File Title
1 Met Office three-month forecast was 'not helpful'
2 Soyuz spacecraft docks at ISS after just six hours
3 Termites 'engineer fairy circles'
4 Robot ants: mini-machines mimic insect colony
5 Sea hares' sticky defense uncovered
6 Easy breaks from Paris
7 North Korea tensions: Russia's Lavrov fears 'spiral'
8 Mandela making 'steady progress' in S Africa hospital
9 Potter and Withnail actor Richard Griffiths dies
10 Cyprus will not leave the euro, says president
11 Will gun laws hurt the mentally ill?
12 Cyprus: We apologise for any inconvenience...
13 North Korea 'readies rocket force' after US stealth flights
14 Sri Lanka crowd attacks Muslim warehouse in Colombo
15 Girl, 14, raped by two men on bus in Pollok, Glasgow
16 Beachgoers stranded on Latvia ice floes
17 Libyans held for 'sex attack' on Britons in Benghazi
18 Two boys 'beaten to death' in China school
19 How potent are North Korea's threats?
20 Viewpoint: What is driving North Korea's threats?
21 Google and Ogooglebar: Who owns the meaning of words?
22 Amazon to buy social network site for readers Goodreads
23 Black eggs and ripe guava lead Taiwan's tech revolution
24 Saving data donkeys in quicksand with tags
25 Argentina 'invades' Falklands in online game
26 Electronic implant designed to reduce obesity to undergo trials
27 Obama promotes infrastructure plan at Miami port
28 Solar-powered plane to make cross-country flight
29 Facebook phone rumors resurface with "new home on Android" event
30 Gut bacteria may be key to weight loss
31 No link found between autism and number of vaccines
32 Soyuz docks with station after abbreviated rendezvous
33 Amazon to buy Goodreads for undisclosed sum
34 Cuban revolution gets video game treatment
35 AT&T to take orders for Samsung Galaxy S IV on April 16
36 Glowing millipedes accidentally found on Alcatraz
37 Google Glass to be made in U.S. by Foxconn, report says
38 Baby gorilla thrives with human surrogates in Ohio
39 North Korea puts rockets on standby to "settle accounts" with U.S. amid fears isolated regime may lash out
40 Critics slam Obama for "protecting" Monsanto
41 North Korea orders rockets on standby following U.S. B-2 drill
42 Pedro Quezada, NJ's Powerball winner, owes $29,000 in child support
43 Arizona gun proponents launch shotgun giveaway
44 Farm Rich recalls quesadillas, pizza, cheese steaks and other ready-made foods over E. coli fears
45 Family in home while Ga. toddler mauled to death by seven dogs in yard
46 Okla. dentist called a "menace" to public health over unsanitary practices
47 HIV test urged for 7,000 Oklahoma dental patients
48 Mercer CEO weighs in on CVS Caremark health care cost flap
49 Where are germs hiding in your kitchen? Study finds surprising results
50 FDA mulls immunotherapy pill that reduces allergies over time
51 British baby boy weighs more than 15 pounds at birth
52 New multiple sclerosis pill Tecfidera approved by FDA
53 Consumer Reports: Generic drug prices vary by store
54 Consumer group: Majority of restaurant kids' meals fail to make nutritional cut
55 Panasonic tech fixes color setbacks in low light photos (w/ video)
56 Researchers track down gene responsible for short stature of dwarf pearl millet
57 Mitsubishi Motors suffers fresh lithium battery setback
58 Making do with more: Team engineers plant cell walls to boost sugar yields for biofuels
59 Swift satellite sizes up comet ISON (w/ video)
60 Epilepsy sends differentiated neurons on the run
61 Head-on collisions between DNA-code reading machineries accelerate gene evolution
62 Researchers find surprising similarities between genetic and computer codes
63 Another step toward quantum computers: Using photons for memory
64 Study finds liquid water flowing above and below frozen Alaskan sand dunes, hints of a wetter Mars
65 Virtual reality, goggles and all, attempts return
66 Study finds fungi, not plant matter, responsible for most carbon sequestration in northern forests
67 Researchers devise technique to allow X-ray crystallography of un-crystallized molecule groups
68 Multi-toxin biotech crops not silver bullets, scientists warn
69 Biologist gets a squid's eye view (w/ video)
70 Worm research may help humans live longer
71 Picking apart photosynthesis: New insights could lead to better catalysts for water splitting
72 Researchers discover that errors in RNA splicing lead to a class of neurological disorders
73 Russian spaceship docks with orbiting station (Update)
74 Which came first the head or the brain?
75 TED brings innovation talk to Intel
76 New inexpensive, efficient catalysts offer viable way to store and reuse renewable energy
77 Cellular computers: 'Genetic circuit' biological transistor enables computing within living cells
78 New York auto showcase is venue for Mercedes-Benz EV
79 Mysterious fairy circles demystified: it's termites (Update)
80 Google tests same-day delivery shopping service
81 Even graphene has weak spots: Theorists find junctions in polycrystalline graphene sap its strength
82 Propylene oxide: Light may recast copper as chemical industry 'holy grail'
83 New vaccine-design approach targets HIV and other fast-mutating viruses
84 Researchers unveil large robotic jellyfish that one day could patrol oceans (w/ video)
85 A folding ceramic
86 Theory and practice key to optimized broadband, low-loss optical metamaterials
87 Nanoscale edge variations observed with record-breaking resolution in magnetic nanodevices
88 New type of solar structure cools buildings in full sunlight
89 Semiconductor 'shish kabob' nanostructures combine properties from different dimensions
90 Imaging methodology reveals nanoparticles at atomic scale in three dimensions (w/ video)
91 Researchers develop polymer nanofibers for chemical and biological decontamination
92 High-res holograms from carbon nanotubes
93 Trees used to create recyclable, efficient solar cell
94 Engineers develop nanofoams for better body armor, layers of protection for buildings
95 Patent-pending environmentally-friendly process to produce nanospheres
96 Researchers produce ultra-light aerogel
97 Hybrid ribbons a gift for powerful batteries: Vanadium oxide--graphene material works well for lithium-ion storage
98 New solar-cell design based on dots and wires
99 Artificial muscle computer performs as a universal Turing machine
100 Scientists propose revolutionary laser system to produce the next LHC
101 Optical random access memory: Parts of images can be selectively retrieved from an atomic gas
102 NOvA neutrino detector records first 3-D particle tracks
103 Rare find backs shape-shifting neutrino
104 Better than X-rays: A more powerful terahertz imaging system
105 New technique for cooling molecules may be stepping stone to quantum computing
106 Engineers enable 'bulk' silicon to emit visible light for the first time
107 Magnetic fingerprints of interface defects in silicon solar cells detected
108 X-ray laser pulses in two colors
109 Microstructures made of adjoining semiconductor disks could lead to powerful nanoscale sensors
110 Simulations uncover obstacle to harnessing laser-driven fusion
111 Researchers build fiber cable capable of near light-in-vacuum throughput
112 Researchers develop quantum computer algorithm for counting prime numbers
113 Q&A: Europe's freezing Easter and global warming
114 US to require lower-sulfur gasoline
115 Last letter of Captain Scott finally revealed in full--101 years on
116 Space station crew captures Soyuz launch, as seen from orbit
117 Volunteers use historic US ship logbooks to uncover Arctic climate data
118 Trials (and tribulations) at sea can't keep carbon explorers on the beach
119 A decade of data discloses influence of clouds on tropical energy balance
120 Designing a better satellite
121 Monitoring subsidence and vent wall collapse on Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
122 China to build two more Antarctic bases
123 Predicting fire activity using terrestrial water storage data
124 Review: BlackBerry Z10 delivers, but doesn't stand out
125 Review: TLC200 simplifies time-lapse videos
126 Wearable electronics move on from iPhone, to iWatch and beyond
127 Robot ants successfully mimic real colony behavior
128 Swarming robots could be the servants of the future (w/ video)
129 Smartphones are Americans' new best friend, study says
130 AT&T to take orders for Galaxy S4 on April 16
131 NVIDIA shakes up sub-$200 graphics market with new GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST GPU
132 Knowing the unknown: Researchers work to build robots' awareness of their own limitations
133 Review: Tablet-PC hybrids a study in trade-offs
134 T-Mobile to start offering iPhone 5 on April 12 (Update)
135 New book by Carnegie Mellon roboticist suggests humans brace themselves for robo-innovation
136 Harnessing robot research a searching task
137 Smart cars could break into mainstream
138 HBO gives Silicon Valley the royal treatment
139 'Facebook phone' may ring true April 4 (Update)
140 KAIST develops a low-power 60 GHz radio frequency chip for mobile devices
141 Sensory helmet could mean firefighters are not left in the dark
142 Ford challenges developers to create efficiency app
143 After upheaval, chip firm Broadcom rebounds
144 Digital Savant: How Vine won me over during SXSW Interactive
145 Michael Dell's days as CEO may be numbered
146 Interested in making your own musical jams? There's an app for that!
147 Answers to your questions about massive cyberattack
148 UCLA center creates first interactive electricity-use map of Los Angeles
149 MicroRNA detection on the cheap: Startup provides rapid, cost-effective microRNA profiling
150 New insights into boron's chemistry at room temperature
151 Researchers show stem cell fate depends on 'grip'
152 New technique detecting 'sugar-coated' proteins could identify diseases earlier
153 A new method for measuring the viscosity of nanoparticles
154 Cancer biologists find DNA-damaging toxins in common plant-based foods
155 The first caffeine-'addicted' bacteria
156 Clays can expand under pressure
157 Revolutionary atmospheric-pressure plasma boosts adhesion of polymer films for roll-to-roll solar-cell production
158 Scientists pave the way toward describing the conformation of proteins that do not have a defined structure
159 New quest to study 'living fossil' coelacanth
160 The splendid Skadar Lake (Montenegro and Albania), surprises with new species of snails
161 Black bears: Here, gone, and back again
162 DNA: How to unravel the tangle
163 Spontaneous synchronized tapping to an auditory rhythm observed in chimpanzee
164 Study documents decimation of critically endangered forest elephant
165 Gene discovery may yield lettuce that will sprout in hot weather
166 Eliminating the fly or the disease?
167 Teachers' gestures boost math learning
168 Female students just as successful as males in math and science, Asian Americans outperform all
169 Architect looks to remake suburbs and other neighborhoods with 'more intelligent' designs
170 Mathematician publishes 2013 Major League Baseball projections
171 Zoning restrictions also a key factor in foreclosure crisis, scholar says
172 Knowing more about shared service centres improves satisfaction, researcher finds
173 Key differences between bankrupt churches, small businesses, study finds
174 Literary sleuths find genuine author
175 CAS archaeologists test new research tool
176 Report highlights 'bleak' poverty levels in the UK
177 How communities effectively punish antisocial behaviour
178 Study shows extinction of pseudosuchians may have helped dinosaurs flourish
179 Language used in immigration debates may be as important as the policies
180 Federal 'detainer requests' for suspected immigration violators cause longer jail stays, increase cost, research shows
181 A social network for young Londoners on the buses
182 Fringe therapy may help heart patients, study finds
183 Higher activity levels may protect children from stress
184 Monosaturated fats reduce metabolic syndrome risk
185 Smoking immediately upon waking may increase risk of lung and oral cancer
186 Air pollutants linked to higher risk of birth defects, researchers find
187 The risk of autism is not increased by 'too many vaccines too soon'
188 Genome study reveals human-to-human spread of multidrug resistant mycobacterial infection
189 Innate immune system can kill HIV when a viral gene is deactivated
190 You don't 'own' your own genes: Researchers raise alarm about loss of individual 'genomic liberty' due to gene patents
191 The memories of near death experiences: More real than reality?
192 Predicting repeat offenders with brain scans: You be the judge
193 Separate lives: Neuronal and organismal lifespans decoupled
194 Researchers test implanted brain stimulator for Alzheimer's
195 Genetics might determine which smokers get hooked, research says
196 Study reveals how diabetes drug delays aging in worms
197 Study redefines the 'optimal time for delivery'
198 Scientists tie dietary influences to changes in gene expression and physiology
199 Scientists identify brain's 'molecular memory switch'
200 Study finds heart failure medications highly cost-effective
201 Protective prion keeps yeast cells from going it alone
202 HIV antibodies that are worth the wait
203 Mindfulness from meditation associated with lower stress hormone
204 Cell reprogramming during liver regeneration
205 Chinese medicine may hold the key to treating diabetes
206 Scientists find new gene markers for cancer risk
207 Parkinson's disease protein gums up garbage disposal system in cells
208 Researchers identify a potential new therapeutic target for E. coli infections