File Title
1 Fainting may run in families
2 Palm oil biodiversity 'can be saved'
3 Reef sharks dive by the moon
4 EU parliament rejects plan to boost carbon trading
5 Dark matter experiment CDMS sees three tentative clues
6 Tulip tree's genome is 'molecular fossil'
7 Spread of early flowering plants 'aided by fire'
8 'Early wood' samples reshape plant history
9 Major earthquake strikes south-east Iran
10 Human genome: US Supreme Court hears patents case
11 South West sea birds 'probably killed by PIB'
12 Syria conflict: UK concerns over chemical weapon use
13 Beer taste excites male brain
14 Blazar Markarian 421's flare-up is cosmic coincidence
15 Beetroot 'can lower blood pressure'
16 Google Glass: No advertising allowed, developers told
17 Pakistan's Musharraf barred from May polls
18 China 'reveals army structure' in defense white paper
19 What Liberace reveals about the march of gay rights
20 How Apocalypse Now inspired Filipino surfers
21 Israel heritage plan exposes discord over West Bank history
22 Boston bombs: FBI probes deadly marathon 'terror' blasts
23 No further Boston threat, says FBI
24 Boy 'lived as a robot' for two months
25 NASA Ladee mission: Solving a Moon mystery
26 Is NASA looking in the wrong place for life?
27 Iraq deadly bombings hit Nasariyah, Kirkuk and Baghdad
28 Wearable technology: The bra designed to shock attackers
29 Ghana gold mine collapse kills 16
30 Samsung probed in Taiwan over 'fake web reviews'
31 Alibaba steps up battle versus Android with Amos OS
32 Spotify begins Latin America push with Mexico launch
33 Kobo unveils Aura 'high definition' ebook reader
34 4G auction to be investigated by National Audit Office
35 Cameras help turn tables into touchscreens
36 3D-printed canal home takes shape in Amsterdam
37 Digital music: Can streaming save music sales?
38 Narrow Swindon alleyway painted with double yellow lines
39 Fatal Alps coach crash: One killed and several injured
40 Fast resting pulse death risk link
41 Malaria hotspots 'need new approach'
42 Samsung Galaxy S IV up for preorder in U.S. today
43 2,000-year-old ritual bath found in Jerusalem
44 Report reveals FDA knew of complaints against Massachusetts pharmacy
45 Lullabies and infant-synchronized music may help premature babies' development
46 Circumcision alters penis bacteria
47 Google reveals technical specs for Google Glass
48 Controversy over planet-naming contest heats up
49 Google launches Boston Marathon person finder
50 Deadly bombs rock Boston marathon
51 Boston Marathon: With no phones, text and social media help get out updates
52 FBI seeks images in Boston Marathon bomb probe; new details emerge on explosives
53 Obama on Boston bombings: "We will find out who did this"
54 Image of 78-year-old runner knocked down by blast goes viral
55 Boston bombing witnesses: In their own words
56 Boston Marathon bombs: The world reacts
57 N/A
58 Study: New process converts skin cells into brain cells
59 Newfound comet likely won't hit Mars next year
60 Supreme Court to decide: Can human genes be patented?
61 Microsoft reportedly considering selling a smartwatch of its own
62 U.S. Navy names research ship after Sally Ride
63 Giant snails attack Florida
64 Scientists bioengineer kidneys that work in rats
65 Apple manufacturer Foxconn adds workers to make iPhones, report says
66 Senate readies for historic gun debate
67 Renewed threat by N. Korea on key holiday
68 Just tasting beer may make you want to drink more
69 Oversight scant at specialty pharmacies nationwide: Report
70 Medicare chemo patients are feeling sequester's sting
71 FDA cracks down on compounding pharmacies
72 Doctors told to procede with extreme caution on social media
73 Colorado doctor accused of botching multiple robotic kidney surgeries
74 Yoga being used for social change in Yemen, Kenya
75 FDA investigators find safety concerns at 30 drug compounding pharmacies
76 Listening to your brain rhythms may improve sleep, memory
77 The act of defiance that transformed college basketball
78 Authorities question Saudi national in Boston attack
79 Soldier's selfless act leads to reunion 40 years in the making
80 Super-powered switches may decide cell fate
81 Egyptian mummies yield genetic secrets
82 Russia announces space-spending plan
83 Lab-grown kidneys transplanted into rats
84 Another dark-matter sign from a Minnesota mine
85 Lab-kit makers link up in multibillion-dollar deal
86 Supernova left its mark in ancient bacteria
87 Giant Hawaiian telescope gets go-ahead for construction
88 Photons test quantum paradox
89 H7N9 bird flu poised to spread
90 Society for Neuroscience quashing dissent on BRAIN Initiative, critic complains
91 US Supreme Court hears arguments in gene-patent case
92 Synthetic biologists and conservationists open talks
93 Higgs data could spell trouble for leading Big Bang theory
94 A back seat for basic science
95 Nano-suit shields bugs in the void
96 Climate models fail to 'predict' US droughts
97 Europe's politicians leave carbon market in coma
98 Time for plan B
99 Smoke and mirrors
100 Look after the pennies
101 Genetics: A gene of rare effect
102 Renewable power: Germany's energy gamble
103 Bieber's Anne Frank Faux Pas Has Us Wondering: What Would You Write?
104 Healing the Ozone Layer: Chemist says Treaty is Working
105 Social Media Shapes Boston Bombings Response
106 Google Doodle Honors Mathematician Leonhard Euler
107 Brain Games Versus Nature Documentaries
108 Trees Call for Help--And Now Scientists Can Understand
109 Red's Best: Networking Small-Scale Fishermen
110 5 Surprising Facts About the Death Penalty Worldwide
111 Iranian Scientist Claims to Have Built "Time Machine"
112 Inside the Wind Power Industry's Report: 10 Geeky Facts
113 Peak Oil Flip-Flop
114 Asia's Accelerating Energy Revolution: India
115 London must drive smart innovation and investment
116 In Cradle of Civilization, Shrinking Rivers Endanger Unique Marsh Arab Culture
117 At the Epicenter of Danger: Chasing 'Super Storms'
118 Lessons in Sustainability and Solidarity From Ancient Mesopotamia
119 Lost Soviet Mars Lander Found?
120 Two-Headed Blue Shark Surfaces (Another One!)
121 Parasitic Worm Inspires Better Sticky Medical Tape
122 The Tale of a Sinosaurus Tooth
123 Dinosaur Embryos, Lost Butterflies and Cancer Genes, Oh My
124 The Invisible Hand Illusion
125 Chilean Seabass Goes From "Take a Pass" to "Take a Bite"?
126 Innovative Solution of Blue Carbon Helps Ocean Wildlife
127 Colorado River Delta Restoration Is Ken Salazar's Keystone Water Achievement
128 Colorado River, Meet the Sea
129 New Concerns About Plastic Pollution in Great Lakes 'Garbage Patch'
130 West Virginia Fights Acid Rain by Dumping Limestone Into Streams
131 A Passionate Plea to "Change the Course" and Save the Colorado River
132 Endangered sloths in Central Park?