File Title
1 New law to protect Puerto Rico leatherback turtles
2 Cruelty to badgers 'almost doubles' ahead of cull
3 Cleaning up Nigeria's toxic playgrounds
4 Echoes of an ancient land along Turkey's Abraham Path
5 Kerry urges North Korea to join regional dialogue
6 BBC 'used LSE students as human shield' in North Korea
7 Gunmen launch deadly attack on Somalia courthouse
8 Venezuelans vote to choose Hugo Chavez successor
9 Syria conflict: Government air strikes in north 'kill 16'
10 Stradivarius trees: Searching for perfect musical wood
11 A Point of View: Science, magic, and madness
12 Afghanistan: Challenges of security handover
13 Mentally ill patients in Indonesia held in chains
14 Mork and Mindy star Jonathan Winters dies at 87
15 Iron Man 3 premiere 'delayed over Margaret Thatcher funeral'
16 Google chief urges action to regulate mini-drones
17 Venice imposes short Grand Canal boat ban
18 Tangled webs: Why scientists want to recreate spider silk
19 Why can't we beat viruses?
20 How do telescopes let us see so far into space?
21 How do we know the Big Bang happened?
22 The UK's five weirdest sounding places
23 Five cities where you can live large, for a little
24 Israel rules out charges over Gaza Dalou family deaths
25 Can technology reduce our need to sleep?
26 China bird flu: Beijing reports its first case
27 Did Mars camera find lost Soviet spacecraft?
28 Even non-amputees feel 'phantom limbs'
29 Test-tube baby pioneer dies aged 87
30 Gene doubles Alzheimer's risk for African Americans
31 Penis size does matter to women
32 NASA may tow asteroid to the Moon
33 3-D printer makes tissue-like material
34 Europe readies for solar storm risks
35 First clues in search for dark matter
36 Black hole awakens for planet-sized snack
37 Aurora Borealis tonight? Dazzling northern lights forecast
38 NASA's big decision: Build a moon base or lasso an asteroid?
39 Why Joe Barton's biblical flood comment is so illogical
40 Komodo dragon attack repelled by woman with a broom
41 Fast-growing dinosaurs kicked inside eggs, say scientists
42 Primitive fish with 'butt fins' reveals evolution's quirky path
43 Supersized crabs: Bad news for seafood lovers?
44 Poop in paradise: The smell of (environmental) success?
45 Spaceflight conference: No NASA reps, but Sigourney Weaver is there
46 Antarctic ice samples: What do they say about global warming?
47 Sen. Bill Nelson announces NASA's plan to capture asteroid
48 Cthulhu fhtagn! Indescribably terrifying microbes named for Lovecraft monsters.
49 Face-sized tarantula lives in trees in Sri Lanka
50 Home of Abraham, Ur, unearthed by archaeologists in Iraq
51 Clouds blamed for record ice melt in Greenland
52 'If babies had guns they wouldn't be aborted.' Is Rep. Steve Stockman serious?
53 Immigration reform: What to do about those who arrive legally but never leave?
54 Big drop in jobless claims: this week in the economy
55 Uproar over Obama comment on Kamala Harris: political correctness run amok?
56 Obama 5% of salary: He'll give it back, in sign of 'sequester' solidarity
57 Alabama joins flood of states restricting abortion. What's behind this?
58 Sheriff vows not to enforce Colorado's tough new gun-control bills
59 Why new law makes North Dakota most anti-abortion state
60 Information technology amplifies irrational group behavior
61 New research helps place modern temperatures into a more complete statistical framework
62 Researchers evaluate Bose-Einstein condensates for communicating among quantum computers
63 Material screening method allows more precise control over stem cells
64 Self-medication in animals much more widespread than believed
65 Getting CLARITY: Hydrogel process developed at Stanford creates transparent brain
66 UCLA study suggests potential therapy for HIV
67 New technique measures evaporation globally
68 Scientists create phantom sensations in non-amputees
69 Researchers measure reaction rates of second key atmospheric component
70 Maya Long Count calendar and European calendar linked using carbon-14 dating
71 Ice cloud heralds fall at Titan's south pole
72 Scientists discover gene mutation that causes children to be born without spleen
73 Sea mammals find US safe harbor
74 World's oldest dinosaur embryo bonebed yields organic remains
75 Fossilized teeth provide new insight into human ancestor
76 Why we buy music
77 Study proposes alternative way to explain life's complexity
78 Secrets of bacterial slime revealed
79 Disappearing nannies force parents to accept their duties
80 New device could cut costs on household products, pharmaceuticals
81 Team reports on abuse of students doing anthropological fieldwork
82 A Protein's Well-Known Cousin Sheds Light On Its Gout-Linked Relative
83 Understanding Climate Science: A Scientist's Responsibility to Communicate with the Public
84 Global Leaders of $3.5 Trillion Enterprise Gathering for Two Days of Talks
85 New 'Transient Electronics' Disappear When No Longer Needed
86 Egyptian Wedding Certificate Key to Authenticating Controversial Biblical Text
87 Natural Soil Bacteria Pump New Life Into Exhausted Oil Wells
88 Universities Improve Discoverability of Research with Thomson Reuters Data Citation Index
89 A Fly Mutation Suggests a New Route for Tackling ALS
90 Population Boom Poses Interconnected Challenges of Energy, Food, Water
91 Byrd Came Oh-So-Close, But Probably Didn't Reach North Pole
92 'Seeing' the Flavor of Foods
93 Revealing the Scientific Secrets of Why People Can't Stop After Eating One Potato Chip
94 Enzymes From Horse Feces Could Hold Secrets to Streamlining Biofuel Production
95 Cost-Saving Measure to Upgrade Ethanol to Butanol--A Better Alternative to Gasoline
96 A Molecular "Superglue" Based on Flesh-Eating Bacteria
97 High Levels of Lead Detected in Rice Imported From Certain Countries
98 Ohio State Tests Smart Phone Technology in Stroke Rehabilitation
99 Fatheads: How Neurons Protect Themselves Against Excess Fat
100 New Software Alleviates Wireless Traffic
101 Cell Phone Camera Photographs Microscopic Cell Samples
102 Bose-Einstein Condensates Evaluated for Quantum Computers
103 Revealing Hidden Artwork with Airport Security Full-Body-Scanner Technology
104 Overcoming a Major Barrier to Medical and Other Uses of 'Microrockets' and 'Micromotors'
105 Ordinary Skin Cells Morphed into Functional Brain Cells
106 Bad Behavior in Kids with Hearing Implants Doesn't Predict Slowed Language Development
107 A Case Series Suggests That New Anchoring and Multiple Lead Placement Techniques Reduce the Complications of Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant
108 Why We Buy Music
109 Tiny Wireless Device Shines Light on Mouse Brain, Generating Reward
110 Despite What You May Think, Your Brain Is a Mathematical GeniUS
111 Walk This Way: New Research Suggests Human Ancestors May Have Used Different Forms of Bipedalism During the Plio-Pleistocene
112 Do Drugs for Bipolar Disorder "Normalize" Brain Gene Function?
113 New Antibiotic Drug Is Based on Studies of Phage
114 Safety Reflector Technology From Footwear Getting New Life in Detecting Bioterror Threats
115 Unwilling to Pay Extra for Wellness
116 South Not the Fattest Part of U.S. After All, Study Says
117 A Solar Booster Shot for Natural Gas Power Plants
118 'Artificial Leaf' Gains the Ability to Self-Heal Damage and Produce Energy From Dirty Water
119 New Report: California Lags in Fracking Regulations
120 Asbestos Exposure, Asbestosis, and Smoking Combined Greatly Increase Lung Cancer Risk
121 25% Don't Complete Recommended Breast Cancer Treatment
122 Self-Medication in Animals Much More Widespread Than Believed
123 A New Protein Target for Controlling Diabetes
124 Unusual Suspect: Johns Hopkins Scientists Find 'Second Fiddle' Protein Has Leading Role In Type 2 Diabetes
125 Universities Improve Discoverability of Research with Thomson Reuters Data Citation Index
126 New Bird Flu Strain Seen Adapting to Mammals, Humans
127 Study Suggests New Approach to AIDS, Hepatitis
128 Study Suggests Potential Therapy for HIV
129 Gene That Causes Newborn Spleen Disease Identified
130 Healthcare Supply Chain Could Benefit from Using Retail's Best Practices, Study Finds
131 How Seattle Cancer Care Alliance implemented Washington's Death with Dignity Act
132 Americans Want, Deserve Excellent Health Care; Mayo Clinic CEO Outlines How to Create It
133 Defining the Scope of Skills for Family Medicine Residencies
134 Vocal Cord Disorder Often Mistaken for Asthma in Elite Athletes
135 Exercise or Make Dinner? Study Finds Adults Trade One Healthy Act for Another
136 Regulating Density of Alcohol Outlets a Promising Strategy to Improve Public Health
137 Cutting Specific Pollutants Would Slow Sea Level Rise
138 Recent Climate, Glacier Changes in Antarctica at the 'Upper Bound' of Normal
139 Romantic Comedies Affect Beliefs About Relationships Less Strongly Than Expected
140 New Technique Measures Evaporation Globally
141 Gene Sequencing Project Finds New Mutations to Blame for a Majority of Brain Tumor Subtype
142 Soy-Based Compound May Reduce Tumor Cell Proliferation In Colorectal Cancer
143 N/A
144 Small Molecule Unlocks Key Prostate Cancer Survival Tactic
145 Study Reveals Function of 1000's of Autoantibodies in Blood
146 Study Finds That Hot and Cold Senses Interact
147 Lift Weights to Lower Blood Sugar? White Muscle Helps Keep Blood Glucose Levels Under Control
148 Higher Mercury Levels in Humans Associated with Increased Risk for Diabetes
149 Assessing Insulin Resistance Can Inform About Breast Cancer Risk
150 Despite Free Health Care, Household Income Affects Chronic Disease Control in Kids
151 Decreased Melatonin Secretion Associated with Higher Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes
152 Genomics May Help ID Organisms in Outbreaks of Serious Infectious Disease
153 Study Identifies New Gene Variations Associated With Heart Rate
154 Austerity No Solution to Eurozone's Economic Woes
155 Increased Rates of Hospitalization Linked to Elder Abuse
156 For Many, Juicing Trend Is Pulp Fiction, Says Loyola Dietitian
157 How a Bad Economy Can be Good for Public Health
158 Alcohol Consumption Has No Impact on Breast Cancer Survival
159 Scientists Stress Need for National Marine Biodiversity Observation Network
160 Sustainable Fishing Certification Too Lenient and Discretionary
161 Researchers Measure Reaction Rates of Second Key Atmospheric Component
162 Adaptable Leaders May Have Best Brains for the Job
163 Reframing Stress: Stage Fright Can Be Your Friend
164 Mind Over Matter? Study Reveals for the First Time That Core Body Temperature Can Be Controlled by the Brain
165 Structured Reflection Improves Team Performance
166 WCS Congratulates Government of Sarawak for Protecting Globally Significant Orangutan Population
167 Painted Turtle Gets DNA Decoded
168 Research Team Pinpoints Possible Predictive Biomarker for Identifying Patients Who May Respond to Autophagy Inhibitors
169 Unusual Suspect: Johns Hopkins Scientists Find 'Second Fiddle' Protein Has Leading Role In Type 2 Diabetes
170 Exposure to Air Pollution During Pregnancy Linked to Increased Incidence of Specific Pediatric Cancers
171 New Approach to Testing Health, Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles
172 Researchers Find New Way to Clear Cholesterol From the Blood
173 Cardiopoietic 'Smart' Stem Cells Show Promise in Heart Failure Patients
174 On Yak-a-mein Soup, a.k.a., 'Old Sober'
175 Access to Safe, Nutritious Food and Water Is Fundamental Human Right: Updated Position of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
176 New Evidence That Natural Substances in Green Coffee Beans Help Control Blood Sugar Levels
177 CliffsNotes to Overcoming Gym Fears by Loyola Psychologist
178 Tablet Computers Acceptable for Reading EEG Results, Mayo Clinic Study Says
179 Heart Failure Medications Highly Cost-Effective
180 Acute Stroke Therapy Used Three Times More at Certified Primary Stroke Centers
181 Commonly Used Cholesterol Calculation Underestimates The Heart Disease Danger For Many
182 N/A
183 Communicating the Science of the '6xC Egg'--and Much More
184 Addressing Hunger Essential to Improving Health
185 Study Links Suicide Risk with Rates of Gun Ownership, Political Conservatism
186 Avoid Impulsive Acts by Imagining Future Benefits
187 By Keeping the Beat, Sea Lion Sheds New Light on Animals' Movements to Sound
188 Depressed Teens Have Rocky Twenties
189 New Research Finds Over Half of Young Adult Deaths Could Be Preventable if Parents and Children Work Together
190 Hallmarks of Psychiatric Illness Can Reveal Themselves Remotely
191 Rising Melanoma Rates Among Adolescents, Children Are Subject of New Study
192 Strict School Meal Standards Associated with Improved Weight Status Among Students
193 Increased Sleep Could Reduce Rate of Adolescent Obesity
194 Gulf of Mexico Has Greater-Than-Believed Ability to Self-Cleanse Oil Spills
195 CO2 Released From Burning Fuel Today Goes Back Into New Fuels Tomorrow
196 Diffusion Plays Key Role in Shaping Catalytic Nanoparticles
197 Texas Tech Biologist Earns $508,000 from NSF to Study Eavesdropping Parasites in Panamanian Rainforests
198 Seemingly Small Research Funding Cuts Could Hinder Progress in Nanotechnology
199 Collaborations Between Cooks and Chemists Push the Boundaries of Taste
200 Currently Used Drugs Found Active in Laboratory Mice Against Bioterror Threats
201 Polluting Plastic Particles Invade the Great Lakes
202 Better Monitoring and Diagnostics Tackle Algae Biofuel Pond Crash Problem
203 Spring Rains Bring Life to Midwest Granaries but Foster Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone'
204 Fatheads: How Neurons Protect Themselves Against Excess Fat
205 Alum Gives Amherst College a Dryosaurus Altus Dinosaur
206 Super Bikes to Compete at ASME'S Human Powered Vehicle Challenge
207 A New Vision for Educating Tomorrow's Scientists
208 New Evidence That Egg White Protein May Help High Blood Pressure
209 On Yak-a-mein Soup, a.k.a., 'Old Sober'
210 In Autism, Age at Diagnosis Depends on Specific Symptoms
211 Snowflakes Falling on Cameras' What Snow Looks Like in Midair
212 Spring Cleaning in Your Brain's Stem Cells?
213 Understanding the Life of Lithium Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles
214 Major Symposium on Arsenic Contamination in Food and Water Supplies
215 Redesigned Material Could Lead to Lighter, Faster Electronics
216 A Step Toward Optical Transistors?
217 Team Unravels Central Mystery of Alzheimer's
218 Scientists Develop First Photonic Topological Insulators to Provide Protection for Transport of Light
219 Naturally-Occurring Substance Proves Effective Against Deadly Skin Cancer in Test Tube and Mice Studies
220 Lights, Chemistry, Action: New Method for Mapping Brain Activity
221 Developing a Genetic Hearing Screening for Newborns
222 Putting HiFi Into Cochlear Implants
223 Researcher Learns Mechanism of Hearing Is Similar to Car Battery
224 Do Grammy and Grampy Pass The Sniff Test?
225 Novel Laser Technique Reveals How the Inner Ear Amplifies Sound
226 Noise at Basketball Games May Harm Your Hearing
227 Edison2 Unveils New Very Light Car Architecture at The Henry Ford
228 Scientists Develop First Photonic Topological Insulators to Provide Protection for Transport of Light
229 Building Better Blood Vessels Could Advance Tissue Engineering
230 Rotary Valve Could Help Propel Craft to Mars One Day
231 Scientists Stress Need for National Marine Biodiversity Observation Network
232 Iowa State, Argonne Physicist Preparing for First Neutrino Data From NOvA Experiment
233 Genetic Master Controls Expose Cancers' Achilles' Heel
234 New Research Reveals How Human Ancestor Walked, Chewed, and Moved
235 Sea Mammals Find U.S. Safe Harbor
236 New Device Could Cut Costs on Household Products, Pharmaceuticals