File Title
1 Arctic ice melt one of many extremes in 2012: UN
2 Slow Sun safe from superflares
3 Lemurs' long-buried secrets revealed
4 Robo-fly uses micro energy to buzz
5 Solar Impulse plane starts bid to cross US
6 ESA's Vega rocket poised for second launch
7 Nicaragua cloud forest 'under siege' by illegal loggers
8 Robotic insect: World's smallest flying robot takes off
9 School science: Lack of kit 'means pupils miss out'
10 Financial traders turn to lasers for faster deals
11 'Green wall' to target Sahel terrorism
12 Saluting 'local heroes of conservation'
13 Dornier 17: Salvaging a rare WWII plane from the seabed
14 Florence for foodies
15 Syria conflict: 'Dozens executed' in village
16 US job creation strong in April
17 Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat creators sue Warner Bros
18 Bhutto murder-case prosecutor shot dead in Islamabad
19 Last South Korean workers leave Kaesong zone in North
20 Brenda Heist: How to come back from the dead
21 The Oxford English Dictionary and its chief word detective
22 Bollywood cinema: 10 lesser-known facts
23 Iraq: Prospects of partition as violence takes its toll
24 China arrests after rat, mink and fox sold as mutton
25 Suicides soar among US middle-aged people
26 Google edition adopts 'Palestine'
27 Rome Alitalia baggage handlers arrested over thefts
28 Will we ever...know what happened before the Big Bang?
29 Jeff Hanneman, Slayer guitarist, dies at 49
30 Boston Marathon suspects 'planned 4 July attack'
31 Boston bombings: Pro-Tsarnaev posters in Chechnya
32 Power generators linked to Dhaka building collapse
33 US tanker plane 'crashes in Kyrgyzstan after take off'
34 Alaska phishing pupils take over classroom computers
35 Digital doorkeys and more: Meet New York's latest start-ups
36 Dutch police may get right to hack in cyber crime fight
37 Dark web drugs site Silk Road knocked offline by hacker
38 Warren Buffett Twitter followers hit 140,000 in three hours
39 MMR jab: Somali migrants have lingering fears on autism
40 Breast cancer cases in UK under-50s top 10,000 a year
41 Q&A: H7N9 bird flu
42 'Going negative' pays for nanotubes: Team finds possible keys to better nanofibers, films
43 Solar plane takes off on cross-country US trip
44 Injectable nano-network controls blood sugar in diabetics for days at a time
45 New experiments set to detect gravitational waves
46 Dual-color lasers could lead to cheap and efficient LED lighting
47 New research could let vehicles, robots collaborate with humans
48 Researchers estimate a cost for universal access to energy
49 Physical by smartphone becoming real possibility
50 New mechanism discovered in meiosis
51 Separation of dicarboxylic acids through molecular recognition and mechanochemistry
52 Russian researcher claims to have found rocks from object that caused Tunguska explosion
53 B&N to add Google Play app store to its Nook HD (Update)
54 RoboBees: Robotic insects make first controlled flight (w/ video)
55 Recent studies warn surveillance of bird flu strains is needed
56 New yeast strain could lower costs for cellulosic ethanol production
57 UN report wants moratorium on killer robots (Update)
58 'Tis the season--for plasma changes at Saturn
59 Turn out the light: 'Switch' determines cancer cell fate
60 Scientists develop simple blood test to track tumour evolution in cancer patients
61 How graphene and friends could harness the Sun's energy
62 Under pressure: How the density of exoplanets' atmospheres weighs on the odds for alien life
63 DARPA robotic hand prototype shows advanced moves (w/ video)
64 Clean technology investors shift focus to drilling (Update)
65 Researchers find that some 'green' hot water systems fail to deliver on promises
66 Unusual comparison nets new sleep loss marker
67 Herschel bows out with study that shows early galaxies 'cooler' than predicted
68 Research pushes back origins of agriculture in China by 12,000 years
69 Researchers find brain activity response different for virtual reality versus the real world
70 Solar-powered plane to make first cross-US flight (Update)
71 'Dark oxidants' form away from sunlight in lake and ocean depths, underground soils
72 Intriguing state of matter previously predicted in graphene-like materials might not exist after all
73 Use of laser light yields versatile manipulation of a quantum bit
74 Towards quantum Internet with combined optical and electrical technique
75 Success in initializing and reading nuclear spins brings quantum computer a step closer
76 Gravity's lingua franca: Unifying general relativity and quantum theory through spectra; geometry
77 Physicists propose measure of macroscopicity; Schrodinger's cat scores a 57
78 Movement of pyrrole molecules defy 'classical' physics
79 Quantum cellmates with noisy networks
80 'Quantum Internet': Towards realization of solid-state quantum network
81 Scientists provide 'new spin' on emerging quantum technologies
82 Ultrafast technique unlocks design principles of quantum biology
83 A silicon platform for quantum computers
84 A new twist for quantum systems
85 Physicists set new record for quantum teleportation with matter qubits
86 Physicists succeed in closing last local realistic loophole for systems of entangled photons
87 Researchers evaluate Bose-Einstein condensates for communicating among quantum computers
88 Superheated Bose-Einstein condensate exists above critical temperature
89 'Spooky action at a distance' aboard the ISS
90 Advancing secure communications: A better single-photon emitter for quantum cryptography
91 Single photon from a quantum emitter? It's a matter of timing...
92 On the origins of the Schrodinger equation
93 Don't call it vaporware: Scientists use cloud of atoms as optical memory device (w/ video)
94 All-optical magnetic switching promises terahertz-speed hard drive and RAM memory
95 Building quantum states with individual silicon atoms
96 Physicists successfully transmit secure quantum code through atmosphere from aircraft to ground station
97 'Tis the season--for plasma changes at Saturn
98 The Rio Scale: Quantifying the consequences of an ET discovery
99 Eyeball earths
100 Researchers estimate a cost for universal access to energy
101 Atmospheric carbon to hit five-million-year record, marine expert warns
102 Robot gliders roam seas
103 Landslides and lava flows at Olympus Mons on Mars
104 NASA opens new era in measuring western US snowpack
105 Researchers develop system to clean seaweed from beaches
106 Preserving the health of the Arctic
107 Hong Kong struggles to combat waste crisis
108 Detecting tsunami events before they occur
109 Scientists uncover relationship between lavas erupting on sea floor and deep-carbon cycle
110 Satellite instrument package to assess space weather ready for delivery
111 Success continues as NASA's Orion parachute tests get more difficult
112 An anarchic region of star formation
113 NASA invites public to send names and messages to Mars
114 Bielefeld robots take part in a space simulation
115 UN report wants moratorium on killer robots (Update)
116 DARPA robotic hand prototype shows advanced moves (w/ video)
117 Robots designed to clean up our streets
118 Researchers use gait primitives from real animals to simulate movement in robots (w/ video)
119 Pioneering flight of 'Robo Raven' is major breakthrough for micro air vehicles
120 Write timing: ZoomBoard works for smartwatch text entry (w/ video)
121 Robots able to reach through clutter with whole-arm tactile sensing (w/ video)
122 Greater touch control for interactive pen display heightens intuitive on-screen functionality
123 Google Glass hacked and rooted--Google claims it was the plan all along
124 How would you like your assistant--human or robotic?
125 Google Glass for consumers will 'take a while,' Schmidt says
126 How robots can help children with autism learn and communicate (w/ Video)
127 Samsung blames demand for delay in US sales of new S4
128 Turtles make the right moves via remote control (w/ Video)
129 Review: Galaxy S4 decent, but filled with gimmicks (Update)
130 In age of smartphone, watch makers focus on luxury (Update)
131 Humans feel empathy for robots: fMRI scans show similar brain function when robots are treated the same as humans
132 Rights group launches campaign to ban 'killer robots'
133 Separation of dicarboxylic acids through molecular recognition and mechanochemistry
134 Researchers find active transporters are universally leaky
135 A liquid crystal force to reckon with
136 Brilliant dye to probe the brain
137 New imaging technique to visualize bio-metals and molecules
138 Scientists improve biomass-to-fuel process
139 Seahorse's armor gives engineers insight into robotics designs (w/ video)
140 New evidence on how fluoride fights tooth decay
141 Reflections on chevaline
142 Discovery of new gigantic swelling phenomenon of layered crystal driven by water
143 Antibiotics 2.0: The atomic structure and mechanism of mammalian host-defense peptides
144 Unleashing oxygen: 'Superlattice' structure could give a huge boost to oxygen reaction in fuel cells
145 Zinc: The perfect material for bioabsorbable stents?
146 New molecule heralds hope for muscular dystrophy treatment
147 Mysterious catalyst explained: How tiny gold particles aid the production of plastic components
148 Funky food from fruit by-products
149 Bioengineering team creates self-forming tetrahedron protein
150 Bioengineers create rubber-like material bearing micropatterns for stronger, more elastic hearts
151 Researchers unveil technique for easy comparisons of proteins in solution
152 Controlling proton source speeds catalyst in turning electricity to fuel
153 Clever use of high-resolution mass spectrometry allows rapid cataloging of sulfur-containing compounds in plant extracts
154 Breath study brings roadside drug testing closer
155 High performance semiconductor spray paint could be a game changer for organic electronics
156 Geoscientists predict new compounds could change our view of what planets are made of
157 Threaded through a pore: Single-molecule detection of hydroxymethylcytosine in DNA
158 Monkey math: Zoo baboons shed light on the brain's ability to understand numbers
159 Computer simulations reveal the energy landscape of ion channels
160 New yeast strain could lower costs for cellulosic ethanol production
161 How do chameleons and other creatures change colour?
162 Tortoise trafficking raging out of control in Madagascar
163 Bees survival: Ban more pesticides?
164 Malaria: A vector infecting both apes and humans
165 The Sahara olive tree: A genetic heritage to be preserved
166 Scientists make strides toward restoring bighorn sheep in the American West
167 Lessons from the Italian ban on pesticides
168 US report: Many causes for dramatic bee disappearance (Update)
169 Expert: Rhino population wiped out in Mozambique
170 A closer look at the GM debate
171 Adult cells transformed into early-stage nerve cells, bypassing the pluripotent stem cell stage
172 Scientists made fundamental discovery about how properties of embryonic stem cells controlled
173 Scientists revolutionize the creation of genetically altered mice to model human disease
174 Is the humble fig more than just a fruit?
175 Primate hibernation more common than previously thought
176 Finding Nematostella: An ancient sea creature
177 3D simulation shows how form of complex organs evolves by natural selection
178 Mekong forest facing sharp decline, WWF reports
179 Boss crocs: Rethinking crocodile management
180 New population of rare Irrawaddy dolphins found in Palawan
181 Biologist discovers new meat-eating dinosaur from the late Jurassic period in China
182 Rising levels of 'underemployed,' according to new research paper
183 Church sexual abuse just as likely for girls
184 Too early to say if Neruda was poisoned: Chile
185 Setting national standards for English learners a formidable task
186 Cotton economists unveil new global cotton outlook analysis
187 Historian bids to solve education whodunnit
188 Article addresses constitutional issues with private government contractors
189 Manuscript discovery sheds new light on Montaigneis library
190 Alan Alda wants scientists to cut out the jargon
191 Scholars find cannibalism at Jamestown settlement
192 Understanding student weaknesses: Best science teachers can predict their pupils' misconceptions, study says
193 Global networks must be redesigned, professor says
194 Killer entrance suspected in mystery of unusually large group of carnivores in ancient cave
195 Do students judge professors based on their Facebook profiles?
196 First land animals kept fishlike jaws for millions of years, says biologist
197 Clues to Southeast Asian civilisation unearthed
198 New guide details steps from A-to-Z for preserving biological evidence
199 Our debt to Islam's medics: Amazing collection goes on show
200 Post-election partisanship among millennials deepens, poll finds
201 Riots create irrational behaviour
202 Blowing the whistle on bad behavior takes more than guts
203 FDA warning against high dose antidepressant prescription may be unwarranted, study finds
204 App lets amputees program their own bionic hands
205 Gray hair and vitiligo reversed at the root
206 Study finds health insurance helps lower-income Americans avoid depression, diabetes, major financial shocks
207 Mystery disease solved by gene experts
208 Study shows that individual brain cells track where we are and how we move
209 Only one in five Americans gets enough exercise, CDC report says
210 Making cancer less cancerous: Blocking a single gene renders tumors less aggressive
211 Gene thought to make heart tissues turns out to make blood and muscles as well
212 Scientists discover new target for personalized cancer therapy
213 Tick-borne Lone Star virus identified through new super-fast gene sequencing
214 Ebola's secret weapon revealed
215 Study finds men most attractive with heavy-stubble
216 Decoding 'noisy' language in daily life: Study shows how people rationally interpret linguistic input
217 Brain region may hold key to aging
218 Research identifies gene mutations associated with nearsightedness
219 Study shows mental agility game slows cognitive decline in older people
220 Study shows amniotic fluid stem cells, heart cells pass signals without touching
221 Turning human stem cells into brain cells sheds light on neural development
222 Gene variant appears to predict weight loss after gastric bypass
223 Study uncovers mechanism for how grapes reduce heart failure associated with hypertension
224 Study uses Botox to find new wrinkle in brain communication
225 Kids with brains that under-react to painful images
226 Genetic mutation linked with typical form of migraine
227 Study finds key protein for firing up central nervous system inflammation
228 Viral Vectors delivery new calcium pumps for ailing hearts