File Title
1 Ancient ancestor had chimp and human traits
2 Carbon dating pinpoints Mayan calendar
3 Space policy small step for Australia
4 Team reconstructs 'human ancestor'
5 US animal activist laws 'may impact globally'
6 Terahertz scanner reveals hidden fresco at Louvre
7 New music 'rewarding for the brain'
8 Australia to face Japan over whaling in UN court
9 European champion Valery Kaykov sacked for failing drug test
10 DNA pioneer Francis Crick's Nobel prize sells for $2.27m
11 Goal-line technology: Premier League votes in favour for 2013-14
12 Are great scientists always heretics?
13 US warns N Korea missile launch would be 'huge mistake'
14 Portugal and Ireland to be given more bailout repayment time
15 Paris judge allows auction of Arizona tribal masks
16 Russia warns US against publicising Magnitsky list
17 Cyber thieves target bitcoin owners
18 US craft beer: How it inspired British brewers
19 Why Julian Assange would target Henry Kissinger
20 Malawi's president 'furious' after Madonna criticised
21 Actress age claim against IMDb rejected
22 Bitcoin and the illusion of money
23 Twitter acquisition move hints at music service
24 Web game extras get Office of Fair Trading scrutiny
25 Rural and poor mobile access funds 'not being spent'
26 Google offers deal to end Brussels anti-trust probe
27 Google launches tool to determine data use after death
28 Should music fans stop filming gigs on their smartphones?
29 Interview: The man behind the PowerPoint presentations
30 Online bingo: A very full house
31 Firm explains approved Premier League goal-line system
32 Thatcher 'death tweet' policeman Jeremy Scott quits
33 'Apple shape' linked to higher risk of kidney disease
34 'Late-life crisis' hits the over-60s
35 China bird flu: Pigeon markets fall empty
36 Twitter study: Happiness rises the further you travel
37 RIM seeks probe into report on BlackBerry returns
38 New Mars photos may reveal 1970s Soviet lander
39 Mexico City wants salt shakers removed from restaurant tables
40 Are Indian surrogacy programs exploiting impoverished women?
41 Four things you need to know about tornado season
42 Swatting: LAPD to keep quiet about prank 911 call cases
43 New bat genus looks like a mini panda with wings
44 Google's Inactive Account Manager sorts digital life after death
45 CER--N'S Tom Whyntie explains the universe, for beginners
46 Mark Zuckerberg launches political action group
47 Aereo faces competition from broadcast-backed Dyle
48 Bitcoin roller coaster: What's the buzz about?
49 Watch: How to predict the cicada invasion
50 Dark Lightning sparks call for more earth gazing satellites
51 3 teens arrested for assault after girl's suicide
52 Audrie Pott Suicide: Three teens arrested for alleged sexual assault of Calif. girl who committed suicide
53 Rehtaeh Parsons Update: "Anonymous" says its members have contacted alleged rapists in case of girl who committed suicide
54 Kerry: A nuclear-armed North Korea is "unacceptable"
55 Bruno Mars' sisters get WEtv reality series
56 America's Most Wanted host John Walsh on Lifetime cancellation: Show needs to be on TV
57 French study suggests younger women should stop wearing bras
58 Parents hope photo of son's fatal text serves as warning
59 Major hurdle cleared, Senate begins debate on gun bill
60 Report: Ky. Democrat says liberal group taped McConnell meeting
61 Trayvon Martin Case: George Zimmerman's mother writes letter to public on one-year anniversary of son's arrest
62 First vote set on Senate gun bill amid GOP resistance
63 Chicago woman facing $105,000 parking fine loses round in court
64 North Carolina A&T campus on lockdown after man reportedly seen carrying rifle
65 Andrea Sneiderman Update: Ga. woman deleted texts, phone calls from husband's killer, investigator says
66 Christopher Knight, Maine hermit, arrested for theft after living in wild for 27 years, authorities say
67 Brittany Ozarowski, NY woman, allegedly faked cancer to get donations, support heroin addiction
68 Jean Soriano, teen charged deadly Nev. crash that killed 5, faces felony DUI charges
69 Police seek four women accused of sexually assaulted 19-year-old Toronto man
70 Army Recruiter Murder-Suicide: Michelle Miller's father says teen tried to help her alleged killer, Adam Arndt
71 Rev. Jeremiah Wright's daughter, Jeri Wright, indicted for alleged money laundering, report says
72 Newtown victim's mom Nicole Hockley responds to NRA background checks claim
73 Harrison Ford: "I'm still ambitious to do only the good stuff"
74 Hurricane Sandy 2.0? Forecast hints at cycle of big storms
75 Older dads may increase child's health risks more than older moms
76 Apple-shaped people may have higher risk of kidney disease
77 Doctors use brain scans to "see" pain
78 Moderate drinking may increase breast cancer survival rates
79 NYC soda ban would lead customers to consume more sugary drinks, study suggests
80 Breast milk jewelry helps mothers preserve memories
81 CDC: 4 out of 5 Americans prescribed antibiotics each year
82 China praised for transparency during bird flu outbreak
83 Brains as Clear as Jell-O for Scientists to Explore
84 See-through brains clarify connections
85 Method for making brain transparent may open scientific frontier
86 Fossils show 'weird' mosaic of chimp-human traits
87 Ape-like fossils show hints of human ancestry
88 Australopithecus sediba hominin: New study reveals how human ancestor walked, chewed, and moved
89 South Africa helps to understand life, the universe and everything
90 Half-Human, Half Ape Ancestor Walked Pigeon-Toed
91 Ice Cloud Heralds Fall at Titan's South Pole
92 It's Fall on Titan: Icy Cloud Marks Saturn Moon's Season
93 NASA Mars Orbiter Images May Show 1971 Soviet Lander
94 Soviet Mars Probe Lost In 1971 Possibly Found In NASA Photos By Russian Space Fans
95 Arctic summers may be ice free sooner than predicted
96 Arctic nearly free of summer sea ice during first half of 21st century
97 Atmospheric conditions blamed for bringing on record drought.
98 Report: Global Warming Didn't Cause Big US Drought
99 Climate Change-Drought Connection Not 'Significant' In 2012 U.S. Dry Spell, NOAA Reports
100 Is global warming a hoax? Catholic Online interviews a skeptic
101 How The Economist got it wrong
102 Think the Planet Isn't Warming? Check the Ocean
103 Gay Man Arrested At Missouri Hospital For Refusing To Leave Sick Partner, Not Recognized As Family (UPDATE)
104 Teacher Resignation Letter From Gerald Conti Says His Profession 'No Longer Exists'
105 Eel Removed From Man After Getting Stuck, Chewing Through Colon (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)
106 Do Women Need Bras? French Study Says Brassieres Are A 'False Necessity'
107 Orthodox Jew Flies In Plane Covered In Huge Plastic Bag, Possibly To Avoid Cemetery Flyover (PHOTO)
108 Christopher Crist's Dentist Pulls ALL HIS TEETH Without Permission (PHOTO)
109 Meghan McCain Attacks Ann Coulter For Joking About Her Murder
110 11 Things McDonald's Wishes You Never Knew About (PHOTOS)
111 Michele Bachmann Flees Press Conference Surrounded By Staffers After Ethics Questions Raised
112 Uruguay Legalizes Gay Marriage
113 Gay Marriage Law Passes Crucial Vote In France
114 Wilfred de Bruijn, French Gay Attack Victim, Becomes Cause Celebre
115 Barronelle Stutzman, Washington Florist Who Rejected Gay Couple, Faces Lawsuit From State Attorney General
116 Boy Scouts Could Be Punished For Gay Ban Under New California Tax Bill
117 Bi the Bi: Is Bisexuality a Choice?
118 NASA Launches Asteroid Research Mission
119 More Belt-Tightening in Store for NASA as STEM Education Programs Face Consolidation
120 5 Changes in Space Travel Since Yuri Gagarin's Flight
121 T-1 Day Until Yuri's Night 2013
122 Revealing Hidden Artwork with Full-body-scan Technology
123 Body Scanner Tech Finds Man Hidden in Roman Art
124 Joshua Trees Reach Record Bloom in the West: Desert Plants Flower
125 Joshua trees in record bloom out West
126 Rep. Joe Barton: Biblical 'Great Flood' shows climate change isn't man made
127 Texas Rep. CITES Biblical Flood as Example of Climate Change
128 Joe Barton CITES Great Flood To Disprove Human Role In Climate Change
129 New Porcupine Species Discovered In Brazil
130 Brazilian team discovers new porcupine species in threatened Atlantic Forest habitat
131 Rare Orangutan Sub-Species Found in Borneo
132 Secret Borneo Orangutan Population Discovered In Remote Forets
133 Living side by side with robots
134 Mysterious stone structure discovered beneath Sea of Galilee
135 Mysterious rock pile structure found beneath Sea of Galilee off Israeli coast
136 What is the large, mysterious stone structure in Sea of Galilee?
137 The Dark Lightning Threat
138 'Dark Lightning' Zaps Airline Passengers with Radiation
139 Great Lakes water levels: Is water pulled out at Chicago the cause of low water levels?
140 New Canada/U.S. council will tackle problems of Great Lakes
141 French scientist bemused by buzz over bra research
142 Bras Make Breasts "Saggier," 15-year French Study Reveals
143 The pros and cons of going braless
144 FDA Finds Rust and Mold in Sterile Compounding Pharmacies
145 FDA finds widespread safety issues at compounding pharmacies
146 Menopause-Like Woes Hinder Breast Cancer Treatment: Study
147 Some drinking tied to longer life post-breast cancer
148 Sounds synchronized to brain rhythms may improve sleep, memory
149 Sounds can Help Strengthen Memory during Sleep
150 Proposed soda ban likely to backfire, study finds
151 Study: Soda Ban Would Backfire
152 Doctors Urged to Refrain from Social Media Contacts With Patients
153 The Experts: How to Improve Doctor-Patient Communication
154 FDA Warns Of Potentially Deadly Stimulant Found In Dietary Supplements
155 Stimulant Potentially Dangerous to Health, FDA Warns
156 Energy drinks: FDA issues warning on DMAA
157 New Flu: Still No Proof Spread Between People
158 CDC airs H7N9 worries as report profiles early victims
159 Belly Fat May Be Tied to Kidney Damage
160 People Ditching Tobacco For E-Cigs Don't Return To Tobacco But May End Up 'Smoking' More
161 Electronic cigarettes 'help nine out of ten smokers quit tobacco completely'
162 South Africa Rolls Out New HIV Treatment
163 Planned Parenthood again in battle for funding in Ohio, other states
164 Va. board adopts strict abortion clinic rules
165 Board of Health approves new abortion clinic rules
166 Virginia Abortion Clinic Restrictions Passed By Board Of Health
167 Woman Indicted For Allegedly Feigning Cancer To Raise Money For Heroin
168 DA: Long Island Woman Faked Having Cancer To Get Money For Drugs
169 Brittany Ozarowski Allegedly Faked Cancer For Heroin Money, According To DA
170 Residents in Texas Metro Area Most Obese in America According to Gallup Poll
171 Boulder Remains Least Obese U.S. Metro Area
172 Authorities Probe Hospital Arrest Of Missouri Man Who Refused To Leave Partner's Bedside
173 Hospital: 'Bad behavior' sole reason man had to leave
174 New Details Emerge About Roger Gorley's Arrest For Refusing To Leave Sick, Gay Partner
175 Synthetic anti-malarial compound is bad news for artemisia farmers
176 Launch of antimalarial drug a triumph for UC Berkeley, synthetic biology