File Title
1 Threat to life on Arctic frontline
2 Chipping away at the history of fish and chips
3 Boston bombs: Officials wait to question Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
4 China quake: Rescuers reach remote damaged villages
5 Brazil police sentenced over Carandiru jail massacre
6 London Marathon: Runners and crowds mark Boston attack
7 Lufthansa strike sees 'massive' flight cancellations
8 Damascus: The changing face of Syria's capital
9 A Point of View: The pain when children fly the nest
10 Reinhart, Rogoff...and Herndon: The student who caught out the profs
11 CBS Twitter accounts hacked by 'pro-Damascus group'
12 DiCaprio and Theron celebrate lawyer at Glaad awards
13 Questions begin for FBI over Boston
14 The mysterious powers of Microsoft Excel
15 Willem-Alexander Dutch investiture: King's Song outcry
16 Syria crisis: US steps up aid to rebels at talks in Turkey
17 Blackstone pulls out of Dell bid
18 Technique Unlocks Design Principles of Quantum Biology
19 Superstorm Sandy Shook the U.S., Literally
20 New Carnivorous Dinosaur from Madagascar Raises More Questions Than It Answers
21 Three Super-Earth-Size Planets Found in 'Habitable Zone'
22 Ethnicity May Influence Antibody Genes: Immunity-Related DNA Sections Could Vary Depending On Ethnicity
23 Neural Activity in Bats Measured In-Flight
24 New Solar-Cell Coating Could Enable a Major Boost in Efficiency
25 Bursts of Brain Activity May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease
26 Distant Blazar Is a High-Energy Astrophysics Puzzle
27 Dinosaur Egg Study Supports Evolutionary Link Between Birds and Dinosaurs: How Troodon Likely Hatched Its Young
28 Freedom of Assembly: Scientists See Nanoparticles Form Larger Structures in Real Time
29 Something's Fishy in the Tree of Life: Largests and Most Comprehensive Studies of Fish Phylogeny
30 Brain's 'Slow Waves': Scientists Probe Source of Pulsing Signal in Sleeping Brain
31 Study of Pumas in Santa Cruz Mountains Documents Impact of Predator/Human Interaction
32 Ocean Acidification as a Hearing Aid for Fish?
33 Toxic Protein Made in Unusual Way May Explain Brain Disorder
34 New Understanding of Rare White Shark Movement Around Hawai'i
35 Nanoparticles Found in Everyday Items Can Inhibit Fat Storage: Gold Nanoparticles Accelerate Aging
36 Risk Factor for Depression Can Be 'Contagious'
37 When It Comes to Survival of the Fittest, Stress Is a Good Thing, Squirrel Study Shows
38 Learned Helplessness in Flies and the Roots of Depression
39 From Mice to Humans, Comfort Is Being Carried by Mom
40 Mathematical Models Out-Perform Doctors in Predicting Cancer Patients' Responses to Treatment
41 Screening NCAA Athletes for Sudden Cardiac Death Risk
42 Accuracy and Reliability of Ecg Interpretation by Physicians Is Limited, Study Suggests
43 From Blank Round to a Potently Active Substance?
44 Same Protein That Fires Up Cancer-Promoting Erk Also Blocks Its Activation
45 Revolutionary New Device Joins World of Smart Electronics: New Flexible, Transparent, Photosensitive Device
46 Battery Low? Give Your Mobile Some Water
47 Helpful for Robotics: Brain Uses Old Information for New Movements
48 Hubble Sees a Unique Cluster: One of the Hidden 15
49 Tests in New York City Suggest How to Improve Emergency Radio Communications
50 Research Harnesses Solar-Powered Proteins to Filter Harmful Antibiotics from Water
51 Nitrogen Has Key Role in Estimating Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Land Use Change
52 After Major Earthquake: A Global Murmur, Then Unusual Silence
53 Random Walks On DNA: Bacterial Enzyme Has Evolved an Energy-Efficient Method to Move Long Distances Along DNA
54 Mine Disaster: Hundreds of Aftershocks
55 Muscle Repair After Injury Helped by Fat-Forming Cells
56 Intense, Specialized Training in Young Athletes Linked to Serious Overuse Injuries
57 New Potential Target for Cancer Therapy Identified
58 Scientific Basis for Cognitive Complaints of Breast Cancer Patients
59 Quest for Edible Malarial Vaccine Leads to Other Potential Medical Uses for Algae
60 Topical Use of Arthritis Drug Provides Relief for Dry Eye Disease, Study Suggests
61 New Research Holds Promise for Treatments for a Range of Women's Health Issues
62 Three Mutations at BRCA1 Gene Responsible for Breast and Ovarian Hereditary Cancer Identified
63 'Health MOT' Programme Could Uncover 440,000 New Diabetes, Heart or Kidney Patients Per Year
64 Study to Treat Deadly Form of Thyroid Cancer Shows Promise
65 Patient Satisfaction With Hospital Stay Does Not Reflect Quality of Surgical Care
66 Role-Playing Game Brings New Life to a 'Dead' Language
67 Big Boost in Drug Discovery: New Use for Stem Cells Identifies a Promising Way to Target ALS
68 Learning Disabilities Affect Up to 10 Percent of Children
69 First Steps of Synapse Building Is Captured in Live Zebra Fish Embryos
70 Community Gardens May Produce More Than Vegetables
71 Child's Counting Comprehension May Depend On Objects Counted, Study Shows
72 Smoking from Hookah Not a Harmless Alternative to Cigarettes
73 More Efforts Needed to Regulate Dietary Supplements, Experts Urge
74 Mindfulness Therapy Might Help Veterans With Combat-Related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
75 High-Salt Diet and Ulcer Bug Combine to Increase Risk of Cancer
76 Weeding out Ineffective Biocontrol Agents
77 Rats' and Bats' Brains Work Differently On the Move
78 Experts Examine Mediterranean Diet's Health Effects for Older Adults
79 Outpatients, Hospital Patients Face Growing, but Different Problems With Antibiotic Resistance
80 Calculating Tsunami Risk for the US East Coast
81 Measuring the Hazards of Global Aftershock
82 Student Tracks Asian Bird's Migration Patterns; Recommends Conservation Strategies
83 Fertility Needs in High-Yielding Corn Production
84 'First Step' in Addressing Effects of Climate Change
85 Sea-Ice Ecosystem Possibly Triggered Evolution of Baleen Whales and Penguins
86 Evolving Genes Lead to Evolving Genes: Selection in European Populations of Genes Regulated by FOXP2
87 Coelacanth Genome Surfaces: Unexpected Insights from a Fish With a 300-Million-Year-Old Fossil Record
88 Towards the Origin of America's First Settlers
89 Findings Confirm Early South African Hominins
90 X-Ray View of a Thousand-Year-Old Cosmic Tapestry
91 SOFIA Observations Reveal a Surprise in Massive Star Formation
92 How to Target an Asteroid
93 Massive Galaxy Had Intense Burst of Star Formation When Universe Was Only 6 Percent of Current Age
94 ALMA Telescope Pinpoints Early Galaxies at Record Speed
95 Taking the Pulse of the Crowd
96 Discovery Paves the Way for Ultrafast High-Resolution Imaging in Real Time
97 Prototype Generators Emit Much Less Carbon Monoxide
98 Super-Nanotubes: 'Remarkable' Spray-On Coating Combines Carbon Nanotubes With Ceramic
99 Hydrogen Sulfide Greatly Enhances Plant Growth: Key Ingredient in Mass Extinctions Could Boost Food, Biofuel Production
100 Video Games: Bad or Good for Your Memory?
101 New Computational Model Can Predict Breast Cancer Survival
102 Robot Hands Gain a Gentler Touch: Tactile Sensing Technology Builds On Tiny Barometer Chips
103 'Big Data' Algorithm Used to Customize Video Game Difficulty
104 Frog-Like Robot Will Help Surgeons
105 Apple Doesn't Need an iCar to Rule the Road
106 How US Politics Is Broken
107 Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Strikes China
108 6.0-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Kuril Islands
109 Reference: Facts About Silicon
110 How Red Squirrels Are Like Tiger Moms
111 Boston Lockdown: What It's Like Inside
112 Could Your Town Explode?
113 Emotion Behind Richard III Search Revealed in New Documentary
114 Marijuana Majority: Americans Now Back Legalization: Op-Ed
115 Sequester Means Silent Talks at Science Conferences
116 Earthquakes Are East Coast's Biggest Tsunami Threat
117 It's Time for Next Phase in Search for Alien Life, Scientists Say
118 Negative Thoughts Can Be Contagious
119 Who's Tired? Growing Number of People Get Too Much Sleep
120 Big Earthquakes Might Calm the Earth
121 Higher Sperm Counts Are a Breeze with a Kilt
122 Discriminated Groups Strategize to Avoid Prejudice
123 Mine Disaster CSI: Earthquakes Shed New Light on Utah Collapse
124 Sex in Space May Not Be Safe
125 Russia Launches Animals Into Space on One-Month Journey
126 Did King Richard III Undergo Painful Scoliosis Treatment?
127 Dinos Sat on Nests Like Birds, Shells Reveal
128 Is the Colorado River Damned? Op-Ed