File Title
1 Genes may personalise uterine cancer drugs
2 Positive spin in quantum discovery
3 Bug-eyed about new camera technology
4 Trillion-euro shortfall facing EU energy sector--Lords Committee
5 Scientists make 'bug-eye' camera
6 'Proof' Jamestown settlers turned to cannibalism
7 Bees on their knees while bed bugs boom
8 Living in: Sydney
9 North Korea sentences US citizen to 15 years' hard labour
10 Somalia famine 'killed 260,000 people'
11 Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly dies at 34
12 Chinese girls poisoned by yogurt 'over school rivalry'
13 US President Obama to discuss trade in Mexico
14 Why are Buddhist monks attacking Muslims?
15 Mystery of 200-year-old British soldier found in the dunes of Holland
16 Abused mentally disabled Iowa workers in $240m payout
17 Broadcaster Stuart Hall admits indecent assaults
18 German TV drops Derrick show over SS actor revelations
19 Eighteen arrested as Seattle May Day rallies turn violent
20 India demands justice over 'spy' Sarabjit Singh's death
21 Smart cites: Sustainable solutions for urban living
22 Five-year-old boy shot two-year-old sister with kids' gun
23 Tablet sales soar as Blackberry boss predicts market's death
24 Hollywood seeks divine inspiration with biblical epics
25 Punk's luxury legacy and the frisson of rebellion
26 Sculpture of ancient Rome: The shock of the old
27 Ex-Pope Benedict returns to Vatican
28 Mick Fleetwood On Fleetwood Mac: 'It Would Make A Great Play'
29 Facebook U-turn after charities criticise decapitation videos
30 Facebook grows up
31 Games network used to 'mine' Bitcoins illegally
32 Hillman Imp: The car that drove Linwood to disaster
33 Mozilla accuses Finfisher makers of 'hiding' under name
34 Two Iranians found guilty of Kenya terror plot
35 The English Civil War: A read-and-write revolution
36 How anarchists exposed secret nuclear bunkers
37 North Korea--a country never at peace
38 Turner's Fighting Temeraire--Britain's journey from sail to steam
39 Brain implant 'predicts' epilepsy seizures
40 Saudi Arabia Sars-like virus 'kills five'
41 Should we worry about H7N9?
42 US justice department fights 'morning-after' pill case
43 Does eating standing up give you indigestion?
44 YouTube says the battle with TV is already over
45 A closer look at surveillance cameras post-Boston
46 Critics want FDA to remove age limit on over-the-counter Plan B One-Step
47 Justice Department to appeal morning-after case
48 Facebook net income, revenue up first quarter
49 Zombie worms eat whale skeltons with bone-melting acid
50 Netflix loses almost 1,800 titles today
51 Global CO2 levels to surpass record levels
52 Apple's iPhone 6 may have bigger screen, analyst says
53 Crazy world: Antimatter might just fall up
54 Space shuttle Enterprise's new home takes shape at NYC museum
55 Digg to release Google Reader replacement in June
56 IBM short shows molecules moved to resemble boy playing
57 Two-year-old gets windpipe made from her own stem cells
58 Airbnb launches verified ID program
59 NASA: Russia charging U.S. $70M per astronaut seat
60 Dramatic video appears to show 747 crash in Afghanistan
61 Kris Kross member Chris Kelly dead at 34; Possible drug overdose eyed
62 Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI moving back to Vatican City; Will he hold sway over Pope Francis?
63 Accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's friends hid damning evidence, feds say
64 Seattle May Day rally turns violent
65 Japanese boy, bulldog buddy gain global following
66 Steven Smith Executed: Ohio man who killed, raped 6-month-old given lethal injection
67 Poll: 59% of Americans unhappy about Senate gun vote
68 ESPN--"regrets" reporter who described gay NBA player Jason Collins was "walking in open rebellion to God"
69 Accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's friends hid damning evidence, feds say
70 Ammo conspiracy theory inspires new bill
71 Ammonium nitrate stored at dozens of sites in Texas
72 After Boston bombings, photographer Giles Duley shares insight on life after limb loss
73 Hillary Clinton continues to dominate potential 2016 field, poll shows
74 Toxic metals and cancer risks found in lipsticks, lip glosses
75 Kentucky Derby jockey could end 110-year drought
76 Illegal border crossings rise in South Texas as Congress debates immigration reform
77 Women on the Afghan frontline--combat soldiers with an extra dimension
78 Twenty-three Guantanamo hunger strikers being force-fed
79 Boston suspects' carjacking victim describes terrifying night
80 Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's friends "don't believe" he did it
81 North Korea: U.S. citizen sentenced to 15 years hard labor
82 Jodi Arias Trial: Prosecutor to present closing arguments
83 Chris Kelly, "Mac Daddy" of 90's rap duo Kris Kross, dies of an apparent drug overdose, police say
84 Boy, 5, accidentally shoots and kills sister, 2, with rifle, Ky. police say
85 Jessica Heeringa Missing Update: Mich. cops say new video may show abductor's van
86 Caught Stealing: Man seen in video stealing from N.H. goodwill store, with young boy's help
87 Caroline Sparks Update: Rifle used by 5-yr.-old Ky. boy in accidental death of sister, 2, was made for kids, report says
88 Frank Soucie Murder: Derek Tudor, NYC man, charged with killing his mom's boyfriend
89 Joanne Chesimard is first woman on FBI's most wanted terrorist list
90 Carnival game "rigged," man who lost $2,600 tells N.H. police
91 Jodi Arias Trial: Just how crucial were experts for the defense team?
92 Keala Simeona, Hawaii woman who claimed to find newborn on the beach, is the mother, police say
93 Whitey Bulger Update: New judge bars use of immunity defense at trial
94 Pink Floyd "impersonator" accused of swindling $100K from hospital
95 Leila Fowler Update: Police probe possible link between attempted baby kidnapping and girl's murder
96 Obama taps Penny Pritzker, Mike Froman for top economic jobs
97 Seeking "redemption" after Petraeus scandal, Paula Broadwell looks to faith
98 Biden: Abused women fear being "raped" by the system
99 How Obama can work his will in gridlocked Washington
100 Benghazi whistleblowers still waiting to tell their story
101 Woman burned with lye by ex-husband unveils new face transplant
102 Eating boogers may boost immunity, scientist suspects
103 Catherine Zeta-Jones enters treatment: What's the difference between bipolar I and II?
104 Waxing, shaving pubic hair may increase risk of sexually transmitted infection
105 UK police to give dementia patients GPS tracking devices
106 ER visits tied to Ambien, other insomnia drugs up 220% in recent years
107 Amusement park, mall rides injuring thousands of U.S. kids each year
108 NYC public school adopts all-vegetarian menu, may be country's first
109 Plan B One-Step approved for use without a prescription for women 15 and older
110 Mediterranean diet may be best for memory, cognitive skills
111 Humans are not the only copycats
112 Plant biotechnology: Tarnished promise
113 Amazon plant discovery could yield green cash crop
114 Scientists create hybrid flu that can go airborne
115 Tiny robot flies like a fly
116 Targeted drugs to tackle hepatitis C
117 FDA lowers age for over-the-counter access to morning-after pill
118 Molecules in the brain trigger aging
119 Astronomers discover new neighbor galaxy to the Milky Way
120 Digital camera gives a bug's-eye view
121 A little brain training goes a long way
122 Medical academy unites with venture firm to guide biotech investing
123 New brain-banking network for children
124 Gairdner Foundation honours two of three prizewinners for hepatitis C research
125 US frees Iranian scientist accused of illegal trade
126 Freed speech
127 Fields of gold
128 Animal-rights activists wreak havoc in Milan laboratory
129 Tracking whole colonies shows ants make career moves
130 Mapping the H7N9 avian flu outbreaks
131 If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing twice
132 Disputed results a fresh blow for social psychology
133 Smoke and mirrors
134 Cancer researchers revisit 'failed' clinical trials
135 H7N9 is a virus worth worrying about
136 Across the divide