File Title
1 Strange gamma ray source a dying super star?
2 Brain size points to origins of 'hobbit'
3 Dad tunes into baby's cry same as mum
4 Lead bullet fragments poison rare US condors
5 Niels Bohr letters reveal trials of his time in England
6 Study backs 'hobbit' island dwarfism theory
7 Monkeys can identify human hunters
8 Seal boards Royal Navy ship on exercise off Carnoustie
9 Applicants wanted for a one-way ticket to Mars
10 Q&A: Pressure cooker bombs
11 What's a fair nuclear price?
12 Duke of Cumberland's Stone: The rock with a hard place in history
13 Exploring the Eastfjords of Iceland
14 Human Social Project: Cracking the real code of life
15 Boston Marathon bombing: FBI reveals pressure cooker clues
16 Margaret Thatcher: Queen leads mourners at funeral
17 New Zealand legalises same-sex marriage
18 PIP implants scandal: Trial under way in Marseille
19 Eilat rocket strike: Israeli city hit from Sinai
20 Mexico's vigilante law enforcers
21 Israel at 65: What does the future hold?
22 Prostate cancer: Call to test men in their 40s
23 Microsoft signs Android patent deal with Foxconn
24 Star Wars actor Richard LeParmentier dies
25 Boston marathon: More details emerge about the victims
26 China media: Boston blast
27 Living in: Great cities for public transport
28 Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny goes on trial
29 Sixteen injured in India Bangalore blast
30 Tesco profits fall as supermarket pulls out of US
31 Atkins and the never-ending battle over carbs
32 Pirate Bay co-founder charged with hacking and fraud
33 White House threatens to veto cybersecurity bill
34 Leap Motion seals HP deal to embed gesture control technology
35 wins Design of the Year award
36 Bitcoin: Dawn of a new currency or destined to fail?
37 Light drinking 'not harmful to baby' say scientists
38 Boston bombing: A changed US reaction to terror
39 Satirical Steve Jobs movie now available for viewing on Web
40 Orbital Sciences preps Antares rocket for maiden flight
41 Super-agers: How their brains are different and how they may help all of us
42 Doctors describe horrors, chaos after Boston Marathon bombings
43 Boston Marathon investigation: Are CCTV cameras the answer?
44 Iran's massive earthquake explained
45 Facebook brings "chat heads" feature to iPhone app
46 First manned Mars mission draws flood of applicants
47 First bald eagle born in Pittsburgh in over 200 years
48 Boston bomb parts pictured in leaked FBI bulletin
49 Images show what FBI says are parts of Boston Marathon bombs
50 Victims killed in Boston Marathon bombings identified
51 FBI and al Qaeda both "struggling" to identify culprit behind Boston Marathon bombing
52 Fox pulls "Family Guy" episode that depicts deaths at Boston Marathon
53 'Man in the hat' claims he's no hero, he just did what anyone would do
54 FBI seeks images in Boston Marathon bomb probe; new details emerge on explosives
55 Homeland Security warned about pressure cooker bombs
56 Ahead of gun bill debate, a last-minute scramble for support
57 Mississippi's only abortion clinic gets license reprieve
58 Newtown families encounter tragedy once more at Boston Marathon
59 Boston bombings prompt pro athletes, sports fans to express support for city
60 Marathon runner from viral video: "I knew I was going down"
61 Boston bombing: How public's photos, videos will be used to help
62 Hospital emergency chief on Boston Marathon bombing injuries: Lower limb, shrapnel injuries prevalent
63 FBI, Boston PD "very interested in" Saudi person of interest
64 Abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell's murder trial sparks political firestorm
65 Infants with colic may be more inclined to have migraines when older
66 Daily dose of beet juice may help people with high blood pressure
67 Outcome uncertain, Senate to vote on background checks
68 Researchers call for marine observation network
69 How some leaves got fat: It's the veins
70 Scientists stress need for national marine biodiversity observation network
71 CO2 removal can lower costs of climate protection
72 Secrets of bacterial slime revealed
73 UCSB scientists find resilience in shelled plants exposed to ocean acidification
74 The tulip tree reveals mitochondrial genome of ancestral flowering plant
75 Surprising findings on hydrogen production in green algae
76 Research Finds Invasive Kudzu Bugs May Pose Greater Threat Than Previously Thought
77 Getting to the root of horseradish root problems
78 Fish prone to melanoma get DNA decoded
79 Without adequate funding, deadly wheat disease could threaten global food supplies, U of M scientists say
80 Study reveals seasonal patterns of tropical rainfall changes from global warming
81 Bed of needles
82 Virginia Tech research team creates potential food source from non-food plants
83 NREL Survey Shows Dramatic Improvement in B100 Biodiesel Quality
84 This month in ecology: Oysters, big rivers, biofuels
85 Djehuty Project discovers significant evidence of the 17th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt
86 Moa's ark
87 New Research Holds Fascinating Revelations About an Ancient Society's Water Conservation and Purification
88 Pottery reveals Ice Age hunter-gatherers' taste for fish
89 New research reveals how human ancestor walked, chewed, and moved
90 Maya Long Count calendar and European calendar linked using carbon-14 dating
91 Team reports on abuse of students doing anthropological fieldwork
92 Researchers measure reaction rates of second key atmospheric component
93 New research helps place modern temperatures into a more complete statistical framework
94 Ice Cloud Heralds Fall at Titan's South Pole
95 New technique measures evaporation globally
96 Cutting specific pollutants would slow sea level rise
97 New insight into accelerating summer ice melt on the Antarctic Peninsula
98 Recent Antarctic climate, glacier changes at the 'upper bound' of normal
99 Marine algae show resilience to carbon dioxide emissions
100 A look at the world explains 90% of changes in vegetation
101 Half of Tamiflu prescriptions went unused during 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic, sewage study concludes
102 Molecular signaling in early placenta formation gives clues to causes of pregnancy complications
103 Women with HIV shown to have elevated resting energy expenditure
104 Genetic markers linked to the development of lymphedema in breast cancer survivors
105 Aerobic exercise may protect cognitive abilities of heavy drinkers, says CU-Boulder study
106 TGen-led study discovers dramatic changes in bacteria following male circumcision
107 New approaches to maximize the antitumor activity of interferon
108 Energy efficiency could increase infection risks in hospital wards
109 Love at first sniff: Male moths go by first impressions
110 When a KISS (1) goes bad
111 Multicenter study confirms low testosterone in 84% of lung cancer patients taking crizotinib
112 Researchers find out why some stress is good for you
113 Cell-permeable peptide shows promise for controlling cardiovascular disease
114 Osteoporosis costs EU countries 37 billion euros every year
115 New scorecard shows inequalities in osteoporosis care in the Europe Union
116 Recipe for large numbers of stem cells requires only one ingredient, says NIH/Pitt team
117 University of Southern California scientists reveal natural process that blocks viruses
118 CU-Boulder study looks at microbial differences between parents, kids and dogs
119 Molecule treats leukemia by preventing cancer cell repair, Jackson Laboratory scientists report
120 Reproductive tract secretions elicit ovulation
121 Cutting Specific Atmospheric Pollutants Would Slow Sea Level Rise
122 A new treatment option for alcohol dependence: Reduced consumption rather than abstinence
123 Chinese companies investing in technology development through acquisitions
124 Individual Donation Amounts Drop When Givers Are in Groups, Says MU Researcher
125 Texting, social networking and other media use linked to poor academic performance
126 Mount Sinai study identifies new gene variations associated with heart rate
127 National study of scientist-educators reveals surprises in training, funding
128 Musicians who learn a new melody demonstrate enhanced skill after a night's sleep
129 The bigger the group, the smaller the chance of interracial friendship
130 Society of Neurological Surgeons hosts highly successful boot camp courses
131 Patients with surgical complications provide greater hospital profit-margins
132 Anxious about life? Tylenol may do the trick
133 Stimulating the brain blunts cigarette craving
134 Fun activities can improve language learning, Nottingham academics reveal
135 Plasma Device Developed at MU Could Revolutionize Energy Generation and Storage
136 How smart are your clothes?
137 Not Everyone Likes the Company Picnic
138 Researchers untangle molecular pathology of giant axonal neuropathy
139 Strange new bursts of gamma rays point to a new way to destroy a star
140 Medications used to treat rheumatoid arthritis may affect abortion rate in women
141 New material gets itself into shape
142 Layered '2-D nanocrystals' promising new semiconductor
143 Michigan Tech Scientist's Discovery Could Lead to a Better Capacitor
144 New study finds digoxin safe despite recent reports
145 Lawrence Livermore scientists discover new materials to capture methane
146 NREL and Stanford Team up on Peel-and-Stick Solar Cells
147 NREL and Partners Demonstrate Quantum Dots that Assemble Themselves
148 Small in size, big on power: New microbatteries a boost for electronics
149 Dying Supergiant Stars Implicated in Hours-long Gamma-Ray Bursts
150 NASA's Wind Mission Encounters 'SLAMS' Waves
151 ALMA pinpoints early galaxies at record speed
152 Navy Develops High Impact, High Integrity Polymer for Air, Sea, and Domestic Applications
153 Strong urban cores promote socializing in the city
154 Research aims to settle debate over origin of Yellowstone volcano
155 Biodiversity Crisis: The impacts of socio-economic pressures on natural floras and faunas
156 Liverpool Bay sediment discovery could save millions
157 Catch me if you can: 2 new species of moth from the Russian Far East
158 Helping to forecast earthquakes in Salt Lake Valley
159 Coelacanth genome surfaces
160 Fishing for solutions
161 Family ties: Relationship between human and zebrafish genomes
162 Genome sequencing of the living coelacanth sheds light on the evolution of land vertebrate
163 Understanding climate science: A scientist's responsibility to communicate with the public
164 Population boom poses interconnected challenges of energy, food, water
165 Legislation can curb discrimination against gays and lesbians in employment situations
166 Link between obesity and polycystic ovary syndrome may be exaggerated
167 UC San Diego Computer Scientists Develop First-person Player Video Game that Teaches How to Program in Java
168 A new vision for educating tomorrow's scientists
169 One Factor That Can Help Determine Black Men's College Success
170 Defining the scope of skills for family medicine residencies
171 Class project inspires research article in Ecology
172 The beat goes on: Modeling the human heart
173 Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research
174 College admission questions rarely identify criminal behavior
175 NYU Langone Research Shows Early Investment in Families Helps Children Succeed in School
176 A model predicts that the world's populations will stop growing in 2050
177 Air pollution stunts coral growth
178 The mathematical method for simulating the evolution of the solar system has been improved
179 Information technology amplifies irrational group behaviour
180 Study proposes alternative way to explain life's complexity
181 A shortcut to timely, cost-effective interventions for HIV
182 New keyboard for touchscreens
183 CT and serum LDH shows promise as survival predictor for some metastatic melanoma patients
184 Iterative reconstruction plus longitudinal dose modulation reduces radiation dose for abdominal CT and save lives
185 Radiation dose level affects size of lesions seen on chest CT images
186 Going places: Rat brain 'GPS' maps routes to rewards
187 Simple reminders may help prevent fractures
188 Common osteoporosis drug slows formation of new bone
189 Hair analysis reveals elevated stress hormone levels raise cardiovascular risk
190 Researchers: Gene regenerates heart tissue, critical finding for heart failure prevention
191 Some Minorities Believe They Are Less Likely to Get Cancer Compared to Whites, Moffitt Cancer Center Study Shows
192 Scientists produce best image yet of atoms moving in real time
193 Virus-like particles provide vital clues about brain tumors
194 Is your migraine preventive treatment balanced between drugs' benefits and harms?
195 Patients who have STEMI heart attacks while hospitalized more likely to die
196 Mindfulness therapy might help veterans with combat-related post-traumatic stress disorder
197 Children and Teens with Autism More Likely to Become Preoccupied with Video Games, MU Researcher Says
198 Improved molecular tools streamline influenza testing and management
199 New drug combination therapy developed to treat leukemia
200 Debunking a myth: IUDs proven safe birth control for teenagers
201 Healthy doctors make healthy patients, study finds
202 Canada loses out on drug pricing: UBC study
203 UC Research Examines Corporate Communications in the 'Gilded Age' of Free Speech
204 New guidelines for writing abstracts will help authors summarise their research
205 Do you get what you pay for? It depends on your culture
206 How Seattle Cancer Care Alliance implemented Washington's Death with Dignity Act
207 Doctors not informed of harmful effects of medicines during sales visits
208 Reliability of neuroscience research questioned
209 Researchers develop simple new tool governments can use to decide whether to screen airline passengers leaving or arriving from areas of infectious disease outbreaks
210 Crime rate calculation method due for overhaul, Wayne State University researchers say
211 'Sustainable fishing' certification too lenient and discretionary, study finds
212 Interdisciplinary team demonstrates superconducting qualities of topological insulators
213 Complaint-prone doctors can be identified before complaints occur
214 Chickens with bigger gizzards are more efficient
215 Regulating density of alcohol outlets a promising strategy to improve public health
216 ACP and FSMB encourage doctors to 'pause before posting' and not 'friend' patients in policy paper
217 Memory, the adolescent brain and lying: The limits of neuroscientific evidence in the law
218 Tobacco companies keep people smoking despite UK cigarette tax increases
219 Experiencing existential dread? Tylenol may do the trick
220 Forage longer for berries, study on age-related memory decline suggests
221 Resurgence of endangered deer in Patagonian 'Eden' highlights conservation success
222 DREAM and Sage Bionetworks tap the wisdom of the crowd to impact breast cancer prognosis
223 People Present Themselves in Ways That Counteract Prejudices Toward Their Group
224 For the very first time, 2 spacecraft will fly in formation with millimeter precision
225 Massive star factory churned in universe's youth
226 Routine EKG finding could signal serious heart problem
227 Social media can support healthiness of older people
228 Can computer-based decision support control health care costs?
229 Softening steel problem expands computer model applications
230 Security holes in smartphone apps (WITH VIDEO)
231 Quantum computing taps nucleus of single atom
232 A new twist for quantum systems