File Title
1 Foxconn resumes hiring in preparation for Apple's next iPhone
2 Apple employs 4 of the top 5 highest paid execs in the US
3 Dish Network launches $25.5B bid to merge with Sprint
4 EU, Google antitrust settlement could see prominent placement for competing products
5 Apple's AirPlay is most popular screen-sharing tech, but still largely unused
6 PC gross margins expected to decline as sales shrink, Dell goes private
7 Apple now hiring for Oregon data center as project moves closer to completion
8 Adobe's Lightroom 5 beta gets perspective correction, improved editing functions
9 YouTube for iOS updated with live streaming, new 'My Subscriptions' feed
10 Trader pleads guilty to fraud for unauthorized $1B Apple stock gambit
11 Rumor: Apple's next-gen iPhone to boast 12-megapixel camera with improved sensitivity, HDR
12 With reservations still pending, Mailbox app gets updated with smarter snoozes and UI tweaks
13 Facebook reportedly in discussions to bring 'Home' to Apple's iPhone, Microsoft Windows Phone
14 Apple granted patent for iOS app folders and 'jiggle mode' UI
15 More affordable iPhone predicted to grab Apple 11% share of low-end market in 2014
16 Apple setting up shop in Florida for custom chip development
17 Apple's iPad leads mobile shift among financial pros as Bloomberg debuts new app
18 Purported cases for Apple's 'iPad 5' again show iPad mini-like design
19 NYT wins Pulitzer for 'iEconomy' investigative series on Apple's supply chain
20 Mailbox ends reservation system, iPhone app now available to all
21 Facebook app for iOS gets Chat Heads, stickers, new News Feed
22 Google's Schmidt: We'd like Apple have Google Maps as default on iOS
23 Microsoft backing off Metro, plans boot-to-desktop mode for Windows 8.1
24 Apple's iTunes rules digital music market with 63% share
25 Cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp now bigger than Twitter, still touts 'no ads' mantra
26 Price war breaks out between Apple and Samsung in India
27 Facebook reportedly hires ex-Apple Maps chief to mobile software team
28 Time Warner Cable to offer on-the-go live TV with 'TWC TV' iOS app update
29 Funny or Die's 'iSteve' hits the web one day early with 78-minute run time
30 Apple building new downtown Reno facilities to support its iCloud data center
31 Apple taking the wraps off its first Berlin retail store
32 Taiwan's tech companies banding together with Apple to take on Samsung
33 China porn app investigation targets Apple, others
34 Revenue from Apple's iOS App Store more than twice that of Google Play
35 Shares of Apple sink after supplier Cirrus warns of weak results
36 Taiwanese authorities probing Samsung over 'dirty tricks' against HTC
37 Pocket updated with expanded sharing functionality one year after rebranding
38 Apple extends MacBook bottom case replacement program by two years
39 More affordable iPhone predicted to grab Apple 11% share of low-end market in 2014
40 Apple's iPhone sales in India seen as driving $1B in revenue this year
41 Apple's next-gen 9.7" iPad expected to be 25% lighter, 15% thinner, debut in Q3
42 LinkedIn revamps mobile app with updates stream, focus on content
43 Apple could foster ties with Taiwan's tech industry in manufacture of rumored fingerprint sensor
44 Apple's iPhone accounted for 4M of Verizon's 7.2M total Q1 smartphones
45 Rumor: Apple halts Mac component orders, is less 'aggressive' looking forward
46 New pics show off supposed low-cost iPhone's plastic rear shell
47 Former Xbox & Kinect teams allegedly working on Microsoft smart watch
48 Verizon's 4M iPhone activations in line with expectations, showing Apple's 'stability'
49 Apple's iOS beating Google's Android in mobile ads with 75% spend share
50 Apple design chief Jony Ive makes Time's 100 Most Influential list
51 Apple sought iBooks recommendation deal with Goodreads, was blocked by Amazon purchase
52 Google's Android has flatlined in the U.S. as Apple's iPhone steals all growth
53 Twitter's #music app for iOS leverages massive user base to recommend new tunes
54 Apple's iPad expands lead in tablet use at the expense of Amazon, Android, Microsoft Surface
55 Google, Microsoft both post big profit jumps
56 Former Apple graphic designer Susan Kare creates 'sticker pack' for Path app
57 Chinese site uses Apple's own enterprise tools to distribute free pirated apps
58 Survey finds 19% of consumers interested in buying Apple 'iWatch'
59 Penguin hopes to appease EU regulators by ending e-book deal with Apple
60 Slowing iPhone growth may be function of smartphone industry, not restricted to Apple
61 New shots show supposed 'iPhone 5S' camera, unidentified part
62 Apple reveals it keeps anonymized Siri data for up to 2 years
63 AMD woos another chip engineer away from Apple
64 Apple's Passbook used to drive coupon campaign at UK restaurant chain
65 Apple's iCloud problems persist with two new service outages [update: 27-hour email issue reported]
66 Tweetdeck for iPhone to reach end of life on May 7
67 RadioShack expands sales of Apple's Mac peripherals and accessories
68 Opinion: Can Apple afford to go cheaper with new iPhones?
69 iPad mini shipments expected to drop 20-30% in Q213 as consumers wait for next-gen model, sources say
70 Apple nightmare scenario finally priced in; a great set-up for April 23rd earnings report
71 Apple ordered to remove 'obscene' content from China App Store
72 Wall Street slumps in broad decline, Apple selloff pressures Nasdaq
73 Oracle releases two major Java security updates
74 Facebook is said to hire former Apple Maps executive in mobile push
75 The bull case for Apple; AAPL not as 'doomed' as some may think
76 Foxconn parent Hon Hai inks worldwide patent license deal with Microsoft over Android infringement
77 Apple CEO Tim Cook must go, he's no better than Ron Johnson or something
78 Apple closes above $400, falls sharply on growth concerns
79 Amazon acquires Siri-like Evi app for $26 million; prelude to an Amazon phone?
80 Apple has shed the equivalent of a Google or a Microsoft since September 2012
81 Funny or Die's 'iSteve' 78-minute movie now available for viewing online
82 LG Display shares drop on concerns of weaker sales to Apple after Cirrus Logic warning
83 Early version of Google Glass not fully functional when used with Apple iPhone
84 4 million of Verizon Wireless' 7.2 million total Q1 smartphone sales were Apple iPhones
85 Apple suspends Mac component orders, supply chain sources say
86 AirPlay: One of the coolest things Apple has ever come up with that nobody uses
87 Guess who makes money from Android?
88 Apple revises retail store 'One to One' service, limits data migration
89 iPhone sales up 25% at Verizon Wireless, but why people are still flocking to older iPhone models?
90 Time to add Apple to your retirement portfolio
91 All eyes on Apple next Tuesday; gross margins may be key metric
92 Is this the polycarbonate shell of the rumored low-cost Apple iPhone?
93 Microsoft partners say Windows 8 caused 'millions of customers' to switch to Apple
94 Apple pulls plug on AppGratis' Push Notifications for existing users
95 Twitter launches stand-alone music streaming app for Apple iOS devices
96 Apple's Jonathan Ive named among TIME's 100 Most Influential People list
97 Amid flurry of disappointing economic data, Apple closes under $400 on supplier concerns
98 U.S. House passes Apple-backed cybersecurity bill; Obama threatens veto
99 Apple's calendar chaos trade of 2013
100 Apple's iPad expands lead in tablet usage at the expense of Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft Surface
101 JP Morgan: Apple may be on brink of major debt issuance
102 Earnings Preview: Apple reports Q213 results on Tuesday, April 23rd
103 Google sales miss estimates as ad fees per click fall
104 Survey shows exceptionally strong consumer interest in an Apple 'iWatch'; iPhone dominates in customer satisfaction
105 Apple blurring lines between growth, value
106 Woz: Apple stock price 'disappointing' but confident of Apple products that will 'surprise and shock us all'
107 iOS dominates Android: 75 cents of every dollar spent on mobile advertising is spent on Apple iOS devices
108 Penguin offers to scrap Apple e-book deals to settle EU antitrust case
109 Apple iPad saves videographer from foul ball to the face, keeps on ticking
110 Apple investors need patience
111 How to build a fusion drive for your Mac
112 Apple petitioned to add a native Armenian iOS keyboard
113 Hey, Microsoft-clinging IT doofus: You need to let it go already!
114 For Apple, the hits keep on coming; Why does DigiTimes' latest Apple rumor read like a Samsung ad?
115 A gust of deflation stirs skittish stock market
116 45 days with Apple's MacBook Pro with Retina Display and no complaints at all
117 Apple faces tough questions from shareholders next week as tech behemoth reports Q213 earnings
118 Yahoo trims product lineup as CEO Marissa Mayer sharpens mobile focus
119 Boston bombs: Officials wait to probe Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
120 China quake kills scores in rural Sichuan
121 Italy crisis: President Giorgio Napolitano re-elected
122 Iraq in first vote since US pullout
123 Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf in custody for two weeks
124 Escaping the train to Auschwitz
125 Reinhart, Rogoff...and Herndon: The student who caught out the profs
126 Boston bombing: How internet detectives got it very wrong
127 A real Good Samaritan
128 Willem-Alexander Dutch investiture: King's Song outcry
129 Disbelief in home district of bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
130 Working Lives Croatia
131 Nicolas Maduro sworn in as new Venezuelan president
132 Sectarian tensions stalk Iraq elections
133 Boston bombs: Officials wait to probe Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
134 World's oldest man in Japan celebrates 116th birthday
135 Blackstone pulls out of Dell bid
136 How much 'lifelogging' could you tolerate?
137 Does technology hinder or help toddlers' learning?
138 Chipping away at the history of fish and chips
139 This Is the Modern Manhunt: The FBI, the Hive Mind and the Boston Bombers
140 Meet the First Digital Generation. Now Get Ready to Play by Their Rules
141 You Be the Judge of Which Amazon TV Pilot Is Worth Watching
142 Trent Reznor's How to Destroy Angels Plays Light Like an Instrument
143 The Next Big Thing in Crowdfunding? Kickstarting People
144 FAA Approves Boeing's Battery Fix for 787
145 Tomorrow, Celebrate Your Local Record Store by Buying These Special Releases
146 What's Riskier Than Bitcoins? Bitcoin Companies
147 Apple Finally Reveals How Long Siri Keeps Your Data
148 The Week's Strangest Interactions Between Humans and Wild Animals
149 Review: Sony Xperia Z