File Title
1 Rumor: Leaked KDDI document claims 'iPhone 5S' pre-orders go live June 20, launch in July
2 Samsung's new 7" Galaxy Tab 3 to take on Apple's iPad mini, and take phone calls
3 Apple escapes patent suit after US judge tosses complaint
4 Google Now assistant launches on Apple's iPhone & iPad
5 Apple's 'flypaper-like' ecosystem viewed as an undervalued asset
6 Microsoft Windows Phone commercial mocks Apple-Samsung wars to promote Nokia Lumia
7 Nest Learning Thermostat gets update, learns to compensate for sunlight
8 BlackBerry CEO expects 'several tens of millions' of Q10 unit sales
9 Google Reader client app Reeder updated as standalone RSS reader with Feedbin support
10 Briefly: Adobe offering $30 off Lightroom 4, Photoshop and Premiere Elements for Mother's Day
11 Apple's PC tech support tops Consumer Reports survey yet again
12 Rumor: Boost Mobile to start prepaid iPhone sales in Q3
13 Judge orders narrowed Apple v. Samsung damages trial to start in November
14 Apple patents physical controller input method for multitouch devices
15 Apple's contact service intelligently determines when to send a text instead of a call
16 Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock for Mac now shipping for $299
17 Russia's richest man bullish on Apple, buys $100M in shares
18 Ownership of imaging patents acquired from Kodak now being transferred to Apple
19 Apple's $17B six-part bond offering is largest in history
20 BlackBerry CEO predicts tablet market will diminish within five years
21 iPhone 5 art installations grace Berlin Apple Store ahead of grand opening
22 Samsung celebrity tweets out support for Galaxy S4 from his iPhone
23 Latest Vine update brings front-facing camera support
24 AT&T initiates $100 trade-in program for smartphones, pushes non-iPhone handsets
25 Tim Cook to return to All Things D conference in May
26 Path app again accused of unacceptable address book access
27 iPhone 5 bests Samsung's Galaxy S4 in smartphone torture test
28 'Dramatic changes' to Apple's iOS 7 said to include Calendar, Mail app overhauls
29 First look: BlueBulb's iPhone-controlled LED bulb looks to kill light switches
30 American Airlines sees Apple's iPad preventing pilot back injuries
31 T-Mobile, MetroPCS officially merge, bringing iPhone to 9M more in US
32 Kindle for iOS gets VoiceOver capabilities; AT&T U-Verse customers gain WatchESPN, Fox Now
33 New phishing attack targets Apple ID logins with compromised sites
34 IDC: iPad dipped to 40% of tablet shipments in Q1 2013
35 Despite Apple's internal delays, iOS 7 'will ship on time'
36 Pentagon to grant security clearance for Apple's iOS, some Samsung devices
37 Flaw in distracted driving study: no evaluation of Apple's "Eyes Free" Siri mode
38 MetroPCS version of iPhone 'not imminent,' says T-Mobile CEO
39 JCPenney ad apologizes for changes made by former CEO Ron Johnson
40 Twitter iOS app updated with user access to worldwide trending topics
41 Intel outlines upcoming Core i7 'Haswell' integrated graphics, touts up to triple performance
42 Adobe plans to bring cloud-synced Lightroom-level photo editing to iOS
43 Apple's research into curved battery technology points to new iOS products designs
44 WebKit releases new SunSpider 1.0 benchmark to chart the future of JavaScript performance
45 Slow start for Surface has Microsoft cautiously prepping smaller next-gen models--report
46 Apple adds 256GB, 512GB flash storage upgrade options for iMac
47 NYT article accuses Apple of not doing enough to prevent iPhone thefts
48 New pics show off Berlin Apple Store interior ahead of launch, fans lining up
49 Apple releases iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5 with updated audio profile for speakerphone
50 Inside Iris: What Intel's new integrated graphics mean for Apple's future Macs
51 Apple launches countdown to 50B app downloads
52 Google calls reports of Google Now for iOS battery drain 'incorrect'
53 Rare Apple-1 to be auctioned off this month for expected $261K to $392K
54 Blockbuster On Demand for iOS arrives; Instagram adds friend tagging
55 Another Apple supplier cites slipping demand from its 'largest customer'
56 Samsung, BlackBerry gain Pentagon security clearance, Apple still waiting
57 Apple's bond offering will allow it to avoid $9.2B in US taxes
58 US Cellular to begin selling Apple products this year
59 Hearst reaches a million digital subscribers on Apple's iPad, other platforms
60 Apple's iPad mini seen as 'winning template' for launching low-cost iPhone
61 Big phones, phablets & tablets account for just 10% of Android's installed base
62 Samsung on Galaxy S4 storage complaints: Go buy an SD card
63 Apple widens lead in US smartphone market as iPhone nears 40% share
64 Samsung returns to targeted anti-Apple ads with latest Galaxy S4 spot
65 T-Mobile releases 'T-Mobile TV' app for iOS with 30-day free preview
66 Video shows Berlin Apple Store opening to throngs of customers
67 Path app gets enhanced security features, more friend finding options in latest update
68 Apple's new iBonds selling like hotcakes
69 Pentagon ready to approve Apple's iOS for high security use
70 Apple iPad reduces single biggest source of pilot injuries, saves fuel at American Airlines
71 Goldman Sachs earned $38.3 million on Apple debt deal
72 Flawed distracted driving study fails to evaluate Apple's Siri Eyes Free
73 Over half of Samsung Galaxy S4's advertised 16GB storage capacity eaten up by Android and Samsung bloatware
74 Imagination Tech warns on profit on licence deal delays
75 Microsoft cautiously preps 2nd-generation of Surface tablet flops with smaller displays
76 Intel's Haswell to deliver massive graphics performance boost
77 Analyst: No Siri for Mac in Apple's forthcoming OS X 10.9
78 Jony Ive, iOS 7, and what Apple learned from MySpace
79 Can hardware design guru Jony Ive transform Apple's software design in iOS 7?
80 Apple's new MacBook Air's graphics will be powerful enough to drive Retina display
81 Apple's next iPhone screen could be made of Sapphire
82 Apple avoids potential $9 billion U.S. tax bill
83 Apple releases iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5
84 The New York Times tries to blame Apple for smartphone thefts
85 Adobe to bring Lightroom-style photo editing to iPad
86 Apple adds new 256 GB and 512 GB flash storage options to iMac
87 It cost Apple $414 million to shut up Chinese state-run media last quarter
88 Apple starts 50 Billion App Store Downloads countdown
89 Apple closing above $463.58 would signal sustainable rally
90 Intel board names Brian Krzanich as CEO to succeed Paul Otellini on May 16
91 Why your favorite iOS apps may look different in six months
92 Apple, corporate taxes, and The New York Slimes
93 Laird revenue slips as demand from 'largest customer'--assumed to be Apple--dropped in Q1
94 April was disastrous for Google on Android patent front with 7 major losses
95 Precise Biometrics jumps after Apple approves Tactivo mobile smart card and fingerprint reader
96 Apple goes big on debt--and gets it right
97 In defense of Apple's iCloud
98 Samsung to appeals court: Injunction won by Apple would only 'confuse and intimidate' customers
99 Perhaps Apple's 'low-end' iPhone is really a mid-level iPhone
100 The risky truth about Apple's dividend
101 Snow White and the Apple Analysts
102 Apple's gorgeous iPhone ad shows why Kodak never had a chance (with video)
103 U.S. Cellular to offer Apple products later this year
104 Apple bonds may drive electronic bond trading boom
105 Staples to be first U.S. retailer to offer 3D printer to consumers
106 Apple's not dead and never was
107 Big phones, phablets and tablets only account for 10% of Android installed base
108 iPhone app lets amputees program their own bionic hands
109 comScore: Apple outgrew both Samsung and Google's Android in U.S. smartphone market share
110 Horace Dediu: Investors should expect a 40% drop in Apple shares at any time and for no reason
111 Thousands queue up for Berlin's first Apple Store (with video)
112 Apple iPhones and iPads likely to pass U.S. Pentagon security review within days
113 iOS-controlled BlueBulb LED lightbulb looks to kill light switches
114 Does Apple need a 14-inch MacBook?
115 Profiting from Apple's massive buyback program
116 AP reviews Google Now for iOS: 'Works best as a supplement to Siri'
117 Samsung Galaxy S4 ad claims only old people own iPhones (with video)
118 Copper Plates Baffle Archaeologists
119 Changes in the environment likely made life too difficult for Peru's Moche.
120 Egypt's King Khufu's harbour in Suez discovered
121 A flair for imperfections
122 First discovery of a pre-Columbian port on the Gulf Coast
123 Mary Rose reveals armour piercing cannonball secret
124 The Hangman's Tale: Archaeologists Dig into History of Execution
125 Suspected tomb of Chinese tyrant discovered
126 600-year-old skeleton mystery at Fermanagh crannog site
127 Iron Age warriors point to glories of Gaul
128 Oldest European Medieval Cookbook Found
129 Towards the Origin of America's First Settlers
130 Brain size points to origins of 'hobbit'
131 Burrup Peninsula rock art among world's oldest
132 Media Mum on Hamas's Razing Roman Temple
133 Roman-Era 'Cosmetics' May Have Treated Eye Chlamydia
134 Modern Tech to Be Used in Exploring Mexico's Teotihuacan Ancient Site
135 Unearthing A Thousand Year Old Burial Crypt At Santa Rita
136 More Native American artifacts found on UT land with increase in oil, gas exploration
137 Team reports on abuse of students doing anthropological fieldwork
138 Norfolk Broads: Bronze Age evidence 'everywhere'
139 Stonehenge occupied 5,000 years earlier than thought
140 King David Era Find 'Buried' by Authorities for Political Reasons
141 Significant collection of prehistoric metalwork discovered at Iron Age site--along with gaming pieces
142 Oldest Temple in Mexican Valley Hints at Possible Human Sacrifice
143 66 Ancient Skeletons Found in Indonesian Cave
144 Lynchburg project seeks to find, ID unmarked Confederate graves in historic city cemetery
145 Four-thousand year old gold-adorned skeleton found near Windsor
146 Carolinas' rocks hold ancient messages
147 Prehistoric Metalwork Discovered at Iron Age Site, Along With Gaming Pieces
148 Archaeologists find first ancient mirror workshop in China
149 Mini-robot finds surprise in Mexico's ancient Temple of Quetzalcoatl
150 Giza Secret Revealed: How 10,000 Pyramid Builders Got Fed
151 Indirect estimates based on carbon dating point to intentional settlement by a large population.
152 Roman industrial area uncovered in Egypt's Suez Canal
153 7 more skeletons found near Old Town knight grave
154 Love beyond the grave: Skeletons discovered holding hands in coffin together
155 Sewer workers in Bath reveal part of Roman city's walls
156 Humans may have reached the Americas 22,000 years ago
157 Anzac's Next Chapter
158 Archaeological team digs at St. Augustine's Fountain of Youth
159 Tracing Our Footsteps: Archaeology in the Digital Age
160 Did an Earthquake Destroy Ancient Greece?
161 Millennia-old burial chamber found in Oman
162 New excavations indicate use of fertilizers 5,000 years ago
163 New Evidence Unearthed for the Origins of the Maya
164 Ancient bones under Lewes school may be warrior
165 Surprising Discoveries From the Indus Civilization
166 Mexican archaeologists study cave paintings found in the northeast part of Argentina
167 Dam digs archeological finds dating millions of years
168 Archaeologists make last ditch attempt to rescue remains of pre-historic tombs in RAK
169 Egyptians grab ancient land of the pharaohs to bury their dead
170 New discovery solves ancient Egyptian chariot mystery
171 Solved: Riddle of ancient Nile kingdom's longevity
172 Archaeologists discover Revolutionary War fort
173 Carbon test hopes for 'Battle of Lewes casualty'
174 Robot Finds Mysterious Spheres in Ancient Temple
175 More Evidence Of Tequesta Civilization Unearthed Near Miami River
176 Astronomers Solve 'Stonewall' Jackson Mystery
177 More Early Jamestown Remains Revealed
178 Forestry protections increased after PG&E logging damages Maidu site
179 Toba super-volcano catastrophe idea 'dismissed'
180 Starving Settlers in Jamestown Colony Resorted to Cannibalism
181 Cannibalism at Jamestown colony
182 Ancient paintings discovered in Aydin