 Study Shows How Tetraplegic Subject Utilizes Brain-Machine Interfaces to Manipulate Prosthetic Arm, and Regain and Restore Significant Limb Functionality
136 Land Animals Kept Fish-like Jaws for Millions of Years
137 Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Treatment Improves Functional Outcome, Helps Repair Biostructural Damage From Traumatic Brain Injury
138 Boston Bombings Unhappiest Day in Five Years, New Sensor Shows
139 Nerve Transfer Can Help Repair Brachial Plexus Injuries, Help Restore Elbow Functions
140 A Text Message a Day Keeps the Asthma Attack Away
141 Colossal Hot Cloud Envelopes Colliding Galaxies
142 Mast Cells Give Clues in Diagnosis, Treatment of Dengue
143 Research Project Studies Fungi Found in Popular Drink
144 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Lawrence Livermore Scientists Set a New Simulation Speed Record on the Sequoia Supercomputer
145 Cleveland BioLabs, RPCI Publish Studies Defining Role of Liver in Activity of Entolimod
146 Why Do Certain Surfactants Love Water and Fats More Than Others?
147 Phase I Trial Results of Neural Stem Cell Transplantation Encouraging Those Suffering from Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease
148 Urinary Biomarkers May Help Detect Intracranial Arteriovenous Malformations
149 Scientists Find Dissimilar Proteins Evolved Similar 7-Part Shape
150 Soil May Harbor Answer to Reducing Arsenic in Rice
151 Researchers Find That Some 'Green' Hot Water Systems Fail to Deliver on Promises
152 Finding Nematostella: An Ancient Sea Creature Shines New Light on How Animals Build an Appendage
153 New Dark Matter Detector Begins Its Search
154 Madagascar Tortoise Trafficking Rages Out of Control
155 Adult Cells Transformed Into Early-Stage Nerve Cells, Bypassing the Pluripotent Stem Cell Stage
156 Scientists Revolutionize the Creation of Genetically Altered Mice to Model Human Disease
157 Study Looks at Muscle Adaptation of Transition to Minimalist Running
158 Student Researchers Headed to Greenland to Test NASA Robot 'Grover' with Boise State Radar System
159 Turning on Frustration: 16 Atomic Ions Simulate a Quantum Antiferromagnet
160 Hearing the Russian Meteor, in America
161 George Washington University Biologist Discovers New Dinosaur in China
162 Scientists Use Satellites, Underwater Robot to Study Atlantic Sturgeon Migrations
163 Toxic Waste Sites Cause 'Healthy Years of Life Lost' for People Living in India, Philippines and Indonesia
164 Divide and Define: Clues to Understanding How Stem Cells Produce Different Kinds of Cells
165 How to Get More Followers on Twitter
166 Unique Sulfur Isotopes in Plume Lavas Reveal Deep Mantle Storage of Archean Crust
167 Persistent Pain After Stressful Events May Have a Neurobiological Basis
168 'Culture of Health' Project Lowers Employee Health Costs