File Title
1 Saturn's rings rain on its atmosphere
2 Jurassic embryos reveal dinosaur secrets
3 Brain bares all in moment of clarity
4 US rice imports 'contain harmful levels of lead'
5 DNA pioneer Francis Crick letter sells for $5.3m at New York auction
6 Welsh slate: Strong, thin, and long on history
7 MPs criticise slow progress on marine zones
8 Dinosaur embryo fossils reveal life inside the egg
9 Philippines charges Chinese fishermen over reef crash
10 Abertay University develops method to take fingerprints from food
11 Baby milk rationing: Chinese fears spark global restrictions
12 New York City uncovered
13 Korea and Syria high on agenda at London G8 talks
14 Japan carmakers to recall 3.4m cars over airbag defect
15 Bitcoin panic selling halves its value
16 France's top rabbi Gilles Bernheim quits in plagiarism row
17 Syria air strikes 'target civilians'--Human Rights Watch
18 Afghanistan, the drug addiction capital
19 Pope Francis and Argentina's 'disappeared'
20 Malawi labels Madonna a 'bully' after recent visit
21 Samsung unveils 6.3in Galaxy Mega smartphone
22 Cyprus to sell gold reserves to help fund bailout
23 'Most energy-efficient' LED light revealed by Philips
24 Django Unchained opening cancelled in China
25 Brazil's land of the jaguar
26 Robot truck platoons roll forward
27 Hacker targets flight deck computer systems
28 Google Map Maker edit tools extended to cover the UK
29 TVShack owner Richard O'Dwyer in video content project
30 Data error 'caused death of Kent Sapper Mark Smith'
31 PC sales worldwide have tumbled, data from IDC shows
32 Justin Bieber Twitter followers '50% fake' says report
33 How to build a bigger, better corkscrew
34 How environmentally friendly are electric cars?
35 US Senate prepares for gun debate amid advocate push
36 Women held for breaching ban at Jerusalem Western Wall
37 DNA discovery letter auctioned for record $6M-plus
38 WH seeks funds for NASA to start work on asteroid capture
39 Baby boom: Indian women giving birth to U.S. babies
40 FDA: Don't let your dog into your chocolate Easter candy leftovers
41 Alarm over vanishing frogs in the Caribbean
42 Plants inspire sticky trap for bed bugs
43 Hawking: Explore space for humanity's sake
44 190M-year-old dino embryos shed light on development
45 Watch: How to give yourself an eye exam in space
46 Scientist: Transparent mouse brains "just stupendous"
47 The Great Garbage Lakes? Pollution plagues the water
48 Rehtaeh Parsons, Canada teen, kills herself after rape and bullying, mother says
49 North Korea: "Powerful striking means" on standby
50 Lance Armstrong sells Texas estate for millions
51 Bitcoin hits new high, then nosedives in flash crash
52 Senators announce bipartisan agreement on gun bill
53 Two months late, Obama's budget proposal irks both sides
54 First vote set on Senate gun bill amid GOP resistance
55 North Korea said to be ready for missile test any day
56 Young dancer epitomizes triumph over tragedy
57 Flaw in system allows mentally ill to cross state lines to buy guns
58 Hangover soup Yak-a-mein actually works, scientist says
59 Parkinson's sufferers turn to boxing to ease symptoms
60 In Brain Scans, Music Is A Universal Language
61 Reference: Facts About Beryllium
62 Are All Porn Sites Really Riddled with Malware?
63 Secret Population of Orangutans Found
64 Vudu Customer Data Stolen in Office Burglary
65 Prince Edward Islands Declared a Protected Area
66 Reference: Indian Culture: Traditions and Customs of India
67 See Antarctica's Entire Seafloor With New Map
68 How Airport Scanning Reveals Hidden Masterpieces
69 Where's Pain in the Brain? Scans Provide Clues
70 A Chimp's Point Of View
71 Antihistamine Pollution Threatens River Slime
72 Mysterious Sundial May Be Secret to Viking Navigation
73 Obama Seeks $17.7 Billion for NASA to Lasso Asteroid, Explore Space
74 Great White Sharks Gorge on Dead Whale Blubber
75 NASA Chief Charles Bolden on 2014 Budget Request
76 'Dark Lightning' Sparks Call for More Earth-Gazing Satellites
77 Highlights of NASA's 2014 Budget Request Revealed
78 Europe's New Space Weather Center to Track Sun Storms
79 Saturn's Dazzling Rings Make It 'Rain'
80 Could Prescription Meds Result in Gun Confiscation?
81 Whoa! Bidder Pays $6 Million for Crick DNA Letter
82 Warmer Spring Brings Troubling Consequences
83 Plastic Pollutes Great Lakes
84 How Cherry Blossoms Came into Budding US Popularity
85 Organs Made Transparent with New Imaging Technique
86 Baby Dinos Wriggled in Eggs, Fossil Embryos Show
87 Shocking Stats From the Wild April Storm in the Plains
88 To Fight Hunger, Try Jumping Up and Down
89 Father of Test-Tube Baby Technology Dies
90 Otzi the Iceman Needed a Dentist
91 Robotic Bat Wing Mimics a 'Spectacular Flyer'
92 DC Cherry Blossoms Reach Peak Bloom!
93 Plants Inspire Sticky Trap for Bed Bugs
94 Remains of 'Whispering Death' WWII Plane Found
95 Why Should We Worry About North Korea?
96 NASA to Unveil 2014 Budget Request, Asteroid Lasso Plan Today
97 Republicans Get More Worried About Global Warming
98 'Dark Lightning' Zaps Airline Passengers with Radiation
99 Reference: Fortune-Telling: Fact, Fiction & Fantasy
100 Babies of Blind Moms Excel in Vision Tests
101 Broad-Faced Men Make Better Baseball Players
102 Primitive Fish With Butt Fins Reveals Quirks of Evolution
103 Francis Crick Letter to Son May Fetch $2 Million in Auction
104 Badger-Like Striped Bat Discovered in South Sudan
105 Possible Tsunami Debris Washes Up In California
106 Male Birds Like Nice Nests
107 Unhappy Returns: Climate Change's Big Tax on Americans
108 10 Odd College Degrees You've Never Heard Of
109 California's Earthquake Early Warning System Advances
110 'Sexy' Chins Come in All Shapes
111 Reference: Facts About Lithium
112 Dino-Killing Asteroid Sparked Global Firestorm
113 Will Global Warming Crush the Wine Industry?
114 'Biotic Arcade' Games Would Have Creatures Swimming Inside
115 5 Surprising Facts About Orchids
116 The Hard-Boiled Truth About Cooking the Perfect Egg
117 What Caused Iran's Deadly Earthquake?
118 Dinosaurs Did a Doggy Paddle
119 Russian Meteor Fallout: Boosting Asteroid Search May Not Help, Scientist Says
120 Teen Becomes Youngest to Finish Antarctica Marathon
121 NASA Spacecraft Take Spring Break at Mars
122 Why We Love Disaster Movies
123 Mysterious Stone Structure Discovered Beneath Sea of Galilee
124 Volcano 'Burps' Reflected in Earthquakes
125 Texting While Flying: Worst Idea Ever?
126 Iran Nuclear Plant OK After Quake
127 How School Lunches Can Help Fight Obesity
128 Man Wiggles Rat's Tail Using Only His Thoughts
129 Feral Pigs Going Hog-Wild in US
130 Moms Petition to Rename Diabetes Types
131 Endangered Panther Released in Palm Beach County
132 Strong Earthquake Strikes Iran
133 24 Cases, 7 Deaths from New Bird Flu
134 Space Station May Test 'Spooky' Entanglement Over Largest Distance Yet
135 Reference: Facts About Helium
136 Odd Creature Evolves in a Flash to Survive Climate Change
137 IUDs Safe for Teens, Study Says
138 Most of Mars' Atmosphere Is Lost in Space
139 Many Docs Recommend Next Pap Test Too Soon
140 US Won't Lead New Manned Moon Landings, NASA Chief Says
141 Swallows Flock to Humans to Avoid Cuckoos
142 Hermit Crab Species Found Alive for First Time
143 2013's First 80-Degree Day for Atlanta, Raleigh, DC
144 Lazy? Your Genes May Be to Blame
145 Supersized Crabs Bad News for Seafood Lovers
146 Submarine Eruption Photo Wins Earth Madness Tourney
147 'Ideal' Penis Size Depends on Guy's Height
148 How Gay Dead Duck Sex Was Discovered
149 Vandalism Closes Down Part of Joshua Tree National Park
150 Monkey Lip-Smacking Resembles Human Speech
151 Kids with Autism Don't Copy 'Silly' Actions
152 Green Meteorite's Age Casts Doubt on Possible Mercury Origin
153 Carbon-Dioxide Emissions Falling, But Is That Enough?
154 Spooky Crabs Darken Camouflage From Day to Night
155 Critically Endangered Pygmy Hogs Slowly Re-Introduced to Wild
156 Sticky Fingers: Thieves Craving Sugary Loot
157 Truth Behind Gospel of Judas Revealed in Ancient Inks