File Title
1 Archaeologist says migration to Marianas longest ocean-crossing in human history
2 London rail workers find likely plague burial pit (Update)
3 Archaeological Dig Unearths Slave History at Georgetown Estate
4 How Beer Gave Us Civilization
5 Holy Land Farming Began 5,000 Years Earlier Than Thought
6 Return to Antikythera: what divers discovered in the deep
7 Astronomical alignments were vital in Mesoamerica
8 Explorers find evidence of 2,500-year-old planned city
9 Skulls of early humans carry telltale signs of inbreeding, study suggests
10 Farming has deep roots in Chinese ice age
11 Afghanistan's heritage is at stake
12 Archaeological dig aims to save Native American burial mounds
13 Ancient Roman Mausoleum No Match for Earthquake
14 Kon Artist?
15 Stone Ships Show Signs of Maritime Network in Baltic Sea Region 3,000 Years Ago
16 Out of Africa date brought forward
17 2,400-Year-Old Myths of Mummy-Making Busted
18 Orpheus Relief Project results in surprise for researchers
19 Dredging up the future
20 Pre-Viking tunic found by glacier as warming aids archaeology
21 BlackBerry CEO calls Apple's iPhone user interface outdated
22 Apple lengthens Australian warranty policy, but doesn't want to talk about it
23 Market shares collapse with 'brutal speed' in cyclical smartphone industry
24 Galaxy S4 announcement spurs trade-ins of other Samsung phones, not iPhones
25 Improved iMac supply propels Apple's Mac sales up 14%
26 Hacker involved in AT&T iPad 3G e-mail breach sentenced to 41 months in jail
27 Upcoming T-Mobile event to focus on new wireless plans, Apple products 'unlikely'
28 Facebook updates flagship iOS app with cover photos, group messaging improvements
29 Steve Jobs satirical biopic starring Justin Long from 'Mac vs. PC' ads to debut in April
30 Developers prefer Apple's iOS Maps SDK over Google Maps
31 Apple cash hoard could hit $170 billion this year
32 China's state media attack on Apple appears to have backfired
33 Messaging app 'WhatsApp' for iOS to become subscription based by year's end
34 Samsung exec says readying smart watch entry to battle Apple
35 Apple's interactive augmented reality system identifies real-world objects, allows screen sharing
36 Apple's patent for a remote collaboration system uses digital pens and 'large digital surfaces'
37 Review: Pebble smart watch is worth the hype
38 EU again points finger at Apple over warranty rights
39 Higher dividend viewed as 'safety net' that could help turn around Apple stock
40 Apple releases iOS 6.1.3 with fix for lock screen security flaw
41 Disney's ABC reportedly working on live streaming TV app
42 Wacom debuts new Cintiq 13HD for artists, standalone tablet on the way
43 Apple TV 5.2.1 update includes redesigned Hulu interface
44 Apple acknowledges evad3r jailbreakers found 4 of 6 exploits fixed with iOS 6.1.3
45 Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch reportedly leaving company for Apple [ux2]
46 Apple predicted to gain additional U.S. smartphone share over Samsung in 2013
47 Apple could face penalties for bungling document handling in privacy suit
48 Why did Apple hire Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch?
49 Deals: Steeply cut MacBook Pro Retinas almost gone; $319 iPad minis, $899 13" MacBook Air, more
50 Intel, Nvidia show off next-gen silicon potentially bound for Apple's future Macs
51 BlackBerry 10 predicted to hold less than 5% market share through 2016
52 Foreign governments getting into profitable US 'patent troll' business
53 Creative Suite subscriptions pay off as Adobe raises profit forecast
54 Walmart's iPhone Scan & Go pilot program to expand to more than 200 stores
55 Amazon denies rumor of forthcoming $99 Kindle Fire HD
56 Sony, Phillips backed Intertrust sues Apple for alleged patent infringement
57 New iPhone lock screen flaw found in iOS 6.1.3, grants access to address book and photos
58 GarageBand for iOS gets Audiobus support in latest update
59 DoD reportedly set to buy 650,000 iOS devices to replace legacy products
60 Steam's 'Early Access' lets both Mac & PC gamers try titles still in development
61 Apple gets support from Microsoft and Intel in CAFC appeal of Motorola patent case
62 NetNewsWire update to bring RSS feed syncing to iPhone, iPad and Mac
63 Rumor: 'iPhone 5S' components to ship in May ahead of 3Q launch
64 Apple looks to protect dropped iPhones by shifting their orientation mid-flight
65 Samsung hopes new jury trial with Apple will nullify patent infringement of 14 products
66 New Samsung smart watch will be company's third stab at wrist accessory
67 Apple's iCloud is most-used cloud service in the US, beating Dropbox & Amazon
68 Cleveland Clinic prescribes new iPad app for patients, visitors
69 Apple data centers now 100% renewable-powered, but emissions rise 34%
70 Eric Schmidt hints Apple is blocking iOS Google Now, but Google hasn't submitted app [ux2]
71 Apple ID security improved with new two-step verification option
72 Pentagon clarifies tech buying policy; not dropping BlackBerry
73 Apple's iPhone dominates for 9th straight win in JD Power customer satisfaction survey
74 iOS Podcasts app gets custom station creation with version 1.2
75 Apple's Ive brings software, hardware teams together in push for 'flat design'
76 Apple to deny apps using UDID data, lacking iPhone 5 display support starting May 1
77 Mailbox e-mail client fills 1M reservations, adds 'shake to undo' in update
78 Apple's European iPhone sales contracts under antitrust scrutiny by EU
79 Briefly: Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak talks Apple I, Jobs, and more in rare video from 1984
80 Apple responds to Australian 'price gouging' allegations, blames markup on content owners
81 Rumor: Apple to launch cheaper iPhone with plastic casing, non-Retina display this summer
82 HBO considering offering online subscriptions to cable cutters
83 Study finds little difference between iPhone, Galaxy S III users
84 Google, LG also rumored to be working on own smart watch devices
85 Purported Apple 'iPhone 5S' parts show home button, vibration
86 iTunes estimated to rake in in $2B per year, thanks to Apple's software division
87 Nokia CEO dodges premium Lumia questions, throws iPhone
88 New security hole allows for Apple ID password reset using Apple's iForgot page
89 Apple adds in-app purchase warning to 'freemium' App Store titles
90 Apple working on fix for Apple ID password security hole [update: fixed]
91 Review: GOAL ZERO's Switch 8 Solar Kit juices your iPhone with sunbeams
92 Editorial: Google's Android powered by remarkable new 'Flawgic'
93 Inside the design process of some of Apple's most iconic devices
94 This $10 app enables AirPlay on older Macs
95 Foreign governments getting into profitable US 'patent troll' business
96 Freelance hack II: Apple's 'iWatch' won't 'become the next iPhone'
97 U.S. DoD to purchase 650,000 iOS devices at sequester's end, sources say
98 Samsung's big attempt to gin up some buzz generates crickets
99 Nike vs. Apple vs. Samsung in a race for the wrist
100 Who could be Apple's next visionary leader?
101 David Einhorn moves markets--except when it comes to Apple
102 Apple patent application details message alerts for iPad with vibrator mode
103 New OS X trojan injects ads into pages browsed by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
104 Apple patent application describes some way-out ways to protect devices during accidental drops
105 Steve Jobs' death clears way for Adobe CTO defection
106 Apple's cash could buy a safety net for stock price
107 iPhone 5S to get even better camera, even faster processor; ship in Q3, sources say
108 Inside 'Apple Anonymous': The secret society of Apple's retail army
109 Apple brand less 'inspiring," Samsung's ad agency says
110 How to turn your 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt display into an all-in-one Mac
111 iOS 7 concept videos released by Apple fan
112 Apple now gets 75% of it's total power needs from renewable energy
113 Foxconn International posts biggest-ever loss in 2012
114 U.S. DoD denies plans to ditch BlackBerry for Apple iOS devices
115 Apple gets more secure with two-step verification for iCloud, Apple ID
116 J.D. Power: Apple ranks highest in smartphone customer satisfaction for 9th consecutive time
117 Apple design teams get cozier as Jony Ive pushes toward a more 'flat design' that is starker, simpler
118 Wine Spectator's new WineRatings+ app delivers over 270,000 wine reviews to Apple's iOS devices
119 Over 20,000 Chinese students take out high-interest loans to buy Apple Devices
120 EU antitrust regulators monitoring distribution of Apple's iPhone, iPad
121 Apple blames 'old fashioned' record labels, film studios, TV networks for high Australian prices
122 Apple is killing the cash register
123 Analyst: Apple to launch iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone with non-Retina display this summer
124 Apple's March uptrend is no sucker rally
125 Jony Ive leaves his mark as Skeuomorphism vanishes from Podcasts app
126 6 ways Apple's iPhone 5 beats Samsung's Galaxy S4
127 iTunes Store: Goodbye to break-even
128 Apple's big secret: The iOS MacBook?
129 Why Apple's iPad and iPhone distribution faces EU antitrust scrutiny
130 Apple's iCloud dominates U.S. cloud storage market with 27% market share
131 U.S. feds said to be investigating Microsoft bribery allegations
132 Apple stock price breaks 50-day moving average
133 Beleaguered BlackBerry shares drop 7% as Z10's U.S. launch gets subdued reception
134 Beleaguered Nokia CEO Stephen Elop throws 'embarrassing' Apple iPhone across floor (with video)
135 HBO mulls making HBO GO accessible to viewers without cable TV service
136 Rush Limbaugh calls MacDailyNews 'fabulous' as he lists his favorite Apple blogs
137 Rushbo's Favorite Apple Tech Blogs
138 U.S. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski stepping down after contentious term
139 Google seen joining smartwatch race with Apple, Samsung
140 Apple pulls iForgot password system to deal with security issue
141 Apple rolls out fix for password reset security hole, reopens iForgot site
142 Apple wants dropped iPhones to land like a cat
143 8 myths about the looming smartwatch revolution