File Title
1 USPTO retracts objections to Apple's 'iPad mini' trademark application
2 'Sense of crisis' at Samsung could affect patent disputes with Apple
3 Struggling HTC reports record low quarterly profit
4 iOS app discovery tool AppGratis pulled for violating Apple's App Store rules
5 Apple's US-based chip development expanding in Florida, could be related to fingerprint tech
6 Mobile app downloads grow 11% in Q1 2013, revenues hit $2.2B
7 Avid announces Pro Tools 11 and Media Composer 7 for Mac & PC
8 Intel announces next-gen Thunderbolt with 4K resolution support, 20Gbps speeds coming in 2014
9 HBO Go app update brings AirPlay multitasking, interactive features for 'Game of Thrones'
10 Ron Johnson could return to run Apple Retail
11 Google drops UDID support with latest AdMob SDK for iOS
12 Hospital uses iPads to connect mothers and newborns with 'BabyTime' initiative
13 WhatsApp exec debunks rumors of Google takeover
14 Apple patents proximity-based system that automatically triggers media transfers from an iPhone to a Mac
15 Apple patents offline iTunes purchases using per-device 'credit' system
16 Rumor: Apple to begin production of 5th-gen iPad in July-August
17 Microsoft lambasts Google for sharing personal information of Android users
18 Twitter's Vine hits top spot among free App Store apps
19 AppGratis CEO in 'total disbelief' over rejection since Apple approved app 'a week ago'
20 Play time over for 60K low-quality apps as Google fights Android spam
21 Apple's iMessage and FaceTime down for some users
22 Google updates Chrome iOS app with wireless printing and fullscreen viewing, Search gets bug fixes
23 Rumor: Next-gen 'iPhone 5S' to be offered in 3 colorways, debut in July
24 Apps beating web-style ad networks for mobile advertising dollars
25 Nearly half of all U.S. teens own an iPhone, 62% plan to buy one
26 Apple reportedly discussing deeper Yahoo service integration for iOS
27 Code in latest OS X 10.8.4 beta points to 802.11ac support in future Macs
28 T-Mobile announces iPhone trade-in plan to woo current owners from competing carriers
29 Photos of purported 5th-gen iPad cover glass surface, show iPad mini inspired design
30 Apple licenses $10M in patents originally created by Palm, others
31 Foxconn sees 19% decline in sales after 'disappointing' demand for Apple's iPhone
32 Removal of AppGratis signals start of Apple crackdown on App Store
33 Apple rumored to tap Foster + Partners for new Apple Store designs
34 Samsung excluded from development of Apple's next-gen 'A7' chip--report
35 Microsoft roadmap pegs launch of Office for iOS, Android for fall 2014
36 Comixology, not Apple, responsible for comic book's censorship [updated]
37 AT&T's 4G LTE network to hit 79 new markets by summer
38 SimCity for Mac arrives June 11, players get OS X and Windows copies with 1 purchase
39 IDC: PC shipments see steepest quarterly decline ever, Apple drops 7.5%
40 Next-gen Xbox said to feature deep cable TV integration, Kinect eye-tracking
41 Apple advertises job listing for 'flexible display' engineer, quickly pulls post
42 Verizon CEO claims to have sold Steve Jobs on an LTE iPhone
43 Microsoft reportedly planning 7" tablet as part of new Surface lineup
44 Analyst says Apple may launch new internet service, 'killer iOS app' after meeting with management
45 Apple researching advanced hybrid fiber optic connectors for iOS devices
46 Component may show dual-head vibration motor for Apple's low-cost iPhone
47 Samsung announces new Galaxy Mega smartphone with 6.3" display
48 Broader Apple-Yahoo partnership viewed as logical step for both to fight Google
49 Judge accuses Apple, Google of using courts as 'business strategy' instead of settling
50 Development issues may cause later-than-expected debuts of 'iPhone 5S,' low-cost iPhone & next iPad mini
51 Boon for Apple as German court invalidates Samsung 3G patent
52 Consolidation in struggling PC market considered 'inevitable' as sales plummet
53 Pixar campus has tree dedicated to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs
54 LinkedIn buys Pulse for $90M, moves deeper into content creation
55 French minister takes Apple to task over yanking AppGratis from App Store
56 Steve Jobs' widow to promote immigration reform in rare interview with NBC's Rock Center
57 Apple rumored to ink iRadio deal with record label by next week
58 Next-gen iPad could use new LED backlighting system to cut weight
59 Apple to pay $53M settlement in iPhone, iPod touch warranty class action suit
60 Facebook Home for Android developed with Apple's Quartz Composer
61 Apple asks developers to localize apps, opens Chinese Support forum in international push
62 Rumor: Ex-Adobe exec Kevin Lynch heading Apple team of former iPod employees
63 Cheap smartphones besting Apple, Samsung in growing Indian market sales
64 UK government investigates in-app purchases in iOS, Android games
65 Rumor: More affordable iPhone will launch alongside Apple's 'iPhone 5S' in July
66 iMessage & FaceTime outage hits Apple devices for second time in a week [update: fixed]
67 iPhone 5 debuts to lines, crowds, and commercials on T-Mobile
68 RBC cuts March estimates, sees Apple's momentum returning in the second half of 2013
69 Verizon bumps smartphone subsidy upgrade wait time to full 24 months
70 Apple hit with patent suit over simultaneous voice and data, Wi-Fi tech
71 Apple board member Bill Campbell expects high-tech 'intimate' device era, hints at 'iWatch'
72 Editorial: Apple's Ax SoC move from Samsung to TSMC can't happen fast enough
73 Yahoo rebounds as CEO Marissa Mayer leads mobile push
74 By putting over-the-air online legally, Aereo clears the way for all TV everywhere
75 Job posting confirms Apple exploring use of flexible displays in future products
76 IDC: PC shipments post the steepest decline ever in a single quarter, down 13.9% in Q113
77 Apple patent application details iOS devices with flexible displays, housings, even flexible batteries
78 Gartner: PC Market posts 11.2% decline in Q113; Apple Mac sales up 7.4% in U.S.
79 Apple's Siri and WifiSlam: A perfect match
80 Apple requests $85 million damages against Samsung be reinstated
81 Aircraft Hacking: Hacker uses Android phone to remotely hijack aircraft in flight
82 Apple patent application details advanced 'electro-optical' hybrid fiber optic connectors for iOS devices
83 Samsung announces Galaxy Mega phone with 6.3-inch display
84 Morgan Stanley analyst: Apple may launch new Internet-based services, 'killer iOS app' later this year
85 Google suffers two significant setbacks in effort to use Motorola patents against Apple
86 Microsoft signs its death warrant--with an iPad
87 Samsung spent billions on marketing to 'change the game on Apple'
88 Gartner and IDC trumpet wildly incongruous Mac unti sales estimates
89 Apple demolishes Samsung in California claim construction patent battle
90 Apple Macintosh on the rise as Windows PC market plummets
91 Beleaguered BlackBerry slides on dismal Z10 launch; returns reportedly now exceeding sales
92 Three ex-Apple execs exit JC Penney following Ron Johnson ouster
93 Another win for Apple: German court invalidates Samsung 3G standard-essential patent
94 Analyst: Development issues may cause later-than-expected debuts of 'iPhone 5S,' low-cost iPhone, next-gen iPad mini
95 North Korean missile test delayed by 'problems with Windows 8'
96 Sterne Agee: Apple-Yahoo alliance would feel lucky
97 Analyst: Consolidation in beleaguered Windows PC market 'inevitable' as sales plummet
98 Apple iPhone 4 sales triple in India on new buyback program
99 French minister threatens EU action over Apple's removal of Paris-based AppGratis from App Store
100 Microsoft's stock takes beating after putrid Windows PC shipment reports
101 Samsung office searched by police over alleged technology theft
102 Are Apple executives set up to fail after they leave the Cupertino Colossus?
103 Apple starts a 'cashback' smartphone price war with heavy discounted iPhone 4 in India
104 Augusta National's Masters app for iPad is worthy of the green jacket
105 Apple's success story is only just beginning
106 iWatch? Apple's Kevin Lynch heading former team of iPod engineers on new projects
107 How Apple's iPhone makes it difficult for Microsoft, Nokia, HTC, And BlackBerry to sell their new phones
108 Twitter acquires startup Australian music streaming app 'We Are Hunted'
109 The evolution of Apple's iPhone (with video)
110 Laurene Powell Jobs urges passage of 'Dream Act' immigration reform bill
111 T-Mobile USA debuts first ad for Apple iPhone 5 (with video)
112 Analyst: Curved, colorful, cheaper 'iPhone mini' and iPhone 5S announced in June, shipping in July
113 FDA approves software for iPhone-based vision test
114 Apple close to agreement on streaming 'iRadio' service with Universal Music, sources say
115 Apple's next-gen iPhone: Innovation on the tip of your finger
116 RBC cuts Apple Q113 estimates, price target; expects number of catalysts in the 2nd half of year
117 iPhone 5 debuts on T-Mobile USA to lines, crowds
118 Verizon Wireless lengthens upgrade eligibility from 20 to 24 months
119 Apple agrees to pay $53 million to settle iPhone warranty lawsuit
120 Steve Jobs' revenge
121 Beleaguered BlackBerry to ask U.S., Canadian regulators to probe Detwiler Fenton claim of Z10 phone returns
122 Apple BoD member Bill Campbell says technology coming to 'intimate objects'
123 Ancient Kingdoms in Land of War
124 Robes and Shovels: Medieval Monks Cultivated Wetlands
125 RIC Archaeologist Lobban and Team Discover Lost Temple
126 Pa. field holds secrets of 1780s British POW camp
127 The Archaeology of a Renown[ed] Hopewell Mound Center--Mound City
128 Mound City digs provide insight into Hopewell
129 After being uncovered by Soviet archaeologists, ancient mysteries revealed in Turkmen desert sands
130 Chemical Analysis Leads to New Discoveries in Archaeological Research
131 New Light Shed On Ancient Egyptian Port and Ship Graveyard
132 Ur Project confirms massive building complex in southern Iraq
133 4,000-year-old stone tools, earthenware unearthed from banks of river Narmada in Bhopal
134 Teen's Strange Ramen Addiction
135 No Mo' Robo calls!
136 10 Things Bars Won't Tell You
137 Part of Northampton's Medieval castle unearthed
138 New research holds fascinating revelations about an ancient society's water conservation and purification
139 Several lines at Nazca suffer irreparable damage
140 Nunalleq: The Yupiit and the Arctic World
141 Art, bodies found in ancient caves
142 Ancient Roman Man Hidden Beneath Famous Painting at the Louvre
143 Archaeologists Shine New Light On Easter Island Statue
144 Egypt: Archaeologists uncover world's oldest port, hieroglyphic papyri
145 Study debunks lead poisoning theory in Franklin mystery
146 Archaeologists find 10,000 objects from Roman London
147 Mikve from Second Temple era unearthed in J'lem
148 Pottery reveals Ice Age hunter-gatherers' taste for fish
149 12,000 Year-old Intact Giant Mammoth Uncovered Near Mexico City
150 Mysterious Stone Structure Discovered Beneath Sea of Galilee
151 A Late Palaeolithic site at Ouriakos (Limnos, Greece) in the north-eastern Aegean
152 Sumatran cave yields ancient art and 66 human burials
153 Maya Long Count calendar and European calendar linked using carbon-14 dating
154 Scientists Find Groundbreaking New Surprises in Examination of Early Human Ancestor