File Title
1 Migrating planets caused meteor storm
2 Antibiotic overuse fuels gastro bug fear
3 Oesophageal cancer genes identified
4 Study warns on mobile location data privacy
5 Prof. Sir John Beddington warns of floods, droughts and storms
6 Falcons 'rapidly evolved' hunting skills
7 Amniotic fluid 'may heal premature baby gut'
8 Down's syndrome 'linked to brain protein loss'
9 Why such a fuss about extinction?
10 How to use games to teach physics
11 Cyprus bailout: Deal reached in Eurogroup talks
12 US army hands over Bagram prison to Afghanistan
13 Prince Harry to tour US to promote troops' rehabilitation
14 Michael Bloomberg funds $12m US gun law campaign
15 Ford India apologises for Berlusconi advert
16 The gay airman who took on the US military
17 Has Street View changed the way we behave?
18 The hardline Buddhists targeting Sri Lanka's Muslims
19 Love letters and kindness may improve mental health
20 Big Five UK banks see profits for 2012 'wiped out'
21 China pulls 1,000 dead ducks from Sichuan river
22 Pope Francis calls newspaper kiosk to cancel order
23 Hong Kong court denies domestic workers residency
24 Syria rebel commander Riad al-Asaad wounded by blast
25 Inside NASA's hurricane drone lab
26 Tesla and the lone inventor myth
27 Chinese counterfeits: How to beat the cheats
28 Nokia and Google clash on web video tech
29 Dell says it received offers from Blackstone and Icahn
30 Dell buyout bid deadline approaches
31 Burn dressing 'lights up' to signal an infection
32 Making babies happy, healthy--and green
33 Nigerian author Chinua Achebe dies
34 Tilda Swinton beds down for Museum of Modern Art role
35 Italian court considers Amanda Knox retrial
36 UK snow: Electricity still out at thousands of homes
37 Tablet restrictions on airplanes may be eased soon
38 Earning Good Housekeeping's Seal of Approval
39 Woman's 150 tea bag per day habit lead to bone disease, her doctors say
40 High court to weigh big-money Big Pharma generics deals
41 De-extinction: Is "Jurassic Park" a real possibility?
42 Flash in East Coast sky has social media buzzing
43 Starvation endangers sea lions in Southern California
44 Techie Adria Richards fired after tweeting about men's comments
45 Earth hour: Get ready to turn off your lights
46 Powerful new earth-observation satellite snaps 1st photos
47 Gangly gerenuk born at Denver zoo
48 Itsy-bitsy endangered frog bred in bid to save species
49 Anderson Cooper: No "Plan B" when filming crocodiles for "60 Minutes"
50 Best hospitals for safety: Consumer Reports issues safety score for hospitals
51 Newtown victim's parents talk about meeting killer Adam Lanza's father
52 Deepak Chopra: Use your mind to save your life
53 Gold rush in space? A look at asteroids' potential for wealth, destruction
54 Moorish Nationals: Religious group or opportunists?
55 Inside Google workplaces, from perks to nap pods
56 Gel manicures may lead to nail problems and potential skin cancer risk, dermatologist warns
57 FDA warns azithromycin "Z-pack" antibiotics could lead to deadly heart rhythms for some
58 Mississippi State Rep. Jessica Upshaw found dead
59 Vial of deadly virus goes missing from Texas lab
60 Cyprus avoids bankruptcy in last-ditch effort
61 John Kerry in Afghanistan on heels of President Karzai's U.S.-bashing
62 Sen. Claire McCaskill backs same-sex marriage
63 U.S. military still weighing Iraq lessons
64 Yikes! Man live tweets couple's dramatic break up at Burger King
65 God particle: Why the Higgs boson matters
66 Biden: Republicans "didn't get the message" from 2012
67 Chronic asthma may be caused by traffic pollution
68 CDC: 105 children died from flu this season
69 For polar bears, it's survival of the fattest
70 University of Maryland researchers identify fish protein that may inhibit cancer metastasis
71 Study explores long-term water quality trends in near-pristine streams
72 Warm springs may be best winter refuge for Florida manatees
73 Some Alaskan trout use flexible guts for the ultimate binge diet
74 Scientists discover reasons behind snakes' 'shrinking heads'
75 Hunting for meat impacts on rainforest
76 New study highlights strong anti-cancer properties of soybeans
77 Restoration and recommendations for flood-damaged bottomlands
78 Genetic analysis calls for the protection of 2 highly endangered Portuguese fish species
79 Global nitrogen availability consistent for past 500 years, linked to carbon levels
80 Microalgae could be a profitable source of biodiesel
81 Understanding the continuous corn yield penalty
82 Archerfish get an eye test
83 Virginia Tech researchers alter mosquito genome in step toward controlling disease
84 'Water Security': Experts propose a UN definition on which much depends
85 When a gene is worth 2
86 Invasive Species: Understanding the Threat Before It's Too Late
87 Study shows resources giveaway in Latin America; Outdated model tramples human rights, environment
88 Acoustic Monitoring of Atlantic Cod Reveals Clues to Spawning Behavior
89 Peach genome offers insights into breeding strategies for biofuels crops
90 Losing wetlands to grow crops
91 New urgency in battle against 'bound legs' disease
92 Skulls of early humans carry telltale signs of inbreeding, study suggests
93 Expression of emotion in books declined during 20th century, study finds
94 Before Dinosaurs' Era, Volcanic Eruptions Triggered Mass Extinction
95 Computer models show how deep carbon could return to Earth's surface
96 More hurricane surges in the future
97 Significant contribution of Greenland's peripheral glaciers to sea-level rise
98 Solar Storm Near Earth Caused by Fast CME
99 University of California's unofficial favorite sea slug poised to make a comeback
100 An oxygen-poor 'boring' ocean challenged evolution of early life
101 US company identified as manufacture of lead paint in Africa
102 A milestone for new carbon-dioxide capture/clean coal technology
103 Measuring mercury: Common test may overestimate exposure from dental amalgam fillings
104 For polar bears, it's survival of the fattest
105 Natural climate swings contribute more to increased monsoon rainfall than global warming
106 Road traffic pollution as serious as passive smoke in the development of childhood asthma
107 Megavolcanoes tied to pre-dinosaur mass extinction
108 Additional research must be done to ensure safety of pit latrines, new study says
109 Using fluctuating wind power
110 Malaria drug treatment breakthrough
111 Men and women get sick in different ways
112 Computer Simulations Yield Clues to How Cells Interact With Surroundings
113 Huge and widespread volcanic eruptions triggered the end-Triassic extinction
114 Genetic analysis saves major apple-producing region of Washington state
115 Nerve regeneration research and therapy may get boost from new discovery
116 Detecting circulating tumor cells
117 Gladstone scientists discover that DNA damage occurs as part of normal brain activity
118 Sanford-Burnham researchers unravel molecular roots of Down syndrome
119 Amniotic fluid stem cells repair gut damage
120 Nature versus nurture--better looking birds have healthier babies
121 Researchers identify genetic sequence that helps to coordinate synthesis of DNA-packaging proteins
122 UT MD Anderson scientists uncover the nuclear life of actin
123 The genomes of peregrine and saker falcons throw lights on evolution of a predatory lifestyle
124 Genetic alterations linked with bladder cancer risk, recurrence, progression, and patient survival
125 Sequencing tracks animal-to-human transmission of bacterial pathogens
126 Global scientific experts convene in Cape Town to report on progress toward tuberculosis vaccines
127 New lung cancer study takes page from Google's playbook
128 Relieving chronic pain
129 46 gene sequencing test for cancer patients on the NHS
130 Advancing in America's Lower-wage Workforce: Employer and Worker Perspectives
131 Miriam study reveals financial benefits of a plant-based, Mediterranean diet
132 CWRU professor offers "lessons from abroad" on caring for a graying population
133 N/A
134 United States should execute new strategy toward Syria, Baker Institute special report says
135 Aerospace industry adapts to global marketplace
136 Greening the blues--what business can learn from Avatar
137 Sleep consolidates memories for competing tasks
138 Teen Mentors Inspire Healthier Choices in Younger Children
139 98% of total knee replacement patients return to life, work following surgery
140 Prevention of heart disease requires professionals to go out into communities
141 'Gene Therapy for Human Disease: Clinical Advances and Challenges'
142 Exploring the link between traumatic brain injury and people who are homeless
143 Program improves Ph.D. student diversity
144 Hip Replacement Reduces Heart Failure, Depression and Diabetes Risk
145 Study highlights variations in spinal component costs
146 It all hinges on the bottom line
147 Global companies beware: Rude customer treatment depends on culture
148 Feeling sick makes us less social online too
149 Businesses Increase Revenue with Social Media
150 Scripps Research study underlines potential of new technology to diagnose disease
151 Study reveals how serotonin receptors can shape drug effects from LSD to migraine medication
152 Planck's 'child' universe
153 Planck challenges our understanding of the Universe
154 Pain reliever shows anti-viral activity against flu
155 Enzymes allow DNA to swap information with exotic molecules
156 CO2 could produce valuable chemical cheaply
157 New chemo drug gentler on fertility, tougher on cancer
158 Scientists Discover Layer of Liquified Molten Rock in Earth's Mantle
159 Virginia Tech engineers explain physics of fluids some 100 years after original discovery
160 Alterations in brain activity in children at risk of schizophrenia predate onset of symptoms
161 Nanowire solar cells raise efficiency limit
162 Surprises in the South polar vortex in Venus' atmosphere
163 Catalyst in a teacup: New approach to chemical reduction
164 Scientists propose alternative method for the study of ions
165 Laser empties atoms from the inside out
166 Ephemeral vacuum particles induce speed-of-light fluctuations
167 Glass-blowers at a nano scale
168 Measuring the magnetism of antimatter
169 Men May Have Natural Aversion to Adultery with Friends' Wives, Says MU Researcher
170 Novel insights into the evolution of protein networks
171 Do I know you? Memory patterns help us recall the social webs we weave, finds new Cornell study
172 UF fossil bird study on extinction patterns could help today's conservation efforts
173 A Closer Look at LDCM's First Scene
174 How can basin rocks recorded formation of Dabie orogen?
175 NSF Releases Response to External Panel's Recommendations for Streamlining Scientific Logistics in Antarctica
176 A tiny grain helps reveal the history of a rock
177 Conscientious people are more likely to have higher GPAs, according to new Rice research
178 More Career Options May Explain Why Fewer Women Pursue Jobs in Science and Math
179 Women With Both High Math and Verbal Ability Appear Less Likely to Choose Science Careers Because Their Dual Skills Confer More Career Options
180 'End of Men'? Not Even Close, Says UC San Diego Report on Gender in the Professions
181 Charges for emergency room visits often based on incorrect assumptions
182 Tackling issues of sexuality among people with dementia
183 Prescription for double-dose algebra proves effective
184 Outdoor education helps minority students close gap in environmental literacy
185 Pathologists identify patterns of mutations to help inform design of future trials
186 Hybrid ribbons a gift for powerful batteries
187 Study: Widespread 'test-and-treat' HIV policies could increase dangerous drug resistance
188 Transportation Energy Futures Study Reveals Potential for Deep Cuts to Petroleum Use and Carbon Emissions
189 Genomic data are growing, but what do we really know?
190 Mathematical butterflies provide insight into how insects fly
191 Sexually abused or neglected adolescent girls at risk of becoming moms while still teenagers
192 Exploring the cause of sudden unexplained death in epilepsy
193 Lymphatic vasculature: A cholesterol removal system
194 Reversing blood and freshening it up
195 Storming the gates: UNC research probes how pancreatic cancers metastasize
196 Women over 40 still need effective contraception
197 T-cell therapy eradicates an aggressive leukemia in 2 children
198 Smokefree workplaces linked to smokefree homes in India
199 Cleverly designed vaccine blocks H5 avian influenza in models
200 Other stomach microbiota modulate resistance to H. pylori-driven ulcers
201 How common is 'The John Next Door'?
202 New mechanism for long-term memory formation discovered
203 Study: Research Reveals Protective Properties of Influenza Vaccines
204 Youth with diabetes at greater risk following transition from pediatric to adult care
205 New study suggests that same-sex parents are judged more harshly than heterosexual parents
206 Petroleum use, greenhouse gas emissions of automobiles could drop 80% by 2050
207 Toyota's management practices may improve the quality of hospital care
208 IUPUI Stem Cell Research Could Expand Clinical Use of Regenerative Human Cells
209 97% of UK doctors have given placebos to patients at least once
210 Little support for controls on overseas fertility treatment
211 Media coverage of mass shootings contributes to negative attitudes towards mental illness
212 For the First Time, Recommendations Offer Guidance about Incidental Findings in Clinical Genomic Sequencing
213 Physicists develop a new approach to quantum computing:
214 Removing orbital debris with less risk
215 How can we prepare better for emergencies?
216 Tearing down the technological 'Tower of Babel' along international borders
217 Genes may be reason some kids are picky about food
218 Genetics, age and ethnicity are risk factors in PCa, say experts
219 Smoking affects fracture healing
220 Modest changes in military dining facilities promoted healthier eating
221 Parkinson's drug helps older people to make decisions
222 Too much choice leads to riskier decisions, new study finds
223 Putting the clock in 'cock-a-doodle-doo'
224 Leaping Lunar Dust
225 First Light At SAAO For Third 1-Meter Node Of Global Telescope
226 Los Alamos science sleuth on the trail of a Martian mystery
227 NASA's LRO Sees GRAIL's Explosive Farewell
228 Practice Makes Perfect With Webb Telescope Mirror Placement
229 Spiral beauty graced by fading supernova
230 Voyager 1 has entered a new region of space, sudden changes in cosmic rays indicate
231 'Sideline quasars' helped to stifle early galaxy formation, says CU-Boulder study
232 Berkeley Lab scientists read the cosmic writing on the wall
233 Planck's new map brings universe into focus
234 Ultra-precision positioning
235 Nanoparticles show promise as inexpensive, durable and effective scintillators