File Title
1 Advert turns air into drinking water
2 Last 1953 Everest team member George Lowe dies, aged 89
3 Power in MPs' 'hot air' weighed up
4 What if Africa were to become the hub for global science?
5 A fluid take on New York City's landmarks
6 Musharraf returns to Pakistan despite threats
7 Central African Republic: Rebels 'take palace as Bozize flees'
8 Syrian opposition leader Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib resigns
9 Cypriot president holds bailout talks in Brussels
10 Boris Berezovsky death: Chemical hazard police give house all-clear
11 Pete Peterson: The ex-POW teaching Vietnam to swim
12 The riches under Mongolia's Turquoise Hill
13 Children should be allowed to get bored, expert says
14 Punxsutawney Phil 'indicted' in Ohio over spring prediction
15 Kerry presses Iraq on Iran weapons flights to Syria
16 Israel opens fire after 'shooting from inside Syria'
17 Man seriously hurt as crash leaves car embedded in home
18 Easterton's Carol Brothers recovers after 'dying for 45 minutes'
19 A Point of View: Chess and 18th Century artificial intelligence
20 A boy named North West
21 Tweets of the week: LeBron, 50 Shades and Twitter's birthday
22 Business trip: Bangkok
23 Blizzard reveals Warcraft-themed card game
24 Kate Middleton: Corby royal lookalike Heidi Agan 'pregnant'
25 Slushy start mooted for space rocks
26 DNA reveals giant squid had brush with death
27 Mathematician wins award for shaping algebra
28 Will we kill off today's animals if we revive extinct ones?
29 Text-mining spat heats up
30 Long-term research: Slow science
31 Engineered immune cells battle acute leukaemia
32 Wide support in UK for novel DNA 'transplants' in human egg cells
33 'Hologram-lite' idea for 3D phone displays
34 Planck telescope peers into primordial Universe
35 So, has Voyager 1 left the Solar System? Scientists face off
36 Text mining uncovers British reserve and US emotion
37 Serotonin receptors offer clues to new antidepressants
38 Triassic extinction tied to massive lava spills
39 DNA folding takes a fresh direction
40 Canada puts commercialization ahead of blue-sky research
41 Neuroaesthetics is killing your soul
42 A pope for today
43 Wasted energy
44 Canada puts commercialization ahead of blue-sky research
45 First Migration from Africa Less Than 95,000 Years Ago: Ancient Hunter-Gatherer DNA Challenges Theory of Early Out-Of-Africa Migrations
46 Hydrogen Fuel? Thin Films of Nickel and Iron Oxides Yield Efficient Solar Water-Splitting Catalyst
47 Fossil Bird Study On Extinction Patterns Could Help Today's Conservation Efforts
48 Quirky Lyme Disease Bacteria: Unlike Most Organisms, They Don't Need Iron, but Crave Manganese
49 Enzymes Allow DNA to Swap Information With Exotic Molecules
50 Quantum Computers Coming Soon? Metamaterials Used to Observe Giant Photonic Spin Hall Effect
51 Megavolcanoes Tied to Pre-Dinosaur Mass Extinction: Apparent Sudden Climate Shift Could Have Analog Today
52 Scientists Develop Innovative Twists to DNA Nanotechnology
53 Neuroscience of Finding Your Lost Keys
54 Smelling Genetic Information: Molecules Allow Mice to Sniff out the Genes of Other Mice
55 'Networked Minds' Require Fundamentally New Kind of Economics
56 Multi-Purpose Wonder Can Generate Hydrogen, Produce Clean Water and Even Provide Energy
57 180,000 Deaths Worldwide Each Year May Be Associated With Sugary Soft Drinks, Research Suggests
58 Spatial Memory: Mapping Blank Spots in the Cheeseboard Maze
59 Road Traffic Pollution as Serious as Passive Smoke in the Development of Childhood Asthma
60 Researchers Alter Mosquito Genome With Goal of Controlling Disease
61 Study Reveals Working of Motor With Revolution Motion in Bacteria-Killing Virus; Advances Nanotechnology
62 Pain Reliever Shows Anti-Viral Activity Against Flu
63 Breakthrough Could Lead to Cheaper, More Sustainable Chemical Production
64 Quantum Computers Counting On Carbon Nanotubes
65 How Serotonin Receptors Can Shape Drug Effects from LSD to Migraine Medication
66 'Sideline Quasars' Helped to Stifle Early Galaxy Formation
67 Nerve Mapping Technology Improves Surgery for Compressed Nerves
68 Physical Activity During Youth May Help Reduce Fracture Risk in Old Age
69 Common Antibiotic Linked to Heart Problems in Patients With Lung Conditions
70 Alterations in Brain Activity in Children at Risk of Schizophrenia Predate Onset of Symptoms
71 Foods Can Help Fight Inflammation
72 Hubble Digs Up Galactic Glow Worm
73 Research Shows Potential for Quasicrystals
74 Engineers Explain Physics of Fluids Some 100 Years After Original Discovery
75 A Milestone for New Carbon-Dioxide Capture/Clean Coal Technology
76 How Organic Magnets Grow in a Thin Film
77 Genetic Analysis Saves Major Apple-Producing Region of Washington State
78 Acoustic Monitoring of Atlantic Cod Reveals Clues to Spawning Behavior
79 Computer Simulations Yield Clues to How Cells Interact With Surroundings
80 When a Gene Is Worth Two: Same Gene Fulfills Different Biological Roles in Plants
81 Invasive Species: Understanding the Threat Before It's Too Late
82 Making Axons Branch and Grow to Help Nerve Regeneration After Injury
83 Atherosclerosis: Specific microRNAs Promote Inflammation
84 Novel Method Accurately Predicts Disease Outbreaks
85 New Chemo Drug Gentler On Fertility, Tougher On Cancer
86 Protein Linked to Exacerbation of COPD Identified
87 Telehealth Unlikely to Be Cost Effective for Patients With Long Term Conditions, Study Finds
88 New Clues in Hunt for Heredity in Type 2 Diabetes
89 Most Men With Erectile Dysfunction Remain Untreated, Say Scientists
90 Study Confirms Difference in Radical Prostatectomy Outcomes Between Surgeons
91 Acting out Dreams Linked to Development of Dementia
92 Different Camera Angles May Evoke Emotion in Audiences
93 Spine Patients Who Quit Smoking Report Diminished Pain
94 New Intervention Helps Promote Tolerance in Individuals
95 Did Evolution Give Us Inflammatory Disease?
96 Study Shows Rising Rate of Propofol Abuse by Health Care Professionals
97 Do We Forgive Television Characters for Their Bad Actions?
98 Knowledge of the Game Is Not an Advantage in Sports Gambling
99 Parent Induces Guilt, Child Shows Distress
100 Risk of Crime in Gated Communities
101 Like It? We Love It! Facebook Assures Us We're Good Enough
102 Modest Changes in Military Dining Facilities Promoted Healthier Eating
103 Yogurt Organisms and Cancer Research
104 Blood Levels of Fat Cell Hormone May Predict Severity of Migraines
105 Stem Cells Use Signal Orientation to Guide Division, Study Shows
106 Archerfish Get an Eye Test
107 Microalgae Could Be a Profitable Source of Biodiesel
108 Seabirds Need Effective Marine Conservation in Wake of Discard Ban, Warns Study
109 Understanding the Continuous Corn Yield Penalty
110 First Images Released from Newest Earth Observation Satellite
111 Restoration and Recommendations for Flood-Damaged Bottomlands
112 Roman Mausoleum Tested for Ancient Earthquake Damage
113 Stone Ships Show Signs of Maritime Network in Baltic Sea Region 3,000 Years Ago
114 Why Red Algae Never Colonized Dry Land
115 Adoption and Risk Management in Fish: How Cichlids Prevent Their Young from Being Eaten
116 Neanderthal Brains Focused On Vision and Movement Leaving Less Room for Social Networking
117 NASA's LRO Sees GRAIL's Explosive Farewell
118 Los Alamos Science Sleuth On the Trail of a Martian Mystery
119 Best Map Ever Made of Universe's Oldest Light: Planck Mission Brings Universe Into Sharp Focus
120 Herschel Discovers Some of the Youngest Stars Ever Seen
121 Sun in the Way Will Affect Mars Missions in April
122 When It Comes to Innovation, the Customer Isn't Always Right
123 Electrical Signals Dictate Optical Properties
124 NASA's Kennedy Space Center Operations Helps Launch Pad of the Future Take Shape
125 Nike Laser Focuses On Nuclear Fusion
126 Implantable Telescope Lens to Treat Macular Degeneration Available at Johns Hopkins
127 From Complex Living Systems to Smarter Computers
128 New Database to Speed Genetic Discoveries
129 Prescription for Double-Dose Algebra Proves Effective
130 Novel Insights Into the Evolution of Protein Networks
131 Molecular Geometry, New Field in the Making