File Title
1 Dolphins have a taste for noisy fish
2 Atom test could solve antimatter puzzle
3 Nanosheets soak up oil spills
4 Atoms star in world's smallest movie from IBM
5 'White graphene' soaks up pollutants and can be re-used
6 Cannibal fruit flies: Lab maggots hunt one another
7 Antigravity gets first test at CERN's Alpha experiment
8 Planning rules reform could see wind farm ban in scenic Scotland
9 Smoking 'poses bigger risk to women'
10 Baga raid: Satellite images 'show Nigeria army abuse'
11 Mental tasks 'impaired in the air'
12 Prospect of one-way Mars trip captures the imagination
13 Motorway of the future plans include glowing heat gauges
14 Bloodhound diary: Sticky and hot
15 Bangladesh building collapse: Death toll passes 400
16 Bolivian President Evo Morales expels USAID
17 Greeks stage 24-hour anti-austerity general strike
18 Militants target Iraqi Sunni militia near Fallujah
19 Amanda Knox and prison life
20 'Ndrangheta: Exploring the mafia's underground world
21 Viewpoint: Is gap year volunteering a bad thing?
22 Top mathematician solves WW2 letters cipher mystery
23 Deanna Durbin, Hollywood film star, dies at 91
24 Star Trek sequel Into Darkness gets beaming reviews
25 Airliner 'had narrow miss with UFO'
26 GM withdraws 'offensive' Chevrolet Trax ad
27 Driving Mars Rovers: 'It can get a little boring'
28 Phone-powered mesh networks to connect in a crisis
29 Boston Marathon bombings: Police take three into custody
30 'Proof' Jamestown settlers turned to cannibalism
31 Living in: Sydney
32 Mobile phone data redraws bus routes in Africa
33 Nevada opens doors on first US-based online casino
34 US scientists develop smart RFID-enabled paper
35 New adverts 'could track your eyes' in supermarkets
36 Apple taps markets for record $17bn funding
37 Skype now available for for users in the UK
38 The book's not finished yet
39 H7N9 bird flu is a 'serious threat'--researchers warn
40 Assisted suicide 'supported' by religious Britons
41 Stroke 'emotional impact often overlooked'
42 Europe needs genetically engineered crops, scientists say
43 New grass hybrid could help reduce the likelihood of flooding
44 Fish win fights on strength of personality
45 Sea Surface Temperatures Reach Highest Level in 150 Years on Northeast Continental Shelf
46 Federally funded research & development centers employed more than 3,000 postdoctoral researchers
47 Microchip proves tightness provokes precocious sperm release
48 Fertilizers provide mixed benefits to soil in 50-year Kansas study
49 Researchers Track Singing Humpback Whales on a Northwest Atlantic Feeding Ground
50 US a surprisingly large reservoir of crop plant diversity
51 Sea Turtles Benefiting From Protected Areas
52 Smoke signals: How burning plants tell seeds to rise from the ashes
53 How petals get their shape
54 The science of spring flowers--how petals get their shape
55 Bizarre bone worms emit acid to feast on whale skeletons
56 North Atlantic seaweed is safe to eat
57 The underground adventures of the Mediterranean frog Rana iberica
58 Federal Agencies Should Use a Common Approach to Evaluate Risks That Pesticides Pose to Endangered and Threatened Species
59 In the Northeast, forests with entirely native flora are not the norm
60 Electron-beam pasteurization of raw oysters may reduce viral food poisoning
61 'Dirty dozen' invasive species threaten UK
62 Traditional ranching practices enhance African savanna
63 Museum find proves exotic 'big cat' prowled British countryside a century ago
64 Archeologists unearth new information on origins of Maya civilization
65 For ancient Maya, a hodgepodge of cultural exchanges
66 New excavations indicate use of fertilizers 5,000 years ago
67 What Happened to Dinosaurs' Predecessors After Earth's Largest Extinction 252 Million Years Ago?
68 Ecology buys time for evolution
69 Researchers pinpoint how trees play role in smog production
70 NASA Mission to Study What Disrupts Radio Waves
71 Researchers develop new way to measure destructive potential of hurricane season
72 Plants moderate climate warming
73 Grocery delivery service is greener than driving to the store
74 Canada's distinctive tuya volcanoes reveal glacial, palaeo-climate secrets
75 Lake Found in Sierra Nevada with the Oldest Remains of Atmospheric Contamination in Southern Europe
76 Solar-powered nanofilters pump in antibiotics to clean contaminated water
77 Progress in introducing cleaner cook stoves for billions of people worldwide
78 Odor and environmental concerns of communities living near waste disposal facilities
79 HPV leaves its mark in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma
80 More food and greener farming with specialised transporters for plants
81 Insect-inspired camera captures wide field of view with no distortion, according to CU-Boulder study
82 A paradigm shift in endometrial cancer
83 Scientists assemble genetic playbook for acute leukemia
84 Genomics to reshape endometrial cancer treatment
85 Computer algorithms help find cancer connections
86 Bug's view inspires new digital camera's unique imaging capabilities
87 'Traffic' in our cells works both for and against us
88 Males that spend all their time reacting to their rivals die earlier and are less able to mate later in life according to new research from the University of East Anglia (UEA).
89 Baby knows best: Fetuses emit hormone crucial to preventing preeclampsia
90 New evidence on how fluoride fights tooth decay
91 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Find Dissimilar Proteins Evolved Similar 7-Part Shape
92 New Research Shows Weekend Binge Drinking Could Leave Lasting Liver Damage
93 Substances in honey increase detoxification gene expression, team finds
94 Temple scientists weaken HIV infection in immune cells using synthetic agents
95 It Slices, It Dices, It Silences: ADAR1 As Gene-Silencing Modular RNA Multitool
96 Amphibians Living Close to Farm Fields Are More Resistant to Common Insecticides
97 MU Expert Analyzes Fossil of Great Ape
98 Nearly decade-long trend of rising uninsured rates among young adults reversed; biennial health insurance survey finds 75 million people struggled with medical debt and 80 million were unable to afford the health care they need
99 Study reveals learning disabilities affect up to 10% of children and co-occur at higher than expected rates
100 New stats: Plastic surgery trend has women armed for spring and summer
101 The cost of emergency care
102 Engaging online crowds in the classroom could be important tool for teaching innovation
103 Contracted prisons cut costs without sacrificing quality, study finds
104 VEGF may not be relevant biomarker for advanced prostate cancer
105 Family-friendly tenure policies result in salary penalty for professors
106 Retirement expert: Medicare already means-tested
107 Research: Common component strategy could improve profits
108 Personalized leadership key for keeping globally distributed teams on task
109 Cleveland Clinic research shows Internet-based program effective in reducing stress
110 STOP Obesity Alliance Encourages Nonprofit Hospitals to Address Obesity as Part of New Federal Community Health Benefit Requirements
111 Shifting the Burden of Recycling
112 Cruise tourists spend less
113 Less is more when it comes to investment choices, says new study.
114 Over-diagnosis and over-treatment of depression is common in the US
115 How to manage motorway tolls through the Game Theory
116 Rice study: Professional culture contributes to gender wage inequality in engineering
117 Finding a sensible balance for natural hazard mitigation with mathematical models
118 Economics Influence Fertility Rates, Says MU Anthropologist
119 Health Affairs Examines Worldwide Pursuit Of The 'Triple Aim' In April 2013 Issue
120 Early Intervention Found Cost Effective Through School Years
121 Does antimatter fall up or down?
122 Is antimatter anti-gravity?
123 Mysterious catalyst explained
124 Microgels' behaviour under scrutiny
125 Saturn's youthful appearance explained
126 Zebrafish study suggests that vitamin B2 (riboflavin) is an antidote to cyanide poisoning
127 Searching for therapeutic synergy in primary effusion lymphoma
128 Best of both worlds: Towards a quantum internet with combined optical and electrical technique
129 Bug's eye inspires hemispherical digital camera
130 Seahorse's Armor Gives Engineers Insight Into Robotics Designs
131 Use of laser light yields versatile manipulation of a quantum bit
132 NIST demonstrates transfer of ultraprecise time signals over a wireless optical channel
133 Health defects found in fish exposed to Deepwater Horizon oil spill
134 Shaking things up: NIST researchers propose new old way to purify carbon nanotubes
135 Feast clue to smell of ancient earth
136 Cheating favors extinction
137 Graphene's high-speed seesaw
138 Environmental Labels May Discourage Conservatives from Buying Energy-Efficient Products
139 UMass Amherst Biologists Propose a New Research Roadmap for Connecting Genes to Ecology
140 JFAST scientists retrieve temperature data from Japan Trench observatory
141 Bird fossil sheds light on how swift and hummingbird flight came to be
142 Research at EB 2013 reports potential health benefits associated with mushroom consumption
143 Scripts help novice instructors teach pediatric CPR
144 Poor parenting--including overprotection--increases bullying risk
145 Psychology: School violence
146 Drivers Education for Older Drivers Remains for 2 Years, HF/E Researcher Finds
147 Sharing examination questions threatens trust in medical profession
148 Mild iodine deficiency in womb associated with lower scores on children's literacy tests
149 U of M research: Mentoring, leadership program key to ending bullying in at-risk teen girls
150 AERA Issues Report on Prevention of Bullying in Schools and Colleges
151 Outdoor recess time can reduce the risk of nearsightedness in children
152 Research finds targeted screening for hepatitis C is cost-effective
153 Study: High-volume Bitcoin exchanges less likely to fail, but more likely to suffer breach
154 Bold Move Forward in Molecular Analyses
155 Carnegie Mellon neuroscientists use statistical model to draft fantasy teams of neurons
156 Big-Data Analysis Identifies Prognostic RNA Markers in a Common Form of Breast Cancer
157 One step closer to a blood test for Alzheimer's
158 Researchers look to mathematics, nature, to understand the immune system and its role in cancer
159 Study: Amusement rides injure 4,400+ kids a year
160 No link between anesthesia, dementia in elderly, Mayo Clinic Study finds
161 ATS publishes clinical practice guidelines on exercise-induced bronchoconstriction
162 Brain region may hold key to aging
163 Regional anesthesia technique significantly improves outcomes of hip and knee replacement
164 Algorithms find genetic cancer networks
165 Gastric bypass findings could lead to diabetes treatment
166 CPR 'hands-only' guidelines may not be best for rural areas
167 New molecule heralds hope for muscular dystrophy treatment
168 Gentle touch and the bionic eye
169 What do Ob/Gyns in training learn about menopause? Not nearly enough, new study suggests
170 Scientists discover how brain's auditory center transmits information for decisions, actions
171 Self-collection of samples for HPV testing shows promise in detection of cervical cancer in Kenya
172 Adderall abuse as college study aid trending on East Coast
173 Psychopaths are not neurally equipped to have concern for others
174 Breath study brings roadside drug testing closer
175 Exploring art at a stroke
176 Computer scientists suggest new spin on origins of evolvability
177 Leadership emerges spontaneously during games
178 Cancer studies often lack necessary rigor to answer key questions
179 Commentary calls for greater transparency in highlighting social value of research
180 Rear seat design--a priority for children's safety in cars
181 Many Stressors Associated With Fracking Due to Perceived Lack of Transparency and Trust, Pitt Finds
182 A Revolutionary Shape Changing Smartphone That Curls Upon a Call
183 Study finds less-used regimen for treating children in Africa with HIV is more effective
184 Experts discuss ways to embed patient voices and values in clinical research
185 Synthetic biology research community grows significantly
186 Routine cinacalcet for end stage kidney disease not warranted
187 Upper GI bleed linked to death from other causes
188 Integrating mental health care: New series
189 MU Discovery Helps Explain How Children Develop Rare, Fatal Disease
190 Risk of depression influenced by quality of relationships, U-M research says
191 The right amount of vitamin D for babies
192 Virtual patient advocate delivers preconception care to improve pregnancy outcomes
193 Genetic cause for migraines found
194 Global networks must be redesigned
195 Do students judge professors based on their Facebook profiles?
196 Wide-Eyed Fear Expressions May Help Us--and Others--to Locate Threats
197 Mysterious hot spots observed in a cool red supergiant
198 New LED streetlight design curbs light pollution
199 Looking for Life by the Light of Dying Stars
200 The Earth's center is 1,000 degrees hotter than previously thought
201 Entire galaxies feel the heat from newborn stars
202 Einstein was right--So far
203 Einstein's gravity theory passes toughest test yet
204 Bizarre binary star system pushes study of relativity to new limits
205 The Sun Sends Two CMEs Toward Mercury
206 Astronomer studies far-off worlds through 'characterization by proxy'
207 VLA Gives Deep, Detailed Image of Distant Universe
208 People may welcome talking tissue boxes and other smart objects
209 New plant protein discoveries could ease global food and fuel demands
210 New NIST measurement tool is on target for the fast-growing MEMS industry
211 New scientific studies reveal Midwestern frogs decline, mammal populations altered by invasive plant