File Title
1 Study unravels genetic jigsaw of hormone cancers
2 Massive stars built in stellar nurseries
3 Active aging can reverse mental decline
4 Synchrotron yields 'safer' vaccine
5 Sea hares' sticky defense uncovered
6 Neonicotinoid pesticides 'damage brains of bees'
7 DNA test reveals 80 markers for inherited cancer risk
8 Madagascar hit by 'severe' plague of locusts
9 Madagascar hit by 'severe' plague of locusts
10 Plague of locusts infests impoverished Madagascar
11 First beaver spotted at a Perthshire loch in 400 years is given a DNA test
12 Nigeria's space race
13 Four ways to be killed by a volcano
14 Easy breaks from Cape Town
15 Cyprus banks reopen amid tight security and tough curbs
16 Nelson Mandela back in hospital with lung infection
17 Newtown gunman Adam Lanza 'had weapons arsenal'
18 OECD predicts stronger global growth
19 Oscar Pistorius wins travel right after bail challenge
20 Hollowed out: US Army fights brain drain
21 Online dating for people with sexually transmitted infections
22 The pleasures and perils of the open-plan office
23 US B-2 stealth bombers in South Korea drill
24 Viewpoint: What is driving North Korea's threats?
25 Global internet slows after 'biggest attack in history'
26 Pope Francis to wash offenders' feet on Maundy Thursday
27 Bacteria find 'key to treating obesity without surgery'
28 Syria crisis: University of Damascus hit by mortars
29 Putin orders surprise Black Sea military exercises
30 Boris Berezovsky 'found with ligature around his neck'
31 Radically rethinking the bus system
32 Nelson Mandela 'responding positively' in hospital
33 Bitcoin miners hit back at cyber-thieves
34 'Disruptive' Ouya games console shipped to first supporters
35 Egypt arrests as undersea internet cable cut off Alexandria
36 Government warned over 'them and us' online services
37 Has drawing been erased from animation?
38 Who, What, Why: What is 'ungoogleable'?
39 Brazil studies Curitiba doctor's link to 300 deaths
40 NHS 'ignoring smoking in mental health patients'
41 Glan Clwyd cancer therapy dog winning own disease fight
42 Sumatran rhino footprints believed found on Borneo
43 BlackBerry sells 1 million BlackBerry Z10 smartphones
44 European financial crisis linked to higher suicide, disease rates
45 Brain scans may show which criminals are more likely to continue life of crime
46 Whoa! Mini-supernovas discovered
47 Rushing fireball could turn carbon dioxide into biofuel
48 Richard III burial challenged on human rights grounds
49 Cyberattack on anti-spam group Spamhaus has ripple effects
50 Mars rover Curiosity resumes science work after computer glitch
51 Flipboard update turns readers into magazine publishers
52 Silicon Valley city flips switch on big Wi-Fi project
53 New drone test sites prompt states to compete for untapped civilian market
54 Egyptian women fight back as sexual assaults skyrocket
55 U.S. flies B-2 stealth bombers to S. Korea in "extended deterrence mission" aimed at North
56 Man attacks roommate who drew a penis on his face
57 A guardian angel helps family heal in the aftermath of Newtown
58 Supreme Court skeptical of DOMA
59 Obama: Same-sex marriage constitutional, but an issue for the states
60 Is America irreversibly pro-gun?
61 Trayvon Martin Case: Robert Zimmerman Jr. says tweeted image meant to show "Trayvon Martin 2.0"
62 Organic foods linked to better fertility, longevity in fruit flies
63 Allergy drops under tongue an effective alternative to shots, study says
64 Surprising Depth to Global Warming's Effects
65 Antarctic Thawing Season Keeps Getting Longer
66 Mollusks to Hungry Lobsters: Snot Gonna Happen!
67 Grand Canyon Country Reveals Jaw-Dropping Scenery
68 Elusive 'Superman' Particle Found Changing Flavor
69 Women on the Pill Choose Less Manly Men
70 The Truth Behind the 'Biggest Cyberattack in History'
71 Macho Dudes Have an Edge in Less-Developed Countries
72 Margin Notes Shed New Light on Renaissance Anatomy Masterpiece
73 Supreme Court Focuses on Legalities in DOMA Hearing
74 World's Largest Colon Blown Up in Miami
75 Blind Cavefish Also Hard of Hearing
76 US Taxpayers Under Water
77 TMI? Newest Entrepreneurs Advocate Open Source Culture
78 New Theory of How Giant Stars Grow Unveiled
79 Arctic Sea Ice Hits Yearly Max, But Still Dwindling
80 Exercise Offers Fewer Benefits to the Depressed
81 Stress in Pregnancy Boosts Stillbirth Risk
82 UFO Memo Is FBI's 'Most Wanted' Record
83 80 New Genetic Markers for Cancer Found
84 Glowing Millipedes Accidentally Found on Alcatraz
85 Rare View Reveals How Earth's Crust Forms
86 Richard III Burial Challenged on Human Rights Grounds
87 Ford Looking to App Developers to Help Increase Drivers' Fuel Economy
88 Largest Oklahoma Earthquake Linked to Oil Extraction Wastewater
89 Reference: Holocene Epoch: The Age of Man
90 Reference: Fun Facts About the Lynx
91 Exploring the Makeup of Extrasolar Planets
92 Mindfulness May Boost Focus on Tests
93 5 Ways Your Boss Is Killing Your Company Culture
94 What Your Gadgets Really Say About You
95 LinkedIn, Twitter Rival Facebook for Marketing Dominance
96 UFOs Over Texas: Unidentified Floating Fireballs?
97 Sounds of Arguing Affect Sleeping Babies' Brains
98 Whoa! Mini-Supernovas Discovered
99 101 Beetles Get Names from Phone Book
100 'Mind-Blowing' Bacteria Reveal Inner Workings of Some Infectious Diseases
101 Little Bitty Ancient Mammal Unearthed in Japan
102 Massive Extinction Fueled Rise of Crocodiles
103 Brain Size Didn't Drive Evolution, Research Suggests
104 Possible Japanese Shrine Fragment Washes Up in Oregon
105 Stem-cell ruling riles researchers
106 Planck snaps infant Universe
107 Higgs physics on the cheap
108 Dust-up over dinosaurs' true colours
109 How a microbe chooses among seven sexes
110 Private research ship makes waves
111 Drug-company data vaults to be opened
112 Huge cancer study uncovers 74 genetic risk factors
113 Gut-microbe swap helps mice shed weight
114 Sham journals scam authors
115 The future of publishing: A new page
116 Open access: The true cost of science publishing
117 Publishing frontiers: The library reboot
118 Scientists map protein that creates antibiotic resistance
119 HeLa publication brews bioethical storm
120 DNA folding takes a fresh direction
121 Advocacy: How to hasten open access
122 Licence restrictions: A fool's errand