File Title
1 Silicon chip edges towards quantum memory
2 Huge star factory found in early cosmos
3 'Living fossil' fish DNA clue to evolution
4 Footage reveals how insects use their bodies to hover
5 'Living fossil' coelacanth genome sequenced
6 Conservation group to get 50% of energy from renewables
7 Super-powered battery breakthrough claimed by US team
8 Tanzania's Maasai battle game hunters for grazing land
9 'Crackpot' science and hidden genius at physics meeting
10 Green energy on the back foot after carbon trading blow
11 Mini guide to rural Ibiza
12 Texas Waco fertiliser plant blast causes many casualties
13 Boston Marathon: Obama to attend bomb ceremony
14 Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf: Court orders ex-ruler's arrest
15 Greece farm shooting: 30 injured in pay dispute
16 Obama attacks senators who rejected gun sale checks
17 The Boston Marathon bomber: Caught on film?
18 Coffee and qahwa: How a drink for Arab mystics went global
19 1913: When Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin all lived in the same place
20 North Korea lists terms for talks with US and S Korea
21 Human Social Project: Cracking the real code of life
22 How to power the urban revolution
23 Twitter launches #Music service with artist recommendations
24 Fame may 'lead to a shorter life'
25 'Computerised fabrics' in clothes could charge phones
26 Anonymous group launches citizen journalism website
27 Coral-repairing robot looks for funds on Kickstarter
28 Navevo sat-nav offers cyclist alerts to lorry drivers
29 Nokia shares fall despite higher Lumia sales
30 Silent calls: TalkTalk fined 750,000 pounds by Ofcom
31 UK games industry faces EU tax break investigation
32 White House threatens to veto cybersecurity bill
33 App Pompeii--Visiting museums via your phone
34 Microsoft's Steve Ballmer: Should he stay as boss?
35 Right to die: Paul Lamb takes up Tony Nicklinson fight
36 French cancer patient 'saves ambulance man's life'
37 How flash mob flamenco took on the banks
38 High levels of glutamate in brain may kick-start schizophrenia
39 Robot hands gain a gentler touch
40 Astronomers amazed at timing of Markarian 421 'blazer'
41 Researchers use Moore's Law to calculate that life began before Earth existed
42 Discovery paves the way for ultra fast high resolution imaging in real time
43 How not to Excel: Austerity economics paper is coding-flawed
44 Dinosaur egg study supports evolutionary link between birds and dinosaurs
45 Tuning in: Twitter launches music feature (Update)
46 Research team looks to Kickstarter to fund swarming 'coralbots' to repair damaged coral
47 From mice to humans, comfort is being carried by mom
48 Scientists probe the source of a pulsing signal in the sleeping brain
49 Battery low? Give your mobile some water
50 Novel analysis method levels the quasar playing field
51 90 million laser shots bring wind satellite back on track
52 Coelacanth genome surfaces: Unexpected insights from a fish with a 300-million-year-old fossil record
53 Best image yet of atoms moving in real time produced (w/ video)
54 Massive galaxy had intense burst of star formation when universe was only 6% of current age
55 Did diamonds begin on the ancient ocean floor?
56 Measuring materialism in children's books
57 A silicon platform for quantum computers
58 Sexiness doesn't always have a downside
59 Super-nanotubes: 'Remarkable' spray-on coating combines carbon nanotubes with ceramic
60 Key ingredient in mass extinctions could boost food, biofuel production
61 Ultra-thin transistors spread like butter on toast
62 A new twist for quantum systems
63 Structural dynamics underlying memory in aging brains
64 Researchers abuzz over caffeine as cancer-cell killer
65 Going places: Rat brain 'GPS' maps routes to rewards
66 New text-mining algorithm to prioritize research on chemicals, disease for public database
67 SN 1006: X-ray view of a thousand-year-old cosmic tapestry
68 IU surgeon's nanoparticle research takes inspiration from Greek mythology
69 Chemists discover simpler method of making 'wonder material'
70 Hybrid energy harvester generates electricity from vibrations and sunlight
71 New nanotechnique to deliver life-saving drugs to the brain
72 Patterns on extremely small fibres: Study pushes regenerative medicine another step forward
73 Small in size, big on power: New microbatteries the most powerful yet
74 Manganese dioxide nanorod technology could lead to a better capacitor
75 Layered '2-D nanocrystals' promising new semiconductor
76 Team demonstrates quantum dots that assemble themselves
77 Nanoscopic cages for big applications
78 Engineers craft new material for high-performing 'supercapacitors'
79 Nanodiamonds could improve effectiveness of breast cancer treatment
80 Biomimetic nanosponges absorb toxins released by bacterial infections and venom
81 Nanosilver in textiles--friend or foe?
82 Basic science in evaporating droplets
83 Researchers create novel optical fibers
84 Sharper images for extreme LCLS experiments
85 Neighbors move electrons jointly: An ultrafast molecular movie on metal complexes in a crystal
86 Multilayer Laue lenses enable studies of nanostructures with ultra-high resolution
87 Physicists set new record for quantum teleportation with matter qubits
88 Super-CDMS researchers report possible evidence of WIMPs
89 Plasma device could revolutionize energy generation and storage (w/ video)
90 Physicists succeed in closing last local realistic loophole for systems of entangled photons
91 Most distant blazar is a high-energy astrophysics puzzle
92 Age matters when it comes to adapting to the effects of climate change
93 Protecting tidal wetlands: Scientists study tidal flow, sediment movement in salt marsh
94 This weekend's Lyrid meteor shower: How to see it
95 Three years after Gulf spill, BP fights huge fines
96 Solar satellite arrives at Vandenberg AFB for launch
97 And now to the weather: Climate science on the front foot
98 Stage set for battle over Canada-US pipeline
99 Sequoia supercomputer transitions to classified work
100 Google Glass distribution begins this week
101 SkySweeper robot makes inspecting power lines simple and inexpensive (w/ video)
102 Supercomputer Titan to get world's fastest storage system
103 Vibrating fork to combat obesity makes its debut
104 Samsung Galaxy S4 sales start next week in US (Update)
105 Google Glass: Specs on specs, API docs mark busy week
106 HP will integrate Leap Motion controllers with PCs (Update)
107 Your next phone camera might be able to sense depth
108 Intel's mysterious TV device sparks industry chatter
109 COMAN: Researchers build first fully-limbed passive compliant robot (w/ video)
110 Lego Rovers head to NASA's International Space Apps Challenge
111 Review: HTC One impresses but software disappoints
112 Orders of keyboard BlackBerry start in Canada (Update)
113 HP launches power-efficient Moonshot servers
114 IBM to shed up to 1,400 jobs in France by end 2014
115 New app helps Icelanders avoid accidental incest
116 Intelsat to raise $472 million in public offering
117 Interview: Israel's Olmert begins tech venture
118 Silly phone game puts illiterate Pakistanis in touch with potential employers
119 Yahoo adds two more applications to mobile arsenal
120 Sat-nav warns London lorry drivers of cyclists
121 Taking the pulse of the crowd
122 New system to combat online banking fraud
123 Verizon rakes in wireless fees in 1Q
124 EU OKs $2.7bn Siemens takeover of UK rail firm
125 GM says diesel Chevrolet Cruze gets 46 mpg
126 Electronic zippers control DNA strands
127 Food safety and bioterrorism defense may benefit from improved detection test developed at MU
128 Researchers photograph active ingredient in cannabis plants
129 Molecular rings mystery solved after 20 years
130 Nanosuits help small creatures survive a vacuum
131 Researchers discover new materials to capture methane
132 Neutrons help explain ozone poisoning and links to thousands of premature deaths each year
133 New material gets itself into shape
134 Blue ruthenium dimer catalysis for hydrogen generation
135 Scientists show what it takes to get potential fuel feedstock to a reactive spot on model catalyst
136 Polymer platform technology innovates drug delivery
137 Researchers determine beneficial compounds in whole-grain rice varieties
138 Water splitting: Plants provide blueprint for cheap hydrogen production
139 Memory effect now also found in lithium-ion batteries
140 Increasing efficiency of hydrogen production from green algae
141 When it comes to survival of the fittest, stress is a good thing
142 Neural activity in bats measured in-flight
143 Learned helplessness in flies and the roots of depression
144 The exciting life cycle of a new Brazilian leaf miner
145 Natura 2000 networks: Improving current methods in biodiversity conservation
146 100+ million mapped (and growing) records of nearly every living US species
147 Toward the origin of America's first settlers
148 Scientists throw new light on DNA copying process
149 Puma tracking reveals impact of habitat fragmentation
150 Previously unpublished paper by Francis Crick and Jeffries Wyman, "A footnote on allostery"
151 Researchers digest how gut 'bugs' affect health
152 Rhododendron model illuminates tree disease threat
153 No 'silver bullet' for science standards
154 Twitter can give power to the people
155 Age and the decline in crime
156 New research finds there may be a 'million dollar voice' for CEOs
157 New research reveals dangers to humanitarian workers in conflict zones
158 European Commission must innovate to get value from 70 billion science funding program, researchers say
159 Social events don't build unity for those who differ from the rest of the team
160 Court transcripts, military reports reveal telling patterns in information
161 Trying to save more? Consolidate your bank accounts, researcher says
162 Stronger reaction to masculinity threats tied to testosterone, sociologist says
163 Optimism can lead to unrealistic voter expectations in elections
164 Stereotypes lead to underperformance, says expert
165 Rats' and bats' brains work differently on the move
166 Learning disabilities affect up to 10% of children, study finds
167 Bursts of brain activity may protect against Alzheimer's disease
168 Cross-cultural similarities in early adolescence
169 First steps of synapse building is captured in live zebra fish embryos
170 Study discovers that stem cell senescence drives aging
171 Social gaming promotes healthy behavior, reveals new research
172 Reinventing drug discovery: Promising drug target for ALS
173 Evolving genes lead to evolving genes
174 Science surprise: Toxic protein made in unusual way may explain brain disorder
175 Parkinson's discovery could lead to earlier diagnosis
176 Scientists reverse memory loss in animal brain cells
177 Study identifies 'chink in the armor' of Schmallenberg virus
178 Scientists find ethnicity linked to antibodies
179 Detecting autism from brain activity
180 Researchers identify and block protein that interferes with appetite-suppressing hormone
181 Family history of Alzheimer's associated with abnormal brain pathology
182 In the earliest stages of arthritis, high-impact exercise may worsen cartilage damage, study finds
183 Teens' brains are more sensitive to rewarding feedback from peers
184 Scientists pinpoint brain's area for numeral recognition
185 Taste of beer, without effect from alcohol, triggers dopamine release in the brain
186 Researchers develop implantable, bioengineered rat kidney (w/ video)
187 Circumcision alters penis microbiome, could explain HIV protection
188 Gene regenerates heart tissue, critical finding for heart failure prevention
189 Study reveals natural process that blocks viruses