File Title
1 It's official: penis size does matter
2 Heat to shift wine industry tradition
3 Aussie scientists sequence koala genome
4 Environmental change 'triggers rapid evolution'
5 Deepwater Horizon: Gulf of Mexico 'deep-cleaned' itself
6 Scientists track leukaemia's origins 'back to the womb'
7 'Aggressive' prostate cancer gene find
8 Death of golden eagle shot near Southern Upland Way 'a disaster'
9 Syria rejects 'broadening' of UN chemical weapons probe
10 Long-distance 3D laser camera unveiled by Edinburgh team
11 Margaret Thatcher: How PM legitimised green concerns
12 Nepal's rhino hunters become the hunted
13 UN chief Ban: Korea crisis could become 'uncontrollable'
14 Margaret Thatcher funeral set for next week
15 Earthquake near Iran's Bushehr nuclear power station
16 Saudi Arabia denies paralysis punishment
17 Thirteen dead in Serbia gun rampage
18 Ukraine's youngest HIV campaigner
19 Digital product placement creates adverts out of thin air
20 North Korea--a country never at peace
21 North Korea: Foreigners should evacuate South Korea
22 Is China ready to abandon North Korea?
23 Crash tests: Not for dummies
24 Five Indian UN troops are killed in South Sudan
25 Pompeii: What objects did people take as they fled?
26 Gretna dream: Why English lovers eloped to Scotland
27 The real witch hunters: Hopkins and Stearne
28 Victorian crime: The sensational murders we still remember
29 Microsoft accuses Google of pushing services to Android
30 4G mobile broadband speeds 'doubling,' says EE
31 UK to host global cybersecurity centre
32 Gamestick console release date delayed
33 UK music downloads hit one billion mark led by Adele
34 Paris Brown: Could 'right to be forgotten' help?
35 Twitter and the death of Baroness Thatcher
36 Tony Blair: Margaret Thatcher death celebration parties in poor taste
37 Researchers measure Brazil nut effect in reduced gravity
38 Retired star found with planets and debris disc
39 Study says beavers use scent to detect when trespassers could be a threat
40 'Artificial leaf' gains the ability to self-heal damage and produce energy from dirty water
41 'Spooky action at a distance' aboard the ISS
42 Flexible electronics could transform the way we make and use electronic devices
43 Single photon from a quantum emitter? It's a matter of timing...
44 On the origins of the Schrodinger equation
45 The Fat Chip: Controlling obesity the smart way
46 A primary voltage standard for the whole world
47 Structure helps yield drug 'hypersensitivity' tests for patients
48 Review: HTC One impresses but software disappoints
49 Environmental change triggers rapid evolution
50 New genetic link found between normal fetal growth and cancer
51 Researchers at CERN take most precise measure of magnetic moment of antiproton
52 Researchers acquit the tins in mysterious failed Franklin expedition
53 US Navy readies 'laser attack' weapon in 2014
54 Suzaku 'post-mortem' yields insight into Kepler's supernova
55 Are people really staring at you?
56 Penis size does matter to women, researchers say in PNAS study (w/ Video)
57 Remaining Martian atmosphere still dynamic
58 Computer scientists develop video game that teaches how to program in Java
59 Optimal evidence accumulation in decision-making
60 Fasten seatbelts for bumpier flights, climate study says
61 Surface diffusion plays a key role in defining the shapes of catalytic nanoparticles
62 New pathways in bacterial intercellular competition uncovered
63 HP launches power-efficient Moonshot servers
64 'Pharmaceutical' approach boosts oil production from algae
65 Pandas vs. pinot as vineyards adjust to warming
66 Carbon's role in planetary atmosphere formation
67 New approach to testing health, environmental effects of nanoparticles
68 Seemingly small research funding cuts could hinder progress in nanotechnology
69 Tin nanocrystals for the battery of the future
70 Scientist studies how to turn cancer drugs into their own delivery systems
71 Graphene foams: Cozy and conductive scaffolds for neural stem cells
72 ORNL microscopy uncovers 'dancing' silicon atoms in graphene
73 Bioinspired material mimics squid beak
74 New system to improve DNA sequencing
75 Nanotechnology transforms molecular beams into functional nano-devices with controlled atomic architectures
76 Fighting listeria and other food-borne illnesses with nanobiotechnology
77 Watching fluid flow at nanometer scales: Researchers find that tiny nanowires can lift liquids as effectively as tubes
78 Researchers develop new monolayer materials for chemical vapor sensors
79 Inorganic materials display massive and instantaneous swelling and shrinkage, study finds
80 Even graphene has weak spots: Theorists find junctions in polycrystalline graphene sap its strength
81 Researchers observe unexpected particle orientation behavior in capillaries
82 Nanowires have the power to revolutionize solar energy (w/ video)
83 Research group devises a way to control surface plasmon polaritons
84 Organic electronics--a hot matter
85 Material turns 'schizophrenic' on way to superconductivity
86 Rocket powered by nuclear fusion could send humans to Mars
87 Upgrade of LHC underway paving way for new discoveries
88 Another step toward understanding of high-temperature superconductivity
89 New chart shows the entire topography of the Antarctic seafloor in detail for the first time
90 Urban grass might be greener, but that doesn't mean it's 'greener'
91 Satellite sandwich technique improves analysis of geographical data
92 Trouble in penguin paradise? Research analyzes Antarctic ice flow
93 Pioneering study calculates Arctic Ocean nutrient budget
94 Sea level rise: Jeopardy for terrestrial biodiversity on islands
95 Polluting plastic particles invade the Great Lakes
96 A detailed look at the coma of comet PANSTARRS
97 Spring rains bring life to Midwest granaries but foster Gulf of Mexico 'Dead Zone'
98 NASA celebrates four decades of plucky Pioneer 11
99 Galaxy collisions
100 Petrobras fined $5 million for oil spill off Sao Paulo coast
101 Brazil allows Chevron to resume oil exploration after spill
102 Irrigation wastewater can help salvage damaged soils
103 SDSC's Gordon Supercomputer assists in crunching large Hadron Collider data
104 Sales of web-ready digital cameras up in Asia
105 Nebula One steps forth as world's first cloud computer
106 Review: Google laptop impressive, but not for all
107 Analyst: 60-inch Apple iTV to launch this year (Update)
108 DARPA's two-armed robot handles tools at less cost
109 Report: Apple to release updated phone this summer
110 Festo builds BionicOpter--fully functional robot dragonfly (w/ Video)
111 Time is ripe for smartwatches, analysts say
112 Game group gets word on Intel's new extensions for rendering
113 End of the line for Roadrunner supercomputer
114 Review: BlackBerry Z10 delivers, but doesn't stand out
115 PETMAN stress-tests clothes for hazardous environments (w/ video)
116 LulzSec hacker pleads guilty to cyberattacks
117 Microsoft escalates advertising assault on Google
118 Austin expected to be next stop for Google Fiber
119 Google's Android target of new antitrust complaint (Update 2)
120 'Don't despair, repair'--keeping electronics in austerity Britain
121 India's Wipro shares dive after business split
122 US lawmakers offer cybersecurity olive branch
123 Pre-orders of keyboard BlackBerry start in Canada
124 New wind harvesting invention to bring cities to life
125 Chinese report on labor camp fuels reform debate
126 WikiLeaks launches searchable US historical archive
127 Crowdfunding gaining momentum, study says
128 Google Glass advocate to developers: Seize the moment (w/ video)
129 The search for new antibiotics: Tiny proteins prevent bacterial gene transcription
130 Hydrogen from methane without CO2 emissions
131 Reliable packaging for chemical-free food
132 Cry me a river of possibility: Scientists design new adaptive material inspired by tears
133 Egyptian wedding certificate key to authenticating controversial Biblical text
134 Tortuous paths hamper ion transport
135 Research demonstrates why going green is good chemistry
136 New materials offer solutions to energy production challenges
137 Widely used filtering material adds arsenic to beers
138 Ready for debut: Fruit-juice-infused chocolate with 50% less fat
139 Sweet success: Study finds way to catalyze more sugars from biomass
140 Striped like a badger: New genus of bat identified in South Sudan
141 Der Steppenworm? Two new species differ from the elusive 'Mongolian Death Worm'
142 Better monitoring and diagnostics tackle algae biofuel pond crash problem
143 Delivering a virus that gets rid of house flies
144 Protein structure discovery could lead to better treatments for HIV, early aging
145 How a little plant became a model for pioneering research
146 World-first research will save koalas
147 Being there: Turning research into action in Gabon
148 New mouse viruses could aid hepatitis research
149 Surprising predictor of ecosystem chemistry
150 No map, no problems for monarchs
151 No regrets: Close that menu and enjoy your meal more
152 Does mixing eBay and Facebook reduce bidding prices?
153 Selling concert tickets? Consider parking when setting the price
154 One factor that can help determine black men's college success
155 Does class shape men's attitudes toward home improvement projects?
156 Iceman Otzi had bad teeth
157 Do you get what you pay for? It depends on your culture
158 New research holds fascinating revelations about an ancient society's water conservation and purification
159 Structured reflection on roles and tasks improves team performance, study finds
160 Immigrants who live, work together less apt to learn English, study finds
161 Last tango in Paris...but not Japan: Researchers discover the reasons behind a surprising trend
162 Chile successfully exhumes body of poet Neruda
163 How stepdads can avoid missteps
164 Marriages benefit when fathers share household, parenting responsibilities, researcher says
165 New evidence dinosaurs were strong swimmers
166 Low on self-control? Surrounding yourself with strong-willed friends may help
167 System provides clear brain scans of awake, unrestrained mice
168 Researchers identify gene variations that predict chemotherapy side effects
169 One-two punch could be key in treating blindness
170 Currently approved drugs found effective in laboratory mice against bioterror threats
171 New brain cancer treatment may be more effective, less toxic
172 Reframing stress: Stage fright can be your friend
173 Moving cells with light holds medical promise
174 Tapeworm-linked seizures may be rising in US, doctors say
175 New study finds plant proteins control chronic disease in Toxoplasma infections
176 Research advances therapy to protect against dengue virus
177 Minocycline, an antibiotic, improves behavior for children with fragile X syndrome
178 Researchers find avian virus may be harmful to cancer cells
179 Adding intestinal enzyme to diets of mice appears to prevent, treat metabolic syndrome
180 Study finds that hot and cold senses interact
181 Protein's well-known cousin sheds light on its gout-linked relative
182 Researchers discover new link between heart disease and red meat
183 Could scientists peek into your dreams? (w/ video)
184 Neuroscientists show 'jumping genes' may contribute to aging-related brain defects
185 Study reveals how melanoma evades chemotherapy
186 Do cells in the blood, heart and lungs smell the food we eat?
187 Nanokicking stem cells to open for new generation of orthopaedics
188 Mitochondrial metabolic regulator SIRT4 guards against DNA damage
189 Copying is social phenomenon, not just learning, say scientists
190 Final chapter to 60-year-old blood group mystery